The Wrong Type of Redemption

49 Future


49: Future

After Jerry ducked down into the cab, Philip got in on the other side and ordered the cabby to drive.

The two sat in silence as Jerry’s hand kept trying to smooth over Philip’s thigh. Philip grunted, brushing Jerry’s hand away, shooting him warning glares. “I’m not in the mood right now, Jerry.”

Snorting, Jerry stared down at the man’s hard bulge. “Liar.”

Philip grunted.

“Why did you get nervous when Val pulled out her purse?” Jerry asked. His Philip rarely got nervous.

“You know her occupation. And I know for a fact that most of her trade tools are in that purse.”

Trade tools? Her assassination tools? Her weapons? “That small purse?”

“Don’t let it fool you.” Philip leaned in and whispered. “She can take out a room full of people with that purse alone.”

Shit… He knew Val was an assassin, but to look at the small elegant woman, Jerry didn’t feel the least bit threatened by her. “Why aren’t you in Poland with Uncle Ivan?”

“I finished early and thought to come home only to find you missing. Do you know what went through my mind?” Philip’s voice deepened.

“Since you probably thought of the worst case scenario first…” Jerry shrugged.

“Asshole, this isn’t something to shrug off. You know the dangers and-“

Jerry grabbed Philip’s face between both his hands and stared him down, nose to nose. “As much as I love you chaining me, collaring me, forcing that big dick up my ass, and spanking me with those big hands… I’m not a child anymore daddy.” He feathered those heated words over Philips lips before kissing him. He pulled back just enough to get a good look at Philip’s pretty blue eyes. “All your commanding, demanding possessiveness does is make me fucking hot.” He licked along the seam of Philip’s lips.

“I see I haven’t…taught you obedience.” Philip leaned in and took Jerry’s mouth. When the taxi stopped in front of the hotel, Jerry and Philip were still making out until the cabby cleared his throat…several times.

After they got out, Philip quickly reserved a room. They hurried up to their room where Jerry only got his pants down to his ankles before his father had him bent over the hotel suite’s armchair, fucking into him. Philip didn’t even remove his pants, just unzipped, lubed, and forced his way inside, nearly ripping into Jerry’s ass.

“Fuck yeah, daddy…” Jerry cried out as the chair scooted across the carpet with each thrust.

Philip’s hot hands held Jerry’s hips in a bruising grip. His pelvis seemed to smash into Jerry’s ass over and over.

“Deeper! Harder!”

“Right there?” Philip growled.

“Yeah, daddy… Right there…oh shit!” When that cock head started attacking Jerry’s most sensitive spot, stars dotted his vision. Drool pooled in his mouth, leaking at the corners as his eyes rolled in the back of his eyes from the euphoric pain taking over his whole body.

A hand grabbed his hair painfully yanking his body up.

“You like it fucking hard…right?”

All Jerry could do was whine a response as his body was assaulted with the pleasure/pain.

“You want it to hurt. Need daddy to punish you.”

Jerry felt his cock ramming against the back of the chair.

“I should fuck you dry…and raw for pulling this disappearing act…” Philip gritted out each word punctuating it with forceful thrusts.

Jerry scalped and dick screamed for release, “Pl-pl-pl…”

“That’s right…beg.” Philip’s dick dug deeper, harder, fucking Jerry into a dark consciousness where he was barely aware of what his body was going through.

Jerry groaned when teeth sunk into his shoulder bringing him back to life. He felt Philip’s seed shot deep inside, hot and thick. His own cum slid down his thigh. At some point Jerry had came but he didn’t remember when.

He felt Philip withdraw before a hand came down on his ass with a smack.

“To the bedroom.”

When Jerry didn’t move, bonelessly laying over the chair from the workout, Philip’s hand came down on his ass again.

“Fuck you…” Jerry murmured.

Another smack came, stinging his butt cheeks again and again until Jerry finally moved. He nearly tripped over his pants forgetting he hadn’t pulled them all the way off because of his father’s impatience.

He bent over to unlace his shoes when another smack came. “Shit, old man, give me a minute.” Slap! “I hate you…”

Finally, ass sore and stinging, Jerry got his shoes and pants off. Then before he could stand up straight, he found himself on the floor on hands and knees begging for mercy as Philip drilled into him again.

They never made it to the bed that night.

Jerry woke around the afternoon to find himself tangled in a blanket and Philip. The hard floor made him groan. His sore backside made him wince. And his growling stomach made him bite Philip’s earlobe.

He jerked awake. “Wha…”


“Order room service.”

“Too much pain.”

“That bad?”

Jerry moaned.

Philip moved out from under Jerry and got up, helping Jerry up. Leaning against his father, Jerry finally got to bed. After laying him down, Philip began tending to Jerry, washing him, applying ointment, and ordering room service. Jerry could’ve done most of it, but he was a glutton. He loved when Philip pampered him and his father never complained.

After they had eaten, Jerry lay watching television as Philip slept huddled beside him, sleeping off the jet lag. During a commercial, Jerry looked over at Philip and marveled at his sleeping face. There were slight lines from age at the corner of his eyes, otherwise, it was a delicious face. Jerry followed the angle of his jaw up to his hairline. Recently, Philip was cutting his hair closer to the scalp because it was thinning. Though his father didn’t look like he was pushing fifty, it didn’t change the fact that he was so much older that Jerry. Philip often worried of dying first, leaving Jerry alone. Jerry was more worried that Philip worried about it. Sighing, Jerry leaned down kissing the man he adored.

Philip moaned.

“I’m sorry for sacring you and making you worry.” Jerry whispered.


“But I’ll probably do it again.”

His father groaned.

“I think angry, sulky, possessive daddy is the sexiest.”

Philip smirked, turning over slightly to face Jerry, but not once opening his eyes. “You’re such a bad son.”

“The worst.”

Philip finally opened his eyes and stretched. His strong naked shoulders and muscular chest peaked from under the covers. “You ready to talk?”

“Val wants me to come work for the Code. She wants you too.”

“You don’t need the money, Glitch,” Philip said.

Jerry chuckled. “Hacking has never been about the money for me. Sure I get paid now and then for the illegal shit. But it’s all about the thrill. I like doing it. And to think I could be doing it for assassins… How cool it that?”

Philip groaned rubbing his forehead. “Son-“

“Tell me you don’t miss being a bad ass.”

“What?” Philip asked.

“Tell me you don’t miss being out there talking with criminal masterminds and fucking with them.”

“It’s too dangerous.”

“Old man, everyday you were out there hunting for Aline, I saw you. I saw the real you that likes to take charge and run shit. The you who had mobsters eating out of your hand and they didn’t even know it.”

Philip stared up at Jerry absently.

“Tell me you don’t miss it.”

“Glitch, I like being with you that’s what I like.” Philip sat up and reached for Jerry’s neck. “If you want to do the Code, I’ll be the one who watches your ass to keep you safe.” He began unlatching the collar on Jerry’s neck. “But I don’t want more than to be with you. That’s what I want. But if you’re trying to push me away so you can have space-“

“No, old man. I couldn’t push you away even if I wanted to.”

“Good that you realize…” Philip’s thumb caressed his lips.

“Val said she can offer an extra layer of security so no one ever finds out. Covert security that not even you can get me.”

“I don’t doubt it…” Philip sighed. “Sounds like you’ve already made up your mind.”

“I have.”

Philip leaned in and licked a path on Jerry’s skin from neck to ear. Slowly, he moved under the covers straddling Jerry’s thighs, his knees digging into the mattress. With his warm large hands he took both of their cocks, sandwiching them in his grip.

“Your hands are rough…where’s the lube?” Jerry mumbled.

Philip didn’t answer, leaning into Jerry’s neck. Jerry turned his head to the side giving the man access to let those lips suck. Warm calloused hands slowly pumped, taking his time his father nursed at Jerry’s neck.

Jerry’s hands played under the covers, caressing the warm firm skin of Philip’s back and sides, while enjoying the sensations jolting through his nerves. From the sucking making his mind tingle to the friction on his dick curling his toes, Jerry found himself becoming impatient with the old man’s slow torture session.

“Let me cum.” He huffed.

The only reply he got was a moan.

“You’re such a…uh…” Feeling the heat building in his cock, his balls drew up before finally he came on Philip’s hand. Philip came not long after.

“I’ll think about Val’s offer. But all I want to do is spoil you,” Philip said against Jerry’s neck, kissing and sucking.

“Fine.” Jerry loved the pampering as much as he loved the man. “Or you could take Uncle Ivan’s offer.”

His father cursed dropping his head on Jerry’s shoulder. “You won’t let that go, will you?”

“I’m not talking about the threesome.”

“Good.” His father lifted his head.



Jerry chuckled. “You should really think about helping him out. He just wants you to be a part of the family business. Since he did inherit all of Aline’s territory because of us it’s only right to give a hand, split the work. And you might keep his killing urges in check.”

“No one can keep that man’s killing urges in check.” His father looked Jerry in the eyes. “I’m helping him now, aren’t I?”

“Only when he calls. Take ownership.”

“That takes me away from you. Not interested.”

“You might be able to do that from here. Or I can follow you around like a dog. I already have the collar. I’m sure Uncle Ivan would love to see me on all fours.”

“Ok, stop talking about him.” He kissed Jerry.

“Jealous?” Jerry asked pulling away.

Instead of answering, Philip kissed him harder.

“But he’s sexy,” Jerry said insisting on pushing his father’s buttons.

“I swear I’ll stuff my cock in your mouth if you don’t shut the hell up.”

“That’s no threat. Feed me, daddy,” Jerry said licking the man’s lips.

His father laughed, deep and raspy leaning his forehead against Jerry’s he said, “Hell… I love you.”


Three years later… Russia

Jerry sat inside the executive office of Philip’s oil company doing a check-up of the network security. After his father took over Aline’s company and also began helping Val with the Code, Jerry never stayed put. He followed Philip from place to place if the man traveled. If he didn’t go, Philip would quit. He’d already threatened to twice when Jerry refused to give up his cushy office space at Michel’s main office. So, to make the man happy, Jerry negotiated with Michel to make his job mobile.

If Jerry didn’t notice how much Philip enjoyed the work, he would have let the man quit. But Philip liked being a control freak. Ivan and Val also liked him being a control freak. And Jerry definitely liked him being a control freak in the sheets.

After two years of re-organizing both organizations, Philip had made it so that he was rarely needed. Both companies took care of themselves. He only went directly to a location when an executive decision was needed. He set a network of people to spy on all operations and report back to him. Mostly, Philip lead from the shadows.

This time, Philip was handling an internal company situation. The company’s Polish branch was bumping heads with the Russian headquarters.

A quick knock on the door and a woman walked into the office. It was Jerry’s “personal assistant”. She was actually his bodyguard appointed by Val. The woman was quiet and efficient when she worked. And when she fought, she was like a damn ninja. The two rarely spoke verbally, mostly in sign or text. Though she could speak, she was born partially deaf and therefore had a speech impediment that embarrassed her.

*Mr. Mathers, your father’s appointment is here to speak to him but your father hasn’t shown up yet. Do you want to meet with him?*

*No. Let him wait.* Because Philip didn’t want Jerry involved in any of the face to face business.

*Its your uncle.* She added.

Jerry chuckled. *Let him in.*

A minute late, his uncle walked in like the man had just come off vacation — tanned and wearing a carefree linen outfit that seemed to belong on some island. “Jerry! My favorite nephew!” His uncle opened his arms as if expecting a hug.

“You’re not actually expecting a hug after the last time you nearly got your head cracked open, are you?” Jerry asked giving the man a deadpan expression. The man grabbed a hand full of ass making Philip go berserk.

His uncle chuckled. “Won’t be the first time I’ve been near death…or the last.” He flopped down into one of the guest chairs and slouched relaxed.

“You seem to be in high spirits.” Last time he saw his uncle, the man was in mourning — his wife was killed by a rival two years ago. Ever since, Ivan had been in a single-minded pursuit of killing off the organization. Only recently, did he finish his goal.

Instead of answering Ivan looked around, “Where’s papa?”


Ivan checked his watch. Then sighed. “I guess while we wait I should warn you, I’m thinking of retiring.”

Jerry had a clue it was coming. Philip also saw the signs.

“Who do you plan to replace you?” Jerry asked knowing neither of Ivan’s children were fit. They were too pampered.

“That’s why me and your father are meeting. I haven’t a clue. I know Philip won’t take it. We need to groom someone for it.”

Jerry thought it over as he continued working. After working in underworld over the years, he learned enough to know that a lot of the older generation was about to pass over their organizations to newer generations. Val, even though she was young, was already grooming her son to take over the Code.

Molly, Mr. Walthour’s oldest daughter, had already given her grandmother permission to help her raise her newborn daughter to be the next legitimate heir to Bellini-Sadik.

Bailey, Tyler, and Cody were going to help raise their twins to take over Mr. Walthour’s company.

And Mia Azevedo-Flores, who now headed Azevedo and Flores with the help of her new husband, was planning to teach her future children to take over.

The mob world had no plans of dying out.

Soon, Philip came into the office looking as relaxed as always. Jerry was about to get up from his father’s chair but Philip stopped him. Pulling off his tie and unbuttoning his shirt, his father started talking in Russian to his uncle. They only spoke about the company, barely mentioning Ivan’s replacement. Every time his uncle mentioned retiring, his father slyly changed the subject.

Finally, Ivan blurted out in English, “Phil, I’m old! And tired. I need to give it up. Stop dodging.”

His father narrowed his eyes. “Don’t think I don’t know why you’re really retiring. You want to go chasing after Khalid.”

His uncle blushed.

Jerry’s jaw dropped. “Khalid Ussan!”

Ivan sighed like a man in love.

His uncle was crushing on an Egyptian business mogul, Middle Eastern gangster, and Val’s cousin. The man was hella pretty but he had a sadistic taste for blood and pain. They actually matched.

“Khalid doesn’t give you the time of day and you’re not his type.” Philip pointed out bitterly.

“Only because I refuse to let him lock me up in one of his torture devices.” Ivan shrugged.

Jerry shuddered.

“Ivan, he’s the reason your wife was killed.”

Jerry’s eyes popped open. “Wait…wait…”

“One of Khalid’s jealous lovers caught Ivan flirting with Khalid and went nuts.” Philip informed Jerry.

“And I’m sure that fucker was regretting it until the day I put his ass in the ground.” Ivan snarled.

“You’re that much in love with this guy that you’re still willing to give everything up despite-“

Ivan sighed like a lovesick fool. “I actually considered leaving my wife for him a couple of times… I’m ashamed.”

“No, the hell you’re not.” Philip growled.

“Phil, you have to help me. I’m drowning here.” Ivan whined. “Please!”

Philip’s hooded annoyed gaze fell on Jerry. Jerry just sat speechless.

“Please!” Ivan begged.

“Fine. Get out.” Philip ordered. Ivan popped up like a happy kid. He ran over to his brother and hugged him. Philip didn’t move, just stood looking disgusted. 

Ivan, unperturbed, nearly skipped out the office. “Bye nephew!”

Jerry, still stupefied, just stared at Philip. His uncle was love struck for a gangster half his age who was the reason his wife died? Huh? And he even thought of cheating on his wife with this man before she died? Huh? Cheating? His wife must have not given her permission for Ivan to sleep with Khalid. That or Ivan didn’t want to share the man…

Philip broke the awkwardness by saying, “Your friend Tyler owes you, we’ll get him to help push Ivan and Khalid together.”

“Yes, daddy.” Jerry grinned, switching programs on his computer to message Tyler.

“And when you’re finished with that. Bend over my desk, I need to relieve some stress.”

Jerry loved it when his father vented his frustration out on him. It was going to be rough and oh so fucking fun.

“I didn’t hear your reply. Be obedient. What do you say?” Philip demanded.

“Make me, old man.”

~|~|~ End ~|~|~



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