The Wrong Type of Seduction

10 Matt Goes Jogging


10: Matt Goes Jogging

“Matt, are you listening?” Pete’s fussy voice echoed though the room as Matt buttoned his black shirt.

“Yeah.” He lied to the phone on speaker as he finished dressing.

“Then don’t forget to get in touch with your agent. She said something about a director wanting you on his music. Okay?”

“Right. Set the meeting up.”

“I knew you weren’t listening. Am I only good for picking out your clothes?” The man asked.

“You have the best fashion sense, Pete.”

“I’m your manager, not your stylist! By the way, you should wear the gray and black tie you wore for your last concert. It’ll really pop with that black shirt.”

Matt just shook his head. “Careful, Pete, your gay is showing.”

“Loud and proud, jealous?”

“Very.” Mat smirked.

“Of course you are. Now don’t forget, be at this morning’s meeting twenty minutes early. Saundra wants to go over some things with you.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Matt hung up grabbing the tie of Pete’s choosing and stuffing it in his messenger. While Pete was a good manager, he was a better fashion bug.

Leaving his condo building, Matt caught a cab to go to a meeting at the music company’s headquarters. His sleep had been restless for two days with dirty thoughts of honey skin, mahogany hair, and succulent lips. Some mornings, he found his sheets ruined because of his dreams of her. His sexual urges have never been so rampant. She woke a fire inside of him that refused to be squelched.

He closed his eyes for a moment wishing he hadn’t come to his senses Friday. Why did he have to do the right thing and stop? Because Matt, you’re not a deviant. And Bailey would fuck you up if he found out…

Opening his eyes to the passing city landscape, he jerked his head back to double check what he saw. “Pull over right here.” He demanded.

After the cab parked at the curb, he threw cash at the driver and jumped out. He looked around noticing he was near Riverside Park. He mapped out the area in his head. Thinking of the places he saw her and now she jogged in the city…

Matt took off through the streets headed for the park. He was liable to get his ass kicked or have the police arrest him but he wasn’t letting the opportunity pass. He was jogging through Riverside Park, knowing if he wasn’t careful he would miss her.

So he slowed up moving around a park bench. He watched other joggers and visitors pass by before she came into view. She was jogging, ear buds in her ear, focused on her breathing. She wore a tight red t-shirt and black spandex pants that stretched down to just her toned calves.

Her short pony tail swished behind her with each move, breasts hefting slightly up and down.

Clutching the shoulder strap of his messenger, Matt waited as she neared. His heart revved up as did his legs because he knew she would run. He felt it, anticipated it. And as soon as their eyes locked, she stumbled to a stop.

Then she took off.

Damn, I knew it! He smiled to himself.

Legs pumping in a sprint, she headed down a different direction veering off the main path and through a more wooded area. Like a cheetah running down an antelope, Matt was hot on her heels having caught up with her even though she was hella fast. If he hadn’t kept in shape, thank you family, she would’ve lost him.

Instead, Matt was grabbing her elbow.

“Matt!” She proceeded to order him to stop or leave or something he would ignore so he spun her around, and kissed her.

She struggled, hands coming up to strike him, but he grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer to him.

She moaned. Then as if to catch herself, she jerked her head back. “Matt…” She breathed wedging her free hand between them to push. “We’re not doing this.”

“Ok,” he said on a puff of air before pulling her soft curves flush to his body, pressing his lips back to hers. The hand that was wedge between them, grabbed his shirt. Pulling him closer.

“Open your mouth.” He nipped at her bottom lip.

She did. He plunged his tongue into her mouth and she whimpered, pulling at his shirt. He found himself leaning more into her, as he fucked her mouth with his tongue. She continued to pull until he realized her knees were sinking and he was dipping with her.

Matt ended up straddling her, knees in the ground and thighs hoovering, keeping him from crushing her midsection. Her hands came around his neck pressing him closer.

A need to chain her to him, keep her from running again rose inside him. He grabbed her wrists and penned them over her head, then he pulled back just enough that she had to lift her head to seek him.

“Are you wet for me?” He teased his tongue along the seams of her lips.

She closed her eyes as if trying to pull herself together. But he wasn’t ready for that yet. He kissed her slowly, tasting her, and she let him, before returning the attention eagerly.

He was so hard he was ready to take her right there.

Her tongue lapped inside his mouth, taking over the kiss and he let her until the clearing of a throat brought his head up to find cops staring down at them.

“Is everything okay here?” One of the men asked suspiciously.

Matt looked down at Val whose face was burning red with embarrassment. Seeing how it looked with him holding her down and straddling her, he let her go and stood up, but felt no guilt or embarrassment.

“Ma’am? Are you okay?” One of the two patrols asked.

“Yes,” she said covering her face. “Fine.”

Not realizing he held his breath, Matt exhaled relief. She could have reported him for rape, assault… anything. He wasn’t thinking at all when he hunted her down and forced her to kiss him. He really did assault her. He’d never done that before or anything like it. What happened to not being a deviant? Shit!

“Okay, you two. Keep your clothes on. And remember to keep it G-rated. We have kids around here.”

“Yes, sir. Officer.” Matt nodded. One of the cops looked Matt up and down as if he recognized him but said nothing. They walked off.

He turned to see Val still on the ground with her face covered.


“Leave me, please,” she said quietly not looking up at him.

Instead of listening, he dropped to his knees beside her and waited quietly.

After a long silence, she said, “You’re extremely hardheaded.”

He didn’t reply as he looked out at the passing people who were jogging, walking, and chatting close to grassy area of trees that shaded them. Something about Val made him lose his senses, his ability to think rationally, and he couldn’t say he hated it. He loved it. He enjoyed her fight as much as he enjoyed her giving in. He didn’t want to hurt her, but he wasn’t letting her go.

When Val finally uncovered her face, he looked down at her.

“Matt, let’s not keep playing this game. It’s…not healthy.”

“Then give into me, Val. One date.”

“I don’t date.”

“Then sex. Name the time and place.”

“Matt…” She finally sat up. “You’re cute. And I’ll admit sexy. But you’re too young. And I’m far too tired of these games.”

He reached out to her hair and she jerked away. “You have a leaf in your hair. Probably some grass, too,” he said wanting to grab her and force her to accept him… Hell, he needed to tame that urge before it got him in trouble.

She pulled her ponytail free and began to finger comb it, sighing. “Can you just forget me?”

No. But he didn’t voice it. Instead he stood, and then held out his hand to help her up. She looked at it suspiciously. And yes, if she took it, he was going to pull her into his arm and maul her again.

“Matt…” She seemed resigned, getting up on her own. She brushed herself off. “I’m not-“

He took her chin, tilted her head up, and kissed her lightly. Then he pulled away and turned to leave. He had a meeting to attend to, but if he didn’t he would’ve stayed and found a way to convince her into his bed.


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