The Wrong Type of Seduction

12 Matt Drops By


12: Matt Drops By

After ambushing Val at the park that Monday morning, Matt had hoped to catch her at the Foundation for Women against Domestic Violence and Child Abuse that afternoon, but according to the excitable woman at the front desk, she only volunteered on Fridays. Dammit, he’d have to wait days to see her again. But he had enough work to keep him occupied.

It was Thursday night and Matt worked with the band to help them get the right tempo for the next track. They worked into the night, until Matt was satisfied that it was perfect, or as perfect as they could get it. Finally satisfied, he had Aaron, his sound technician, start recording. They did three recordings before he was even slightly happy. At three AM, they wrapped up the nine hour session.

Matt went to high school with Aaron who had a golden ear for music. Matt knew from the moment he met the guy, he wanted him on his music. They’d been working together ever since. Aaron, sitting at the controls, grinned up at Matt when he walked into the room. “NS…” His nickname for Matt meaning never satisfied, “Going home tonight?”

“This is home,” he said as he sat down at the computer desk waiting his arrival. There he got on his computer and tweaked some of the music to match the band’s performance and the key they were most comfortable with. He didn’t notice the band packing up to leave or even remember hearing Aaron say goodnight. He continued working until his eyes were too heavy to stay open. He powered down his computer and took to the room’s couch where he slept.


He woke abruptly to the scowl of a very thin, very pissed off man with black hair thicker than his wiry frame. The mop of hair nearly swallowed the guys head and blocked out those glasses. “Pete.”

“Don’t Pete me. If I wasn’t busy with… What the hell is this about you scheduling a charity concert on the same day as Forbes? Have you lost-“

“Volume.” Matt warned the guy as he stretched. He looked around his manager to the red numbers of the digital clock embedded in the wall high above the sound controls. “Shit…” It was nearly lunch, Friday, and he had every intention of going down to the foundation to hunt down a sexy mahogany haired woman.

“Please tell me you did this as a joke.”

“Nope. I’m surprised you’re just now catching that since I changed it a week ago.” Matt ran his hand over his hair and yawned. Then he sniffed. And sniffed again. He lifted his arms and inhaled his pits. He had to get a shower first so he smelt refreshing for his Val.

Pete snapped his fingers in Matt’s face. “Focus.”

“Make it work.” Matt stood and Pete backed up to stare up at him.

“Make it work? Do you know how long Forbes has been pushing for this interview?” Pete shoved a hand on his non-existent hip.

“Three months.”

“Yes, and when they finally get it, what do you do?”

“Kayla’s okay with it, so why are you having a shit fit?” Matt asked, mentioning his agent.

“All Kayla does is get you work. I’m the one managing your overall career!”

“Pete, if they want it on that day so bad, they can follow me to the gala.” Matt walked past the mop of hair on a stick and grabbed his messenger bag.

“Follow you to the… That’s not half bad. Yes, it would be perfect exposure and you look good for doing the charity…”

“You’re welcome.” Matt slung his bag over his head and was about to leave when he heard.

“Oh, no you don’t. You have a lunch appointment with Nancy and-“

“Shit.” Matt groaned not wanting to deal with that flirty old woman. She always tried putting her hands on his crotch. “Can we not?”

“She’s wealthy, influential, and-“

“She’s got more balls than most men.”

“And yet you still schmooze her when you don’t need to.”

“She helps the students find work. That’s why.”

“Then go wash. And don’t be late. One hour.” Pete smacked him on the back.

“Bastard.” Matt muttered.

“Back at you, buddy. Now can I suggest the navy slacks with the pale blue shirt that has the contrast white collar and white cuffs? You look great in it. Oh and are you planning to come back to the studio tonight?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Matt asked. Pete knew it was his home away from home. The studio had been a gift from his brothers and best friend after he graduated last year. He produced two albums in the studio, both had been a success and one was up for a Grammy. He could care less about the accolade, but it helped him continue making music — his world and his first true love.

He took the elevator up in the Walthour building that housed both his studio and condo. After a quick shower and shave he put on the outfit of Pete’s choosing for Val more than for his lunch date. He took a cab to the restaurant where he met the Polish millionaire heiress who was a patron to many of his causes.

They sat and chatted about her days as a widower and how much she would love to have a boy-toy at her disposal — the usual bullshit. After telling Nancy he wasn’t interest over and over, he subtly mentioning his newest charity engagement next month. And of course Nancy was ready to write a check instantly for the foundation. Taking the check in mock shock, Matt kissed the woman on the cheek thanking her. She beamed. Good for her. Then he excused himself saying he had another appointment and he hoped to see her at his concert in a week.

Leaving the restaurant, he checked his watch. Three PM.

He wondered if Val would still be at the foundation. Taking a cab to the building he got out and waltzed inside. The charity rented office spaces on the seventh floor, so he took an elevator up.

The woman at the front desk who spoke on the phone looked up at him and immediately her face light with excitement. “Oh my… um… Yes, yes…” She tried to focus on her current call as she grinned at Matt. He remembered her cherub face from Monday. She was a cute chubby woman with short brown curls and big brown eyes. She looked like she could be Latino, but in this city it was never safe to assume.

Matt waited patiently as the woman rushed the call. Her badge said Tina. When she hung up, she stood. “It is so nice to see you again, Mr. Delarosa. Have I mentioned I’m a big fan. When I heard you would be personally playing at the gala I… Speechless. Honestly, I knew our Val was a miracle worker but I had no idea she had such connections.”

“Miracle worker?” Matt asked curiously.

“Oh yes, Ms. Braun came in a couple of weeks ago wanting to help out and volunteer. Perfect timing since we were short of hands. Anyway, when she heard we needed a few thousand dollars to throw the annual gala, she immediately wrote a check. No questions asked. Just sign and go.” Tina gushed.

So she was rich. Then the check in his pocket wouldn’t impress her on bit. “She’s special like that, huh?” Matt asked.

“And she’s a sweetheart. You came to see her right? About the gala, right?”

“Is she here? I wanted to go over the list of talent that was given to her because I’m sure you don’t need all sixteen.”

“Actually, after Dr. Harrington saw the list and the new music hall it would be performed at he was so overjoyed he decided to make it an all weekend event.” She blushed dropped her head. “He kind of used your name to secure more acts.”

Of course he did. Matt chuckled inwardly, but kept his face stoic. “Oh. I’ll have to talk to Dr. Harrington too while I’m here. If he’s not careful, my lawyers might have a feast of him, and I want to save the guy from those vultures.”

“Of course,” she said looking panic. “Ah.” Waving her had, the woman flagged down someone behind him. “Dr. Harrington! Mr. Delarosa is here to see you.”

No he was here to see Val. Matt turned around and smiled at the tall graying man. They stood almost eye to eye — blue to Matt’s brown.

“Mr. Delarosa it is a pleasure!” The guy held out his hand.

Matt shook. “Pleasure’s mine. Just a quick warning. Be careful how you use my name. I don’t want it causing you or anyone else any problems,” he said cutting to the heart of the problem. “Making false claims could get you a call from my patrons. They are…protective. As are my lawyers. They don’t belong to me. But to Walthour. Understood?”

The man’s face paled. “Of course. I would never-“

“Great!” He took Nancy’s check from his pants pocket and shoved it into the man’s chest. “Here. Where’s Val?” He looked around eagerly.

“Oh, right. I’ll go get her.” Tina behind him volunteered. “Or you can follow if you’d like.”

Ignoring the man’s wide eyed expression when he read the check, Matt followed the woman down a long hallway. Some of the rooms held kids who were being tutored while their mothers worked, according to Tina. The foundation was a small charity compared to most of the charities in New York. Matt hadn’t heard much about the organization before, but that changed thanks to Val. He sicked Pete to learn about the group to make sure they were legit. Though he had a feeling Val would never work for them if they were otherwise.

Tina stopped at a door where she knocked. “Val?”

“Yes, Tina, you can come in.”

The woman opened the door to a small office where Val sat behind a desk intently staring at her laptop. Damn he could look at that thoughtful face and refined posture forever.

“I was just finishing up-” Val’s voice halted when she looked up and their eyes met. She visibly tensed.

“You have a visitor.” Tina announced like Val had won a prize.

“Okay. Hello, Mr. Delarosa.” She smiled the most detached professional smile that Matt had ever seen, and he’d seen plenty. This woman could almost give Mr. Walthour a run for his money.

“Ms. Braun.” He greeted, keeping his own face professional.

“He came to go over the list of acts you have, but I informed him that it wasn’t necessary since we would be using them all.”

“I told Dr. Harrington not to jump the gun. I’m still confirming… Nevermind. Thank you, Tina.”

“Anything I can do?” She asked eagerly looking around the office filled with stacks of fliers, banners, an industrial copier, and a long table against the wall holding more paper.

“Find Dr. Earnest.”

The woman laughed but when Val didn’t crack a smile the laughter faded. “I’ll…see what I can do?” Then quickly the woman disappeared ducking out of the room.

“Dr. Earnest?” Matt closed the door to the office seeing a rant coming.

“First, I just want to say, this is a good foundation. Good people work here. But most of the management are only in it for the status and to add it to their resume.”

“You’re talking about Dr. Earnest.”

She nodded. “And Dr. Harrington. Though he doesn’t mind delegating, the man doesn’t know anything about actually managing. And doesn’t care to.”

“Are they the only ones in charge?”

“Dr. Gains is everywhere trying to keep everything together. By herself. Everyone here is helping her as best they can but…” She smiled and shook her head. “You didn’t come here for this.”

“I did. And for dinner. And possibly sex afterwards.”

A beautiful smile eased the tension that once adorned her face before she shook her head. “No and no.”

“Please?” He wasn’t above begging, especially if it made him her sex slave.

“Matt, I’m a bitter woman that just came off an ugly divorce. I don’t want to play the relationship game anymore.”

Ah…information… Matt plopped down in the chair in front of her desk. “No game here. If you must know, I’ve been fixated with that ass since the first day we met.”

Val’s jaw dropped, gorgeous eyes bulging.

“Too soon?”

“No- I mean yes, too soon and no we’re not going there.”

“Then can we go to the Italian restaurant on-“


“Pizza on fifth?”

“No. And no to sex.”


She laughed then, showing all of her perfect teeth and a twinkle in those gold/green hazel eyes…making him hard. Hell, everything about her turned him on. No one else effected him like that.

Then an idea popped into his head. He pulled out his phone and opened an app. “So what are you working on?” He asked as his fingers punched the touch screen.

“I’m working on coordinating the event. I went from invitations to being the head of the whole gala thanks to you.”

“Is that bad?” Matt asked looking up at her worried he really ruined his nonexistent chances.

She took in a deep breath and shook her head. “No. I want to test myself anyway, see if I have it in me to work with a high volume of people. A weekend long concert event for charity… This will be… something.”

Matt leaned forward after he got a conformation on his phone. “So what can I help with?” He asked sliding his phone in his pocket.

“No, you’re just trying to earn dinner. No helping.” She demanded flat out rejecting him.

He chuckled holding up his hands in surrender. “Actually, I was trying to earn sex.”

She blew out an exasperated breath even as an amused quirk came to her mouth. 

“But seriously, I’m free until seven, let me do something.”

She twisted her lips in thought even as her eyes narrowed on him suspiciously. “Fine.” She turned the laptop around and began explaining each phase of the concert and what would be needed to make it a success.

The way she broke down each and every detail down to the lighting, Matt wondered if the woman had planned concerts before behind the scenes since she didn’t work with lots of people as she said.

They talked about a half an hour, both crowded around her laptop trading ideas back and forth. With him sitting in her chair, her standing by him, he watched her lean over her screen and explain the administration required for the whole event. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She had brains to go with her sexy. Like a military mind, she had the whole organization/structure thing down to a science.

She looked back at him and stopped in mid-sentence. Did she notice the lust in his face? Hell, he hoped so. His dick was so hard he could use it as a hammer…that thought just made him hornier imaging hammering into her.

She smirked. “Matt, are you paying attention?” Her voice took on a husky edge.

“Yeah.” He focused on her lips. “Definitely paying attention…” He found himself hoovering closer, moth to a flame hypnotic she was. “You make paying attention easy.”

She rolled her eyes. “That was cheesy,” she said breathy turning her head away from him. But he caught her chin and pulled her into a kiss. She didn’t pull away and instead opened her mouth for him. Oh, hell her lips were soft…

He was about to dive in when there was a knock on the door. “Damn…” He cursed himself for the timing.

“It’s open.” Val pulled away and stood, folding her arms over her chest, effectively showing him that she was closing herself off. 



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