The Wrong Type of Redemption

30 Midday


30: Midday

Jerry nearly made it to the door and opened it, before it was pushed shut. Damn, the asshole moved fast.

“You shouldn’t have turned your back on me, Glitch.” Heated words breathed into his ear. Philip pressed his body against Jerry’s.

“Get off me.” Jerry demanded, fear began to prickle over his skin, even as excitement stirred his dick.

“You should’ve never started this game… You and I both know its evolved. No longer a game.” His father’s voice darkened to a nearly haunting resonance. “Now, I can’t get you out of my head.” Teeth grazed his skin. “You think you only have the few hickies at the front of you neck? You can’t look at the back without another mirror can you?”

He remembered all the times his father sucked on his back. “Get off!” He tried to push off the door, to get his father to back away from him, but he found his arm twisted behind his back and his chest pressed hard into the wood.

His father’s steel cock pressed into the valley of his cheeks. “Don’t think I didn’t noticed how you rocked your ass against my cock last night as I held you…or the other times we were this close…” The hard boner rubbed against him. “You want it.”

“No.” He sucked in a breath when his father’s other hand came up and gripped his throat.

“You’re afraid to let me close aren’t you? Afraid I’ll abandon you again.” His father ground his cock into Jerry harder, making Jerry’s own crotch grind into the door. “But your worry shouldn’t be me abandoning you, Glitch.” That haunting gravel tone nearly made him whimper. “Instead you should fear I’ll never let you go. Because right now, I want to be deep inside you…” He thrust his hips again. “So deep.” He thrust again. “So very, very deep…”

Each word grew darker, rougher, and more possessive. Jerry found he was arching his back, allowing his ass to push against that huge cock in time with each of his father’s thrusts.

“Don’t give in to me and don’t let me have more if you’re not ready. Because I don’t think I can hold back with you? I don’t think I can pretend to be normal anymore.”

“Why me?” Jerry breathed.

The grip on his neck tightened. “You were already mine. My blood. My son. I love you because of that. But as a lover…” He kissed along Jerry’s jaw. “I want more.”

“But you abandoned-” Jerry moaned when his father nipped his ear.

“Fear makes us do stupid things.” That grip tightened on his throat more, nearly choking Jerry. “Never again.”

“Never?” He whimpered.

“Let me in.”

Jerry nodded, but whispered, “…don’t know if I can trust you.”

“I know. And I don’t know what to do to make that go away… Time, I guess.” His father let go, and the weight at Jerry’s back lifted. “Fuck…I don’t know if I can pull back from you…I know I should go slow… I’m more scared I’ll hurt you or make you fear me.”

Jerry folded his arms over his chest and glanced back. For the first time Jerry could remember, his father looked murderous as he stared down at the ground.

“I worked damn hard to control myself. And it only took a month with you to destroy it all. You opened this door in my head, and now…now I want…and want…” He looked up and reached out to Jerry’s face and cupped it. “I want more than I should.” He leaned in to Jerry and kissed him. “You might be a man.” He kissed Jerry’s lower lip. “And my son.” He kissed the upper lip. “But you’re more than that. You’re all I have.” Then he devoured Jerry, taking over his mouth with a desperation that nearly engulfed Jerry’s very being.

Jerry groaned, feeling his back rest against the door. He unfolded his arms and held onto the sides of Philip’s shirt. Philip’s leg eased between Jerry’s. They rested comfortably against one another, kissing, breathing, taking, making out until Jerry’s lips were too sore to kiss further.

“Time out.” Jerry breathed turning his head away.

But his father continued kissing his chin, his neck, sucking.

Jerry chuckled, as he felt those lips nurse at him. “I swear, old man, if you make one more mark on me-“

“Too late.” His father panted. “Do you want me to get the lube?”

That’s when Jerry pushed him away.

“Give me some time to prepare.” Jerry shoved past the guy to grab his bag off the floor. His nerves trembled with each step to the exit.

“How much time?” His father asked, but Jerry didn’t turn back to look at him.

Jerry laughed nervously. “If you haven’t noticed, you’re a big guy all over. Let me get somethings to prepare…and…” He swallowed trying to find an excuse and failing. “Fuck, I don’t know.” He left the apartment and walked to the library. He knew he ran away from the real issue. Knew he fled from his father’s overwhelming confession. But he never expected it in a million years. Just last week, his father was struggling with kissing him and now? Now the man was damn near demanding all of Jerry.

No, he was demanding all, dominating every one of Jerry’s sense. Already he tried to change Jerry’s life. While Jerry could live with a lifestyle upgrade, what else would Philip demand? He shivered, remembering that hand on his neck. His father was obsessed with touching it, kissing it, marking it… Jerry’s cock ached with the knowledge that he liked it. But he feared his father could be another Gerald.

At times like these, he wanted to call Mia. But she was traveling for her interviews… Maybe he could talk to Dorian. No. No, Dorian wouldn’t understand. He was as possessive of Mitchell as it got. His father was right, it was genetic.

Then he thought of Mitchell and called him.

“Jerry? Hey!” Mitchell’s deep voice smoothed over his frayed nerves.

“Hey. Can we talk?”

“I’m a little surprised, but sure.”

“Ok…you know about me and…Philip.”

Mitchell chuckled. “Yeah… Unbelievable, but yeah.”

“Well, um…you know how Dorian can be a bit…overbearing?”

Mitchell laughed. “A bit! The only reason he didn’t answer my phone is because he’s downstairs chatting with my mom. So, talk quickly if you don’t want him butting in. Oh, and I should warn you, he checks my phone so he’ll see this call.”

“Not if you delete it out of your call history.”

“Smart. So?”

“I think Dorian’s possessiveness is genetic.”

“Okay, what?” Mitchell asked, clearly not getting it.

“My father’s just as bad. He’s…very demanding.”


“Yeah. So advice? How do you deal?”

“If I wasn’t Bats’ best friend I would probably have been freaked out, but I’m used to Bats’ crazy so it didn’t phase me too much,” he said. Bats was the nickname Mitchell gave his cousin because Dorian was batshit crazy.

“But I’m used to being alone,” Jerry spoke truthfully. “This is…”



“I don’t know what to tell you. With Bats, if it gets too much, I tell him to chill and put him in a headlock.”

“I wish it was that simple. My father just gets into my head and I end up giving him what he wants.”

Mitchell got quiet for awhile. Then he said, “Jerry…I don’t know your father, but I know you. You’re not a pushover. If you don’t want to do something, you won’t. You even fought your grandmother to go to Miami. And I’m told that woman is not someone you want to fight with. So, if your father is doing things you don’t like, then you won’t give in. Is he doing things you don’t like?”

Jerry sighed and answered honestly, “No…”

Mitchell laughed. “Uh huh. You’re one of the smartest dudes I know, so I know you’ll figure it out. But I do think you’ve been without someone too long. You need more people around you. Even if it’s just one friend. If your father is seriously trying to make an effort to be that person, I say, let him. But also let him know if he leaves again, he’s out permanently.”

Jerry sighed. Mitchell was telling him to let down his defenses and let the bastard in. “Okay. Thanks.”

“No prob. As for the possessiveness. Brace yourself.”

“Mitchy! Who’s on the phone.”

“Damn. Talk to you later.”

“Later.” He hung up. Five minutes later, he got a text from his cousin.

Dorian: [No stealing my Mitch.]

Jerry: [He’s too sane for you.]

Dorian: [I know. But he’s mine. So, paws off. You have your own buff daddy.] *devil emoji*

Jerry shook his head pocketing his phone.

At the library, Jerry deployed the beta version of the decryption program on Nick’s computer and waited. Now that Nick was dead, what was he going to do with the computer? Should he reformat the whole thing and sell it? Then another thought struck him. If this really wasn’t Nick’s computer, was it connected to the murder…murders?

He had been so wrapped around Philip the past few days he hadn’t thought about it but this computer was clearly packing some major highly questionable unknown software. Feeling uneasy, Jerry’s fingers tapped nervously on the table.

Over an hour after the program began running, someone came to sit across from him at the table.

He looked up at the gold cunning eyes of the last person he wanted to see.

Before Jerry could open his mouth to ask Tyler if he was following him, Tyler said, “You may excel in computers, but you really need to work on your phone’s security. Your GPS is a glaring beacon to anyone who knows what they’re doing.”

Good to know. “Why are you here?”

“You haven’t been to school and I needed to thank you. Seems I owe you, again.” Tyler continued. “I already had plans for Cara and Dave, but you kept me from having to do something Bailey wouldn’t like. For that…” He took a piece of paper out of the front pocket of his polo shirt. He put it on the table but kept his hand on it. “I’m sure you heard about my father dying over the summer,” Tyler said not looking the least bit sad. Instead, the guy looked amused. “His company, which belongs to my boss Mr. Walthour, is having troubles staying afloat without my father’s leadership. Especially in the network security department. While I’m good, I’m only one person. Mr. Michel Hajnal, who’s now the head of that company, is waiting for your call. If you’re interest, he will test your skills, hire you if you pass, and work with your school schedule.” He slid the piece of paper over to Jerry. “With your skill set, you could probably make many demands.”

Jerry picked up the business card and looked at the contact info.

“Also, a little advice.” Tyler stood up. “Pain can increase the pleasure. But first, you have to endure the pain.” Tyler licked his lips sinfully. “Then hold on for the rush.” That lean body trembled before walking off, leaving Jerry very unsettled. Was the motherfucker creeping outside of his apartment or something? How could he know… my phone! It had to be the conversations he had with Dorian or Mitchell, or both.

He had never tried to learn to secure his phone better because he never used it for anything he needed to hide. But now it was definitely time to learn how to secure it. And that’s what he did the rest of the evening while he waited for the program to finish decrypting.

When the computer finally chimed letting him know the program was complete, he opened the program. Frowning, he continued to look over what he read.


The program did a partial decryption. He needed to do more work on the decryption program, yet Jerry wasn’t sure if that was a good idea anymore if the computer was getting people killed. Looking at the bits of already encrypted information Jerry frowned at the sequence of numbers revealed. Phone numbers? Credit card numbers? Social security numbers? Each time he tried to research them, his questions only brought more questions and no answers.

Frustrated, Jerry packed up his belongs. No matter what the computer held, Jerry was determined to find out, the challenge to learn more won over any uncertainty. Maybe he should fear death… but how many times had he wished for death? 

Nope, after coming so close to death at such a young age, death didn’t terrify him. What did? His father abandoning him again. Just like that little kid he had been shivering in the dark, Jerry knew he’d have to face that all too real fear one day.


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