The Wrong Type of Redemption

48 Present Day – Three A.M.


48: Present Day – Three A.M.

“Grateful?” Jerry folded his arms over his chest and leaned back into the cushion of the leather seat. “You forcing me to come here is showing gratitude?”

“No one forced you.” She smirked crossing her leg at the knee casually showing off her shapely leg.

“Blackmail? Might as well be force.”

“Just repaying your kindness.”

“And you call me petty.”

She laughed. “I see why he adores you. You’re the cutest thing.”

This woman… Jerry groaned. “You can’t be much older than me. So, when did he teach you?”


“Damn.” Learning the art of manipulation at the age of six?

“But that’s not all he’s done for me. Has he told you what he did before he met your mother?”

“He said he cleaned up illegal shit so not to leave any clues.” A light bulb went off in Jerry’s head. “You’re the one who hired him! Did you also give him the truck driving job this time too?”

“No. And no. Roger hired him for me. Each time I had a job and needed to kill someone, he was the one Roger called to clean up and make sure my ass was covered. Philip quit when he got married. Roger employed him again later after…” She paused as if not sure how to proceed with the subject of his family’s demise.

So Jerry helped her out. “When he was trying to get his life back.”

“When he was trying to get you back. Yes. Many of those jobs were mine, some belonged to the Code and other organizations that Roger spies on.”

“So, Roger’s my father’s employer.”

She laughed lightheartedly. “No. Your father has no employer. Roger was repaying-“

“A favor?” Jerry asked deadpan.

Val nodded, still laughing. “Yes, you know him well. Your father saved Roger from your Grandfather’s wrath.”

Jerry sighed. His father’s favors could build an empire. “So why tell me all this? What does it have to do with me?”

“First, I’m telling you this because I am trying to make myself endearing so you know I’m no threat. Second, my method to get your attention was to show you you’re not untouchable so be careful. With you being Philip’s son, you’re watched. There are those who are weary of Philip’s current position in the world. Therefore, be more alert. I don’t want you dying and making my friend miserable. He’s lost enough. And I love that man like an older brother and don’t want to see him hurt anymore. Understood?”

Jerry nodded. “Got it.”

“Third, I wanted to see if you’re as good as you seem to be. A test. Plus, I wanted to remove that vile man from the Code.”

“The pedophile hacker you wanted me to set up was a part of your secret society?”

She scoffed, disgusted. “I just became the head of this organization so when I found out that our best computer expert was a damn child molester…” Her body shuttered. “I nearly killed my uncle when I learned…if it wasn’t for the rules…” She took a deep breath calming herself. She took a deep drink of wine before she put on an alluring smile. “And now that we’re down a hacker… I want to recruit you.”

Jerry’s brows rose. “You want me to…”

“Become a part of the Code. Normally, someone like you who learns about us but wasn’t inducted would be killed or recruited already. But because you never spilled…and because we couldn’t find you, you’ve been spared.”

Kill! “Wait? Poaching me from Walthour? Isn’t he like…your brother or something?” Even though Jerry worked for Michel’s security company, the company belonged to Gabriel Walthour. Recently, Mr. Walthour and his mother adopted Val into their family as his “sister” kind of. She inherited all of the criminal organization that the Walthours ran — the Bellini-Sadik alliance. “Mr. Walthour has invested a lot in me. I’m not just going to turn my back on him for the Code. And my father might have an objection. If he wanted me to have a life of crime, I’d do jobs for my Uncle Ivan.”

“Jerry. Think about it.” She smirked. “Who in the Code, announces they’re in the Code? It’s a secret organization. No one openly talks about it without safeguards. Most of our people have boring day jobs.” She waved a hand dismissively. “While you work for Michel as you usually do, on the side when no one’s looking, you do work for us. You’d be like a superhero with an alternate identity. Or in this case a super villain.”

“Do I get to pick my super villain name?”

“What? You mean you don’t already have a hacker moniker?” Val asked leaning forward slightly, face lighting up with shock.

Jerry frowned. “No…but shouldn’t you know this? Didn’t you research me? How did you find out about me?”


“What?” Jerry shouted, shocked that Tyler gave him up.

“No, no. Don’t go killing him. Listen. We were talking about some things. Both of us are pretty good with computers. We were comparing notes. Had a friendly competition to see who could hack into a security facility first. He won. But he hated that he didn’t beat your record. When he mentioned your name, I immediately asked who this Jerry was. He casually mentioned that you work for him.”

“I don’t work for him directly…not yet.” Jerry corrected. Tyler was slated to take over Mr. Walthour’s financial empire. Though Tyler already knew the ins and outs of the conglomerate, he couldn’t take over until Mr. Walthour retired and stepped out of the way. The problem was, Mr. Walthour was a workaholic.

“Regardless,” Val interrupted his thoughts. “After I found out about you, I started looking deeper. And when I found out you were Philip’s Jerry I just knew you were the hacker. And I must say, I’m impressed. Clearly you don’t leave much of a trace if any.”

“That’s why I don’t have a hacker codename. I don’t want there to be a trace. In my eyes, those who go around flaunting and labeling their crime want to be caught.”

She grinned a heart stopping expression. “I like you more and more. So what do you think? Interested in joining?”

“Can I discuss it with my father first?” Jerry asked not wanting to hide it from his lover.

“Seeing as he already knows about the organization, I don’t see why not.”

Jerry sat thinking, watching her drink. “What…incentives are there?”

“I was waiting for that question.” She smiled. “You don’t need money but if you want it name your price. Resource we can offer. Just say it and its yours.”

Jerry leaned forward bracing his elbows on his knees. Hands rubbing over his face he said, “You know about Philip…right? About the stuff that’s been going on over the last year…” Ever since Philip got in contact with various criminal organizations to get them to help him find Aunt Aline, he’d been highly sought after. They wanted to recruit him either as a negotiator or agent or…something illegal. Philip had refused each offer wanting to live a quiet life with Jerry. Some people were more insistent than others making Jerry tense. He worried they would try to corner his father. And while the man acted like he was okay, he clearly feared for Jerry’s safety. On their California property, there were guards that his father hired just to keep an eye on their home.

“I heard.” Val sighed. “I’ve even tried to recruit him, but he insists on staying close to you, protecting you.”

Of course. “You wanted to recruit him? For the Code?”

She nodded. “I need help. Bellini-Sadik is a lot to handle and now the Code has dropped in my lap. Your father has a knack for organization. He has skills passed down from his father that I honestly admire. You saw it when he went after Aline.”

Jerry did. His father was like a General commanding people, even people who didn’t belong to him.

“To be honest, I never wanted the Code.” Val continued. “It’s an inherited position with too many damn rules. Very strict. But your father likes strict. He likes control. And he would rule with an iron fist. No, I don’t want him to take over, because an assassin must head the Code.”

“You want him to be like a vice president?”

“No. A partner.”

Jerry laughed. “That’s why you want me.” He shook his head. “You think if I come, he’ll follow. Damn, you did learn some tricks from Philip. Both of ya’ll are crafty shits.”

Val shrugged taking a sip as if unconcerned. “You’re very intelligent. I see why he drools over you. Admires you. I wanted to meet you earlier, but he’s-“


“Putting it mildly! I also wanted to meet you because I never thought Tyler had friends. He’s so…Bailey driven.”

Jerry chuckled. “Yeah. We’re not friends. We’re…we’re… We understand each other.”

“He respects you. I mean, anyone that Tyler compliments, other than himself…” She shook his head. “Pretty darn impressive.”

“That’s right… you’re his half-sister.”

Val nearly choked on her wine. Her throat choked down the liquid before she blinking up at him. “He told!”


“Oh…that…” She huffed looking up at the ceiling as it wishing to escape.

“Congratulation on the engagement by the way.” Jerry smirked knowing that she was engaged to be married to Bailey’s little brother, Matt — her half-brother.

Her face grew red. She quickly downed the rest of the wine.

Jerry chuckled at her reaction. “Why are you so nervous? You already know about Bailey and Tyler. And me and my father.”

She nodded. “Yes, but… I’m still getting used to the idea of all this. I love Matt to distraction but the thought of him being my… I’m still getting used to it. It’s only been a few months since I found out…” She sighed. “The sex makes it worth it though, you know?” she wiggled her eyebrows.

Jerry burst out laughing. “Yeah, so worth it.”

They continued chatting and Jerry realized he really liked Val. She was easy to talk to and smart. At first glance, he thought she would be an uptight princess. But the more they teased each other the more he realized she was better than any princess.

A knock on the door broke up their conversation before the door opened letting in the club noise. A tall gorgeous blue-eyed man walked in with short blonde hair. That gloomy face told Jerry that his big daddy wasn’t happy. Muscular build standing just inside the room and arms crossed over his chest he glared at Jerry.

Jerry’s cock twitched. He wet his lips in anticipation of his father’s fury.

“I’m guessing you didn’t warn him you were going on a trip?” Val asked sounding intrigued.

“Nah.” Jerry wanted the man to come hunt him down. He liked fucking with Philip’s possessive side — thrilled the hell out of Jerry. “Come to take me home, big daddy?”

Val chuckled.

His father’s nostrils flared before he narrowed his gaze. “I’ll deal with you in a minute. Val.”


“Why are you two together? Especially after I warned you to stay away from him.” His gravel voice sounded all growly and sexy.

“Wait…did I forget that conversation?” Val sounded shocked and innocent.

Jerry smirked.

Philip looked ready to kill. He raised his hand and crooked his finger, beckoning Jerry. That hard jaw and penetrating gaze dared Jerry to refuse him.

“Val, it was a pleasure.” He got up, grabbing his bag.

Val stood with him. She tugged on his shirt, getting him to lean down toward her. She kissed him on his cheek. “Have fun tonight.” She whispered in his ear.

“Val…” Philip sounded like he was on the verge of insanity.

Jerry inwardly laughed, preparing for slaughter his body was going to take tonight.

“Oh, and before I forget.” She picked a clutch bag up from where she sat and opened it.

Jerry noticed Philip visibly stiffen. He frowned wondering why Philip looked so worried.

Val pulled out an envelope. “This is you and Phil’s invitation to my wedding. And a letter from Mia.”

“Mia!” Jerry took the envelope. “You found her!”

“With the help of Azevedo and Flores we found her three years ago, but her family secluded her after Aline’s torture. A lot or rehab and counseling, but she’d doing better. She wanted to let you know she’s okay and thanks you for helping bring Aline down.” Val patted him on the chest. “Now go. Before your father kills me with his stare.”

Jerry laughed walking toward the door.

“Val, we’ll have a conversation later.” Philip threatened.

“Can’t wait.” Her voice sounded all kinds of giddy.

Before Jerry got down the steps of the club, he was spun and pressed against the wall. “I can’t believe you let her kiss you.”

“On the cheek, dude, ease up-“

Jerry barely got the words our before Philip attacked. Those hot lips branded him, tongue slithering into his mouth. Jerry moaned. That hard body pressed up against Jerry’s making him harder and harder. His father pulled back and said, “Let’s go.” Then he pulled Jerry along through the club past sweaty bodies, drunk dancers, and grinding twinks. The hard-on in Jerry’s pants and the high energy of the thumping music made him want Philip to take him right there on the floor before everyone. He wanted everyone to know who his daddy was.


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