The Wrong Type of Redemption

34 Wednesday’s Breakfast


34: Wednesday’s Breakfast

“Why do you always run to dad when you’re scared? Why not me? I should be the first one you run too…” Gerald said in the darkness, but Jerry couldn’t see him as he shivered under the kitchen table. 

Lightning flashed outside, casting eerie shadows on the wall. Thunder followed and Jerry jumped, nearly squeaking. But he had to remain silent. He didn’t want Gerald to know where he was.

“You should only come to me…I love you so much, Jerry. I love you more than he ever will. Please…Please don’t leave me…No one understands you like I do. No one can protect you like I can… Please…please…”

Jerry jumped when lightning flashed again showing his brother’s face staring at him from behind the chair in front of him. Gray eyes staring anxiously.

“Please?” Gerald pleaded reaching out to Jerry.

Jerry, trembling, shook his head in grief…when were the lights coming back on?

Thunder boomed and then Gerald roared slamming his fist into the floor. “Why? Why? Why, why, why!” Gerald began pulling at his own hair violently. “I thought you loved me. You love me! You love me!” His brother’s pain had Jerry pushing the chair aside and he crawled to his crying brother. Even scared, he knew that he had to calm Gerald down before he hurt himself. He didn’t like when Gerald hurt himself.

He wrapped his arms around his twin and held the body that shook and cried.

“You love me?” Gerald asked softly.

“I love you…”

The smell of bacon woke Jerry from the dream…or memory. He couldn’t tell which. It felt so real. But it sparked memories Jerry had long forgotten. Gerald might have tried to hurt his mother and possibly his brother Eric, but Gerald had hurt himself more. Jerry would hold Gerald in his arms sometimes to keep his brother from tearing out his hair or hitting his head on the wall. His twin’s violent tendencies against others terrified Jerry, but not as much as when he hurt himself.

How did Jerry forget that? Why had he buried it?

Then another memory nearly choked him. They had been kissing in the hay loft, touching. All of a sudden Gerald started to strangle Jerry. “Let’s die together…live forever in eternity…”

Jerry tried to fight his brother, but straddling him, Gerald had the advantage.

If Eric hadn’t heard Jerry’s struggle to breath, and knocked some sense in Gerald, Jerry might not have been able to fight Gerald off. Eric would’ve beat Gerald to death if Jerry hadn’t stopped Eric and told his big brother they were just playing.

As more memories crowded Jerry’s brain, he remembered that night when his big brother caught Jerry and Gerald making out. Eric had originally targeted Gerald, but Jerry got in the way to protect his twin… Jerry had protected Gerald more than he realized. He protected his twin to hid the monster he didn’t want anyone to see because he feared that his brother would hurt himself if they were separated. And as scared of Gerald as he was, he didn’t want them separated. And now they were. If Jerry hadn’t been so stupid and had exposed his twin, his parents might’ve been able to give Gerald the help he needed…

Groaning from the revelation, he turned over and then groaned for another reason — the butt plug in his ass. Before he went to sleep last night, his father rubbed down a butt plug in lidocaine and took immense pleasure sliding it inside and out of Jerry, teasing him.

Even though Jerry grumbled the whole time, he honestly loved that his father was having fun. The pain-relieving effects of the lidocaine helped him sleep with the thing inside him. But now he could tell the ointment had worn off because he felt every bit stretched. It didn’t hurt, but he felt the pressure against his walls.

After grabbing his hearing aides on the floor by the bed, he tucked them in each ear as he tried to sit up, and moaned. The plug’s tip had stroked over his prostate waking his limp cock.

Jerry’s moan alerted his father who turned around from the stove and grinned lazily. “Need help?”

When he saw that hand turn off the burners, Jerry knew the man wasn’t planning to help at all. “I’ve got it,” Jerry said getting up to go to the bathroom to privately remove it. But the moment he was up, his father pointed to the mattress.

“Turn over.” He demanded.

Jerry grunted as if irritated and did, sticking his ass in the air.

His father’s hands slipped under the waistband of his pants and slowly pulled the fabric off Jerry’s hip. The cool air seemed to add to the erotic sensations.

When his ass was bare, he heard his father laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Jerry asked.

“This purple thing sandwiched between your buns makes your ass look kind of cute.” His father’s hand came down on one cheek, stinging the flesh.

Jerry hissed. “Motherfu-” He hissed again when he felt teeth nip at him. “Were you always this much of a freak?”

“No…didn’t mean I didn’t want to be…” He pulled the plug out slowly. 

Jerry moaned feeling the stretch and then a soft pop as it released. 

“Mmmmm.” He felt his father’s moan against his ass cheek.

“What are you planning, old man?” Jerry asked looking back over his shoulder at the man’s rugged face just above Jerry’s rear.

“How do you feel?” Philip asked as hands caressed and kneaded the flesh, separating the cheeks.

“Just get it over with.” Jerry grumped even as his dick thickened with anticipation.

His father chuckled again as fingers brushed his needy cock. “And because you want it quick, I’m going to savor each moment.”

“You’re such a-” A stinging slap to the ass made Jerry curse. “Would you cut that out!”

His father chuckled getting off the bed. He removed his own pants as he made his way to the bathroom. He came back out rolling a lubed condom on his cock and a bottle of flavored lube in the other.

“I can’t wait until we get a bigger bathroom where I can help you clean and lube.”

“Or we can just bathe together.” Jerry rose up on his hands, lifting his lower body and spread his legs more knowing he needed to brace himself for the large intrusion.

“That too.”

A finger slicked around the entrance, circling slowly making the anticipation build. With each slick pass of that finger on his pucker, Jerry’s dick twitched, beads of precum dripping below him.

Finger’s probed lighting inside, greasing the walls, making Jerry gasp every time he got close to his prostate, but the man seemed to be purposely avoiding it. “Fucking…tease…” He panted.

Philip laughed before wet heat breathed on his ass. Teeth grazed over the flesh.

“Do you want to know how you smell down here?”

“No.” Jerry wrinkled his nose before he moaned when a feather light flick touched his hole.

“Do you want to know how you taste?”

“Fuck…” Jerry’s body shivered as another wet lick tasted. Then that tongue circled, rimming him and Jerry cursed at the anticipation. That tongue darted in and out…in…out. The licking and then sucking made Jerry wish he could see the man’s tongue in action. The longer Philip lingered the wetter his asshole became with that eager tongue eating at him, spit running down the back of his thigh. The feel was both illicit and tickling.

Agonizing from his overly hard cock that wanted to burst, Jerry cursed. “Old man! Stop playing.”

“You don’t like it?” Lips feathered over his ass cheeks. Heated words making his nerves scream.

“Fuck me already.” Jerry demanded.

His father got up behind him, hands gripping his hips like he owned them. Then he started sliding inside Jerry. The pain wasn’t nearly as bad as the first time. It still burned but it was a welcomed heat.

Oh, fuck!” Jerry’s skin lit the moment he pushed back to meet his father’s flesh. Then the pleasure struck like lightning. He gasped, arching his back.

Digging his fingers into Jerry’s hips, his father began shallow thrusts over that delicious internal spot and Jerry began panting wanting to grab his own cock, but his hands gripping the sheets instead savoring every moment.

His father didn’t lie. He took his sweet time, sawing over and over the spot that was making Jerry insane with need. His cock leaked. Jerry inwardly cursed with each pass until he finally began saying aloud, “Yes, yes, yes… Fuck… Fuck… Fuck yes…” Mind jelly he curled and uncurled his toes. His head rolled on his shoulders as he endured the intense pleasure and the burn. His body was so alive he couldn’t think. The smell of sex, the sweat pooling over his skin, and the tingling of his skin was all colliding into a sensual overload.

When his father picked up the speed, using longer strokes, balls slapping against his thighs, Jerry let go of his balance face diving into the pillow. He couldn’t see what his father was doing, but from the pounding his ass received, he knew the man changed positions. He pulled at Jerry’s hips making Jerry slam into him as the dick punished inside him.

His father grunted, thrusted, and continued attacking like he was enjoying every second. “So tight…hot… shit… More…more….”

Jerry cried out when he blindly reached for his cock and finally released unable to hold onto his spunk. His ass muscles milked Philip who moaned a low deep sound collapsing over Jerry’s back. He didn’t say a word as he kissed the flesh of Jerry’s neck.

Arms wrapped around Jerry’s abdomen, Philip pulled him to their side. They both collided onto the mattress, spooning.

His father’s legs tangled with his own. Jerry moaned when he felt Philip’s fingers brushing over the top of Jerry’s sensitive penis. Those fingers slowly began to fondle as he kissed and sucked Jerry’s neck.

With his father playfully feeling up his cock, Jerry soon grew hard again. As his father pumped and tortured, Jerry cursed. “Do it right, old man. Fucking tease.”

His father laughed, but never picked up the speed, making sure his touches remained light and hellish. Jerry closed his eyes groaning wishing for more. His ass muscles began to massage Philip’s cock.

“Shit…” His father groaned burying his head in Jerry’s neck. “You feel so…shit… Oh shit…” His father’s cock began to grow inside Jerry again and they were both ready for round two.

Jerry lifted his leg as his father slowly began pumping inside.

“I should have changed condoms…” Philip murmured against Jerry’s shoulder. He brushed his lips over Jerry’s skin.

“Pull out so I can kiss you,” Jerry said wanting his mouth to be occupied.

“As you wish.” His father pulled out, removed his condom. He put another one on, then slid back into Jerry, facing him. As he did, Jerry’s body came alive again, back arching. His hand grabbed onto one of the sheets.

“Holy!” His father’s eyes widened. “Okay…that was…”

Jerry chuckled as he reached up and grabbed Philip’s face between his hands. He pulled the man down, but halfway, his father gripped Jerry’s wrists and pinned them back on the pillow.

“Arch your back again. I want to see you writhe under me,” His father said fascinated.

“What?” Jerry growled. “I want your lips on me.”

His father thrust his hips hard, shocking Jerry from the force. He arched his back, fighting against the hold his father had on his arms. He wanted to be free so he could stroke his painful erection.

“That’s…” His father’s eyes gleamed with unrestrained lust. “More,” He demanded and pumped harder.

Jerry’s mouth opened in pain, overly sensitive to his father’s assault.

“Again!” His father nearly growled as he punished Jerry’s ass, flexing his abs to dig deeper.

Jerry’s body wiggled and squirmed to get free. “Please…” Jerry grew frantic. “Let me cum… Let me…”

His father’s face seemed eerily amused. “Beg.”

Jerry roared in frustration. “Please. Please! Oh, please!”

His father hunched over then and began pounding a painful rhythm that had Jerry gasping for air. Philip’s teeth clamped down on his shoulder and Jerry cursed coming without his cock being touched.

“Argh! ….you sadistic… Uh!” Jerry’s body shuddered from the absolute pleasure shuddering all over. His whole body shivered over and over. Spots flickered in his vision.

Laying on top, his father kissed him, warming him all over as he held Jerry’s head to his. They kissed even as Jerry continued to tremble from the orgasmic overload.

“You’re so damn sexy.” His father mouthed against him kissing him over and over. “I can’t get enough.” He continued to kiss him. “I don’t think I’ve ever been this horny for anyone.”

Jerry huffed between kisses, feeling the sweat coating his body, he lay helpless under his father as the man continued mauling him.

When Jerry didn’t move, too busy trying to calm the havoc playing over his nerves like mini convulsions, his father stopped kissing him. Those gorgeous blue eyes seemed to finally focus. He looked Jerry over with concern. “Was it too much? Too intense. I hurt you didn’t I?” Worry creased his father’s brow as he finally pulled out of Jerry. “I knew this was going to happen…Dammit, I-“

Jerry grabbed the man by the ear and said, “Don’t you dare fucking regret it,” Jerry said not wanting his father to pull away. He wanted the full force of what the man had to offer. Clearly the man had been holding back for years and was finally allowed to be the sadistic son of a bitch he was. And Jerry wasn’t the least bit unhappy about it. Yes, his body was sensitive and stinging from the pain, but he loved it. He loved the feel of the man taking what he wanted, dominating every inch of him. He loved it so much, he found his heart nearly singing some shitty love song.

“I could have ripped something, Glitch. You could be bleeding.”

“Ok. Check later. Kiss me now.” He demanded, biting the man’s lower lip.

His father didn’t say a word as he dove into Jerry’s mouth giving Jerry what he wanted and so much more. Later, he treated Jerry’s ass like a treasure, checking, cleaning, kissing each cheek, and applying more ointment. 

And to Jerry’s dismay, he found himself falling beyond lust into territory that suspiciously looked like love…


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