The Wrong Type of Redemption

42 Friday


42: Friday

Jerry woke to a hand combing through his hair. Fingers trailed down his cheek, outlining his face. Feeling the covers wrapped around him, he opened his eyes to the sun gleaming from the window. Had he slept through the night?

“How are you feeling?” Philip asked looking into Jerry’s face concerned.

“Mmmmm…” Jerry leaned into the man’s touch.

“Did I overdo it?” His father leaned down and kissed him on his brow.

“Mmmm…” Jerry blinked his eyes to look around the lit room before looking back into Philip’s face. “Everything okay?”

“I should be asking you that. I was pretty hard on you-“

“Dude, I get tackled by guys bigger than you. I’m good.” Jerry chuckled. “But I remember we were interrupted. Has something happened?”

“We’ll talk about that later. Let’s get you washed.” Philip leaned in and kissed him.

Jerry laughed, pulling away. “You kissing me will not lead to washing but just more fucking.”

His father chuckled and took Jerry’s hand. Groggy, Jerry followed the man to the bathroom hand in hand. When he got there, he found the huge tube filled with bubbles.

“Bubble bath?”

“Get in,” His father ordered undressing.

“You joining me?”

“I’m bathing you.”

Jerry’s eyebrows rose.

“Get in.” His father insisted.

Jerry did, feeling the heated water. After submerging his big body into the tub, Jerry laughed. “I don’t remember the last time I’ve been in a tub.”

“Get used to it. I plan to bath you as often as you’ll allow,” Philip said.

“Should I feel insulted that you’re giving me the princess treatment?” Jerry frowned.

His father chuckled a deep rich sound. “I know a few rich men who are bathed on a regular basis because they have the money to pay someone to do it.”

“Damn.” Now that’s rich.

True to his word, his father bathed him. It was weird, but it was sexy as hell having the man nearly worship his body. He even washed Jerry’s hair and shaved his face.

Afterward, Philip towel dried him, kissing each place he dried. Jerry laughed. “You’re dirtying me, old man, and I just got cleaned.”

“Only fair since you dirtied me,” his father said kissing his thigh.

“You know you like it.”

“Every minute.” Kiss. “And every inch.” Kiss.

Jerry’s heart thundered. Well… Hell.

After Jerry got dressed with Philip hovering, he followed the man into the living room where classical piano filled the area.

His uncle sat in the middle of sofa, hands in the air playing an imaginary piano. Ever since Jerry wired the stereo in the apartment, his uncle took over it and played nothing but piano and violin music by Bailey’s youngest brother Matt. The man was truly a Matt fanatic.

When Jerry dropped down beside the man on the couch, Ivan used the remote to turn down the sound.

“Did you tell him?” Ivan asked.

Philip shook his head. “No, because I don’t agree.”


“I said no.”

“Tell me what?” Jerry asked.

Standing in the middle of the room before them, his father said, “After I sent information about what Aline did to the criminal organizations she stole from, she killed off part of her organization — the ones who knew her where about and what she looked like.” He began to pace. “And the plastic surgeon who reconstructed her face was killed of years ago. All his records destroyed.”

“Damn!” Jerry gawked. “She could be anywhere…”

“Precisely. Trying to get to her will be…impossible.” Ivan sighed.

“We don’t know where she is or where she’s operating from so Aline is in a position to come after me but I can’t touch her.” His father’s raspy voice sounded animalistic. “And I know she’s going to try to come after me.”

Ivan’s eyes watched his brother pace before he said, “You can bring her down.”

Philip said nothing.

“Can he?” Jerry asked curiously.

“Yes, but that requires him to pop open the old him he tried to bury and call in all those favors,” Ivan answered.

“It also requires me to leave my son. I won’t. Never.”

What? Jerry’s heart began to throb in pain. “How long?” Jerry asked trying not to panic.

“To protect you, to establish a foot hold, to make enemies into allies, and turn allies against each other…a couple years,” Ivan said hesitantly. “I never had that kind of patience. I prefer the straight forward kill method.”

“That only works if your enemy isn’t a shadow. Or if you can get to them before they become a shadow,” Philip said running his hands over his head.

“Sadly, he’s right…” Ivan shrugged. “And unfortunately, most places know when I’m coming and hate me visiting. Speaking of which, I can’t stay much longer, the FBI is getting nervous.”

Body tense, Jerry’s heart hammered. His father could leave…

“Phil, I know how strongly you feel about this…” Ivan rubbed the back of his neck. “I wish there was another way…”

“Are you sure Valeria is dead? She could-“

“She died months ago according to Domenic. With her gone, so are her resources.”

“Fuck…” Philip slammed his fist against the wall by the television. The screen shook. “And you just had to ask for De La Rosa’s head. Why couldn’t you take her alive?”

“The bitch killed my daughter.” Ivan snapped, finally sounding angry. “She promised me and my wife that she’d take care of the daughter I helped her create. And yet she killed her. So, I regret nothing. Her head was always destined to decorate my trophy room.”

“Trophy room?” Jerry asked in shock.

“Yes.” Ivan nodded, seriously. His eyes narrowed. “I make sure all heads are preserved to perfection.”

“Psycho.” Jerry muttered shaking his head, feeling a bit queasy.

“Compliments only make me want you more, so stop it.” Ivan leaned forward to grab his glass from the table. Jerry could smell the Vodka from where he sat. “Phil… Brother, leaving protects Jerry. And helps you find what you need to kill her. It might take time, but-“

“I refuse to leave my son.” Philip stormed from the room going into the kitchen.

Ivan sighed and turned up the music with one hand while sipping the Vodka with the other.

Jerry sat feeling a weight on his chest. He leaned forward, elbows on his knees as he held his hands in his face. What did this all mean exactly? How long would he leave? Months? Years? Shit…

Stuffing his selfish urge, he reached across the couch to grabbed the remote. He turned off the stereo. “Explain it to me. The whole plan.” Jerry needed to understand what was at stake.

Ivan tapped one hand on the couch while he continued to savor his drink.

Taking the hint, Jerry moved closer to his uncle.

His uncle took the remote from him and turned the music back on. Then he lowered the glass before he spoke in a low voice close to Jerry’s ear, “Keep your voice down and listen. I learned from Walthour that you were offered a job… Yes?”

Jerry nodded.

“Take it. If you work under his security company, they can protect you. As one of Walthour’s people, Aline won’t do anything stupid to get to you. Especially now that Walthour also wants her blood for stealing from him over the years…” Ivan twisted his lips in thought, then continued. “While you work for him… Let your father disappear for a while. He needs to become someone…someone you won’t recognize.”

“You want him to become the man your father tried to make him?” Jerry asked ready to reject the idea.

“No. I want him to be the brother I know he can be — owning people big and small. I want to see him call in those favors that could get him close to her.”

“Are you sure he can? She probably off the grid.” Jerry frowned, worried it would be a waste of time. Time that could be spent with Jerry.

“Your father has the ability to manipulate people, getting into people’s head to become what he needs them to be. Aline isn’t easy prey you can just hope to stumble across. If I had the ability, I would have killed her long ago. Alas, I don’t have your father’s cunning or patience. And it will take both to bring her down. I believe he can do it.”

Conflicted emotion twisted inside Jerry. Why did it feel like they were conspiring against his father to get him to agree to this insane plan? “And you want me to…convince him to…”

“Jerry, it’s not permanent. But it doesn’t just protect you. His life is in more danger than yours.”

“What?” Jerry’s hairs stood on end.

“With the information you gave him, he’s alerted every powerful organization she stole from, including many powerful governments. It not only made them indebted to him, but because he’s the one who sent it, he’s now Aline’s primary target.”

Jerry’s eyes widened. “But I’m the one who-“

“That man will protect you at all costs. Nothing you say or do will stop him from take this bullet for you.”

Jerry gritted his teeth. “Just to get forgiveness for abandoning me, he’s willing to die for me? Fuck that, I don’t want-“

Ivan threw the glass across the room. It smashed into the wall, shattering glass and splattering the liquid. “Don’t you dare doubt his devotion to you.” His uncle snarled.

Jerry froze from the rabid look in his uncle’s face.

“What the hell are you doing, Ivan?” His father came into to living room looking ready to kill.

Ivan frowned rubbing his hands against his temples. “Sorry.” He blew out a breath. “I apologize, nephew, I something get a bit…um, passionate.”

“Crazy. The correct word is crazy. Clean up your mess.” His father ordered.

Ivan sighed. “Yes, papa…”

“And why the hell are you two sitting so close?” His father loomed over the back of the couch like a bad omen.

Jerry immediately popped up fearful of what the man might do to his uncle. He grabbed his father’s arm and pulled him into Jerry’s office. “Let’s talk.”

“What did he tell you?” Philip sounded angry.

“Listen. I want to help you find her. If your life is in danger, then I need to protect you. I can’t lose you. Therefore, you need a hacker, a computer expert. I’m that.” He would become the best for his father. “I’ll make sure we have secure communications so no one knows it’s me in order to keep you from worrying about anyone finding out. I’ll be your digital eyes and ears.”

“No. No need because I’m not going.”

“You are. You’re going so that you can free us both from her.”

“Jerry, I promised you I won’t leave. I can’t…” His father’s face looked so pained that Jerry finally began to see how much Philip cared. Those large calloused hands reached up for Jerry’s face. “I can’t.”

“You can. Remember, the promise was that you can leave if I give you permission. I’m giving permission.” Jerry set his jaw as the word had his insides twisting and his eyes stinging. “I’m not going to allow that…my aunt to destroy us. Instead, we destroy her. Deal?”

“I’m not leaving you.” His father kissed Jerry’s lips.

Jerry pulled back. “Look, old man. As much as I love you fucking me and fucking with me day in and day out, I need you to do something other than hover over me. This give you something to do.” He tried to turn away, but his father caught him by the neck and slammed him against the wall as if Jerry was a doll instead of a mass of muscle.

The kiss that followed scorched him. That hand on his throat squeezed threateningly. Jerry gasped in shock. Philip took that as an invitation and plunged deeper into his mouth.

Jerry practically suffocated from the hand tightening on his neck. When he hit Philip to let up, the man pulled back and groaned.

“Shit…shit…” His father shook his head over and over. “Shit…”

His father was about to turn away, but Jerry grabbed the man by the back of the head with both hands forcing the man to look at him.

Their foreheads touched. “We’re going to do this together. You on the ground. Me in the cushy comfort of my computer. We’ll bring her down. So, agree.”

“I can’t…I won’t leave you,” His father said sternly.

“You just want to fuck me all the time.”

His father grunted. “That too…”

“Then what else is it?”

“Someone…could take you from me…”

Jerry snorted. “Doubtful. If you hadn’t noticed I have daddy issues. And only one daddy.”

A blush crept up Philip’s neck.

“Heh…” Jerry admired the reddened skin. “You like me calling you daddy.” He whispered close. He grew even closer and breathed in Philip’s ear. “Daddy…”

“Damn.” Philip backed away and took a tiny tube of lube from his pocket.

Jerry chuckled watching the man unzip his pants. “Isn’t your brother in the living room?”

“Who cares. Our house.” His father rubbed lube on his cock.

“Aren’t you worried he might walk in?”

“Don’t care as long as his eyes don’t linger and he doesn’t touch you. I will put a bullet between his eyes and I’m not shitting.” His father pushed Jerry’s pants off his hips.

“What was the point of me washing and dressing?”

“So, I can undress you.” Those rough fingers slipped around Jerry’s waist and his cheeks, dipping deep into his passage.

Jerry sucked in a breath, widening his stance. His father slicked the hole with lube while kissing Jerry. Moaning into Philip’s mouth, Jerry felt a finger probing in and out of his ass.

Just as Philip was getting deep enough to stroke his prostate, he pulled out and stepped back.

“Shit… I hate when you do that…” Jerry’s body trembled with need.

His father sat down on the floor, back against the desk, dick jutting from his jeans. He crooked his finger, beckoning Jerry.

Jerry grinned and closed the distance. He turned his back to the man, while straddling his father’s lap. Then he lowered his body until he felt Philip’s hands on his ass, spreading him.

“You might want to warn him and the guards that we’ll be making up for lost time until you leave,” Jerry said, letting his legs take all his weight. He pushed down feeling the tip pierce into his entrance, the ring of muscle expanded.

“Forget lost time… I’m not leaving,” his father said smoothing his rough hands over the skin of Jerry’s hips, pressing Jerry down.

“Oh, fuck!” The man was not gentle. And Jerry didn’t want him to be. He wanted to feel the man to his soul so that he never missed him. He pumped his legs as his body engulfed the large dick into him. With each down stroke, his father’s hot thick cock shoved passed rings of muscles that had Jerry’s mouth opened in shock.

“I’m never leaving.” Philip nearly growled.

“Ah!” Jerry slammed his hands on the floor for balance as his ass slapped up and down for more. “Auw…fuck…” Dropping his head back to hold on to the rhythm, he fucked his father’s cock like he was possessed. “Fuck! Dad!” He cried out with each violent hit against his prostate. He nearly cried it felt so raw and perfect. The pain was just right – stinging but not torturous. “More!”

As if unable to stand letting Jerry keeping control, his father pushed Jerry over onto the floor, face first. His body shoved into Jerry, pushing him into the cold grey stone floor. That dick dug into him over and over.

“Uh, da…da…urgh-“ Jerry’s mind shut down as unintelligible sounds spilled from his lips.

His father’s hips slammed into him, dick hammer him with each thrust. Jerry’s jutting cock leaked, nearly on the edge of release. His father’s fingers dug into his hips, slamming Jerry’s ass into him as he continued his assault.

Resting on his elbows, head buried in his hands. Trying to keep his mind from blacking out, Jerry focused on his father’s erratic breathing. Words began to form beyond the sounds of slapping skin, grunting, and panting.

The sound was faint, but Jerry heard them. “Don’t want to go…don’t want to…don’t…” The words sounded desperate and hypnotic like as if his father was trying to cast a spell. Jerry’s face buried into his crook of his arm, hiding his happy face at hearing the pain and desperation.

As miserable as Jerry felt, he was overjoyed his father felt exactly how Jerry felt. It melted away the residual anxiety and worry. Jerry growled, coming violently when he felt Philip’s hot seed fill him and he smiled wider when he felt those powerful arms hug his chest, pressing him lips to Jerry’s shoulder.

Panting in the scent of musk and sweat, Jerry quivered a bit, then snuggled into his father’s embrace.

“You have my permission to leave. But you have to come back periodically to service my cock,” Jerry said, not knowing if that was possible. How far away would Philip have to go? And would he have time for a break? He wanted Philip back with him as much as possible as soon as possible.

Philip stilled behind him. Then he grumbled, “Glitch…” He buried his head in Jerry’s shoulder. “Are you throwing me away?” His father sounded to pained, like a little child.

“Hell no.” Jerry struggled to turn over to hold his father, but the man’s arms crushed him tighter as if fearful to let go. Jerry chuckled. “Daddy, you’re my one and only.”


“Mmmm…promise, daddy…” Jerry arched his back, letting his butt move on the man’s cock.

His father chuckled. “You’re…oh fuck…yeah…horrible…” Then the man began to move, as his cock grew for round two.


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