The Wrong Type of Redemption

33 Morning After


33: Morning After


When Jerry woke the next morning, it was to Philip nudging him to go wash. Afterward the man applied an ointment inside of him that cooled the burn and ache caused from last night’s penetration. His father took extra care of him. He washed the sheets and changed them. Breakfast was made with cheesy omelets, pancakes, and a mountain of bacon.

Jerry ate like a man possessed, hunger demanding three plates at least.

Though his backside hurt some, the medicine helped a lot. Jerry laid around most of the day watching television with his father. For lunch, he got leftover spaghetti while his father slow cooked ribs for dinner.

While the ribs cooked, Jerry took a nap only to wake and find his father was gone. Fear thrummed in him for a moment that his father might not return. But his fear disappeared the moment he saw the note taped to the fridge.

“Will be back before the ribs are done,” Jerry read smiling at the note, seeing his father’s phone number scribbled under the letters. His father had left his number before but Jerry always ignored it. He crumbed the paper and tossed it in the trash.

He berated himself for still being insecure. So what if his father abandoned him. He had survived before, he would again.

Jerry was laying back on the bed, wishing he could sit upright to work on his computer when a memory floated to the surface. He had drifted off to sleep last night in his father’s embrace when words brought him to partial consciousness because he still had his hearing aids in.

“I know it was too much…for that I’m sorry. But I couldn’t stand the idea of something or someone other than me taking your first.”

The old man was such a sap…

Jerry got on his phone and texted his father for the first time, letting his father have his number.

Jerry: [I still need a butt plug to keep the anal muscles flexible.]

In less than a minute, his got a reply of a shelf filled with butt plugs. So that’s where his father went. Jerry burst out laughing.

Old man: [What color?]

Jerry: [Don’t care, just make it big enough. And get some flavored lube so I can lick it off you.]

Old man: [Already in the cart.] He sent a picture of a hand basket.

Jerry laughed even harder at all the shit the man had. He continued to laugh imagining his big “daddy” with a little grocery handcart standing in an adult toy store looking both uptight and excited.

Old man: [I was told by that Queen that flavored lube makes it easier to lick your hole.]

Oh. Shit.

Jerry: [Can’t wait for that. You can put the dildos back. I only need your cock.]

Old man: [Please don’t say that now.] He got another pic of his father’s bulge.

Jerry was laughing so hard, he thought his face would split. He’d never laughed so hard in his life.

Jerry: [Come home, daddy, and I’ll make it all better.]

Jerry didn’t get another reply but he could imagine his father trying not to bust a nut in the middle of the store.

Smiling to himself, he used the rest of the time learning how to secure his phone from Tyler, hackers, and other wireless threats.

His father returned, coming through the door arguing with someone in Russian. Was it his sister again?

His father’s words were heated before he abruptly hung up. He dropped the bags in his hand on the floor and looked at Jerry. “Hey.”

“Your sister?” Jerry asked.

He grunted. “If anyone from my family ever approaches you about anything, don’t talk to them. Don’t agree to anything. Don’t let them intimidate you. You find me. Let me handle it. I don’t want them trying to recruit you. And I especially don’t want them involving you in anything dangerous. Okay?”

Jerry nodded. “Okay,” he said, not wanting to do anyone else’s criminal misdeeds but his own.

“I mean it, Glitch. Promise me you’ll come to me first.”

“I promise, old man. But you better be around for me to tell you.” Jerry warned with all seriousness.

“I’m going nowhere.” His father seemed to visible relax. Squatting, he pulled out some of the toys he bought from the sex store. Jerry laughed as he noticed the grin on his father’s face as he displayed each one with delight — from anal beads to plugs to what looked like an anal torture device that his father swore was a prostate massager.

“I wasn’t sure what flavor you would like best so I got an assortment. I personally like piña colada.”

Noted. “If you want to try it out, I can get my dick out for you.”

That deep chuckle made Jerry’s heart twist.

“Can I ask…why your sister is harassing you?”

His father rubbed the bridge of his nose and stood. “She’s pissed I sided with Ivan instead of her.” He walked over to Jerry’s lounging position and sat down on the mattress in front of Jerry’s midsection. Then he leaned back against Jerry and looked over at him. “From the age of twelve, I worked for her. She and my father both had me trained. But when I left at age sixteen I cut off all ties. When I finally decided to reach back out to my family, she thought is was an insult to her that I reached out to Ivan instead of her. She felt I was ungrateful and that I owe her my life.”

“She sounds bitchy.”

“Hey, that’s your aunt… But bitchy doesn’t begin to cover it.”

“What does your brother think? Ivan I mean…or Uncle Ivan.”

“Hell, he’d be thrilled if you called him that.” His father screwed up his face. “Don’t call him that. I don’t want him getting attached.”

Jerry laughed. “I’m not going to fuck the man.”

“No, but he might try to fuck you.”

Jerry’s jaw dropped.

“You’re very good looking and he knows no boundaries. He makes up rules in his head as he goes. Its irritating as hell sometimes. And its one of the reasons he and Aline hate each other. He lives to irritate her. She lives to try to find a way to take everything he has. The only reason she hasn’t tried to kill him is because he’s family…or she’s afraid to reap the consequences if she fails…”

Jerry thought about it a moment before he said, “To frustrate her. That maybe why he helped you to get back on your feet in the first place — just to piss her off.”

His father laughed. “I considered that too, especially since he doesn’t ask anything of me. But I still have to hear her stupid voice when she calls. Lately she’s been calling me more often. She wants my help trying to locate some property she lost. Evidently, it’s pretty damn important.”

“What is it?”

“No clue. I’m trying not to get involved. I even warned Ivan and he told me to just ignore her and she’ll go away. But Aline doesn’t just go away…no, she get’s louder.” He blew out a breath then turned and leaned toward Jerry. They kissed.

Jerry rolled onto his back. His father’s hands came down on both sides of the pillow as their lips and tongues slid together intimately. Jerry’s hands ran up under his father’s shirt feeling the warm skin and muscular lines. He racked his fingers through the fine hair of his chest and passed over the nipples.

As he explored his father’s skin, moving his hands to that strong back, his father delved into every inch of Jerry’s mouth. His tongue roamed and probed as if he couldn’t get enough. Ego swelling from how much his father wanted him, he reached for his father’s zipper.

“Let’s try out the new flavors you bought,” Jerry said breathlessly.

His father was up, removing his shirt, and going for lube. “Tropical Paradise or-“

“Not picky.”

Jerry grinned watching his father pull off his pants and boxers. He opened a bottle of the new lube and began coating his hard as a spear dick. Rubbing the liquid over the flesh sensually he walked back to the bed. Lifting one leg he straddled over Jerry’s chest and slowly lowered until his cock was lined up with Jerry’s lips.

Jerry opened wide and let his father feed him as he seated himself over Jerry, barely letting his weight rest. Philip leaned forward shallowly pumping into Jerry’s mouth. Hands placed high over Jerry’s head, he rocked his hips to make that cock dive deeper.

“Glitch…oh…fuck…so wet…” His father said then grunted.

Closed in by his father’s abdomen and groin, Jerry felt confined as that lemon-lime spear slipped in and out of his mouth, over his tongue, and down his throat. Jerry held his breath and relished the taste as his father took over his mouth. Though his father needed no encouragement, Jerry rested his hand on the man’s thighs, feeling the heated skin.

“Mmmm…take it all…” Grunting, his father picked up speed, making Jerry relaxed his throat and prepared himself for the onslaught. “So fucking good…” Pelvis pressing over and over into his face, it wasn’t long before his father grabbed Jerry’s head and lifted his head to hold him so Jerry took it all in. Jerry choked a bit, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as the first time.

Withdrawing, his father’s body slid down until they were kissing again, his father’s fingers tangling in Jerry’s hair and playing with his ears. Jerry’s hands ran up the man’s chest until his arms were circling his father’s neck, pulling the man closer. They lay kissing again, until his father finally pulled back and said, “How soon do you think you’ll be ready to fuck again?”

Jerry shrugged, not wanting to tell the man his ass didn’t hurt that much and he could probably be good tomorrow. Instead he just kissed the guy. If his father wanted to fuck him, he’d have to figure it out and take what he wanted. And Jerry looked forward to the taking.


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