The Wrong Type of Redemption

43 Saturday


43: Saturday

It took a couple of days and blowjobs to convince Philip to leave Jerry. During that period, he and his uncle made plans and preparations.

Uncle Ivan gave Jerry some secured phones for him and his father to keep in touch with until Jerry found a more secure method to communicate. He began working on his computer learning the weaknesses and strengths of every organization his aunt had dealings with. He dug up information on every person his father planned to visit trying to learn all the information his father needed before he left.

While Jerry worked, Philip sulked. It was kind of adorable and pathetic. After a couple of day, the man actually started working, calling in his favors all while pouting.

When Jerry got in touch with his new boss, Michel, the man said his first job was hunting down Mr. Walthour’s biggest security threat — Jerry’s aunt. With Tyler’s help, they began using facial imaging, security cameras, and satellites to find the woman. Even though his aunt’s face changed, her eyes wouldn’t change. Even if the woman wore contacts the shape of her eyes should still be the same.

To Bailey’s disappointment, Jerry withdrew from being a school resident and transferred to a predominantly online program per Michel’s instructions. It would be easier for Michel’s people to protect Jerry if they eliminated the places he went. Jerry still dropped by the gym on occasion to workout and also hoping Mia might one day show up…

One week later, after pulling an all-nighter on his computer, Jerry woke around lunch time and when he did, it wasn’t for food.

“Dad?” He groaned looking around. He found the man by the window looking out over the city, a beer in one hand. Though his father was reluctant to leave, time ran out. It was planned for his father to leave that evening with Uncle Ivan. “Did you sleep?”

“I guess.” His father answered in that gruff voice.

Jerry was going to complain that the man shouldn’t still be sulking but instead he demanded, “Come here.”

Those blue eyes looked in his direction. They stared at each other for a long time before his father nodded setting the beer on table by the window, then going for the belt on his jeans.

Jerry pulled off his clothes and Philip went into the bedside table drawer for lube. His father slicked himself up. Laying back, Jerry lifted his hips. His father crawled onto the bed and over Jerry, wrapping an arm around Jerry’s waist while the other hand guided his cock into Jerry’s entrance.

Jerry felt the blunt head pushed against the anal muscles demanding to be let in. Keeping his eyes on his father, he held himself up on his elbows letting his inner walls stretch and shape around his father’s large manhood.

Lust reddened his father’s face as he moved closer, seating himself inside.

With Jerry’s legs nearly straddled his father’s waist, he dug his heels in the mattress, lifted his pelvis and pushed down onto the cock. His father’s eyes seemed to grow darker, jaw tightening. He grunted. Those abs flexed, hips thrusting forward. Once that long thick cock was fulling sheathed, Jerry lifted up on his hands.

His father pulled back just enough that the tip was about to escape before he pushed forward. They kept a steady tempo, in, out, up, down, push, pull. Sweat beaded Jerry’s skin as his father’s dick continued to fuck him hard and sure. They grunted and groaned but neither said a word.

As the pleasure racked his body and the pain numbed his mind, Jerry finally broke the eye contact and his head fell back. “Fuck me, daddy…”

His father did, that cock filled him with each shove and emptied him with each retreat. Soon the speed increased as the bed began to squeak and hit the wall. Jerry reached for his cock and stroked loosing himself in absolute torturous pleasure.

Jerry came first, spilling his seed on his chest. His father followed shortly, panting.

Laying quietly, Jerry finally looked up at his father who looked concerned.

“What do you need?” He asked.


His father nodded, pulling out. He crawled up Jerry’s body and wrapped his arms around him holding him close. The heat, the sweat, the smell, all comforted Jerry as he held onto the man.

His father nursed his neck as Jerry played his fingers on the man’s back. Soon he was hard again and his father noticed. He laid Jerry back, sat up before leaning down to Jerry’s cock.

Closing his eyes, he moaned softly as those lips took him. Moist heat engulfed him and sucked away at him. Licks and nips teased the flesh before Jerry opened his eyes to find Philip was lapping while his own cock grew hard.

Jerry pushed the man’s head away and turned over. With both his hands he spread his cheeks.

“Use me.”

His father didn’t pause. He crawled on top, inserting his cock slow.

“You feel so…” Jerry nearly cried from the complete satisfying euphoria. His father pumped into his tight hole over and over, fucking him as if it were the last time.

Jerry buried his head into the pillow and clenched the sheets. Panting, he let the sweat roll over his skin, trying not to scream each time that cock assaulted his prostate.

“More! Deeper!” Jerry’s back arched when his body could take no more and he came, fist in his mouth to silence the loud moan. He quivered under his father as the man kissed along his back, fingers sliding up his skin tenderly.

For a long time, his father lay on top, kissing and sucking every inch of Jerry’s skin. Groping.

“I’ll miss you.” Jerry finally whispered.

“Already missing you.”


The man laughed.

“Promise me you’ll be safe.”


“If you die, you’ll have to take me with you.”

His father froze.

“Now I understand what Gerald felt.” Jerry shuddered. “I can’t…do this without you.”

“You can. You will. If I die, you will go on.”

Jerry shook his head.

“You will.” His father’s voice was gentle as he kissed along Jerry’s neck. “You will live.” Kisses trailed up his jaw. “You will live.” Lips tickled his ear. “You are too tough not to.” He kissed Jerry’s cheek. “And if I take you with me, I’ll have to fight Gerald for you. And he can’t have you. You’re mine.” His head came into Jerry’s view. “All mine.” He kissed him. “And I’m selfish. No sharing.” He whispered kissing Jerry again.

“So til death do we part?” Jerry laughed at his father’s cheesiness.

“Life partners, remember?”


They continued kissing, bodies laying flush against each other. Until Jerry’s greedy stomach growled.

His father laughed. “Hungry?”


His father got up and went to the kitchen. After Jerry got his senses together, he crawled out of bed and hit the shower to clean himself inside and out. Finished, he sniffed and smiled as the scent of fried chicken.

Barefoot, Jerry padded through the apartment to the kitchen where he heard Ivan complaining.

“Why can’t I have a piece now while it’s hot?”

“Jerry gets first dibs. Once he fills his plate, then you can eat.”

“I’m your older brother. As your elder, I should get preference.”

“Jerry’s brain need’s more nourishment than your greedy gut.”

“Your favoritism is too blatant.”

“Get the fuck over it. He’s the love of my life, that trumps brother any day.”

Jerry stumbled to a stop, heart slamming in his chest. What the fuck did he just say?

Ivan cursed. “Brother, please don’t say things like that…it makes me blush.”

Then he heard a smack. “I told you not to touch the food.” His father growled.

Ivan whined like a child.

Jerry grinned walking to the kitchen. Upon entering, he grabbed a plate and loaded half the chicken his father fried on it.

“Don’t just eat meat. I washed some celery and carrot sticks too. You need your veggies.”

“Yeah, yeah, old man,” Jerry said going to the barstool by the raised countertop.

“See, he doesn’t even respect you. Calling you old man. Yet you let him have the best pieces… Not fair.” Ivan’s bottom lip poked out.

“Ivan, why don’t you go bother your other brother?” His father groaned.

“Why won’t you let me keep Jerry?” Ivan shot back. “I think he’d be a perfect addition to my organization.”


“Why? I’m his uncle.”

“Because you have one time to touch him inappropriately and I’ll have to kill you. That goes for your wife, too. Jerry is too much like her type.”

Jerry nearly choked. “I’m all gay here! No bi in me.”

“That won’t stop her from trying,” his father said grimly. “The two of them might have an open relationship, but she’s very picky about who they both sleep with. If she doesn’t approve, Ivan’s not allowed to sleep with them. I guarantee, you’ll be at the top of her list of approvals.”

“Right after you, my sexy brother.” Ivan added.

No fucking way… Jerry rubbed his forehead dumbfounded. “Uncle Ivan, I’ve been curious about something,” Jerry said chewing. “Why are you so cool with me and dad sleeping together? And we’re both guys. Shouldn’t you be disgusted like your father would be?”

Ivan laughed. “You didn’t tell him?” The man asked low.

“No… Never thought my life would change like this…” His father replied.

“Tell me what?” Jerry asked.

“Ivan’s first love was a guy, our uncle Feliks, your grandfather’s younger brother. Our father had him killed when he found them in bed together.” Philip answered. “Because Ivan felt responsible, he helped raise Felik’s daughter. They fell in love when she turned sixteen, and after killing our father, Ivan married her. She was nineteen. They’ve been inseparable ever since.”

“Your uncle then your first cousin…” Jerry’s jaw dropped, “What the… Seriously?”

“Seriously.” Ivan answered. “The reason your father ran away from the entire family in the first place instead of running to me was because he thought I was disgusting, since I did marry her right after killing the bastard.” Ivan laughed. “Now, my baby brother loves family. If you two ever decide to share, keep me and my wife in mind.” Those accented words were nearly a sensual growl.

“Since you look like dad I have no problem with you, but I’m not interested in your wife,” Jerry said smiling devilishly. “So, a three way with dad-“

“Jerry…” He heard the deep gravel pitch of his father’s voice. The threatening tone shot straight to Jerry’s cock. “Son. Finish. Your. Food.”

“Yes, daddy.” Jerry chuckled.

Ivan chuckled. “Oh, he’s fun…I like-“

“Get out!”

“Fine. Fine.” Ivan walked out the kitchen to pass by Jerry. “Keep working on him. I bet he’ll enjoy it.” He whispered to Jerry.

Jerry grinned wickedly. “Unfortunately, we’re selfish.”


After his father cleaned up the kitchen, he packed up his bag and stood in the living room facing Jerry. They didn’t say anything for a long time. Ivan and his guards left more that five minutes ago. Ivan left his personal number and credit card for Jerry if he needed anything. Philip was supposed to follow Ivan, but the man just stood looking at Jerry.

“You’ll be back before you know it,” Jerry said sounding tougher than he felt.

Philip reached his hand for Jerry’s neck and pulled him in for a searing kiss. They breathed each other in before Jerry pulled back. “Hell, Glitch, this ain’t fair…you make me want you and then you fucking push me away!”

“Life’s a bitch,” Jerry said shrugging.

His father’s jaw clenched. “Asshole.” His fist gripped his bag tighter.

“Love you, too.”

“Not as much as I love you.” His father looked so sad that Jerry had to force himself to step back or he would beg the man to stay. Philip watched with hooded eyes. “Eat properly. Get plenty of sleep.”

“Yes, dad.” Jerry rolled his eyes.

“And don’t give me that lip.”

“But you like these lips.”

“How the hell am I supposed to leave…” His father stepped forward.

Jerry jumped back. “Go. Now.” He pointed to the door. “You have a mission.”

Philip shook his head and stomped out the door, slamming it behind him.

Jerry stood looking at the exit for a long time, trying not to feel his heart breaking. Wiping away the tear coming down his cheek he went to his office and woke his computer. He also had a mission to complete, if for nothing else but to keep his mind off his father…


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