The Wrong Type of Redemption

39 Tempting Tuesday


39: Tempting Tuesday

Jerry woke to something wet circling the pucker of his ass. At first, he thought it was his father’s finger until his sleep clouded mind cleared and he realized his father’s fingers were spreading his ass wide. Jerry moaned, blinking his eyes open to look back at the man whose face was buried in his buttocks. Now wasn’t that a sight?

His father licked into his hole, tasting like it was breakfast. Then Jerry frowned when he looked out the large picturesque floor to ceiling window overlooking the city and realized it was still dark outside. Not breakfast…late night snack? His thoughts mused.

Dick throbbing with anticipation, he lifted his ass a bit and widened his legs so that tongue could go deeper. He felt drool trickle down his balls making him shiver. Philip’s tongue chased the spittle sucking on the loose skin of his nut sack. Those lips lingered, nibbling the loose flesh.

Jerry moaned, laying his head on his pillow reveling in the attention. His father kissed, nibbled, licked, and sucked from his hole to his sack until Jerry finally grumbled, “Fuck me for crying out loud.”

He didn’t know if his father replied since he didn’t have his aids in, but soon Philip Jr. slid inside him, stretching his needy channel. That hard hot body lay almost flush with Jerry’s. Philip’s breath ticked his neck, exciting Jerry’s flesh.

Planted inside Jerry, he stayed rooted while he kissed Jerry’s shoulders, his back, his neck. Jerry tried to arch his ass up to make the man thrust inside, but his father wasn’t having it. The man continued kissing and sucking, rough hands roving up both of Jerry’s sides from thighs to arms, exploring.

When Jerry growled frustration, his father finally began thrusting long deliberately lethargic strokes. Lazily snaking in, followed by slight pauses, and then torturous inch by inch pull outs made Jerry’s dick furious. The slow motion had him nearly whimpering for more. He tried to push back to make the man go faster, but each time Philip paused at the entrance as if threatening to pull all the way out.

“Shit, no…please no, don’t stop…” He pleaded each time. Finally, he just endured the lazy and deep thrusts with his head buried in his pillow groaning for a release.

When Jerry tried to reach for his own cock, Philip’s hand took his wrists and pinned then to the bed, denying him.

The pain of not cumming had Jerry begging louder, “Please, dad, please…oh, fuck…please…dad…”

His father kicked Jerry’s leg open wider, and then picked up the speed. Clearly, Philip liked the begging, so Jerry begged shamelessly. “Please…more…yes…”

Philip picked up the pace, hips slapping against his buttocks. Jerry’s mouth opened on a groan, forehead digging into his pillow, he arched his back, and cried, “There, there, there…” When Philip Jr. found his prostate.

His father’s rough hand began kneading his cock, and Jerry panted. Spots darkening his vision before he finally came on a long powerful moan that shook him, teeth grinding.

Coming down from the high, Jerry blinked over at the man now laying beside him, grinning that stupid shit-eating grin.

“I hate you so much, old man.” His murmured just before Philip leaned in and kissed him.

They lay kissing for a while, cuddling close in the lamp light by the bed, when the main lights came on in the bedroom.

His father’s body jerked off the bed, a gun coming from somewhere on the side. Jerry quickly turned over, blinking in shock.

His father, gun raised, walked to a man with a bald head. Jerry frowned as he noticed the cheesy grin on the man’s face.

His father continued walking, face in an angry snarl. The other man held up his hands as if in surrender, even while laughing. The gun pointed directly into the middle of the man’s eyes, the metal barrel touching his brow, and the amusement vanished, replaced with surprise. Slowly, the tall bald man with jewel blue eyes began to lower himself to his knees as he spoke. Jerry could barely read the man’s words as his father was partially in the way.

Why did the man look like an older version of his father without hair? Wait… Is this Ivan? Remembering what he heard of his uncle, it added up.

Jerry immediate got up out of the bed shocked that his uncle just caught them…shit. He went to the bathroom and fumbled around for his hearing aids. He put them in.

“Are we clear, Ivan?”

“Clearer than crystal, brother,” A deep Russian accent said. “Now can you lower the gun? I fear you might just kill me anyway.”

“I’m still deciding.”

“Dammit to hell…” Ivan said sounding sulky.

“What’s going on?” Jerry asked leaving the bathroom to see his naked father still holding the gun to Ivan’s head.

“Jerry! Its so nice to finally meet you. I’m your darling uncle, Uncle Ivan. Don’t you want to tell your papa to lower the hand cannon so we can talk properly?”

“First, explain why you didn’t knock,” Jerry asked not the least bit happy about the intrusion.

“Asshole thought it would be funny to walk-in on us.” His father looked ready to pull the trigger.

“Must admit, I’m thoroughly amused…and aroused. Amusingly aroused.”

Jerry jumped when the gun went off. Splinters from the wood floor flew upward.

Several people in suits came running holding guns but none of them moved past the doorway.

Ivan’s eyes were wide as he looked up at his brother who re-aimed the gun at his head. “Holy shit, Phil, you really want to kill me.”

“Yes,” his father said before knocking him out with the butt of the gun. “Get your boss out of here before I put a bullet in him.”

The group quickly complied, picking up the unconscious Ivan from the floor.

Face dark, his father turned back toward Jerry. “There is a rifle and a shotgun under the bed, do you still remember how to shoot them?” His father asked.

Jerry nodded. His grandfather taught all the boys how to shoot to drive off thieves and wolves from the ranch. “Haven’t practiced my aim in awhile.”

“Then we’ll get that done. First thing’s first, finish unlocking that computer. I’ll fix you something to eat,” His father said still looking angry. “And put on some clothes… I don’t want Ivan finding more ways to amuse himself.”

Jerry nodded, then looked down at his dick. It was semi-erect. But of course it was, angry Philip was fucking sexy.

As Jerry worked to unlock the other programs on the computer, his father brought him breakfast just as the sun was rising. Devouring his eggs with one hand and decoding with the other, Jerry barely noticed the tall figure that walked into the room.

Jerry turned to see his uncle in his slacks and tight polo shirt showing off impressive muscles while holding a bag of ice against his forehead. Though older, the man oozed sex appeal much like his father. The bald look suited him, giving his sexiness an edge. Those brilliant blue eyes gleamed wickedly as he looked Jerry over. Those eyes, while the same color as Philip’s, they didn’t make people comfortable like Philip’s did.

“I can see why he’s smitten. You’re pretty.” Ivan’s accent rolled of his tongue.

Ignoring the lecherous gaze, Jerry turned back to the computer.

“Ooo, strong silent type… I approve.” That voice grew deeper.

“I’ve been told you’re the big bad,” Jerry said.

Ivan chuckled a dark rich sound. “Have you?”

“I have. So my question is: are you planning to retaliate against my father because he attacked you?” Jerry asked gazing over at the man who appeared as tasty looking as his father.

Tiny lines formed at the corners of Ivan’s eyes as he smiled showing off his age. “Do you know who started and continues to spread the rumors about me?”

Jerry lifted an eyebrow curiously.

“That seemingly angelic man you call papa. Mind you, I am pretty terrible, I’ll admit. But I cover my tracks very well. However, for some reason all my horrible deeds always seem to leak out…” Ivan sighed. “So, while everyone is looking at the terrible me, no one see’s the true villain. But that’s how it has always been, and how your papa likes it.” The man grinned wickedly.

“And what has my father done that would equate him to a villain?”

“Glad you asked!” Ivan nodded eagerly. He quickly pulled up a rolling chair that was sitting to the side, parked it next to Jerry’s and plopped in it. “A true villain doesn’t do anything. He doesn’t need to. A real villain is a master manipulator. Its why I wanted him on my side, keep your enemies close and your potential enemies closer. Preferably in my bed, but you got to him first.”

“You wanted to… Wait. You think I seduced him?”

Ivan chuckled. “Tell me you didn’t.”

“You presume to know me.”

“Of course! I’ve watched you since you were born. I know you. The cute cuddly Jerry who protected his self-destructive brother until the day he couldn’t. You thought Gerald protected you? Pah! You were the strong one. Mighty Jerry we called you.”


“Me and Sandra. She’s the good egg…if you ignore her little habit of experimenting on patients without their knowledge.” He shrugged.

“Seriously…what kind of fucked up…”

“She says hi by the way. Where was I… Right, Gerald. I figured that child was going to eventually kill himself and take you with him. We were taking bets… Sandra betted you would kill him first. Neither of us won.”

“You guys really are sick.” Jerry growled, hating how they viewed he and Gerald’s life as sport.

As if Ivan didn’t even hear Jerry, he kept talking. “Gerald reminded me a lot of Luka. The same self-destructive nature. Almost exactly. Had to finally put that asshole down.”


“Oh! Your late uncle…he was born a year before me. He was the first one I killed. I did it to keep him from killing me. He always treated me like the ground I walked on was gold. It wasn’t, but the treatment was nice until he had his episodes. Father ignored them. I refused.” Ivan’s eyes narrowed lifting his arm as if he wanted Jerry to see. Looking at the creamy flesh of the under side of his forearm, Jerry saw a faint line from wrist up to almost the crook of his elbow. “Fucker tried to make it look like suicide. If he had hit my main artery I’d have bled to death. So I bled him to death.”

“You…killed your brother…Does dad know?”

“If so, I didn’t tell him.” Ivan sighed. “Not a story I tell people. Your father was only… Not even born yet. We’re fifteen years apart so he wouldn’t know these things.”

“Aunt Aline… Did you ever…try to kill her?” Jerry asked even though the casual way his uncle talked about killing people unnerved him.

“My father was smart enough to have her by a different woman. Different household. Or I probably would have, that sinister bitch.”

Jerry’s brows shot up.

“Sandra too was born to a different woman. A more stable household. Her mother later married a decent man…didn’t stop my father from killing him, but…” Ivan shrugged.

“Hell… My family is insane.”

“And, I’ve only given you a glimpse.” Ivan’s frowned lowering the ice pack from his head. “Do you want to know why I really helped your father? Why I still help him even after he so called abandoned us.”

“To irritate Aline?”

“No. Though it’s a perk. But no. Your father…did he tell you about what our father gifted him with?”

Jerry thought for a moment. “You mean the will his father left… something about human trafficking.”

“Yes, but no. That Phil has always been good at telling just enough, but never the whole story.” Ivan chuckled. “Our father wasn’t dead then. No… For each of our sixteenth birthday’s he gave us something. For my sixteenth, I got oil. Aline too. And on and on. By the time your father was sixteen, he was our father’s favorite — the true master of manipulation and perfect heir. He thought Philip was his perfect puppet. So he wanted Phil to be the true Voronin. That required killing me and everyone of his brothers and sisters taking everything our father already handed out and making it his own. The perfect final test. But what did your father do instead? He did what he was trained to do. He manipulated me, by telling me all that shit. That’s when I killed the old man. Funny, back then I agonized over it. Now…I applaud your father. Why bloody his hands when he can bloody someone else’s.” Ivan laughed sounding genuinely amused.

“You don’t resent him?”

“Hell no! He gave me a chance to live. Saved my life. Because your father had all of our trust he could’ve had us all killed and we would’ve never seen it coming. Instead, he let us live. And therefore, I’m eternally grateful. But don’t let that moment of benevolence fool you. The asshole that is your father just didn’t want to be under our father’s thumb any longer. That was his way of cutting the puppet master’s strings and becoming his own man…” Ivan sighed. “…and a waste of talent. Phil could’ve been great!” Ivan raised his arms as if to cheer.

Jerry looked at his uncle in amusement. “So you think my father trying to be ordinary is bad.”

“Boring, but not bad. It wasn’t and isn’t for him. Never will be. I hope he sees that now. And with your help…” Ivan nudged him. “We can make him the big bad.”

Jerry snorted. “I don’t want him having a reputation like yours.”

“No one will ever have a reputation like mine. Plus, your father knows how to duck rumors and danger.”

“Dad said you helped him financially…how much money did you lend him?”

Ivan frowned. “Did he say I lent him money?” He scoffed.

Jerry opened his mouth, but he couldn’t quite remember his father’s exact words. “I know you helped him and he’s in your debt.”

“Debt? I gave him. But every dime I gave is money he left behind when he disappeared. Its rightfully his. As for the debt, I told the asshole he owes me pictures of my nephew. I still haven’t received them.” Ivan pouted.

“And you won’t.” Philip’s voice cut into the room.

“Phil!” Ivan grinned looking back at Philip as he rolled his chair away from Jerry. “So…you feel like commit sororicide?”

“Yes. Where is she?” His father asked, eyes stabbing into Ivan.

“You know Aline. Uber paranoid that I’ll kill her so she’s buried under layers of security somewhere… But I haven’t a clue where. She’s good at playing hid and seek. You know she had plastic surgery a couple of years ago, so I don’t even know what she looks like anymore. But if I had to guess where she’s hiding, find the most heavily armed military in the world and they’re probably protecting her with their life since she helps with weapons design and testing. She has the backing of many military organizations because of her supposed willingness to help. They don’t know how much she’ll fuck them raw.” He jerked his hips while pumping his fists in a vulgar demonstration making Jerry snort.

“I had a bad feeling that was the case. Makes her nearly impossible to reach.” His father frowned, then asked, “How good is your hacking, Glitch?”

“Not perfect, but I can get around many security systems. I’m still learning how to trace via cell phone, but if you give me a phone I might be able find her digital footprint and follow it back to her IP…” as he talked he began to work, tracking down his aunt and looking for any vulnerabilities in her security.

Instead of his own phone, Philip gave Jerry the dead assassin’s phone to use, hoping it would give him a lead.

Though his father didn’t bother him much while he worked, during the evening, he felt a hand rest on the back of his neck reassuringly or possessively, Jerry wasn’t sure which. Some times he felt those hands smooth through his hair. And when Ivan wasn’t begging for his father’s attention, his father sat in the room with Jerry and just watched.

With his father’s nearly constant presence, Jerry began to wonder if the man was taking the don’t leave me a little too literal… After thinking it through again, Jerry hoped the man took it very literally.


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