The Wrong Type of Redemption

40 Thirsty Thursday


40: Thirsty Thursday

Philip’s hand ran through Jerry’s hair as he worked until Jerry finally said, “I can’t concentrate when you’re touching me.”

“But I’m not happy if I’m not touching you,” his father said amused.

“You can touch me if you want,” Ivan said somewhere behind him. “I haven’t been with my wife in days. I need healing.”

“Go touch yourself.” Jerry demanded pointing his thumb over his shoulder. “Bathroom’s that way.”

“But…Phil is indebted to me.”

Jerry’s brow furrowed. “This is what happens when you lie.” He threw back his head to shoot a nasty glare up at Philip who hovered at his back looking down at him with an apologetic expression.

“It wasn’t a total lie, I do owe him,” his father said.

“You said you were practically owned by him, but he said it’s the other way around. Regardless, you lied.”

His father sighed and nodded. “I apologize, Glitch.” He leaned down and kissed Jerry on the nose. “I’ll never lie again.” Then he kissed his lips as he cupped Jerry’s neck.

“Don’t let him off the hook until I get my pictures of you.” Ivan demanded. “I prefer nudies, but I’ll take plain headshots.”

They continued kissing, total ignoring Ivan.

“I don’t feel the love…” Ivan said sounding pouty.

Philip’s tongue dipped and licked into Jerry’s mouth. Jerry’s own tongue met his father’s, tasting the man. Philip moaned, turning his head so his lips covered Jerry’s open mouth completely. That long tongue plunged deeper, seeking Jerry’s throat. Jerry drank the man in, wanting more, nostrils flaring for air. Not happy with just a kiss, cock demanding more, Jerry pulled back and spun his chair around. He reached for the zipper on Philip’s pants only to pause.

Both he and Philip turned to look at Ivan who was leaned back against the wall looking relaxed, watching. One hand rubbed his chin thoughtfully while his penetrating blue eyes stared in utter concentration.

His father growled, “Ivan-“

“You didn’t tell me to leave,” Ivan said with all seriousness. “So don’t you dare get pissy at me for enjoying the free entertainment.”

His father’s fists balled and he seemed like he was about to jump on the man when Jerry’s computer sounded.

Jerry spun back around to glimpse the alert that came up on his screen. His heart dropped. It was the first sign of Mia. According to a police report that was just filed, Mia was officially missing.

“Your acquaintance Mia is Azevedo?” Ivan asked stepping up next to Jerry.

“That’s her last name…so I guess.” Jerry looked up at the man.

Ivan and Philip looked at each other.

Jerry saw the unspoken communication between the two men and frowned. “What? What’s wrong with Mia’s last name?”

Philip sighed. “If your friend Mia is dead, there maybe a reason that her body hasn’t shown up. And if she’s alive, the same reason would apply.”

“What reason?”

“Flores and Azevedo are two powerful Latin American families that form an even more powerful alliance. They rule over most of South and Central America’s illegal imports and exports. Alejandro Flores was the youngest son of the patriarch’s sister so they are already up in arms trying to find his killer,” Ivan explained. “While your friend Mia is the eldest daughter of the head. So if she died too… They would believe they are being targeting by a rival group. As long as Mia’s body is never found, they only have speculation. But… If they find the body, they will have cause to believe that the group is being targeted.”

“In other words, whether your friend is alive or not, Aline is taking precautions not to be found out.”

“Dammit…” Jerry grumbled as he turned his attention back to his computer to work harder. His stomach twisted in knots as the idea that Mia was dead. “I hate my aunt.”

“On that, we can agree.” Ivan chuckled.

An hour later, Jerry stretched and said, “I think I’ve finished unraveling the other apps. They seem to be the core of the hacking programs on this laptop.” He told his father who stood over his shoulder. For two days he worked on programming, decryption, hacking, and researching. He learned more from just working on that illegal laptop than he’d learned sense entering college. He discovered ways to not only circumvent strong security systems and firewalls he’d been unable to crack before, he also learned ways to strengthen his own system. “If I’m right, this laptop is the backbone of a network of computers that work together to gather sensitive information. And steal money. Any vulnerable banks that can be hacked, are targets and their money siphoned and funneled into unknown accounts. Mind you the amount are so small that it’s barely noticeable.”

“Siphoned? Explain,” Ivan asked curiously.

“Small amounts of money are being taken by what look like legitimate companies, but they’re not. And because the amounts are so small, few are paying attention. Think of it like stealing ten cents from thousands of different accounts, repeatedly at different periods in time…and all of that money goes into one account. After awhile that little bit of chump change adds up to big money. Of course, that’s the simplistic description. It’s a highly complicated network at first glance, but when you get into the weeds…its brilliantly beautiful.”

Ivan snorted somewhere in the room. “All I see is gibberish.”

“Because you weren’t trained to know computers. You were trained to kill. Stick with what you’re good at,” Jerry said not the least bit concerned with pissing his uncle off. He’d learned over the past couple of days that Ivan wasn’t a threat to him. As long as Jerry had no intentions of going against him or anything he possessed, his uncle was pretty chill.

“I’m good at more than just killing. I do petrol very well. And make money while you sleep. And-“

“Do you want me to finish looking for Aunt Aline or are you planning to boost your damn ego all afternoon?” Jerry asked as he continued to type.

“This damn kid… Did you need to put him down for his afternoon nap? So damn grumpy…” Ivan snorted.

“Is it time for the baby’s nap?” Philip’s fingers came around Jerry’s neck caressing over his skin. Shivers assaulted his nerves as those calloused fingers dipped under the collar of Jerry’s shirt to pinch a nipple. A jolt shot straight to his cock.


“Do you want a bottle before bed?” His father’s gravelly words tickled Jerry’s ear.

“Is bottle a metaphor for your dick?” Jerry asked.

“Very kinky…” Ivan sounded amused. “Me and my wife never tried baby play before…”

“Not my thing.” Jerry curled his lip in disgust going back to his screen

“Not mine either, but I can imagine you in a diaper and-“

“Stop.” Philip and Jerry said at the same time.

Ivan laughed. “Oh, speaking of kink, those handcuffs you ordered arrived this morning, Phil.”

Jerry’s brow arched and leaned back to look up at his father. “Handcuffs?”

His father grinned down at Jerry. “Finish your work, and I’ll show you.” Philip kissed him on the nose, then walked out the room.

Feeling eager to learn what Philip had planned, Jerry got back to work.

Five hours later, Jerry found himself literally chained to his bed…


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