The Wrong Type of Seduction

14 Crafty Matt


14: Crafty Matt

Matt sat his bare butt on the cold tile floor wincing a bit before pulling her down into his lap. She didn’t resist as he held her, kissing her cheek and chin.

“I have a concert at Carnegie Hall next weekend. I want you to come.”

“Its sold out-“

“You’ll be my guest. I’ll get you a backstage pass.”


He took a hold of her chin and turned her head so that he was kissing her lips, keeping her from turning him down. At first she tried to pull away, to push him away, but he held her. Not hard, but he held her firm enough to let her know, he wasn’t planning to let her run just yet. Not yet.

He kissed those delectable lips. She didn’t kiss him back even as she looked at him with conflicting emotions. What had that asshole done to make his Val not accept him when she clearly wanted him? Was her ex abusive? Was that why she volunteered at the foundation? Matt hoped not, not his Val.

When his tongue played at the crease of her mouth, she opened and gave in. They breathed each other in. She moved, arms wrapping around his neck, shapely long legs straddled his slowly hardening length. Her tongue took control of the kiss and teased his own tongue with little flicks.

Hell, she could kiss. Her hands grabbed at his hair and pulled as she stroked her tongue down his throat. He groaned, rocking his pelvis into hers. She shifted again until she was sliding her slick sex down, sheathing his cock.

He moaned a curse into her mouth as the glove of her pussy hugged him, squeezed him. Her tongue swirled around in his mouth, taking every breath, every curse, and moan. She rode him, slow, and tortuously patient. He bucked trying to make her go faster, but she pulled his hair painfully in warning as she nearly pulled off, threatening to stop the awesomeness of her sex.

To keep from destroying the moment, he let her fuck his mouth with her tongue and enjoyed the nails of her fingers pricking into his scalp. She ground his cock with her moist pussy rocking her hips with a profound rhythm.

He had to have her. It was official. And he would probably end up in jail as an obsessed stalker before their dance was finished. She picked up the pace, slapping down on him making his cock groan with a need to burst.

When she came, shivering around his cock, Matt grunted letting her muscles milk him. She clinched so tight around him, she sucked his dick dry, and it was mind blowing. If her mouth wasn’t covering his, he’d be shouting curses as he erupted inside her.

Breathing hot puffs of air in his mouth, she leaned her forehead against his. Her body still shuddered in intervals against him. He wanted to kiss her, yet his mouth remained open to catch air and replenish his lungs. His nostrils flared inhaling the musk of sex and it intoxicated him.

Then she moaned a low sexy sound, stretching like a cat who just finished her afternoon nap. Still inside of her, he felt every move she made. He found himself on his back her laying on top of him, kissing his lips, hands on both sides of his head.

“Fine.” She finally said pulling away. “I’ll come to your concert, since I wanted to go. But no date.”


That knowing smirk he so loved played across her mouth as she slowly lifted off him to stand. She said nothing as she grabbed her pants from the floor.

Matt pulled the filled condom from his dick while he said, “You know you liked it.”

She looked back over her shoulder at him with a hooded sexy agreement twinkling in her eyes. Then she said something that totally floored him. “True.”

Matt silently cheered at her admission. He got up to find his pants. When he noticed the lights in the hallway were off, he stilled. “Um, is there a way out of here?” He asked worried about an alarm system.

“I know the codes. We’re fine.” She shrugged buttoning her khakis.

“Cool. So you want to come back to my place for…dessert?”

She shook her head. “I though you had something to do tonight?”

He cursed, smacking his palm against his forehead. “Me and my bigmouth.” Because he was seriously rethinking his priorities.

When they finished cleaning up, Matt stood watch outside in the main hallway as Val locked up the office. They rode down the elevator quietly, Matt dying to touch her, but he could tell she wasn’t in the mood. Damn her hard exterior. This woman was going to make him go caveman and club her before he dragged her back to his lair.

Outside in the night air, without turning to say goodnight, Val began to walk away. Matt took a step forward to grab her and kiss the hell out of her, but then she said something that made him pause. “I’m going to end up breaking your heart if you are serious about me. It will be painful. I don’t want to ruin you for other women, like he ruined me, but I will if I have to.” Her footsteps never faltered as she walked away from him. And at the moment, he knew if she wanted to, she could disappeared from his life without any regard to his feelings. But he didn’t care. “I’ll take what you give me,” he said while the darker part of him he tried to keep in check laughed at her words, you’re not getting rid of me so easily. You and I are just getting started.


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