The Wrong Type of Seduction

18 Matt Accepts the Offer


18: Matt Accepts the Offer

Matt was thanking the audience for coming when he noticed Val wasn’t standing, but that look on her face told him everything he needed. Like how if he didn’t hurry offstage, the world might see the outline of his boner through his suit pants. He tripped over his words before he cleared his throat and turned up the charm.

The only problem? Tyler. He was still there. He knew his brother would be leaving soon, but how soon? He had to keep Val away from him… But no way was he passing up whatever she was offering. So that meant being rude.

After all the musicians came on stage and bowed, the curtains closed. And before anyone of them could say a word to him, he yelled, “Bathroom!”

He took off for his dressing room. When he got there, Pete his manager was going through his gifts and making note of who brought what.

Matt didn’t stop to answer any of Pete’s questions, instead he grabbed his hoodie and a row of condoms from his bag that he shoved into his pocket. Then he rushed, thrusting his arms in the sleeves and throwing his hood over his head. He snatched Pete’s sunglasses the guy left sitting on a side table by the door before he was out in the hall. He heard Pete yell something, but Matt was ducking down in the backstage traffic slipping on his borrowed shades blending into the crowd. He made it to where the stage met the auditorium and hid in a side corridor. It wasn’t long before the backstage guests flowed by one after another following an usher.

When he saw her in that mouth watering dress that showed cleavage and curves, Matt nearly lost it there. Instead, he grabbed her and pulled her into the alcove with him.

She lifted her hand to defend herself, but paused mid-strike to look him in his face. She pushed up his sunglasses. Their stare locked for only a second before she rose up on toes and kissed him. Matt smiled, enjoying that she didn’t say a word, that she just knew. Shit, this woman…

They kissed and nipped and sucked on each other’s lips and tongues until Matt pulled away when he heard his name being called. Tyler. Catching his breath he said, “Can you run in those heels?”


He pulled her with him from the small alcove and then they both ran from side room to side room. He took her to a set of stairs and they climbed. Not counting, he wasn’t sure what floor they got off of, but there was quiet and dark. He walked until he found what looked like a meeting room, and then pulled her inside with him. The moment the door was locked, they were on each other.

The dark surrounded them and the only light came from the city outside. They worked in harmony. She unzipping his hoodie, he tugged up her dress. She released his pants and pulling out his aching cock. He took out his condoms. She snatched them from his grasp, tore the first packet open with her teeth, and rolled the thing on him like an expert. He pushed her back until he had her sitting on the meeting table.

She spread her legs and he hooked a finger around her thong before sliding inside the holy heat that had been waiting for him. Val took Matt’s head between her hands and pulled him to face her. She just stared at him as he pumped into her.

“You were…amazing…” Then she gasped/moaned a sound he didn’t know he wanted to hear until she made it. Last time she held back, kept her voice down, but that sound of bliss was better than the crowd cheering after his long performance. Matt, not thinking it was possible to get harder, found himself pistoning into her, holding her hips to keep her from sliding back on the table.

“Fuck, oh…” He cursed as he picked up speed not sure he could ever get enough of her feel, her hands on his face. “Oh, fuck!” His growled plowing his seed into the condom within her. “Shit… I want more…”

Val laughed and kissed him. When she angled back she said against his lips, “Pull out so I can roll on another condom.”

He nodded obediently, doing as she said. She quickly got to work, and before he realized it he was inside her again.

“So does this… mean I get to keep you?” Matt asked leaning forward and peppering her face with his lips.

“No. Maybe sex. No promise.”

It was a start, but no way in hell was that the end.

“Uh…Matt…” Her hand smacked the polished hard wood of the meeting table. He didn’t know when his body took over, but he was hard as steel again and fucking into her a second time. Her legs clamped around his waist and Matt held himself up on the table continuing to saw into the gripping walls of her.

Hot, so hot, and tight… He kissed her when she squeezed around him, sucking his release into her. His balls drew up and body shook from the feel of her. He licked at her lips, that cute chin, tasting her, wanting to explore every inch of her. But undressing her there wasn’t a good idea.

“Hello? Anyone in here?”

Matt grabbed Val by the ass and hoisted her up before tumbling them both to the opposite side of the meeting table.

Val landed on him with a gasp. He buried his face into her neck to keep quiet.

The door opened.

Matt panicked when he thought of the articles of clothes they might have left behind. But nothing had actually came off that time and Val still held the pack of condoms. Relieved he began kissing her neck. She moved her hand to cover his mouth.

Not letting her have her way, he rolled his hips, moved inside of her, bodies still connected. Her beautiful hazel eyes widened in shock. His hands squeezed those wonderful plump globes making her mouth open. Then she quickly buried her face into his shirt, teeth gripping the fabric.

When he heard the door click shut, Matt lifted his hips, using her legs as leverage and quickened the pace. His hands worked to kneed her ass, pushing her up and down on his needy flesh.

“You’re so…” She lifted her head and smiled. Then she sucked his bottom lip between her lips and began to slap her hips down onto his pelvis.

He cursed when the intensity rose and slapping sounds grew. Lost to the rhythm, Matt could do nothing but stare up at her as she rode him. Sweat pouring down her neck and between her breasts, Matt rose just enough so his tongue could trace the line of flesh.

When her pussy began pulsing around his cock again, Matt moaned through his release hugging her to him.

They breathed like marathon runners after a hellish race. She was fucking fantastic, utterly sex. Calming down, Val nibbled his lips like he was some kind of delicacy. Eventually, she pulled back and smiled wearily. “I better go.” She whispered.

“Let me take you…” He wanted to say home, but knew that was crossing a line. “Let me call you a cab.”

She shook her head. “You shouldn’t be seen with me, Matt. I don’t like the spotlight and you don’t want to be caught by reporters. How will you explain your…sex buddy.” She shrugged looking away as if she didn’t much like the words.

“We could be more than-“

Lifting up, Val straightened herself, pushing down her dress, and finger combing her hair. “Matt, I’m not what you need. You deserve better than a bitter used up woman. But until you find better,” she quickly rattled off a phone number and Matt’s mind cramped to remember each digit. “Call me.” She took the used condoms from him and held them as dignified as if they were her purse.

He wanted to take them from her, not wanting her to be caught with his used rubbers. He also wanted to chase after her but he didn’t want to forget even one digit of her number. Somehow, he knew she’d given him her number verbally without warning to distract him and keep him from following. Damn her…

Matt lay memorizing the number, chanting it in his head over and over to trap it there even as Val walked away from him. Over and over, he recited the number until he was back in his dressing room entering it into his phone. When he finally got it saved he called it.

He got a voicemail with a generic computerized voice recording saying to leave a message. It never gave a name so Matt wasn’t even sure if the number was correct. Regardless be left a message. “Um…” He swallowed feeling all kinds of nervous. As if he hadn’t even touched her yet. “It’s Matt. Enter my number when you get a second…” he recited it just in case she didn’t have caller ID. “…so you know when I call… Since you probably threw my number away… Goodnight.” He hung up and closed his eyes. He clutched the phone with his hands willing her to return his call or answer the next time he called or-

“Who was that?”

“Shit!” Matt jumped up when Tyler came up behind him. He whirled around to find Tyler eyeing him suspiciously. If Matt feared Tyler he’d feel like prey at that moment.

His brother circled the chair as if to confront Matt. “You went missing and everyone was looking…” Tyler leaned closer, nostrils flaring. “…you smell like sex.” His eyes bulged. “When…did you get in the habit of fucking groupies?”

Instead of replying, Matt snatched Tyler by the curls and ushered him out the dressing room. Val was no damn groupie.

“Ow, ow, ouuuw!”

“You have a plane to catch.” Matt snarled feeling a cold wash over him.

After slamming the door shut, he mentally went over the phone conversation and blew out a breath grateful he didn’t say her name. He went back into his phone and entered Val as Braun, using her last name, hoping that if Tyler ever got into his phone, he would think of her only as a business contact. He’d have to make sure he didn’t send her anything sexy through text. He had a feeling she would never send him such things. But now he had to be especially careful. Tyler would be sniffing around literally. 



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