The Wrong Type of Redemption

46 Two Weeks After…


46: Two Weeks After…

“You, my boy, are a gem,” Ivan said walking into the secure room where Jerry worked.

Spinning his chair around, Jerry looked at his uncle then around his uncle hoping to see Philip. But no one but Ivan came through the door.

“No…we still haven’t found him,” Ivan said with a trace of sadness.

Shaking his head, Jerry turned back to his computer. It had been a week since Aline was found and killed — two weeks after his father disappeared. All those organizations Jerry alerted to Aline’s location swarmed into Thailand like killer bees. They gave the Thai government such heartburn that the Thai officials dug her up from her underground bunker in the heart of the prison and handed her over to Ivan. Ivan interrogated and tortured her about Philip’s whereabouts, but his aunt swore she didn’t know. They were still hunting him when they found her. After DNA evidence proved she was indeed Aline, Uncle Ivan executed her on the spot — gunshot to the head.

Still no Philip.

“Aren’t you curious why I’m here?” Ivan asked behind him.

“I already know. I’ve seen the emails transmitted to you,” Jerry said typing. “Several organizations want to know who I am and want me to come work for them. I’m not for sale.”

Ivan didn’t say anything for a while then said, “I don’t know if I should be flattered that you’re stalking my emails or fearful that you now know my kinky online fetishes.”

“Your wife’s kinky online fetishes are a lot more gruesome than yours,” Jerry said dryly pulling up more satellite search results.

“Ooooo, now you’ve got my interest.”

“Uncle Ivan, no offense, but I have a lot of work to do,” Jerry said not wanting to look at the man who looked too much like his dad.

“I just wanted to personally congratulate you for taking down Aline. You did me a favor I can never repay. So if you need anything, anything at all-“

“Find my father. You want to repay me? Find. Him.”

“Working on it, nephew… Working on it… Before I leave. Word of advice: you should really be careful what you do with all that knowledge you have accumulated over the years. You could make a lot of enemies carrying around their secrets.”

“As long as they don’t cross me or my father, they have nothing to fear,” Jerry said pulling up new files that were sent to him.

“Scary. I’ll be checking in on you, so…take care.”

Jerry didn’t reply as he continued working and working. Some days he worked until he passed out from exhaustion. If not for Michel ordering him to go take a shower, Jerry would probably be disgusting.

He had worked another twenty-four hour shift when he collapsed at his desk again. He was tired. So tired and miserable. He wanted Philip so bad his body ached. His mind was filled with that need to have him back. Just to hear his voice again…that raspy deep sound that made all his nerves hyper alert. To see that smile… Hear that laugh… Those eyes…

A hand smoothed through Jerry’s hair jerking him awake. He jumped up and turned, fist swinging. The man blocked before stepping back.

Then Jerry froze. His whole body shuddered before he launched at Philip, wrapping his arms around his father.

“Where the fuck have you been?” Jerry buried his face in his father’s neck inhaling his scent.

Groaning his father’s arms held Jerry. “Sorry. I’m sorry,” his father said over and over as he kissed Jerry’s jaw and neck.

Jerry tried to pull back. “There are cameras in here, so we should probably-“

He was cutoff from speech when Philip’s mouth took his. They kissed, holding each other tightly as if neither wanted to let the other go.

They kissed and kissed, bruising each other’s lips, sucking, and nipping until both their legs were weak and they were sinking to the floor.

“Where…have you…” Jerry finally pulled away, half sitting on Philip’s lap.

“I…” Philip panted. “I was…running. Someone was tracking me, either by phone or…one of my devices. I had to ditch everything. It was hell getting back without a passport or ID. I’m not sure who it was that put a tracker on me… one of my guys, but I don’t know which one.”

“So, you killed them all.” Jerry now understood why Philip had killed his own team.

He nodded looking shocked. “How-“

“When you went missing I pulled up satellite feed to find you. I saw you kill S2.”

“Shit. I didn’t want you to know…” He closed his eyes.

Jerry grabbed his jaw and licked the man’s lips. “I don’t care. As long as you came back. And you’re back. Right?”

Philip nodded. “I’m back.” He smiled, leaned in, and kissed Jerry.

That night, Jerry finally left the compound that Michel secured him in. They went to a nearby hotel where Philip peeled off all their clothes. They kissed and touched, desperately — exploring one another as if it was the first time.

“I’ve missed you so much…” Philip said, gravelly voice breaking as he spread Jerry’s legs apart. He lifted Jerry’s ass just enough so he could slide his slick dick inside Jerry.

Groaning, Jerry bit down on his lip. It had been so long that even with the butt plug he used to keep stretched, his hole still felt the pain. He dug his heels into the mattress lifting his ass more so that Philip could sit inside of him fully.

Their hands locked together, finger’s intertwining as Philip leaned forward and began working. Jerry groaned when Philip thrust impatiently. Clearly the man was starving because he normally took his time, tormenting Jerry with his patience.

With quick jabs, Philip flexed in and out, abs moving to an unknown rhythm as his hips bucked into Jerry’s entrance. 

“Say it.” Philip demanded in a growl.

“Yes…da-daddy. Fuck!”

Sweat poured from both of them as the musky scent of sex filled the air. Jerry arched his back, head shaking back and forth each time that cock targeted his prostate. “Right there…daddy… Fuuuuck!” Jerry cried as his body trembled, cock releasing to spill semen on his abs.

Grunting, Philip came when Jerry’s walls milked him. “Shit…”

He pulled Jerry to sit up. Jerry struggled to find his brain before joining his father in his arms. They held each other.

“I’m not leaving again, Glitch. I can’t do this again.” His father’s lips grazed his neck.

“Okay.” Jerry panted, kissed his father’s jaw and then smiled. “I can live with that.”

They held each other silently, before Jerry nodded off on Philip’s shoulder.

When he woke again, Philip was propped on his side, head leaning on his raised hand, and staring at Jerry, free hand combing through Jerry’s hair. “I miss watching you sleep,” he said, letting a smile spread across his beautiful face.

“I miss sleeping.” Jerry stretched. “I can’t sleep when you’re not here.”

Philip laughed then leaned down to kissed him. “Congratulations are in order I hear.”

“Hmmm?” Jerry frowned still kissing Philip, tasting skin and sweat.

“You found my sister.”

“Oh…” Jerry didn’t much care about that shit. Philip was back!

His father chuckled as he pulled away and sat up. “Oh? That’s it?”

“If you want to congratulate me, old man, suck me off,” Jerry said cupping his junk.

Philip laughed. “Yes, sir.” He began to move as if to do just that, when he paused and looked at Jerry’s neck. “Wait…” His eyes narrowed. “Where the hell is your collar?” 

“Seriously? You wanted me to wear that thing in public?” Jerry sat up in shock.

“Yes,” Philip said with all seriousness.

Jerry’s jaw dropped.

Philip pounced on him then, dropping him on his back. “The blowjob will have to wait…” Then those lips began sucking on Jerry with such powerful force, Jerry felt it to his toes. He curled them, fingers digging into the sheets as his dick grew, throbbing. His father continued the rest of the day, sucking on Jerry’s skin, jerking him off as he sucked making Jerry nearly mindless, but happy. Definitely, definitely happy.


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