The Wrong Type of Redemption

47 Return to Present Day…Again


47: Return to Present Day…Again

Present day…

Recalling those days when Jerry was still naively crying over his lost family, then maliciously harassing his father, he never thought his life would take a total U-turn. Not only did he fall in love with the geezer but he found himself in the middle of the worse kind of mob violence that spanned years. When it was finished and his Aunt Aline dead, Jerry washed his hands of those organizations and quietly faded into being a hacker just for himself. He still worked for Michel’s security company, mostly to stop people like him. According to Tyler, because of Jerry’s computer capabilities, he made more than most company executives. Jerry didn’t know or care. He just knew he didn’t want bullets flying at him or the tension of always watching his back.

Though none of the organizations were supposed to know that Jerry was the mastermind behind Philip’s digital exploits, clearly someone found out. Why else would Anon be targeting?

Jerry had to laugh at the that. For nearly four years, he had been Philip’s anonymous eyes and ears on the net. So this Anon… Were they getting him back for that day when he threatened and blackmailed every organization that Philip was connected to in order to find his aunt and keep his father safe? If so he knew the one person with the resources to find out who he was.

Val. The ex-mobster’s wife. The assassin. And the heiress to the secret organization of assassins known as the Code.

He laughed bitterly. Either she was the one sending him those secret messages and leading him on a damn scavenger hunt or that secret organization she was connected to was pulling the strings.

He’d bet money she or they were returning the favor. At that time, Jerry had been desperate to help his father. He never considered the repercussions. And now it was too little too late.

Laying back on the bed in his old studio apartment, Jerry closed his eyes waiting for the new message, letter, or instructions for his next task to be delivered to him. He didn’t know where it would come from or how.

First, he needed sleep. Being up all-night drained the hell out of him…

One afternoon, weeks after his father’s return from being ambushed in Malaysia, Philip and Jerry sat on their couch drinking beers and watching a basketball game at their secluded California house miles away from prying eyes.

Jerry looked over at his father who was concentrated on the game. His eyes lingered over that long muscular frame and watched as the man brought the amber beer bottle to his lips.

“What’s wrong?” Philip asked without turning his eyes away from the screen. He took a swig.

Jerry sighed. “Nothing.”

“Don’t lie to me, Glitch.” His father’s eyes finally turned to him, but the rest of him continued to face the screen. He took another swallow.

“It’s nothing.”

“You’ve been weird since I got back,” His father said. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed.”

“We’re been apart for awhile. People change… You’re weird, too,” he said then shrugged turning away from his father and reaching for the bowl of chips on the coffee table.

Moving fast, his father snatched up the bowl and came face to face with him. Nose to nose. “Talk. You breaking up with me?”

“Hell no. I like torturing your old ass too much.”

“Then what?” His father asked leaning in for a kiss.

Jerry grunted standing to his feet, avoiding those lips. “I’ve… I didn’t tell you while you were away because you were busy. Life in danger and all but… There was a guy.”

“What the… Fuck.” Bang! The chip bowl slammed onto the table. Chips popped out and scattered littering the surface and the floor.

Jerry turned his face away from Philip to hide the smile curving his lips before he quickly stifled it. “He’s someone I’ve been with before… I was missing you and… thinking about the past and… Memories started to surface.” Jerry’s face grew serious as he started remembering. He turned back to look at Philip solemnly.

Philip, who was standing with his fists gripped tight as if to restrain himself, looked ready to murder. His jaw hard, Jerry could almost see the man grinding his teeth.

“With those memories, feelings started to surface… Feelings I had lost. Just like I lost those memories after the accident,” Jerry said with emphasis on accident.

Philip took a threatening step forward. Then stopped as if the words were finally registering at what Jerry was saying. “You mean, Gerald?”

Jerry nodded. “I guess it was the head trauma, they said I might have lost memories. But for some reason, most of the memories I lost were of how terrified I was of Gerald. And how I wish I could tell someone. How…I wished you had noticed. You seemed to be untouchable. Strong. But I knew I couldn’t tell you, because then you’d know I was gay. That he was gay. I also know…that Gerald… He would’ve hurt himself to not be separated from me. I feared most of all hurting him like he hurt himself. I blame myself for not knowing what to do… I wished I could’ve saved him.”

His father took in a deep breath and walked up to Jerry. He leaned his forehead against Jerry’s and said, “Stop. Please stop beating yourself up for what happened. You were a child. As the adult that’s my burden to shoulder. Let me shoulder the guilt for being a fucked-up father. I had wished every day I could have changed the things that happened so my boys…” His voice broke. “So that all of you can still be together. I miss seeing you all laughing at something stupid your mother did. Or helping me on the ranch. I miss how we all would climb in the truck after spending Sunday at your grandparents only to talk shit about your grandmother.”

Jerry laughed.

“But I can’t take it back, Glitch…” His father lifted his head. “And I don’t want to anymore. As much as I miss my sons. If things hadn’t turned out like this… You and I… I’m not giving that up.” His father’s gruff voice grew dark. “This…I feel like I’ve wanted this my whole life and didn’t know it. So, if losing everything and being happy about it is wrong. Then I’ll be damn wrong.” His lips seared Jerry’s…

Jerry’s pocket began vibrating, waking him from his sleep. He took out his phone and looked to see the unknown caller. He also checked the time. Midnight.

Groggily, he answered it. “Yeah?”

“Tonight, pay your respects to the Queen,” An electronic voice said before hanging up.

And so, it continues… He yawned and stretched. Then he hooked his phone to his computer to run a trace. The number went straight to The King’s Throne. And the owner of the phone? I. C. Yu. Real original…

Jerry showered, dressed, packed up his bag, and headed to the gay club he used to frequent back then. He hadn’t been there since Philip banned him from that location. The man’s jealousy still made Jerry smile. Strolling down the street, he arrived at The King’s Throne around two-thirty in the morning. Several pretty boys in ass hugging jeans smiled at him when he stopped at the entrance line.

“Hey. You here alone?” One of them smiled bouncing to the beats coming from inside.

“Meeting someone.” Jerry answered.

“You came to the wrong place for a date.” That slim lithe body began dancing up on Jerry.

“I didn’t come for a date. I came for a hook-up.” He pulled the high collar of his shirt down to show off the other collar.

“Daaaamn. Are those diamonds?” The guy behind the dancer leaned in to get a closer look.

Jerry nodded proudly.

“Big Daddy’s Property? And here I thought you were bid daddy.” The dancer giggled something he probably thought was cute.

“Nah, he’s… bigger,” Jerry said suggestively.

“Oooo… I wanna taste.” Dancer cooed.

“Fuck that. Not an option.” Jerry squashed that shit. No one tasted Philip but Jerry.

The two guys began teasing and chatting with Jerry as they stood outside waiting to get in. After ten minutes, they were inside the club, parting ways.

Jerry waded his way through the river of club goers and dancers to get to the bar. Usually when Jerry came to the club before, he always came a bit earlier to avoid the overcrowding.

Moving up to the bar he asked the bartender for the Queen.

The bartender who was all masculine with no glam, looked him up and down. Jerry recognized the man as the King of the club. “You Jerry?” He asked.

Jerry nodded.

The man held up a finger. After he went to speak to one of the other glitterier bartender, he left out the bar and walked toward Jerry. “Follow me.” Jerry read on the man’s lips because he could barely hear the man’s words for the loud music.

They walked to the back of the club past the bathrooms toward a side hallway. Jerry couldn’t help but remember years ago when he came this way with Nick as they exited and fucked behind the club. Shaking the memory from his thoughts he continued following up a long wide set of steps.

The music was less pulsing here, but still echoed. On the second floor, the man stopped at the first door and knocked. Why did the King have to knock on the door of his own club?

The door swung open with the Queen standing there in a grandiose pose wearing a fuchsia pants suit that had sequins. His face looked as flawless as ever, long eyelashes flirtingly fluttering.

“Baby Bear!” He reached out and took Jerry’s shoulder, urging him to come in. “Oh, I’ve misses those sexy grey eyes.”

Jerry felt a pinch on the ass. “Cut that out!” He barked.

The Queen chuckled. “Oh, sweetie, I’ve always wanted a piece of those buns.”

“Marvin, can you leave us alone.” A woman’s alluring voice grabbed Jerry’s attention immediately. He turned to look inside the opulent black and neon office. There sitting like the queen of the world, sipping a glass of dark red wine was the very person he suspected all along — Val. “And please, don’t touch him again. I’d hate for his significant other to rain down hell on my club.”

“Yes, my lady,” The Queen said to Val, bowing before leaving them alone in the office. The moment the door closed, the room plunged into silence, shutting out all the club’s sounds.

“My lady?” Jerry chuckled. “I thought he was the queen.”

“He is.” Val’s ample lips quirked.

“But you own this club?” It didn’t fit with the regal image he had of her.

“No. And yes.”

“You’ve already hijacked me, you might as well give me more than vague answers.”

A smile lit her beautiful face making her green/gold hazel eyes look wickedly sexy. “It belongs to the Code so it belongs to all of us.”


“It’s nice to finally meet you, Jeremiah Mathers.”

Jerry scrunched up his face. “Since we’re bringing out the big guns, should I call you Valeria Ricci? Val Braun? Bahira Ussan? Marguerite Noyer? Or…”

“You even resort to my aliases? Why must you be petty? I think Jeremiah is a good name,” Val asked looking relaxed and unruffled.

“No one called me that because my grandfather’s name is also Jeremiah. It gets confusing. And now it just sounds weird when people call me that.”

“Aaaah. Then Jerry it is,” she said lightly, that accent rolling the R in his name and making it sound exotic. She gave a meaningful nod of her head toward the cushioned chair adjacent to her. “Please, sit so we can talk.”

“About?” Jerry stood his ground looking at her cautiously.

She laughed a heady sound that was slightly husky. “You have nothing to fear from me. I would never do anything to hurt anyone precious to your father. He’s important to me.”

That piqued his interest. “I gathered. What’s the history between you two?”

“Sit first and you will know.”

“Why so eager for me to sit?”

She rolled her eyes. “You’re tall! And my head is tried of staring up at you. Give my neck a rest. Please?”

Blowing out a breath he moved to the chair, removed his back pack from his back, and sat.

“Since you know so much about me, there is little I need to explain. However, I don’t know if you realized I was learning to be an assassin at the same time I was learning to read and write. At that time… I believe Philip was about seventeen or eighteen when Roger brought him to me.”

He remembered Roger from that day his father found Val. He was the big guy who was extra protective of Val.

“What is Roger to you?” He asked remembering how subservient he was.

“I want to say friend. But in truth he is more a…hmmm, the equivalent of a royal retainer. He helps me on my missions, gathering information, making sure I get where I need to go, and extracting me. Roger and your father are about the same age and worked for the same man.”

“Philip’s father.”

She nodded. “Of course, Roger worked for the man only on the Codes orders to spy on Elder Voronin. Mostly, Roger worked for me and for the Code to make sure I want for nothing.”

“So, Roger brought my father to you for what?”


“What?” Jerry’s eyes bulged.

“As an assassin, I had to learn about sex. Your father was my teacher. He taught me all the places that make a man…” She moaned.

What the actual… “You…he…” She couldn’t have been more than a child! Jerry tried to calm down and think rationally even as he wanted to break shit.

Val took a sip of wine before she brought the cup from her mouth that held a sly smile. “I’m lying, but you’re blush is adorable.”

Jerry grunted turning his head away.

“He did teach me. But not sex…exactly. He taught me the subtle nuances of seduction, true, but not physical seduction.” She tapped a finger on her temple, as her other hand lifted the glass for her to take another sip. “Seduction of the mind is far more powerful than seduction of the body. Your father is…very gifted in seducing a person’s mind, manipulating them. Finding and exploiting that weakness was his forte and the reason I’m so damn good at my job. He taught me most of it. And for that I am forever grateful to that man.”


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