The Wrong Type of Redemption

41 Thrilling Thursday


41: Thrilling Thursday

Kneeling on the bed, head over the cold metal headboard, Jerry jerked at the metal cuffs binding his wrists to the metal bars, arms out stretched in both direction. Face pointed toward the city, he panted as he vaguely hoped that Philip was telling him the truth about no one being able to see them even if they had binoculars. While the scenery was beautiful, Jerry’s highly aroused body was too busy to enjoy the view. He tried to lift his body, but his upper body was tethered to the headboard, keeping him in place.

When he first saw the bed, Jerry didn’t pay much attention to the metal bars that formed the headboard of the bed-frame. If he had paid attention, he would’ve noticed they were heavy reinforced steel, fashioned almost like jail bars. And if he inspected a little closer he would’ve noticed the metal loops fashioned into the bars.

Jerry cursed, then moaned, now realizing how much torture being bound was. He couldn’t move his arms to hold the head between his legs, sucking his dick. That mouth slobbered up and down his length just the way Jerry liked it. Jerry could barely move his head as the sensations made his body quiver. He’d jerked on the restraints several times wishing…hoping to get free but they weren’t budging.

He wanted to writhe, squirm. While his butt swayed back and forth, he upper body was going nowhere. His hands itched to play with Philip’s hair, maybe count the grays, but none of that was happening. His fists opened and close, opened and closed as his thighs trembled. “Oh, fuck…” He whimpered at the helplessness and the bliss screwing with his brain. Philip could take his time all he wanted, sucking Jerry at his leisure without Jerry doing anything more than buck his hips.

Jerry had worked tirelessly for more than five hours before he’d tracked down one of Aunt Aline’s homes and hacked into her home security. Saying it was a home was laughable. It was like a mini battle fort with a tiny arsenal.

He took control of her surveillance, security, computer mainframes, and communications network. While the woman wasn’t home and hadn’t been for months, Jerry had learned that his aunt didn’t have Mia. But she knew where Mia was. Mia had been tortured to get the information Aline needed about Jerry having the computer. But the woman didn’t want Mia dead yet, giving Jerry hope. 

Because of Mia’s connection to Flores and Azevedo, Aline planned to kill her and use her to make it look like the Flores’ side was starting a war with the Azevedo using both Alejandro and Mia as false evidence. Once the war started and while the two fought, Aline would take advantage of the chaos to sell off the information on the troublesome computer Jerry inherited to launch cyber-attacks on several Central and South American organizations and banks, killing several birds with one stone.

However, Aline needed the computer back first before she began her plans.

His father took the information Jerry had about Aline kidnapping Mia and forwarded it to Flores and Azevedo, alerting them about Aline’s plot and possibly gaining an ally.

“Why not allies for Ivan?” Jerry had asked his father.

“Because I need favors,” Philip replied.

Ivan is the one who had elaborated. “Your father doesn’t own businesses like most people. He owns people. He has an army of people who owe him, like myself. The man has tons of favors that he has yet to cash in. And your father’s favors are not easy to cash in. For instance, just giving Flores and Azevedo a heads up could either net him millions, weapons, or even a hefty favor in the future. I really need to learn from him…” Ivan mumbled under his breath like a sulky child.

After Ivan had said that, Jerry remembered when he was younger that half the town near where he grew up seemed to owe his father a favor…

Jerry moaned, rolling his head back when the suction on his cock pulled harder. “Yeah…oh…shit…oh…” He closed his eyes reveling in his reward for getting Flores and Azevedo to owe Philip. That rough tongue licked up the underside of Jerry’s dick, making his toes curl. Jerry bucked his hips, hands pulling a the cuffs chaining him.

That evil tongue dipped into the tip of Jerry’s cock, tasting the cum leaking. Holy fuck, this man… Jerry’s body shivered and jerked, yet he was still unable to do anything but dig his knees into the mattress helplessly bound as his eyes remained unfocused on the awesome view of Miami.

The sinful torture was also reward for what he learned about Nick.

Neither Mia nor Alejandro knew that they had been tangled up in a mess Nick started. Using the CIA pass codes and credentials his Aunt Aline’s computer stole, Jerry learned a hell of a lot about Nick. For instance, the asshole was a crooked undercover CIA agent. On behalf of the U.S. government, Nick was supposed to investigate the recent hacking attempts on the agency. He had tracked the hacker down. And that hacker happened to be the creator of the illegal laptop that started it all.

Nick handed the hacker over to the authorities as well as all his equipment, except for one computer — the very one that held all the more valuable secrets that now lay in Jerry’s possession.

If Jerry was right, Nick had tried to use the computer to sell off the information for money. However, the asshole tripped over the computer’s security features and it locked down. So, he started looking for little know talents that could help him unlock it.

Every computer expert who had attempted to unlock the computer were in the Florida area where Nick lived. And they all ended up dead. Those were the murders reported on the news before Nick’s death. They had been killed by Nick to cover his tracks because he knew someone was hunting him. He even made the scene of the crimes look drug related.

Digging through the CIA’s files also helped Jerry learn the government organization kept a file on Jerry’s activities because of his hacking and his familial connection to Voronin.

Of course, Philip was not happy about that tidbit of info and ordered Jerry to get good enough to hack the CIA and erase all those files. Who needed to be good when he had the CIA’s passwords and security credentials? It took Jerry all of fifteen minutes to erase himself from the CIA database.

After hacking the CIA’s computers and his Aunt Aline’s mainframes, Jerry, Ivan, and his father all pieced together all the events that led up to Jerry receiving the laptop.

Because the CIA had a file on Jerry, Nick knew about Jerry’s abilities back then. That’s why he had approached Jerry — Nick hoped his slutty ass could win Jerry over so he could seduce Jerry into unlocking the computer. When seduction didn’t work, he handed it off to Mia with plans to get Jerry’s help indirectly. That’s when Aunt Aline’s bounty hunter caught up to him and killed him.

To make Nick’s death look like all the other murders, the bounty hunter used Alejandro since the cops already knew the man was connected with a criminal family. In truth, Alejandro and Nick weren’t lovers, but mere acquaintances. However, the bounty hunter made it look like they were sex partners in order to make it look like Nick got caught up in something totally unrelated to Aline’s laptop. Because the cops didn’t like Flores and Azevedo, they only focused on Alejandro being from a criminal organization, barely focusing on Nick who was officially an up and coming boxer and nothing more. There was no mention of him being CIA at all, which the agency preferred.

Once Nick gave up Mia’s name to the hunter, the hunter waited for Mia to get back from her trip before approaching her. And of course getting their hands on Mia led to Jerry. Now if only Jerry could find Mia…

After researching, hacking, and providing Ivan and Philip with a clear picture of everything, Philip ordered Jerry to the bedroom to show him what those handcuffs were for.

Groaning as the feel of that salacious tongue lapping around the tip of his cock over and over, Jerry cursed. His hips bucked when his father began massaging his balls and sucking him in deep. Deeper. Slurping sounds undid Jerry.


The hot wet sensations consuming his dick made Jerry grit his teeth before he came into the man’s mouth.

Jerry collapsed against the headboard, the cuffs holding him up. He huffed. His father climbed up behind him on the bed. Feeling fingers grip his hips, Jerry groaned when he felt the man’s broad mushroom head slowly poke into his asshole. Heat seared him. His father was slow at first, stretching Jerry’s walls and getting him used to the feel of his thick cock. Then the headboard began to jerk in time with Jerry’s body when Philip picked up speed, slapping his hips. Jerry whined, gripping the chains of the cuffs as he held on.

Fuck the man was merciless. “Oh…shit!” Jerry gulped air keeping his head up so so it didn’t hit against the metal. His face and chest dripped with sweat as the bed rocked. Each thrust pushed and punished. Each jerk made Jerry beg for the man to keep going. “Fuck me! Harder…” Each time that fat head of his father’s cock speared against his prostate, Jerry called out, “Dad… Uh!”

His mind was a whirl of lust and heat. His cock leaked again, spilling on the mattress. His ass milked Philip’s cock as he came. Philip came soon after, fingers digging deep into Jerry’s hips.

“Hell…amazing…” Philip’s head fell on Jerry’s back before the man began kissing him along his spine. Jerry felt the spurt of hot seed filling him deep inside. Teeth grazed against Jerry’s shoulder.

“Old man?” Jerry murmured tugging tiredly on the chains. “Free me.”

His father chuckled. His hand came around and tugged on Jerry’s stubby nipple.

“Shit…” The touches coupled with the teeth grazing at his back shot repeatedly to his groin. “Don’t!” He barked when the other hand began stroking Jerry’s oversensitive cock.

But the man didn’t understand don’t in the bedroom. Jerry wasted his fucking breath. Before long, Jerry was begging his father, “Dad please, please, release me. Please…” As Philip tortured his ass and cock repeatedly.

After the fourth release, Jerry was finally freed. Jerry collapsed instantly on the bed, knees sore, back aching, and chest heaving.

The unsatisfied man straddled Jerry’s waist, leaned down, and kissed Jerry lazily. Jerry groaned and tried to pull his face away. “Old man…” He tried to protest, but Philip wasn’t having it. The only thing that saved him from Philip’s torture session was a knock at the door.

“Oh, thank you…” Jerry murmured relief.

“What?” His father barked, clearly unhappy.

Russian words came through the door. His father listened for a while before his face grew darker and darker with a murderous vibe.

When Ivan finished, Philip leaned down and kissed Jerry once more before getting off the bed. “Go start washing. I’ll be in there in a minute to help you.” His father ordered. Then he got up, put on his shirt, zipped up his pants, and left the room.

As soon as the man disappeared, Jerry ignored the man’s orders and closed his eyes for some much-needed sleep.    


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