The Wrong Type of Seduction

11 Val Stands Unsteady


11: Val Stands Unsteady

The taste of Matt lingered on Val’s lips as she watched him walk away. No “call me”, no “see you later”, and yet she knew, knew in her gut, that wasn’t a goodbye kiss. It held too much promise.

And she wanted that promise even when she knew it wasn’t smart. The fact she ran was idiotic. When had she ever run from anyone? She learned long ago to control herself and her environment. Why the hell did she run? Again!

Because the moment she laid eyes on him she knew he was coming to finish what they started in that bathroom. While her body had instantly hummed for him, her brain screamed for her to escape.

Like a wolf stalking a rabbit, he caught her and forced her into a kiss she so desperately wanted. Her core clinched so many times for him, hungrily, she nearly came from his tongue in her mouth. Even as he walked away, fading from her view, her pussy primed, admiring that strong back and long legs.

How had he gotten into her head like no one else had? She’d meet men and women far more beautiful than him and yet… his charm was dangerous. Val never considered herself easy even when she wanted sex. But for an instant she felt a need to crawl to him, beg him for…

She was done with that life. No longer would she bow or submit to anyone. Yes, Matt was dangerous.

Finally steadying herself, Val walked home. She wasn’t in the mood to jog. It was as if Matt took her will with him when he left.

The masculine smell of his earthy scent, his airy soap, and his clean aftershave lingered in her nose as she took the elevator to her floor. Though that clean soap smell worked for him, she’d bet money he’s smell even more decadent if he wore a more warm spice scent or... Why can’t I get him out of my head? 

She showered, washing her hair, then dried off. Blowing out her hair, she stared at herself in the mirror. Something about her seemed different, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. She turned off the dryer and leaned in to see what she was missing or what had changed.

Everything seemed to be in the same place, except her pride that had been blemished by getting caught by the NYPD while sucking face with a teenager. Oh, Val…

Applying her makeup, she mentally kicked herself over and over. I don’t do this insanity! Her insides screamed. But her heart leapt at the excitement. When was the last time she felt so turned on?

A ringing caught her attention. Val put down her eyeliner and headed for the phone on her desk. She looked at the ID then answered, “Roger? Everything okay?”

“No emergency, ma’am.” His Cockney accent flooded her ear. “Just letting you know the fish are jumping here.”

She blew out a breath. “Don’t enjoy your time off too much.”

“Can’t help it. Don’t get this often with good company. Pam cooks all the time. All the time! I’d marry her if I’d stand her nagging.”

“So you didn’t call me about work. Bye Roger.”

“Wait! I got a ping. Not sure the locale, but I’ll research it. By the way, you found someone for Norman yet? I don’t want to help him anymore.”

Ah, Norman…brilliant, effective, efficient but arrogant. “What happened?”

“Bloake had the nerve to tell me how to do my job. No offense ma’am, but that arse ain’t worth the shite he takes everyday. I did this job while he was still in diapers.”

“Roger, do I need to mediate?”

“Oh no! No way! That usually ends bad. We’ll figure it. But just so you know, if you come back to visit and he’s walking around without his head, I pleading innocent.”


“Right, right, I’ll let you go.”

“Don’t forget to let me know about the ping.”

“Of course. Oh, a message: Mr. Christophe summoned you.”

Val closed her eyes and sighed. “I know. I’ve already set up a meeting for this week…” Thinking of Matt, she knew she needed to get out of New York for awhile. She needed to remember why she came and why Matt was a problem. “Roger, have Tiffany cancel all my appointments today and tomorrow. And arrange me a flight out ASAP. I want to schedule the meeting sooner.”

“That’s a short window… but I’ll make it happen.”

“Thank you, Roger.”

“Love ya, ma’am.”

She hung up and sat looking at her phone feeling odd and cowardly for running away. But she needed this trip to ground her and solidify her resolve. There was another way of getting rid of Matt, but that meant revealing the shame of her past and the things she had done to please her ex… But if she wanted that business out and about she would have revealed it all sooner. Her past was hers alone. And her future depended on things going well in the city to expand the company. But to do that, she needed to first get rid of a little teen angst.


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