The Wrong Type of Seduction

13 Bewildered Val


13: Bewildered Val

He did it again!

She thought getting away for a couple of days would help her think straight, but spend a half hour with that gorgeous face and hypnotic voice, and she was allowing him in her space. How had she let him pull her into his gravity?

Yes, they had been trading ideas, sharing a good vibe, yet, she had planned to keep it professional. She always kept control during situations like this, always held the upper hand, and always, always, kept a measurable distance closing off her emotions. But the moment she turned and saw those soulful eyes staring at her with so much sexually charge energy, she couldn’t seem to push away. His heat was a living thing, calling to her, and she foolishly answered nearly every time. What the hell?

She needed to separate herself from Matthew. He was bad for her survival instincts.

The door to the office opened and guys wearing pizza uniforms walked in holding mountains of pizza boxes. “I got an order for…”

She whirled around to growl at Matt but he was up on his feet and helping the men put the pizzas down on the desk.

“For the whole office.” Matt smiled that overly cute and charmingly innocent expression.

She wasn’t fooled.

“You all work so hard.” He shrugged. “It’s the least I could do,” he said before he walked out into the hall where Tina bounced, barely containing herself. “Tell everyone I bought pizza…if they want any.”

He was crafty, this Matt person. She’d have been furious if she didn’t see the happy grins on the kids faces running into the office. Oh, so crafty…

Everyone came and grabbed plates of pizza and sat around the offices eating and chatting. And every time someone thanked Matt, he quickly said he got the idea from Val…crafty…

The mothers, all victims of abuse, often worked late. Having little enough money as it was, they would love that they didn’t have to worry about feeding their children that night. And she couldn’t help but appreciate Matt for that…crafty, crafty…

Val took the plate of pepperoni pizza offered by Tina as she sat with Val at the office desk.

“He is so sweet. I’ve heard so many stories about him, but I never guessed he was this genuine. It’s refreshing.” The older woman gushed biting into her first slice.

Val only nodded as she frowned down at the triangular mass of greasy cheese. She wasn’t a big fan of pizza or pepperoni. But she would suck it up and eat, pretending to enjoy being manipulated.

The moment she took her first bite Val almost moaned in pleasure. What kind of pizza…

“Good isn’t it?” Matt came around to where she was sitting and plopped on the floor beside her looking up into her face with the most smug expression. “That’s the look I was hoping to get.”

Her scowl? Trying to ignore his big wide brown eyes and dimpled grin, she continued to chew the incredible flavor flooding her mouth.

“You should have let me take you to dinner.” He muttered low.

So this was his tactic? Ambush her until she caved? And that’s exactly what he’d been doing since they met. Too bad she couldn’t strangle him right there in public without the nasty legal ramifications.

When she felt cool fingers crawl up her ankle sending chills over her skin, she stopped chewing. With a quick glance, she looked around at all the faces paying her no attention. She kicked her leg slightly to shake him off. For a second he stopped, but halfway through her slice, she felt those fingers easing up her ankle again. Her core clinched at the feel of rough fingertips working under her pants leg. She tried not to move as Dr. Harrington smiled over at her, he raised his plate of pizza like a toast to her. Val smiled back politely. The moment his attention went to one of the counselors, Val stamped her foot at Matt.

“Everything okay, Val?” Tina asked on her other side sitting a half eaten slice on the plate in her lap. Her chubby face frowned in concern as she looked down at the floor.

“Yes… I think so,” Val said thinking quickly. “I thought I saw a…bug.”

“Oh no!” Tina jumped up with her plate. “I’m calling the exterminator right now! All it takes is one of those little bastards. Then they bring in their so and so families from all corners of the globe. The two R’s are why I hate New York.” The woman mutter rushing out of the room.

Matt fell out on the floor laughing beside her.

“This is your fault.” Val kicked him playfully laughing with him.

“Go on a date with me,” he said only loud enough for her to hear.

She smiled down at him. “No.” But the temptation was real. So real. She’d only been around him a few times, and yet she felt lighter, freer than she ever felt. As cute as he was, and charmingly persistent, she couldn’t afford to get involved with anyone at such a sensitive time in her life. She was finally getting back on her feet, finally living for herself. Everything had to be right before she could take on more. So a boyfriend, or whatever Matt wanted to be, was out of the question. So many things could go wrong…

“What’s on that pretty mind of yours?” Matt’s words slid over her neck before he came around and helped clean up the boxes, cans of soda, and the paper plates left behind by those who enjoyed his generosity. The group could’ve helped clean up, instead of leaving her alone with her biggest problem.

“You don’t have to stay, I can do this,” she said busying herself to keep from looking at him. She still felt the thrill of his fingers on her ankle from earlier and the laugh they shared.

“But I want to stay.”

From her peripheral view, she saw his fingers reached out. She could’ve dodge him as he tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear, but she didn’t. Her heart pounded in her chest, wanting his touch. When was the last time she felt something like this? Had she ever felt anything similar?

Swallowing her emotions, shoving them away, she continued to clean up. She tried to ignore him as he circled her, helping and yet making her aware of him with his slight touches, his glances, his low voice asking her questions.

“So what was he like?”

Val frowned as she finished wiping down her desk. “Who?”

“The man who won’t let me get close to you. I’m dying to know, so I don’t make that mistake when we start dating.”

She chuckled shaking her head. “We are not dating. And I’m not going to discuss my ex.”

“Ok.” He almost sounded like he was giving up, which slightly disappointed her. Why? Did she like this stupid thing they were doing? No…

She started when his body pressed against her back, pinning her to the desk. “Matt-“

Lips came down on the nape of her neck stealing her words and resolve. Her heart kicked up a beat, her breathing escalated.

“You smell so good.” His arms circled her waist and she had to close her eyes to keep from panting in anticipation. Her body was hot for him…wetting… No! No!

“Matt someone could… someone…”

“I’ve closed and locked the office door. You were so busy trying to ignore me, you put yourself in a very dangerous situation.” His alluring voice ghosted over her ear before he licked her there.

Her whole body responded, shuddering against him.

She should’ve told him to get off her, but his body felt so good pressed against her — warm and strong. He shouldn’t be kissing her neck, licking her ear… she moaned when he began sucking on her lobe.

Control, Val, where is your control? She needed more oxygen in her lungs, but no matter how much she breathed, her mind wasn’t working right.

“Your skin…” His hands smoothed over her stomach…under her shirt. How had he… She held back a moan as those fingers moved to trail up her torso and those calloused hands sensitized her in the most delicious way. When he moved to push up her bra she gasped. The fabric passed over her ultra hard nipples. He was going way too fast and yet she couldn’t find the will to stop him. This couldn’t continue… no more…

“Wait, Matt, we-“

He pinched her nipples, not hard, but enough to have her trembling, panties soaking. Her breaths hitched, filling the air. She clamped her mouth shut, trying to gain control, trying to… She shuddered again when his hands began massaging her tits. It was all she could do not to moan when his stubby fingernails slightly rolled her treacherous nipples. Control the situation… I am the aggressor…

For days she had imagined his body against her. Dreamed such naughty desires even when she tried not to… And here he was, his body promising what her dreams had conjured. All she had to do was let go and let him… Those kisses, his hard cock pressing into the crack of her ass, they could all douse the heat of her fantasies. Just one time and get him out of her system…maybe he wouldn’t be good enough to satisfy her. He was only nineteen after all. That disappointment was what she needed. Then she could shove this part of her life to the side, forget it like a bad cocktail. Right…right… No!

His hand slid from her breasts and back down her stomach. When they reached the buttons of her pants, she let go of the cloth she used to clean the desk and grabbed his hands stopping him. This was getting out of control… No more-

She gasped when his teeth nipped her ear. She bucked against him, as the sharp sensation shot straight to her crotch. Then he licked the flesh and Val moaned. Fuck!

He unbuttoned her pants slowly. Was she helping? Why were her hands moving?

“I want inside you.” Heated words caressed her ear.

Yes… oh… No, wait…

One of his hands was sliding down the front of her pants and she could’ve cursed her love for wearing thin lacy thongs. He had no resistance. And yet she was glad he didn’t. She needed him to stop, but wanted him to keep going. Her wants slowly blocked out the need screaming at her to stop him.

His hand was slow, so slow, as he parted her lips. She shook her head, needing him to stop, and yet, she found herself anticipating… His touch was light, probing. And then he found her clit.

“Ah!” She clamped her mouth shut as she grabbed his hand, squeezing it, willing him to…to.. He rubbed her slowly.

“You’re so wet… Hot…” He whispered before sucking on the rim of her ear.

The rough pads of his fingertips pressed just enough to have Val’s body begging him, dripping. The war in her mind knew her rational side was losing the battle. His finger circled her clit, finding all the sensitive areas. She clinched her teeth trying to hold back any sound.

“My dick is aching for you.” His mouth traveled to her neck where he sucked.

His fingers continued to torture her until she found her legs parting slightly seeking more. As if he understood, his digit dipped inside of her. She shivered. His fingers were so long, stretching along her inner most walls… Oh yes! Yes! He brushed the most sensitive spot inside her, and she wanted to cry it felt too good. As if he knew what she liked, he kept attacking that spot. Val found herself rocking into his hand, not wanting him to stop. Please don’t stop.

But he did.


“Shhh…” He kissed along her jaw.

Now he stops! Now!

Furious, wanting the release he promised, she pushed down her pants. Her mind was too clouded with lust and him to gain any kind of control. He had shredded it with those soft lips and rough hands.

She stepped out of her pants, slipped her thong to the side as she bent over the desk. Was that a chuckle she heard? Had he done it on purpose? Damn him.

He needed no more invitation. The zip of his pants was music to her ears. The unwrapping sound of a condom was the only warning she got and then…

Ah,” She nearly whimpered when he nudged inside of her. Then she cursed and held on to the edge of the desk when he shoved into her with one powerful thrust.

“So hot…” Matt groaned. “So-“

Shhhhh. Oh fuck…” She smiled as he began to move, thrusting in her fast and then slow, his hard shaft slid against her pussy’s walls until he reached her G-spot that made her shudder and cling harder to the desk. He was stroking inside of her, over and over, the same wonderful area as if he instinctively knew where to target. How? “Ah!”

As if her moans were encouragement, his thrust got harder, and the desk began to move — scrapping across the floor. His balls slapped against her adding to the music of the wet suction sounds.

Quieter…” She had the mind to say, as she remembered they were in an office building… where she volunteered. And instead of being mortified, it turned her on more, pussy dripping for him.

With his hands on her hips, he pulled her back to him, instead of pushing her into the desk. And the slapping sounds seemed to grow louder. They panted and tried not to moan.

“Matt… there… there…” She smiled as her body jerked in response to her orgasm, nerves firing.

So tight…” Matt groaned before he collapsed over her. His heat filled her, making her aware again that they were in a public space. What the hell was wrong with her?


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