The Wrong Type of Redemption

32 Midnight


32: Midnight

Jerry woke with a gasp.

He had tried to stay awake for his father to get out of the bathroom, but clearly the man wanted to squelch all urges because he remained in there forever. Jerry fell asleep on the bed waiting.

So, the smack on his ass jerked him out of dreamland.

Waking fully, Jerry struggling to get up. “Fuck, old man, spanking is not sexy.”

“Here I am trying to be sensible and you bare your tight ass to me? How am I supposed to resist? Get up and put some pants on or-“

“Hell, you can’t be that dimwitted.” Jerry growled getting up on his hands and knees then glared at Philip over his shoulder. “Hello? Offering myself up here… Silver platter?”

“Shit.” His father looked down at Jerry’s ass then covered his face. “Glitch…”

“You said no more games…right?”


“Then no more games…I want this. Honestly.”

His father uncovered his face and looked at Jerry. “Do you know what you’re asking for?”

“I’m not asking. Take those big hands. Part my ass. And…” Jerry didn’t need to finish. His father’s warm palms slid over Jerry’s butt cheeks spreading the flesh. Then the first push came, pressing on his tight opening. He felt the ring of muscle resist as he grit his teeth in anticipation. Even though he though he had gotten used to the feel when he lubed himself, it was all together a different sensation feeling his father’s fingers circling, pressing, probing, and…

He shivered when he felt the first invasion. Jerry dug his fingers into the sheets as he lifted his ass in the air higher.

The push into his ass made his breaths quicken. Jerry gasped as the digit caressed inside his lubed walls. The finger curved a bit, wiggling. The intrusion was both too embarrassing and extremely intimate. He moaned not sure he liked it until he was gasping for a different reason.

“Did that feel good?” His father asked. “Or did I hurt you?”

Shaking his head, Jerry tried to form the right words. He struggled as his father continued stroking lightly over that area. Jerry’s leaking cock must have been the answer his father needed because the man didn’t stop. As erotic tremors racking his body, Jerry began bucking his hips.

Philip had definitely found his prostate. With each pass, Jerry’s whole body shudder making him disoriented. He tried to get up or lay down, he wasn’t sure.

Teeth grazed his back. His skin ignited, every touch electrified, and every breath that he felt melted him more. That finger seemed to angle down toward his dick as he continued probing that spot that had Jerry wanted to hump and yet he couldn’t.

“Ah….ah…” He chanted with every pass over his most sensitive area. It felt like his father could control his whole being with that touch alone. His body shuddered and his cock screamed for release. But all Jerry could do was, “Ah!”

He felt it the moment a second finger went in. His muscles stretched and pressure build. Jerry felt tears peak the corner of his eyes as his father continued to attack the area driving him to insanity. He needed more…he needed to fuck. He needed it like he needed to breath. By the third finger, Jerry was a weeping mess both his cock and eyes. He wanted to cum so bad, he thought he would scream and yet all he could do was push back on the hand fucking him. Over and over, he pushed his hips onto those fingers silently begging for more. His mind was so mushy he couldn’t balance himself to grab his cock and jerk off. It felt like hours had passed. Torturous hours of painful bliss.

But time vanished the moment he felt the first push of pain.

Hands gripped his hips propping his ass in the air, pushing his back so that his chest sunk into the mattress, Jerry felt the broad head spear pass the ring of muscle. “Fuck!” He finally uttered a coherent word before burying his head into the pillow to yell. His father went slow, snail slow, tormenting every nerve, centimeter by centimeter.

Jerry’s body quivered the whole time, head tossing and turning into the pillow, trying to endure. All his senses were screaming for it to stop. But he refused to give in. He wanted this. Even as he reveled in the intense pain, his dick bobbed hard and needy. He leaked as the pressure built, rising to a point where Jerry didn’t know if he was cumming, screaming, begging, or praying. The walls of his ass were on fire. His body began pushing back on that massive tool even as the pain seemed to sear him, cleaving him apart.

Moments of pleasure began to peak as his father’s dick slither over his prostate. The blend of pleasure and pain had turned his whole being into a volcano.

His body bucked. Jerry’s teeth tore at the pillow case even as he continued crying, inwardly begging for mercy.

The end came when his father’s body lay flush against his back and Philip’s balls could be felt against Jerry’s thighs.

He panted feeling the claim all the way up his spine. His insides were so full, Jerry feared to move. His father held him close not moving, sucking on his neck. Jerry would’ve laughed at the man’s little habit, but everything was too…much.

They lay connected together with no words as Jerry slowly got used to that cock inside of him and Philip kissed his neck, sucking the skin and wiping at Jerry’s sweaty brow.

Finally finding the strength, Jerry reached for his still aching cock and began palming it. The sensation coupled with his father’s cock impaled in him, sent him over the edge faster with an intensity that had his ass muscles flexing around that thick invader, body quaking violently. “Aaaaaaahhh!” His body continued jerking, nerves firing little explosions all through him.

His father moaned in his hair, holding him tighter as he shook against Jerry. They both climaxed together grunting, panting.

Body relaxing for what felt like the very first time, Jerry’s eyes finally seemed to see the room. The lights were still on, the sheets were a mess, he was positioned on his chest, head on his pillow, ass in the air. His father lay on top, mounted behind him, arms around his abdomen holding him tight.

Jerry wiggled a bit and his father’s body moved bringing them to lay on their side, his father still holding on, cock still half inside. They lay in the silence.

Exhausted, Jerry slowly began to drift off too tired to resist. “Old man…”


“You dick…”



His father chuckled and began kissing the back of Jerry’s neck again. Then he started nibbling Jerry’s ear.

“Old man…”

Those arms squeezed tighter. “Mmmmm…”

“Don’t leave me.” He whispered.

Teeth raked over his skin. “I warned you… I fought hard to be rational… But with you I don’t think I can put that mask back on. You’ll be running from me before I even think of leaving.” His father bit him then. Actually, bit him!

Jerry woke right up. “Shit!” It didn’t hurt much, but it was shocking.

Lips began sucking on that spot of his neck. “I am going to cook you the best breakfast…” More kisses. “I know your body needs to recoup. I have lidocaine I can use if you’re in pain…” More kisses. “But right now, just let me stay like this so I don’t grow hard again and make a mess of you. And I want to make a mess of you.”

Jerry chuckled as he pondered how he created the Frankenstein now clinging to him. One moment he had no father. The next he couldn’t pry the guy off him.

“Old man?”


“Can you at least get up and turn out the light?”

His father only chuckled, holding Jerry even tighter.


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