The Wrong Type of Redemption

44 Four Month Later…


44: Four Month Later…

Jerry’s eyes tracked the cameras on Philip’s body. The body cameras were tiny and embedded into Philip’s clothes without hindering his movements. The transmission of each camera fed directly into Jerry’s computer so that he could see all of Philip’s actions. Jerry also received excellent views of every angle of his father’s surroundings. There was nothing Jerry didn’t have a view of except Philip himself – the person Jerry wanted to see the most.

Since his father left, the man had been in constant communication with him. Jerry even got to see him sleep when his father put the fake eye glasses on a night table and pointed them in his direction before going to bed. The only thing Jerry missed was having those arms around him. Virtual Philip had nothing on actual Philip.

Jerry toyed with the collar on his neck. Smiling to himself, he fingered the metallic closure. When he complained four months ago that the hickeys on his neck were fading, his father sent him a collar. Encrusted in diamonds on the surface of the soft leather were the words BIG DADDY’S PROPERTY stretched out along the length. Jerry laughed for weeks. There were even instructions that Jerry couldn’t wear it as long as Philip was around to put hickeys on his neck and Jerry had to put it back on when the hickeys faded.

Jerry preferred his father’s hickeys to the expensive collar any day. The thought of his father’s lips sucking on his skin woke his pitiful dick. His poor cock missed his father’s lips. And his father’s hands… and…

“Control, you there?” A voice came through the computer’s speakers.

Jerry sighed, before replying, “I read you S2.”

S2 was a man his father knew who happened to be a damn good sniper. And he was one of the five reason’s Jerry couldn’t flirt with Philip on the communications link. His father had a team of five people he worked with in the field. Two snipers, one combat specialist, and two “locksmiths” aka thieves who could pick any lock or security system. Including Jerry who was “control central” and Philip who was the “command”, the team was seven strong. Jerry never met them face to face – his father preferred Jerry be an eternal mystery to them.

Jerry called the team Prison Bitches, because they were all one step from going to prison if they were ever caught for the illegal shit they did.

“Control, have I ever mentioned how much I hate pine trees?” S2 spoke.

Jerry checked the man’s camera. Because Jerry was digitally connected to all their gear, he could see the man’s sniper scope view — a nice sight of the lake house that his father was approaching. “What the hell is that on top of the house?” Jerry asked looking at the roof.

Jerry checked S1’s camera as well. The other sniper also had a bird’s eye view of the house.

Two curses came from both snipers.

S2 said, “Those are gun turrets. And if I’m not wrong, they’re aimed right at Command.”

Jerry’s heart dropped.

Philip, hearing them, held his hands up in surrender but continued walking.

“I hope you know what you’re doing…” Jerry said trying not to shout for Philip to get the hell out of there.

“She’s not the type to shoot first and ask questions later. I’ve known Valeria for a long time. She’s smart,” his father said.

Jerry grumbled under his breath not liking the man being in the direct line of fire. Sure, it wasn’t the guy’s first time in danger, but… Still remembering the first time his father was shot at made Jerry’s heart speed up. “Be careful, command,” he cautioned.

The woman they were currently tracking was an associate that his father had worked with in the past. She had been assumed dead, but with the right questions asked, Philip found out she had survived. It took Jerry two months to find her. And the only reason he had been successful was because she recently moved from an abused woman’s shelter to this current lakefront home in Germany.

Philip decided to go in alone in order to foster trust. He parked the car on the gravel drive which was far from the house. The lawn to the house was long and wide-open grass. The more Jerry thought about it, the more it looked like Philip had no cover. If the gun mounted on the roof wanted to kill his father, there was nothing Jerry or anyone could do to stop it. Jerry closed his eyes, unable to watch.

“Okay…I don’t like this,” S1 said, mirroring Jerry’s thoughts.

“Let’s keep radio silence.” His father ordered.

The lines grew silent. The silence made the suspense worse.

A sound had Jerry opening his eyes to find the door to the lake house opening. A big guy, broad shoulders stepped out onto the porch with his hands over his chest shaking his head. In one hand, propped on a bicep was a sawed-off shotgun.

“Why the fuck are you here?” The man on the pouch scowled. His accent was British.

“Roger. It’s been awhile.” His father greeted, stopping in his tracks.

“Answer me, Voronin.” That voice grew deadly.

“I’m not Ivan.” His father blew out a breath.

“Huh?” The guy named Roger leaned forward and squinted his eyes. “Damn!” He uncurled his arms and lowered the gun. “Phil! Hell, you look just like that idiot!” Roger laughed a loud hardy sound. “Come in! Come in!”

Jerry switched all screens to Philip’s body cameras as his father entered the cabin.


The text came up on the IM system they used. It came from one of the thieves that were close to Philip’s location.

Jerry didn’t reply as he focused on the inside of the cabin.

Other than Roger, there was a woman with gray hair in the kitchen cooking. She was a thin woman with a warm smile. But Jerry didn’t miss the gun that was sitting on the counter beside her. Roger introduced the woman to Philip before leading him to another room.

Inside the large room was some kind of exercise equipment. Two women were inside, one stood coaching another who sat on a device that looked like an exercise bike…but the woman’s body was leaned far back because her rounded tummy didn’t allow her to sit all the way up.

The woman was very pregnant. Her long wavy mahogany hair was pinned up at the back of her head while she worked to pedal on the machine as if it was painful. She was an average sized woman. Her face was gorgeous, skin holding a golden hue. And her gold green eyes looked over at Philip with a gaze that was neither welcoming nor unwelcoming. She looked…nearly empty.

“Hi, Val.” His father’s rough voice spoke.

“Philip.” Her head nodded slightly to acknowledge him as if he was her royal subject. She continued to pedal until the woman standing over her told her she could stop.

Once she was off the cycle, the therapist and Roger helped the Val up and into a wheelchair. Seated and comfortable, the woman sat with her posture ridged and her beautiful emotionless face stared up at Philip.

“Val, you look well-“

“How did you find me?” She asked. Her accent was odd. Jerry couldn’t tell if it was Arabic, Latin, or Italian. According to his father, the woman was raised in Italy, but she was born in the US.

“Someone owed me a favor.”

One of her eyebrows rose. Emotion finally flickered in her eyes. “What?”

“Someone owed me a favor.”

She just looked at him dumbfounded. Then she laughed. And as if it was the first time that she ever laughed, the therapist and Roger who stood on both sides of the room watching, both gasped.

“Bloody hell… Pam! You’ve got to come see this!” Roger yelled to the woman who was still in the kitchen cooking.

The woman ran into the exercise room, pushing Philip aside to see Val laughing. Eyes sparkling, the gray-haired woman named Pam glanced up at Philip and said, “Are you staying for dinner? Please say yes.” That German accent seemed to be filled with hope.

And just like that, his father spent the day with Val and her “family”.

It seemed like that really was the first time Val had laughed since her “accident”. The truth was there was no accident. Val was currently going through rehab because her husband had beat the hell out of her, had her raped, broke her legs, and left her for dead. And he told everyone she had been in a car accident — performed the funeral and everything. All that because he believed his wife had cheated on him. But she didn’t. Little did the son of a bitch know, his wife was very much alive, pregnant with his child, and slowly recovering.

“Why didn’t he just ask for a divorce?” Someone on the communication link asked.

“You don’t divorce out of some mob families.” Another answered.

“But he didn’t even wait to find out if the child she was carrying was his or not.”

“You need to do some research about Domenic Ricci. He’s not known for his patience, benevolence, or morals.”

“So he’s an world class douche bag.”

“Silence. I need this line clear so I get everything.” Jerry ordered wanting to listen to what was going on in the house.

“I can’t believe you called in a favor. You?” Val laughed as she picked at the dinner that Pam put in front of her. They were all in the kitchen dinning area sitting and talking. They had been catching up for the last few hours. “When we spoke a year ago, Philip, you were done with that life.”

His father sighed. “Aline forced my hand.”

Val’s face slowly relaxed as the humor faded. “Tell me.”

“I’ll do you one better.” He took out a tablet that Jerry had prepared for him and handed it to Roger. The gruff looking guy lifted it over the table and set it in front of Val.

Putting down her fork, she picked up the tablet and read over it.

For about thirty minutes, there was quiet as she read over the material with a regal baring that made Jerry wonder if she was royalty.

Philip was the one who broke the silence. “You need to eat more. You’re too skinny.”

Val nodded. “You sound like Pam and Roger…but… I’m trying.” Her forehead creased. A tear trickled down her cheek. “I’m trying…” Her pained angry eyes lifted from the screen to look at him. “How…how did you survive…?” Her voice was broken as more tears fell. “How did you keep going when you lost everything? And had nowhere to go? How?”

Pam who sat on one side of Val, reached out and put a hand on Val’s shoulder for support.

“At first…” Philip said slowly. His voice low. “I gave up. But our situations are nowhere alike. I was a coward. I ran away. You on the other hand…you didn’t run, you were pushed out. We can’t compare it.”

“Maybe not…” Val’s gaze dropped to her plate then she said, “But you still had to recover from the lost. You seemed to have…taken back your life. How did you do it?”

“I had to face the pain. Then go claim the one thing I had left. I fought for that person’s forgiveness. He’s now the only thing I live for.”

So cheesy… Jerry thought even as he smiled.

“But you…” Philip continued. “You have more to live for. The baby, the people who care, and to prove to Domenic you don’t need him — I think you have loads to look forward to. And I know you, Val. You’re tough. You’re sexy. You’re smart. And you’ll flourish and raise yourself up, because you were born to stand above it all.”

Val shrugged. “First, I have to be able to stand.”

“Then get it done.”

Nodding, she took a deep breath and said, “Tell me what you need.”

“My computer expert has tracked all Aline’s known financial avenues. We’re in the process of shutting them all down, zeroing in on her location. But the closer we get the more deadly it becomes. I’ve already had two assassination attempts on me. What I need is a heads up when those attempts are coming and I need information about where she might be.”

“That’s all?” Val seemed surprised. “I owe you pretty big for your help on that Canada job… You must want more than that.”

“If you weren’t in your current condition, I would ask you to do all the ground work.”

She nodded and sighed. “I see.”

“If you can help me find her we’ll call it even.”

Val grew quiet and tapped her hand on the table before she nodded her head at Roger.

“M’lady! No.” Roger stood, as if he was about to leave.

“Roger. Give him access.”

“Ma’am, do you know who his brother is?” Roger asked sounding helpless.

“I trust Philip. This information won’t go beyond him. Will it, Phil?”

“No. You can trust me,” Philip said.

Roger groaned. “Follow me…”

Philip did. Knowing that Philip didn’t want others in the team seeing what Roger was going to give him, Jerry made his channel private. But Jerry still saw and kept all the information. That’s when he first learned about the secret organization of assassins that followed a strict code. Jerry also learned about their information network that was bigger than anything he’d ever seen in his life. For two years, secretly Philip worked with the assassin organization known as the Code to find Aline while openly working with other organizations to slowly pieced together a puzzle Jerry didn’t think would ever get solved.


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