The Wrong Type of Seduction

16 Matt’s Family Outing


16: Matt’s Family Outing

It was past ten AM Saturday morning when Matt finally pulled himself out of bed via noisy phone. After an intense recording session the night before, he didn’t get to bed until two. He planned to meet Cody for brunch before heading over to the music hall for the final touches to the jazz concert that night.

He grabbed his ringing phone from the floor and answered it walking to his bathroom. “Hello?”

“My son!” The slavic accent thundered through the phone waking Matt fully.

“Mr. Voronin, isn’t it too late on your side of the world to be calling me? Shouldn’t you be sleep?”

“I’m in Paris! Plus, how can I sleep knowing you have a concert and I’m not there?”

“I did invite you.”

“And while I wish to go, my darling threatened life and limb if I didn’t go with her to that silly fashion show.”

“You mean the one your son is in?”

“You are my son. My soul!” 

Matt snorted. Mr. Voronin was such a die hard fan and his second biggest financial supporter other than Mr. Walthour. “So…you only called to apologize for not coming?”

“I know…you are heartbroken because papa could not make it.”

“Right. I have to get ready to go, Mr. Voronin. Tell your son that I’m sorry for missing his show, but I’ll try to catch the next one,” Matt said turning on the shower with one hand and hanging up with the other.

After washing his stink down the drain, he was coming out of the bathroom, towel wrapped around his waist when he noticed the intruder in his bedroom lounging like a lousy cat across his bed.

“Why the hell are you here?” He asked his older brother Tyler, the middle brat.

“I need sleep.” He groaned. “That damn Walthour won’t let me get a moment of rest. He’s a horrible task master. I haven’t seen Bay in three whole weeks.” The guy whined rolling around on Matt’s king sized bed messing up his business suit.

Matt just grinned loving Tyler’s misery. The guy had it coming. You don’t fuck with people and not reap the consequences. Sometimes Walthour kept Tyler excessively busy to keep him from getting into trouble and causing it. Because when Tyler had free time, he always did something devious.

“I’m going to breakfast with Cody, you want to join?”

“I can eat.” Tyler sat up and looked over at Matt. The perv intently watched as Matt put on his boxer briefs. “Not bad Matty…” The guy licked his lips.

Matt rolled his eyes. “You are not sucking my dick.”

“Just a taste?”

“Where is my phone-“

“Fine! I’ll shut up. Just no telling Bay.” Tyler pouted. “But can you blame me. I’ve gone three weeks without sex and you’re hot and tempting,” he said admiring Matt’s ass.

“Go away, Tyler.”

“Hey, Matt-” Cody walked around the corner and stopped, looking right at his brother. She huffed. “Damn. Why they hell are you checking out my Matt? Up!” She proceeded to kick at Tyler. “Get out and let Matty dress.”

“Fine. If it keeps you from kicking my ass.” Tyler rolled off the bed and stood up. He strolled toward the door straightening and brushing off his expensive navy blue pinstripe suit. He put his hand on the small of Cody’s back when he reached her. “You promised to hold back until after the spawn is born.”

“Then behave and I won’t have to beat the hell out of you. And hands off my ass!

A smack sound resounded, followed by Tyler’s ouch of pain, and Matt chuckled buttoning his slacks and grabbing a button down shirt. After running a brush over his hair, he grabbed his laptop bag, his suit bag, and met his family in the living room. They went to a restaurant a few blocks from Carnegie Hall where he and Cody ate like pigs and Tyler checked out everything moving. The guy really needed to get laid.

“Is Bailey coming into town?” Matt asked when he shoved Tyler’s hand from creeping up his thigh.

“Sadly no.” Tyler sighed stabbing into his food. He always got like that when he was in Bailey withdrawal. He barely ate, barely sleep, and checked out everything with a hole. It was a wonder how he never cheated on Bailey despite his wandering eye and constant flirting.

“When are you going to go see him?”

“After your concert.” Tyler ran his hands through his curly hair. “I’ll fly to Seattle. He has a game tomorrow so I won’t get to fuck him until tomorrow night.”

Cody and Matt both rolled their eyes at his brother’s utter lack of subtlety.

“How is the new album?” Cody asked Matt changing the subject before shoving a fork full of french toast in her mouth. For someone so gorgeous and professional looking in her pant suit and flats, Cody ate like a hog. It was adorable.

“The music tracks are on schedule. I should be finished in two weeks. All the vocalist are already lined up.” It was his first pop music collaboration with some of the biggest talents in the industry. Buzz was already being generated by the media.

Tyler broke into their conversation and said, “So do you think Harry Styles would be interested in a three-“

Cody shoved her forkful of French toast into Tyler’s mouth. “So business is good?” She asked leaving her fork in his mouth and grabbing the one that Tyler wasn’t using.

“Business is good. And how is our baby?” Matt asked grinning down at Cody’s bump of a stomach.

“Our baby is fine. Grumpy in the morning, but nothing I can’t keep down. Doc told me to keep my travel to a minimum, so…that means I don’t get to see… my man as much,” she said of Walthour and not the man she was officially dating.

Tyler licked the fork clean before proceeding to take more from her plate.

Cody raised her utensil toward Tyler’s eye. “I will stab you.”

“She’s feeding for two now bro, I’d be weary. You know how she was before she was pregnant.” Cody was always crazy about food. She loved to eat. And since the insemination took and she now carried Bailey’s baby, she seemed to be ravenous. Food didn’t stand a chance around her.

Tyler lowered his fork back to his plate and sighed. “It’s no fun. I can’t fuck Bailey, I can’t mess with you properly until after the squirt is born. Matt-“

“Don’t even think about it.” Matt warned.

Tyler groaned. Then perked up. He took out his phone.

Matt and Cody glanced at each other curiously, knowing Tyler was up to something. And Matt had a feeling he knew what that something was.

“Hey, Mommy.” Tyler stood from the table just at Cody reached for him.

“Tyler, leave your mother alone!” Cody demanded.

“So what are you wearing right now.” Tyler cooed in that too seductive voice.

“I hate him.” Cody groaned going back to her food as Tyler annoyed their mother. It had taken the woman a couple of years, but she had learned to live with and understand her sons. And now, she had become best friends with all three of them. Bailey was still her favorite, but Matt didn’t mind. He liked that he could joke with his mother and she joked in return.

“Is she coming in for the concert?” Cody asked.

Matt shook his head no. “She has a major surgery in Dubai and then she’s planning to work with her intern again.” The intern was once a brilliant physical therapist. His mother wanted to mentor her personally because she warned Matt that in the future he would need hand surgery. It was inevitable since he played all the time. And his mother wanted the best for his hands. She already had a team she was working with to be prepared. Though he had a few years away, he was grateful his mother was one of the best orthopedic surgeons in the world.

Matt smiled as he thought of his awesome family. Cody had quit working for her lover Gabriel Walthour two years ago as one of his security agents. Now she worked for herself as a sports agent. She started a small agency backed by Mr. Walthour’s money and has become a brilliant negotiator. Because Cody knew both sports and business, her firm gained several more clients in the past year, three of which were friends. Of course Bailey was her star client and her “boyfriend” so he got preferential treatment. Because George was her brother-in-law, he came in second. And the other was star running back and Bailey’s friend Mitchell from high school. Of course her firm had a few more high profile clients, but she wasn’t taking on anymore until the baby was born. Good thing she had help from her business partner Dorian, Mitchell’s boyfriend. Though the guy was crazy, he knew his shit and worked well with Cody.

Matt’s brother Tyler was officially the apprentice of billionaire Gabriel Lloyd Walthour III and the people in the company loved him. But that was how Tyler liked things. Anyone outside of their family knew nothing of his sick personality. He had them all basking in the glow of his reign, flashing his sexy smile and charm. And while it was years still before Walthour was ready to give up his company, Matt did not doubt his genius brother would rise to the challenge and excel. If only he wasn’t such a prick.

And his eldest brother Bailey was busy whipping his football team in Seattle into shape. While they were good and Bailey was rising up the ranks, they weren’t Superbowl ready according to Bailey. But his brother loved a challenge as much as he loved football. Matt fully expected the team to be headed into championship territory soon enough.

Matt sighed as he thought of Val. He wanted her to meet his family. But that was a big no go for now. While his family was famous, they had secrets that had to be kept. Secrets that could ruin them…like how Bailey and Tyler were lovers. Cody only pretended to be Bailey’s girlfriend to protect their relationship. She loved them all so much she also agreed to have Bailey’s baby since Bailey wanted children. But her heart would away belong to her lover Mr. Walthour — her father. And the best secret? After the baby was born, Cody was dumping Bailey and planning to marry Gabe which was possible since only a privileged few, the most trusted, knew that Cody was his daughter. To the outside world who didn’t understand that true love transcended what was considered ‘normal’, Matt would protect all of their secrets to the death.

Val would have to prove herself before she could even meet his mother, the most upright among them. The problem was, Val didn’t even want to date him. What would it take to peel back her protective shield and let him in?

Then there was Tyler. If his brother found out about her, the gloves would be off. Tyler would ruin her if she so much as hurt Matt even a little. While the two often fought and often didn’t agree, they still loved each other fiercely. Matt would kill for Tyler and Tyler for Matt.

That was what Val would be walking into – a family full of lies and deceit to protect each other. How could he say he wanted this woman even when he knew what she would be getting into? What if she couldn’t handle it or accept it? And still he wanted her.


Matt looked up at Cody and sighed.

“What’s going on?” she asked.

“Not while Tyler’s sniffing around. Once he’s on the plane to Seattle.”

Cody nodded slowly, and went back to eating, glancing up at him occasionally with worry in her green gaze. He shouldn’t burden her with this especially since she was pregnant, but they usually told each other everything. Maybe Walthour would swoop in and distract her soon enough to make her forget.

After breakfast, the three of them walked the few blocks it took to get to Carnegie Hall. Cody chastised him the whole way about neglecting his martial arts training. All he did was nod and agree to placate her.

“You make me sick sometimes.” She chuckled hooking her arm in his, knowing him too well.

“If it makes you feel better, I’ll schedule a class with Master Kim next week.”

“It does.” She grinned victoriously.

As soon as he got through the door, Pete his manager grabbed him and rushed him off to his appointments. He met a reporter who was covering the concert setup. He spoke to the stage manager, building manager, fire department, and when he was finished greeting the different jazz musicians that were coming to perform with him, he was damn ready for his before concert nap. Zipped up in his hoodie, he crashed on the couch in his dressing room.

When he woke up, he found himself staring up into a pair of gorgeous gold eyes. Masculine hands threading through his hair.

“Tyler, why am I lying on your lap?” He asked, voice froggy.

“I was thinking, with your head in my lap, you might be enticed to give me a lick.”

Matt laughed. “You’re such an asshole.”

“Did you sleep okay?”

Matt nodded sitting up. “Yep.”

“You’ve been pushing yourself too hard again. Pete told me about the all-nighters at the studio and that you even sleep down there-“

“I don’t want a lecture, Tyler.” Matt was about to stand up, when Tyler grabbed him by the back of the neck and held him.

“If you get sick, Bay gets worried. I don’t like when Bay worries.”

Matt took a calming breath and Tyler released his hands. He didn’t need Tyler’s shit that moment so all he did was nod. Last time they had this fight, Matt kicked Tyler’s ass, and had a sprang wrist for weeks. Mom and Cody were livid at both of them. Mostly they were mad at Matt for using his hands when he was taught to fight with his legs and feet.

Instead of lashing out, and reminding Tyler he sucked at fighting he said, “You don’t have to use Bailey to mask your worry for me. Just tell me honestly that you actually care.” Matt leaned down and kissed Tyler on the forehead. Then he grabbed the fucker by the ear, hard.

“Ow, ow, ow!”

“Now be a good little boy…” He pulled his brother toward the door. “And run along.” He opened the door and then used his foot to push him out before he bellowed, “Cody!”

“I’ve got him!” Cody yelled back from somewhere on the hallway.

Matt closed the door and took a deep breath. Tyler really was a motherfucker.

If Val did show up tonight and he was hoping she would…

Trying to divert disaster, Matt flagged down the backstage manager and gave him specific directions for his backstage guests. Val could absolutely not meet Tyler.


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