The Wrong Type of Seduction

1 Val’s Night Out

The Wrong Type of Seduction

Matt, a well-known and talented musician, only has two goals in life: music and protecting his family. Highly sought after and highly publicized, he doesn’t have time for relationships outside of his family, especially romantic ones. However, one look at a fantasy he never knew he had flips his priorities, making seducing her number one…

After suffering from a bitter divorce, Val has finally got back on her feet and made a life for herself using the poise and maturity she learned from years of marriage. Proud of her independence and her sensuality, she vows to never commit to a relationship and never give up the self-control that has always been a part of her. Now if only she can get this through to a certain young man who keeps stumbling across her path…


Though July and summer was still in full swing, New York City nights held a hint of chill. Or maybe it just felt like it to Val. She never liked the cold much, but she had lived most of her life in a climate that rarely got close to freezing, so New York would be different for her.

Dressed in a simple yet, elegant cocktail dress that showed cleavage and flattered her curves, Val took a cab to a location that her client had been raving about. The bar was called The Glass Slipper. When Val walked in, she understood why.

Small and stylish, dim intimate lighting set the mood for the Manhattan establishment. Crystal chandelier light fixtures hung delicately from the ceiling. White linen covered tables and a steel counter partitioned half of the room. A mirror wall where the drinks lined the shelves reflected the whole area making it twice the size it truly was. It was a beautiful new sensual spot for those who had the cash to afford it.

Val, sitting with her legs crossed at the bar, admired the blonde woman who served her second glass of wine. The young woman had great breasts and a brilliant smile.

“If you keep looking at me like that, madam, I’ll think you’re interested in more than just the wine.” The bartender, who’s tag read “Ada”, winked.

Val only chuckled, licked her bronze lipstick, and sighed before she answer, “If I wasn’t on a strict relationship free diet… then you’d be right.”

The woman’s smile grew brighter as those brows rose in shock. Such pretty blue eyes, like aquamarine. The woman was baby doll adorable.

“Oh, my, but I don’t need a relationship…” Ada leaned over the counter, showing her low cut cleavage while putting the bottle of Merlot on the counter and purposefully whispering in Val’s ear. “So you’d never have to cheat on your diet.”

Val licked the edge of her glass and smiled inhaling the most amazing cinnamon vanilla scent coming from the woman. It mingled well with the slightly fruity spicy fragrance of Merlot. While the woman’s words were tempting, Val could tell by the woman’s demeanor, expressions, and customer service the whole night, this wasn’t a woman who did one night stands. But she liked the flirting. So Val indulge the blonde a little longer. “So do you entice all your customers like this, or just the best paying ones.” She winked.

Ada laughed, showing off her adorable smile. “Just the women who show interest.”

“Well, I’m probably too old for your tastes.”

“You don’t look twenty-five, so…”

“Thirty-five.” She lied. Of course she would never tell anyone her real age. She was a woman after all.

“That’s not old.”

True. “Depends on who you ask.” She winked pouring another glass. “But age is just another number for humans to count. Always counting…” She licked the rim of her glass of a stray drop.

Ada’s eyes stayed on Val’s mouth that teased the other woman. “You’re a philosopher…”

“No…beautiful… I’d like to think I do more than just sit around and talk pretty words. I’d like to think I actually do something about it.”

“My kind of woman.”

Music unexpectedly interrupted the room and the flirting Val enjoyed. Intimate jazz fitting for the atmosphere perfectly grabbed hold of all the clientele’s senses.

“When did he come in…” Ada muttered standing up straight shifting her attention to the piano on the other end of the room.

“Ada!” A tall and beautiful woman walked in as if she were floating on air. Caramel skin, big green eyes, and long chocolate curls, the girl looked like some kind of exotic movie star. Behind her were three men dressed in suits but they didn’t look like business men. And from the way they walked and watched the room, she could tell they were on duty — the movie star’s bodyguards.

Val looked the woman over again, and re-accessed her. Not a movie star. Movie stars weren’t allowed to be that gorgeous. Plus, she recognized the woman from TV. If Val was a self-conscious woman, she’d be intimidated by the woman’s excessive beauty. That was the immature Val that never thought she was good enough. The smarter Val knew better.

“Shouldn’t you be at home?” Ada asked almost sounding disapproving except she was smiling like they were best friends.

“Matt needed to escape so we decided to run away together. I should have known he would come to the first place that had a piano.” She laughed a melodic sound.

“It’s nearly midnight, you and your plus one should be sleep.”

“Ha!” The girl put her hand on her barely there belly and said, “Now you sound like Bailey.”

“Who will spank you if he finds out you’re not home resting in the middle of the night.”

“I’ve slept all day woman, poor me a ginger ale and give me some pretzels.”

“I have ginger beer.”

“Even better!”

The two continued to talk like old friends as Val enjoyed the sultry sounds coming from the piano. She turned with her Merlot and looked over to the piano where a young man sat intently stroking the keys.

Strikingly handsome, his hard jaw and intense frown gave him a kind of edge. His whole profile was strong and clean, like a business professional who worked out after a long day. But when those eyes lifted and the deep brown depths stared right at her, Val did not find youth, but something far more intense, primal, and all too sexual.

That gaze continued to rake over her as he never missed a key. Hungry eyes clearly enjoyed the view from his bench, the music reflecting the heat in his stare.

She knocked back the rest of her glass in one gulp. She did not date. Especially someone who looked like he was young enough to be in college, maybe. She preferred older more mature men or women. And yet, she was compelled by him. It had to be his music. She loved jazz. It seemed to be all over the place, like her soul.

His stare borrowed into her, letting the heat build between them as she returned his intensity. She leaned back in her chair and let him continue undressing her with those eyes.

When the piano stopped, the young man just sat there as if trying to catch his breath. Even she felt a need to breathe deep.

He stood slowly, showing off an impressive height of about six four and he slowly began to walk toward the bar in a strut that echoed a mature confidence. In his blue jeans and pale blue dress shirt un-tucked, the closer he drew the more uncomfortable, anxious she grew and the more his face seemed to lose that heated gaze. It became more uncertain, and nervous, even as his steps remained sure and easy. His whole profile exude strength and yet his young face gave her the since of innocence she usually avoided. He was such a contradiction.

“Hi.” Deep, rich, soothing, his voice was like a singers. The sound echoed through her, stirring an unfamiliar yearning.

“Hello. Nice playing.”

“Thanks.” He held out his hand. “I’m-“

“Matthew Delarosa. Anyone who watches television knows who you are.”

He sighed. “Yeah.” He dropped his hand when she didn’t take it.

“Oh, Matty here is more than just a famous personality and a pretty face.” The extreme beauty named Cody Delarosa, sports agent and girlfriend to famous quarterback Bailey Delarosa, turned, grabbed “Matty” by the arm and grinned at her with a heart stopping smile. “He’s smart. And funny. And a good conversationalist. He’s not in music for the fame, he’s just so good he became famous.”

“Plus, I was fortunate to have a few breaks. Not everyone with talent gets those breaks.” His admission showed a wisdom that struck her. Genuine humility. Rare. Yet she saw enough boldness to know that he knew where he stood in the food chain. “So… Can I get your name?”

Val smiled, drank the rest of her wine and stood to face the bar. Reaching in her flat purse that sat on the bar, she pulled out three one hundred dollar bills and sat them on the counter.

“Thank you for everything.” She winked at Ada. “Nice to meet you, Matt.” Patting the man on his arm, she sauntered out of the bar without looking back.  Tonight, had been interesting, but whatever that feeling she got from Matt, it was a warning to stay away from him and that bar. And she had learned a hard lesson to always paid attention to her intuition.


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