The Wrong Type of Redemption

28 After Dark


28: After Dark

In a haze of confusion, Jerry washed and sat down on the floor where his father waited. For a long time, they said nothing to each other, sitting in silence shoulder to shoulder.

“I can’t imagine what you’re going through, son,” his father finally said quietly.

“I’m being…unfair.” Jerry rubbed his hands over his face. “I’m not the only one who lost people… It just… It always seems to come rushing back at the worst moments…and…and…”

“You don’t know how to deal with it.”

Jerry nodded.

“So you withdraw and if you’re not allowed to do that, you lash out.”

He nodded again. Bullseye. It annoyed him that his father read him so well. Then it made his heart squeeze at the idea the man really paid attention.

“I’m not sure how else to help you but I’m not leaving you again so stop trying to push me away.”

Jerry said nothing even as he inwardly smiled.

“A change of scenery might help a little. How about we move into a bigger apartment, one that will fit a king size bed so we can both sleep-“

“No,” Jerry said not wanting his hopes to grow anymore than they had. He just didn’t think he could take anymore loss.

“I’d pay for it so you don’t have to-“

“I said, no.” Jerry frowned finally looking over at the man. “If you want to come and go, fine, but you’re not rearranging my life just because you get me off.”

“You’re telling me you’re not cramped in here? Even the bathroom is too small for-“

“I’ve done just fine up ’til now, before you came along.”

“But if you have the option to do better-“

“Drop it.” Jerry huffed.

“If I give you a blowjob will you do it?”

He actually considered it before he growled, “No.” He didn’t sound convincing at all.

As if his father sensed it, he leaned toward Jerry.

Freaked out by his father’s persistence, Jerry stood and walked toward the kitchenette. He kept his back to Philip as he grumbled under his breath, rummaging through the cabinets for…absolutely nothing. He just didn’t want to look at his father. He didn’t want that bastard crawling around in his head getting what he wanted.

His father didn’t say anything, didn’t make a sound, so Jerry was startled when he felt the heat of that hard body so close that Jerry could’ve leaned back into the other guy’s chest.

“Turn around, Jerry.” His father said, a firm command.

Jerry swallowed the lump in his throat. Then he steeled his nerve, hardened his jaw and turned around to face the man.

“Don’t you think we can compromise?” His father leaned in.

Jerry leaned back until his head was touching the cabinet behind him. His heart beat tripled.


Jerry did.

His father kissed him, tongue plunging into his throat. That tongue explored his mouth, leisurely taking his time, sensually mapping every inch. They locked eyes. His father pulled back, and suckled Jerry’s bottom lip a bit before kissing along the jaw to his neck where he sucked on the sensitive flesh below his ear.

“All I’m asking for is a one-bedroom apartment,” His father murmured against his flesh. One hand smoothed up his back sending chills up his spine as the other shoved down the back of his pants gripping an ass cheek. Jerry gasped in shock at the feel of those rough big hands. His father sucked harder on that one spot above his collarbone. Mind glazed over he learned his head further away to give the man more access to whatever he wanted. His father’s cock rubbed against his own in a slow deliberate pace that had Jerry moaning.

“What do you want in exchange for that one-bedroom?” His father asked. Teeth grazed against his skin, exciting his nerves.

The hand on his ass kneaded the flesh.

“Tell me what you want.”

Jerry tried to shake the man out of his head. Tried to break the spell. Instead, his father’s lips covered his again, tongue lapping into his mouth. Their tongues slowly circled each other, playing inside the moist environment, tempting, teasing. Forgetting his resolve, Jerry reached up, holding onto the strong arms holding him.

He’d never had such a powerfully seductive kiss. His groin wept the more his father pressed against him, pulling Jerry’s ass and back into the embrace. Jerry moaned, grounding his crotch seeking another release.

Sucking air through his nostrils he inhaled his father’s masculine dominating scent. It overpowered him and Jerry moaned louder. Tremors racked him. He barely registered that he came as his cock continued to throb for more.

“Say yes.” His father commanded between kisses.

“Yes, fuck yes.” Jerry hissed his arms reached for the guy’s shirt, but Philip stepped back, licking his lips and smiled.

That’s when it clicked.

“You fucking shit.” Jerry swung his fist, but Philip laughed effortlessly dodging the strike.

“With age comes wisdom, my boy. Your little game pales in comparison to some of the women I’ve known. And son, I always get the upper hand.”

Jerry snorted through his nose, feeling like a raging bull prepared to charge. Then he looked down at his father’s crotch and smirked, letting the anger ease. “At least I got off. You look like you need a hand there.”

“Then come and suck it.”

“No way, daddy-o. You had your chance this morning-” Jerry grunted, when his father’s foot hooked the back of his leg, his wrist was gripped, twisted, and lifted painfully, all at once causing Jerry to drop to his knees.

After letting go, his father unzipped his jeans, dropped his pants, and smiled down at Jerry.

Waking from the shock, Jerry’s eyes widened not believing his father was going to force him to take it. His blood roared to life, his pulse thundered and a thrill made his nerves jump.

His father smirked, kicking his pants off his ankles. “You should never start what you can’t finish,” he said with his cock in hand. “You wanted me to want you. Now that I do-” He grabbed Jerry’s hair. “Do what you enjoy…”

“Fuck you!” Jerry breathed even at desire tumbled through him.

“Open.” His father ordered jerking his hair making his scalp tingle.

Jerry just stared at him defiantly.

His father’s hand gentled on his hair. “What are you fighting? You know you want this.” Fingers played along Jerry’s ear, as the spear head of his cock loomed ever closer to Jerry’s mouth. “Or do you like when I force you to do what you want?” That hand grabbed at his hair again, yanking.

Jerry gasped at the sudden pain. Lips slightly parted, his father shoved the tip inside. Jerry’s tongue tasted the precum and continued licking opening his mouth wider.

“Good boy,” Philip said as he slowly fed that long cock into his mouth. Taking Jerry’s head between his large hands, he began to move his hips. “Very good.” That gravel voice almost sounded like a growl as he slowly fucking down Jerry’s throat, hips pulling back and pushing forward closing up his airways.

Jerry’s body trembled from the exhilaration of his father taking what he wanted. It fucking turned him on so much his cock was stirring again.

“Fuck…” Philip began to pick up the pace, punishing Jerry’s throat. “I can’t believe you can…take it all. Fuck…”

Jerry inwardly glowed at his father’s disbelief as he relished the feel. The taste.

When his father came, he pushed his pelvis in Jerry’s face, holding him. Dominating him.

“I can feel your stubble on my balls.” He chuckled even as he continued holding Jerry. “I need to shave you again.”

When he finally pulled back, drool clung to the tip of his dick, a string connected directly to Jerry’s lips. Jerry licked it up.

His father smoothed a hand through Jerry hair as he looked down, tenderly watching him eagerly clean up Philip Jr.


Jerry looked up at the man, feeling a high he’d never experience before.

“Get up. Let’s go to bed,” His father said, thumb sliding over the stubbled jaw.

Jerry nodded and stood. He went to the bathroom. He brushed his teeth, washed out his mouth, took out his hearing aide, and was about to leave when he noticed red marks on the side of his neck. Fucking hickies. That old man actually left marks. Part of him was elated and another was completely baffled. How much of a dom was his father? He knew the man struggled with that controlling nature he tried to suppress. Yet he never remembered seeing marks on his mother’s neck. Did she hide them? Or was his father suppressing himself even back then?

Leaving the bathroom, he found his father on the bed, sprawled like he owned the damn thing. One arm covered his face. The other lay out on Jerry’s side. Jerry stared at the long-muscled body. Legs slightly spread, covered in sweat pants.

Then he noticed that hand on his side of the bed waving for Jerry to come over. Turning out the light, Jerry quickly got into bed, nearly jumping on the guy. Bodies settling into each other, they found each other’s lips and hands. In silence, they explored and kissed until Jerry finally fell asleep huddle close to the man he swore he didn’t want to cuddle with.


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