The Wrong Type of Redemption

29 Daybreak


29: Daybreak

For days, Jerry spent time with Philip. They talked. Kissed. Argued. Touched. Teased. Ate food. Ate each other. Cursed each other. Joked. And fondled. Jerry taught him a little sign language while Philip taught him some Russian terms. Jerry enjoyed their “bonding” so much that when his adviser emailed that he could come back to school, he ignored it, not telling Philip so he could just be with his father a few more days. He arranged for his professors to keep sending his assignments with the excuse that he was sick.

Jerry liked how Philip took more and more liberties. At times, Philip’s audacity shocked and irritated. Other times his father’s daring was more than welcomed like when those sexy lips wrapped around Jerry’s cock. The boldness grew and grew to a point that started to excite Jerry and terrify him.

Monday, Jerry woke to kisses. Moaning, fumbling with his eyes closed, he found Philip Jr. and took both cocks in hand, jerking them both off. Lips locked, tongues, and breaths mingling, Jerry found himself rolled on top. 

As Jerry’s hands stroked and fondled, his father’s hand went to Jerry’s ass. That rough grip made Jerry moan, knees pressing into the mattress on both sides of his father’s hips letting his own hips piston into the grip. Encouraging Jerry, his father kneaded the flesh on his ass, spreading the cheeks. He felt fingers brush against his anus and his body shook cumming as he groaning into their open mouth kiss. Fuck, I love those rough hands…

Coming up for air, Jerry dropped his head to the side as Philip took over where Jerry left out, jerking them both off until Philip finally came and Jerry came again. Afterward, Jerry felt Philip combing his hair, kissing his neck, and sucking on the skin. Teeth grazed over the sensitive areas of his neck giving him gooseflesh. 

When Jerry finally rolled off his father onto his back, his father propped up on his side to look at Jerry. Those eyes watched him with something gleaming under the surface like questions or some knowledge Jerry wasn’t privy too. They stared at each other for a long time, before he felt Philip’s fingers trailing over Jerry’s thigh to his sack where he teased Jerry’s dick back to life.

Jerry cursed, wanting the man to stop tormenting with those light touches. He tried to get up, but Philip moved over his chest, kissing him, fingers tiptoeing over his sensitive cock-head. Jerry struggled to get up so that the torture would end. He wanted to cum so bad, he could barely breath. Or maybe it was the tongue refusing to let him curse out loud. It felt like hours before he finally came from the light touches. The man was fucking evil. They stayed in bed most of the morning, kissing, touching, both acting as if they were starved just to be close.

Neither said anything, or if Philip did, Jerry didn’t hear it. But his father knew just enough sign language to spell out words if he wanted to say something.

By afternoon, the two were ravenous for actual food. Jerry showered, put in his aids, cleaned up the bed, and floor. His father cooked.

After they ate, his father shaved him again. Then Philip left to go run an errand.

Once he found out about Nick passing away, Jerry had called Mia’s job several times and left messages with the center’s staff. He sent her an email a couple of days ago, but he never received a reply. He wasn’t sure when she’d get it or if she was coming back. What was he supposed to do with Nick’s computer now? Letting his curiosity lead him, he continued to figure out what those programs on the computer were for.

Finished creating the beta program that would decrypt one of the programs, he heard a knock at the door. He frowned, knowing his father had left the door unlocked. He moved the laptop aside, stood up to answer it, just as the door opened on its own.

“Why did you knock if…” His voice trailed off as two men came into the room wearing business suits. “I think you have the wrong apartment.”

“Are you Jerry?” One of them asked. He kind of looked like an older Alejandro.

“I am.”

“You’re the one who broke my brother’s nose.” The man narrowed his eyes.

Jerry didn’t like where this was going. “You brother was Alejandro?”


Jerry held up his hands. “Look, he harassed a friend of mine, Mia. Your family knows her right? I was trying to protect her.”

“By killing him?”

“Killing.” Jerry scoffed. “I never…” He remembered the news report. “No way was that me. I’ve never killed anyone. I don’t even own a gun. And while I didn’t like the…Alejandro, I didn’t kill him.”

“Gentlemen.” His father came in behind them smiling. “Is there a problem here?” They turned to see Philip towering over them.

Compared to Jerry and his father, those two were in the land of giants. The small apartment size didn’t help. And it was clear they didn’t feel comfortable. Even Jerry was starting to feel claustrophobic. 

One of them eyed Jerry’s father suspiciously. “Do I know you?” The other man with Alejandro’s brother asked.

“I don’t think so.”

“You look awfully familiar.”

Philip sighed. “What family do you belong to?” He asked sounding resigned.


“Y Azevedo?” Philip replied.


His father groaned. “If you shave me bald, I probably look like my half-brother, Ivan Voronin.”

The two men sucked in a hissing breath.

“Sorry to bother you.” The one with Alejandro’s brother said as he pushed the other toward the door. “Tell Mr. Voronin we deeply apologize for any insult our visit may have caused.” Disappearing behind his father, Jerry heard the door click shut.

“Ivan Voronin…” Jerry knew that name. “He’s known for going against…most governments, even his own. So that’s who your half-brother is.” Jerry frowned at that then realized something. “He must have a bad rep to get such a reaction.”

“I wasn’t joking when I told you he’s insane.” His father didn’t look the least bit concerned as he looked Jerry over. “What did they want?”

“They though I might know something about Alejandro who one of them is related to.”

“And do you?”

“I broke the jackass’s nose. That’s the only thing I’m guilty of. And he fucking deserved it…um no disrespect to the dead…”

His father chuckled. The he got quiet and frowned. “That’s the other guy that was on the news that night. You didn’t mention knowing him.”

“Not worth mentioning. He went to the same gym that Nick went to. Didn’t know the two were seeing each other…” Jerry was still shocked about that.

His father shook his head. “I don’t like that this is so close to you.” He got out his phone and began to put in a number as he lifted a yellow envelop. “I broke your lease. Paid the penalty. We move at the end of the month.” Then he put the phone to his ear.

Jerry had nearly forgot about that shit and had hoped his father had forgotten, too. Shocked and pissed his father broke the lease without further discussion, Jerry just glared at the guy while folding his arms over his chest. They hadn’t even talked about where they were going to live. But Jerry had a sneaking suspicion the controlling bastard already picked the place. Probably already had it furnished and everything… “Broke the lease? Just like that? No questions asked?”

His father winked as he began speaking in what Jerry assumed was Russian over the phone. After a long paused, he said something else then hung up. Putting his phone back into his pocket he looked down at the floor in thought.

“What?” Jerry asked tensing.

“When I told my brother what was going on in the area and how close it was to you he sounded concerned… and he’s never concerned…” His father said in thought. Then his face perked up. “Maybe we should go ahead and start packing early. Get a jump start on the move just in case this place is no longer safe.”

“Right. The move…” Jerry shook his head. “Dude, we need boundaries.”

His father laughed dropping the envelop on the floor and stepping over it before reaching up to Jerry’s hair, ruffling it.

“What’s so funny?” Jerry narrowed his eyes, jerking his head and leaning away from that all too amused expression.

His father’s laughter faded into a hum, eyes shining with mischief.

“Stop it.”

“Stop what?”

“Stop trying to get into my head.” Jerry had learned over the past few days when his father got that cocky air about him, he was weaving his brain sucking magic. And it usually got the asshole what he wanted.

His father reached out and Jerry stepped back in apprehension.

“We had the discussion. You agreed.” That smirk irritated Jerry. The old man quickly closed the distance and reached for his hair again.

“Under duress.” Jerry closed one eye letting the hand travel down his hair to play with his ear. The man loved messing with his hair, neck, and ears…nauseating how Jerry enjoyed the petting.

“Is that what you call it?” That rough hand trailed lower to where he left another damn hickie.

“Yes, and why are you leaving marks on my skin? Does that make you happy? And did you do that to mom? I don’t remember her ever getting hickies.” He shivered when fingers caressed along his collarbone where the hickies lined up on his skin nearly forming a damn collar.

His father stared at Jerry’s neck as if…as if he was ready to sink his teeth in. “No, I never left marks on your mother.” His father stared at Jerry’s neck, fingers brushing over the skin rhythmically. “I tried my best to…make sure her parents didn’t worry.” His voice was low and haunting.

“What does that mean?” Jerry’s own words barely carried.

“I was trying to control myself even back then. So, I became the model husband. Firm, but not too much… Yielding even when I knew better.” Those blue eyes stared on Jerry’s neck as if fixated.

Jerry shivered when the rough pads of his fingers brushed Jerry’s jaw.

“I think they look good on you.”

“I don’t.”

His father chuckled. “Then try harder to stop me next time.” His thumb brushed against Jerry’s lips.

Jerry opened his mouth to say something else, but his father’s thumb dipped inside. Jerry licked the tip.

“You should really stop seducing me….” That gravelly voice raked over Jerry’s nerves.

“Who’s seducing who?”

“Those looks you give me tell me everything you want from me, Glitch.” His father smirked. “And I must confess, the blowjobs you give are addictive. It makes me want more and more. A lot…more.”

Jerry’s heart tripled when his father now wet thumb skimmed over Jerry’s bottom lip.

“With some people, if you give them an inch they might end up taking more than they should.”

“How much more?” Jerry asked looking at his father’s lips as he talked completely in a trance by the sexual energy between them.

“Everything. Greed doesn’t know that boundaries term you use.”

“And…after you have it all…then what?” Jerry asked.

“Then…” His father seemed to snap out of the sexual haze. “Then I destroy good people.” He looked around the room running a hand over the back of his neck. “I’m not a good guy, Glitch. You, your mother, your brothers aren’t the only ones to benefit from my fuck ups.”

The sudden distance between them put Jerry on edge. “Ok,” He said turning to his stuff and bent over. He grabbed his laptop, packing it into his bag. Then he grabbed Nick’s computer and also stowed it.

“Glitch, wait. Let me explain.”

“Sounds like you’re trying to back out.” Jerry felt the panic rise within.

“No, I’m just warning you what you’re getting into.”


Jerry lifted his bag, but his father snatched it from his grasp and pointed to the bed. “Sit.”

“Look. I get it. You want me to be scared and back out so that you can make a clean get away-“

His father hooked a foot behind Jerry’s ankle while pushing him. Flailing, Jerry hit the mattress with an oomph! “I said sit.” He parked Jerry’s bag on the floor. Then he stood up on the mattress over Jerry and squatted down, ass hovering over his abs. “This isn’t a game, Jerry. And its time we stop playing games. From here on out.” His father’s nostrils flared, jaw clinching. “I was seventeen when I started dating. The first girl was kind, shy, and easy to push around. The deeper our relationship got, the more I wanted. I didn’t love her, I wanted her. She was like property to me. I fucking stalked her. My wake-up call was her breaking down crying that I was suffocating her, taking over her life. She was hysterical.” Though his father’s words were horrifying, Jerry noticed there was no remorse in his gaze. “That’s when I knew I was more like my family than I wanted to be. And I don’t want to be anything like them. The next girl I dated, I tried to hide it, but even then she felt I was too much.” His father stood, walking over the mattress until he was sitting next to Jerry.

Jerry sat up and listened intently, not believing his father’s words.

“The next girl, I worked even harder to be less like…me. But she left feeling I was too intense. With each girl I fine-tuned my personality, hoping to reach something passing for human. By the time I got to your mother I had learned the right balance and became the perfect prince.” He laughed a deep rumble. “Hell, Jerry, I already took over your apartment and you want to know why? Because you let me fuck that mouth of yours. If you allow me to have anymore, I’m going to take more. The urge is strong and gets stronger the longer I’m with you. I don’t know if its because my blood runs through your veins… I can’t say what this urge is but…but deep inside I feel like I own a part of you. And it makes me…”

Freaked out, Jerry was about to get up, but Philip grabbed his arm, anchoring him.

Keeping a firm hold, his father leaned into Jerry’s ear and said in a heated breathy tone. “I’ve already told you leaving you isn’t an option, but do you understand what I’m saying? I’m saying I want more than your mouth.”

Jerry immediately jerked away and jumped up, fearing he knew exactly what his father implied. He moved halfway across the room and turned to see Philip watching.

Those eyes held a predatory gleam to them as they never left Jerry. “I’ve already contemplated the natural course of where things go if we keep going. But do you honestly think I’ll let you fuck me?” His father asked looking all too serious.

“Shit.” Jerry began pacing. If he gave into Philip, the man could destroy him mentally and emotionally if he abandoned Jerry…and physically with that damn cock. Jerry was in too deep to survive if his father left him. “No fucking way.”

His father shrugged tracking Jerry’s steps with that penetrating gaze. “We already know I can get it up and keep it up with you. Now I’m thinking about all the possibilities.” That voice rumbled a lazy sound.

Jerry headed for the door, feeling his ass’s virginity was no longer safe.


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