The Wrong Type of Redemption

36 Manic Monday


36: Manic Monday

“Can’t believe you answered the phone while being fucked! Fuck!” Dorian hollered into the phone.

Jerry just chuckled as he walked across campus. It was Monday afternoon, first day back at class after two weeks. Jerry’s ass was sore, but his heart was doing stupid shit with each thought of Philip.

“Do you know how disturbing and fucking hot that was? I had to fuck Mitchell because of it.”

“Had to?”

“Had to! No healthy cock can ignore the sounds of sex. Hot panting sweaty sex… Mitchell! Hump me!” Dorian sang.

“Bats, we’re at school. Simmer down.” He heard Mitchell say.

“Awwww…” Dorian whined. “Anyway, what’s this about us being related to gangsters. I’m still in shock.”

“Yeah. Me too. But now we know why you’re nuts.”

“I’m not nuts…more like misunderstood.”


“Hater. So…how’s daddy’s dick?” Dorian asked suggestively. “I want the play by play.”

“Bats! No. You’re already hard, don’t make is worse.” Mitchell ordered.

“Fine…Gotta go, cous. Send me more nasty phone sex. Smooches!” Then the phone hung up.

Jerry chuckled pocketing his phone and made his way to lunch. At lunch, eating the food his father made for him outside on a picnic bench, several guys from the team and a few girls came to sit at the table without asking him if he’d mind the company.

“Hi, Sixty,” The girls all said almost in unison…scary.

“What?” Was his reply as he narrowed his eyes at the girls who he mostly saw flirting with the other players. They rarely bothered him.

“We haven’t seen you in a while,” One of them said while hanging off a defensive lineman, “We’re just glad you’re back.”

He grunted shrugging his shoulders.

The girls looked at each other for a moment. Then another of them said, “You…look really different with your beard and mustache gone. Really hot. Maybe we can hang out sometime.”

Jerry pulled the collar of his shirt down so they could see the line of hickies around his neck. “My lover is crazy and liable to kill you all. So I suggest you run along.” Then he went back to his food.

Wide eyed, the girls left the table red faced and silent. The guys sitting with him stopped eating and just stared.

“Damn, Sixty…that’s…”

Jerry groaned, knowing how kinky it looked.

“You mean someone actually obsesses over your moody ass?” Another voice asked.

Without so much as looking up at them he continued to eat.

“So…crazy lover… She give good head?”

Jerry glared up at the nosy one even while his mind answered, yes.

“Sorry.” He raised his hands as if in surrender.

“Yeah, chill if you don’t want to end up in the hospital like Dave,” Another guy said.

“Speaking of…has anyone visited that son of a bitch?”



“Too much like caring…”

“So Sixty! Who do you have in your pocket that got Dave’s parents to back off?”

Jerry lifted an eyebrow.

“You don’t know? Dave’s ma and pa came storming here the day after you smashed Dave’s face in. They were ready to sue you, the school, and everyone in between. Two days later, it was like it all disappeared,” one of the team said

“Yeah!” Another chimed in. “Rumor says some bigwig strolled in dropped some cash in the president’s lap and the whole thing was wiped from the history books.”

Jerry snorted. “Do I look like I can afford a bigwig?” Then he remembered what his father said about his uncle…

“I heard the same thing…but the difference I heard wasn’t that they just dropped cash but there were also some threats to Dave’s parents. Heard that Dave isn’t coming back to this school anymore because moms and pops fear for their lives…”

Frowning, Jerry passively listened to the chattering group talk about the two weeks he missed. Did his father get involved in the Dave incident behind his back?

Finished with his food, he got up and made his way to a trash can when he saw Bailey walking up with another member of the team.

“Hey!” Bailey smiled.

“Sup.” Jerry kept walking.

“Yo, wait up.” He jogged up beside Jerry who was headed across campus to the library for his hour of free-time before his next class. “I didn’t know, but heard about…about your lover.” Bailey’s words made Jerry stop walking.

“Who snitched, Dorian or Tyler?”

Bailey’s brows rose, shocked. “Dorian knows about you and your…?”

“Yeah.” So, it was Tyler who told. Figures. “And Dorian would be cool if you told him about you and that troublemaker,” was all Jerry said before walking away.

“Jerry, you have my number…if you ever want to…hangout?”

Jerry just shrugged still not sure he wanted friends yet. He wanted to get used to having Philip in his life before he considered branching off to be social.

When he got to the library, he walked to his usual quiet spot and noticed someone was there. Chuckling, he put his bag down. “Stalking me, old man?” He asked seeing his father thumbing through a book.

“Yeah.” He father’s smiling eyes looked up at him over the book before glancing back down at the pages. “If its creeping you out, tell me and I’ll leave.”

Jerry thought about it and instead of answering, asked, “Have you been watching me all day?”

“No. Part of it.”

Wow! “At least you’re honest.”

“Me lying would only drive you away.”

“Then tell me truthfully, who bribed the school and threatened Dave’s parents?”

“Ivan’s people…though I did request it.”

“Doesn’t that mean you’ll only owe him more?”

“If its for you, I don’t mind,” His father said as if its not a big deal.

Jerry wasn’t sure he liked his father becoming more indebted to a gangster. Sitting down across from his father, he rubbed his forehead. “Are you never planning to go back to work?”

“Do you want me to?” His father lowered the book and looked up in wonder. Slight disappointment reflected on his face.

“Not really,” Jerry said honestly not able to look into those handsome blue eyes. Instead, his eyes drifted lower to that tempting mouth.

A slight smile curved those lips. “You might want me gone after I tell you the movers are coming Thursday to pack up all your stuff and move it to the new place.”

Jerry grumped taking out his computer.


“Do you care?”

“I do. I care more that I can say with words. Actions speak louder. That’s why I want you in a bigger place. I want to give you the thing you deserve and need. After we get settled, I’ll take a few jobs so that you can have some breathing room if you like.”

Frustrated at how much Philip cared and irritated that he wanted whatever Philip offered, Jerry packed up his bag. The emotions threatened to cripple his ability to think straight.

“Glitch!” His father stood when Jerry slung the bag over his shoulder to leave. “Okay, I’ll back off. Whatever you want.” His father sounded panicked.

Jerry frowned and shook his head. “That’s the thing.” His voice low, he stood staring at the floor. “I don’t want you to back off, but I should. Your smothering should drive me crazy just like when other people talk to me, but it doesn’t. It makes me…not myself.” It makes me want to arrogantly believe this man would do anything for me. He even began having damn daydreams that he ruled over this man who was clearly stronger and more dominant than Jerry. How stupid was that? He turned to walk away.

Halfway past the long shelf of books, he was grabbed by the shoulder, stopping him. Jerry turned, not resisting in the slightest as Philip put those hot lips on him. Jerry’s bag fell to the floor before he reached up and gripped the back of the man’s neck.

Philip’s hands held onto Jerry’s sides, pulling him closer. They leaned into each other, trying to devour each other. He loved the masculine scent, the taste, the feel of this man, his father, more than he remembered ever loving Gerald. He loved Gerald. He did. But not like this. Gerald didn’t make him needy like this. Who am I kidding? Who has power over who? I’d lick his toes if the old man told me to.

Philip leaned back slightly. “I want you to be happy. Anything I can do-“

“Anything?” Jerry laughed remembering his earlier thoughts. “Don’t say those words so carelessly, old man. I might get the wrong-

His father kissed him again, hands sliding up under Jerry’s shirt, rough fingers sensitizing Jerry’s skin. Pulling back only a breath away, he huffed. “Tell me. Anything. If its in my ability…please tell me.” His father pleaded, sounding nearly desperate.

Frowning at those words, Jerry hesitated and said, “Don’t leave me without my permission.”

“You got it. What else?” Philip nodded, hope filling his gorgeous face.

“And if I do let you leave, don’t be gone long.”

Smiling, Philip leaned his forehead against Jerry’s. “Then you let me know the time frame. I’ll follow it to the second. I’ll even try to come back sooner whenever I’m gone. Can I call you or text you whenever I want?”

“Absolutely. I need to make sure no woman is crawling all over you.”

His father chuckled. “No worries there. I can’t get you out of my head. Ever…” Those eyes looked at him with an expression that made Jerry blush from head to toe.

“If…if you abandon me again, you’re done. We’re done. No coming back.”

“Yes, sir,” Philip said seriously. “But I’ve told you, you’ll abandon me before I even think of it…”

Jerry lips feathered his father’s as he said, “Then shackle yourself to me…” They kissed tasting each other lazily.

His father finally pulled back and let out a long breath as if relieved. “I should go before I get you in trouble.”

“Trouble?” Jerry asked kissing the man’s nose.

“Indecent exposure.”

Jerry chuckled.

“What do you want for dinner?” His father stepped back running his hands over his short blonde strands anxiously, lust darkening his face irresistibly.

Jerry stepped forward, grabbing the man’s shirt and kissing him full on, rubbing his bulge against the man’s own erection.

Philip moaned into their open mouths.

Jerry pulled back, breathing. “I don’t care what you cook or order or… just make sure your dick’s on the menu.”

“Deal…” His father pressed Jerry back against the bookshelf before kissing his lips swollen. Fooling around with Philip in the library, Jerry missed all of his free time before his next class…


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