The Wrong Type of Redemption

35 Sunday’s Dinner


35: Sunday’s Dinner

On day four of their skinfest, Jerry lay on his back making out with his father on the floor in the evening when there was a knock on the door.

His father groaned. “You expecting someone?” He asked before kissing Jerry’s cheek trailing each peck to his ear where be began sucking on the lobe.

“Nope…we were supposed to go to dinner remember? If I was expecting someone, I would have suggested we eat in.” Jerry groaned feeling the jolts of pleasure zap straight to his already hard cock.

“Oh…” Kiss. “Shit…” Kiss. “Dinner…”

Dinner was supposed to be an hour ago.

The knock came again.

Philip groaned, rolling off of Jerry to stand up. He straightened his cock to make the bulge in his pants less noticeable before going to answer the door. Jerry sat up, straightening his hair that his father had been combing his fingers through during their face eating contest.

“Yes?” His father asked opening the door.

“Um…is this where Jerry lives?”

Jerry knew that hard voice anywhere. He immediately got up and went to the door. To find Bailey standing on the other side.

“What’s up?” Jerry asked, about to go out in the hall, when his father’s arm came up blocking the exit.

“Don’t you want to introduce us?” Philip asked never taking his eyes off Bailey as his hand remained on the door frame denying all access.

Jerry snorted at his father’s antics even as his heart pounded at the protective possessiveness. “Philip this is Bailey Delarosa, quarterback on the football team. Bailey, this is Philip…my-“

“Lover and life partner.” The man finished as if to make it very clear where he stood in Jerry’s life.

Jerry’s head exploded. Life partner? When the hell had they discussed that?

Bailey’s eyes widened. “Nice to meet you. I didn’t mean to disturb you, but I was worried. You haven’t been to practice. I heard you were sick and since you hasn’t gotten better I decided to see if you needed anything.”

His father finally took his eyes off Bailey and turned to look at Jerry, though his laid back expression didn’t change, Jerry knew they were going to have a fight.

“I know I’m being invasive, but we lost our last night’s game because our defense was weak…”

Jerry laughed. “Football geek.”

“Crap, that came out wrong… I mean, I care about your health too!”

“Who gave you my address?” He asked shrugging off Bailey’s concern.

“Coach. He’s also worried about you. And since Dave’s jaw is still wired shut, and his ribs are still mending, I’ve been doing more playing. Could really use you,” Bailey said even as he continued to watch Philip cautiously.

“I get it. I’ll be back Monday.”

Bailey nodded. “Okay, and sorry to bother you… Uh… Can I ask your partner a question?”

Jerry frowned to looked up at Philip. The man’s brow raised as if surprised before he turned to look back at Bailey.

“Go ahead.”

“Do you happen to know a Mr. Voronin?” Bailey asked sounding suspicious.

The man’s eyes widened. “You know my older brother?”

Bailey groaned. “So brothers… Yeah… Do you happen to know the name Matthew Delarosa?”

Philip’s hard exterior finally relaxed and he moved to open the door wider no longer barring the way. “Let me guess, your brother.”

Okay, what the hell was going on? Jerry frowned. Later, he learned from his father that Uncle Ivan was a music lover and his favorite musician was Bailey’s youngest brother, a famed prodigy. Ivan was such a fan, he even wanted to adopt Matthew as his own son.

Bailey nodded, scowling. “Is it possible to get your brother to stop calling my brother?”

Philip laughed, “No. Sorry. Your brother probably has more control over him than anyone I know. Not even Ivan’s wife is as important to Ivan as your brother’s music. And he loves that woman…” His father sighed then paused. “Wait…you are Radford’s boys aren’t you?”

Bailey’s eyes dropped a bit and something like sadness reflected of his face.

“My condolences for your loss…”

Bailey nodded as if accepting it.

Jerry’s stomach grumbled with hunger and his father chuckled.

“If you’ll excuse us, we need to go find dinner before I get an earful for neglecting my duties,” Philip said, grabbing Jerry’s hand. “You’re welcome to join us.”

“No…my brothers are waiting for me.” Bailey smiled an expression that softened the hard edges of his face.

“See you tomorrow at school, Bailey,” Jerry said.

“Yeah, later.” Bailey walked away.

“He’s fucking his brother.” Jerry whispered in Philip’s ear.

“What?” Philip’s blue eyes widened.

“Like you’re fucking your son, he’s fucking his brother.” Jerry whispered, before licking the rim of the man’s ear. “And they almost look like twins…can you imagine it…”

“Okay…I’m imagining…”

Jerry blew hot air onto Philip’s wet ear.

His father groaned, hand tightening its grip on Jerry’s. “We’re never going to make it to dinner.”

“Let’s order in.” Jerry demanded, tugging his father inside the apartment while the man slammed the door.

In minutes, Jerry lay on his back on the mattress, legs in the air as Philip pumped into him, face sweaty. With each pant, his father fucked into Jerry’s tight hole.

“Are you… imagining them… as you fuck me?” Jerry asked before he moaned, back arching as his eyes devoured his father’s powerful body.

“No…watching you squirm…so much hotter…” With his hand on Jerry’s ankles, he pushed those legs toward Jerry’s chest, burying himself deeper into Jerry’s anal walls. Jerry whimpered, feeling as if that dick was finding new territory. Philip’s hips hammered into him harder.

Yeah…yeah…right there…” His head tilted back on the pillow so he could get more air into his lungs. Fingers fisting the bed linen, he arched into his father’s thrusts. “Fuck…”

Sweat beaded all over his body. He grunted, wanting more of this man…so much more.

“Look at me.” His father demanded. “I want to see those pretty gray eyes.”

Jerry lifted his head.

“That’s right…look at me…” He hammered harder. “…and only me…” Then he left go of one of Jerry’s ankles and gripped Jerry’s cock.

Jerry groaned, cumming from those rough hands stroking him. His body shuddered, in wave after wave of electrifying bliss.

“I wish… I could do this… all day…” His father said still pumping into Jerry until he too came, trembling and grunting. He collapsed ontop of Jerry, panting into his hair.

After a minute, his father asked, “Bailey and his brother… Is that real?”


“…interesting…” His lips feathered over Jerry’s neck, making Jerry anticipate the first kiss before the man started sucking. It didn’t take long.

“I wonder if Bailey noticed the hickies on my neck.”

His father only moaned as he continued sucking.

“Life partner? When were you going to inform me?”

“I figured is was a given. I’m never leaving you. You’re never leaving me… Life partners.”

Jerry considered the man’s words.

His father pulled back and looked into Jerry’s eyes. “I’m pushing it aren’t I?” His father asked, looking weary. Even though his father kept taking and pushing and demanding, sometimes the guy asked if he was going too far, fearful of scaring Jerry.

Yet, Jerry hadn’t found anything in the man he feared. No, Jerry feared for other people, like Bailey if he didn’t already have a lover. Or people who looked at Jerry too long. The man had a murderous tendency that Jerry could feel like the changing of temperatures. His father never directed that rage at Jerry unlike Gerald.

“I don’t want you hurting other people because of your jealousy.” Jerry murmured.

His father closed his eyes and nodded. “I’ll try…”

“Look at me and say it.”

His father opened his eyes. “I’ll try…hard not to get jealous.”

“You don’t need to be. Your cock ruined my ass for anyone else.”

His father smiled. “Does that mean I get to be your life partner?” The man actually looked eager, nearly boyish as he asked.

Jerry nodded, wishing he could hid the blush painting his face.

His father leaned down and kissed him, their lip sucking and tongues delving before Jerry’s stomach rebelled.

Laughing, his father pulled back. “Order us a pizza on that app you have and then afterward, tell me why you let me believe you were expelled from school when clearly they want you back.”

Jerry groaned, pushing his father off him. “It should be obvious. I was enjoying the dick up my ass. But don’t worry I got all my school work and stuff done between fucking. Now stop trying to sound all fatherly, it’s making me horny.”

Once Philip was off him, Jerry reached over the mattress to his pants and fished out his phone. He heard Philip moving behind him. The sound of a wrapper caught his attention.

The minute Jerry got the app open to order pizza, he felt his father sliding his hard cock up the valley of Jerry’s ass. Smiling at his father’s insatiable appetite, he put his order in for three large pizza’s feeling the slip slid of that cock rubbing against him. He turned onto his stomach, elbow propped up so he could finish the order. Philip mounted on top of him and leisurely sawed that cock over his ass without entering.

Hands parted his ass before he felt the blunt head push, stuffing itself into Jerry’s hole. Butt lifting slightly to meet that thick cock, he barely hit the order confirm button before he moaned from the long deep entry snaking into him. He clutched the phone tightened lowering his head to enjoy the burning pleasure seeping into his bones. Drool began to pool in his mouth. The mattress moved with each commanding thrust.

His father grunted behind him, hands smoothing over the skin of his back.

Moaning, eyes rolling to the back of his head, he barely heard the phone ring. The vibration in his hand got his attention. He barely read the screen before he grinned devilishly and answered it.

“H-h-hello?” He panted.

“J-Dawg?” Dorian’s voice sounded concerned.

“Mmmmm…” He moaned when his father targeted his prostate. “Oh, yeah…”

“Who is that?” His father demanded angrily picking up the pace almost punishing him.

Jerry would’ve laughed but with each downward stroke of that cock, Jerry found he couldn’t get the words out, just puffs of air that sounded like, “Uh…uh…”

“Why the hell are you answering the phone during sex?” He heard Dorian snap.

His father took the phone not missing a beat as he hammered Jerry mercilessly.

“Who the fuck is this?” He gruffly roared.

Jerry’s balls exploded, cock squirting under him at his father’s raging tone. That dick continued, even harder pushing Jerry’s over the mattress, his dick rubbing against the sheets making it overly sensitive and nearly burning it.

“Hell…” His father sounded behind Jerry before his hand came down to spank Jerry’s vulnerable ass. “Jerry seems to like making trouble. He’ll call you back later, Dorian.” Philip gritted out each word. Hanging up, his father tossed the phone, planted his hands on both side’s of Jerry’s shoulders and then rode hard.

Jerry nearly screamed from the pain, tears pricking his eyes.

“You made me jealous on purpose.” Through clinched teeth, his father’s voice heated into his ear. “You shouldn’t do that shit…”

Jerry’s prostate did the screaming that Jerry himself couldn’t. He was so lost in the storm, drowning in it, he didn’t know how many times his dick released. He just knew that on the last time he came, almost nothing was coming out.

He lay boneless, grinning as his father kissed his face.

“I can’t believe you did that shit on purpose…” His father rasped.

“Got the reaction I wanted…” Jerry murmured into the pillow.

“And here I thought the crazy gene skipped you.” His father groaned.

When the pizza came his father had to feed him because Jerry couldn’t move.

Laying with his mouth open, his father kept teasing him, pulling the pizza back just when Jerry was about to sink his teeth in.

“I hate you, old man.”

“Sounds like I still have my work cut out for me…But no worries. I’m willing to do what it takes for you to keep me.” His father grinned finally letting Jerry take a bite. “Because I’m definitely going to keep you.”

“Is that what this is?” Jerry asked around a mouth full of food. “You want me to be a kept man?”

His father looked thoughtful, before he leaned down and licked at Jerry’s nipple.

“Mmmm…” Jerry moaned.

“I dripped some pizza sauce there.”

“Liar…” Jerry groaned as his father nipped a nipple. “You’re supposed to be feeding me, not feeding yourself. Now answer the question. You trying to make me dependent on you so I need you?”

“Would that be so bad?” His father held up the slice feeding Jerry more as the other hand began to play with Jerry’s stubby nipples.

Jerry licked at the cheesy greasy slice sinfully. “Next you’ll have me collared and tethered to the wall naked so you can fuck me at will. A prisoner to lust.”

Philip dropped the half eaten slice in the pizza box on the floor. “Damn… A collar.” He pounced on Jerry kissing the shit out of him. He pulled back only to say, “Tell me I can get you one…”

Jerry never got to say yes, because Philip’s tongue wouldn’t let up. Oh, well…maybe later…after he finished eating…


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  • Elijah

    I read all the new chapters yesterday as soon as you posted them. I think im obsessed 😩. I’m so glad you moved your books here. I love this story, I thought Baileys and Tylers was my favorite but this one seems even more twisted🙃, can’t wait to see what happens. Love your writing and your books.

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