The Wrong Type of Redemption

26 Wednesday Sunrise


26: Wednesday Sunrise

As Philip lay beside him peacefully sleeping, Jerry felt a weight press down on his chest. Darkness crowded his vision.

“Have you forgotten?”

The weight began to crush him.

“You belong to me.”

Hands wrapped around his throat as his brother’s face entered his vision.

“Say it.”

The hands squeezed tight.

“Say it!”

He couldn’t breath as the grip punished him mercilessly.

“You can’t leave me, brother. You love me. You love me alone. Do you think you can get away?”

Breathing became impossible. Pain burned his lungs. Death blurred his vision…

“Gerald! Please!” Jerry jerked awake, panting, breathing. Air.

Eyes focusing, he found Philip hovering next to him staring down at him concern.

Rubbing his hands over his face he blew out a breath. It was only a dream… When he brought his hands back down he said, “Just a nightmare.”

But his father didn’t look convinced.

“Let it go.” Jerry told him.

His father moved to crawl over him, but Jerry stopped him, grabbing his thighs. He reached for the man’s pants trying to find the thing he wanted inside.

His father took hold of Jerry’s wrists and pinned them over his head, straddling Jerry’s chest.

Though his father didn’t say anything, the refusal was clearly written on his face.

“I want you in my mouth,” Jerry said.

His father’s eyes narrowed. He clearly knew Jerry wanted to distract him from his dreams, his worry, and his pain.

Instead, his father slid his body back until their chests were lined up and he was kissing Jerry senseless. His lips owned him. His tongue possessed him and those hands never let go of his wrists keeping him down. The way the man controlled the kiss lit him like a bonfire.

Then Philip let go and got off him, leaving Jerry panting and hard.

When his father returned, he had Jerry’s hearing aid in hand.

Jerry refused to take them. He didn’t want to talk about Gerald. And he didn’t want the man getting in his head.

His father pointed to his own crotch. Then to the hearing aids. Jerry frowned. He looked up at the man’s mouth as he said, “Take them and I’ll let you suck me off.”

Deal. He took them and put them in his ear. The next thing he knew he was on his back, his father’s body a living weight, and one rough hand had his cock.

“Shit!” Jerry’s back arched at the feel.

“Start talking. Tell me why you were pleading for Gerald to let you go in your sleep?”

Jerry shook his head in protest, but when that hand stopped moving he moaned. “You said you’d let me suck you.” Jerry whimpered.

“We’ll get to that eventually. Now start talking or no breakfast, and I’ll keep you from coming.” His fist tightened on Jerry’s cock and Jerry sucked in a sharp breath.

“Don’t think I don’t remember what you said about Gerald.”

Jerry stopped struggling.

“What did he do to you?”

“He didn’t hurt me,” he said quietly staring at the wall. “Just scared me a little.”

“How much is a little?” His father’s grip on his cock left.

He remained silent for a moment, wishing he didn’t have to face the truth like this. “I was as scared of him as I was of the dark. But I learned to manage it. As long as I did what he said, he wouldn’t do anything…” He closed his eyes remembering those hands around his throat, squeezing. Why did it feel like it had been more than a dream? His twin never physically harmed him, right? Jerry swallowed wondering if some of the memories he couldn’t remember were worse instead of better. “As much as I loved him, sometimes being with him was suffocating.” No longer putting up a fight he talked, his eyes on the beige wall. “Some times I wonder if he loved me as much as I loved him or if he just wanted to control me. I wonder why he would kill himself like that if he didn’t love me… I don’t know anything. I’m still trying to piece it all together.” He told him everything that Mia told him about the psychotic tendencies.

His father blew out a breath. “Unfortunately, that psychotic behavior runs in my father’s side of the family. Most of my brothers and sisters are monsters to some degree. Including me. Gerald and Eric probably got it from my genes. But Gerald committing suicide… My father’s side of the family is too Catholic and arrogant to do that.” He sighed. “But I never raise you guys to be Catholic… I think the answer was in the letter he left. He said he couldn’t live without you. I think it was fear,” His father said laying down beside Jerry.

Turning his head, Jerry looked at the man’s solemn face.

“You feared the dark, but he feared living without you. He might have been more dependent on you than any of us realized,” He said parroting what Mia said. “And he controlled you to keep you from ever leaving him. The thought of you never being with him again probably scared the shit out of him…broke him…” His father closed his eyes, turning to lay on his back beside Jerry. “I’m only guessing because what happened back then…scared the living shit out of me as well. I didn’t know how to face it. I think we all handled it badly. Except you. But the rest of us… I wish I had noticed Gerald more. Maybe… I don’t know.”

“Grandpa had you buried in the business.”

His father nodded.

“Because Gerald told grandpa he thought too many women were paying you attention. Of course, grandpa feared you’d cheat on his daughter so he wanted you to keep busy.”

“What!” His father sat up in shock.

Jerry laughed then. The expression of anger and disbelief playing on his features had Jerry’s sides hurting.

“Why the hell would he do that?” Philip asked.

“To keep you from finding out what he was doing to me, mom, and Eric. He knew you weren’t easily manipulated. Grandpa on the other hand…” Jerry’s laughter died when he saw his father looking down at him curiously. “What?”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you laugh so hard. Even when you were little.”

Jerry’s humor simmered.

His father leaned down, his face inches from Jerry’s. “I hope you laugh more,” he said then kiss him. It was a tender kiss. “Be glad I didn’t find out what Gerald was doing. You’d probably hate me for beating the hell out that boy.” He brushed his lips against Jerry’s.

Jerry reached up for the back of his father’s head, wanting more. But his father grabbed his wrist and pushed it back down on the bed.

“Do you still want me to fuck your face?” His father whispered along his lips, teasing him with soft pecks.

“I’m not going to say it.”

“Afraid I’ll get in your head?”

“Either get your cock out and let me have it or let me go.”

Instead his father kissed his nose. “Tell me what you want, Glitch.” Then his cheek. “And I’ll do what you ask.”

“You owe me that cock. That was our deal.”

“You afraid to let me closer?”

Yes. “Old man, I really don’t want to play this game,” he said even as his cock raged.

His father continued to kiss along his face, everywhere except his lips. “Tell me what you want.” Kisses trailed down his throat. “Let me fulfill your desires.” A hand let got only to smooth down Jerry’s thigh, inches from his cock.

“You…” He tried to get up, but the moment he shifted, that hand pumped his dick making his mind mush.

“Let me in.” That deep gravel voice tickled along his skin. “Let me hear what you want.”

Jerry clamped his mouth shut letting that rough hand slowly massaged his cock. Knowing his father’s hand touched his cock without Jerry having to persuade him, made him even harder. He turned his head away to keep from thrusting his hips. He didn’t want his father to know how much he enjoyed it. How much he wanted to-

His head jerked up the moment wet heat touched the tip of his dick.

“No fucking way,” Jerry said propping himself up on his elbows to stare at the man grinning at him while he licked Jerry’s cock again.

“Tell me what you want,” His father said kissing the flesh.

“Am I dreaming?”

That long tongue licked again. 

Jerry shuddered. Nope, not a dream. “More,” Jerry demanded. His father lapped in long leisurely strokes. “The underside. I like the feel of…” Philip licked up the full length of his cock and Jerry’s nerves jumped. Spots danced in his vision. “The tip…suck the…” A hand began to massage his sack just before the sucking began. Wet heat encased the crown of his cock, pulling him inside. “Fuck.” It didn’t take long and Jerry was coming. He’d been on the edge before that mouth started, but the idea that it was his father sucking him, literally blew him away. “Oh, shit.” He lay back huffing, feeling jizz slip down his thighs. “How…how is it not gross to you?”

“If I told you, you might get mad.”

Jerry popped his head up to look at him. “You’ve done it before.”

His father shook his head. “No. Not on a man. But I’ve gone down on women so-“

“I’m not a fucking woman!” Jerry shot up and tried to punch him.

He laughed blocking Jerry’s arm. “I know. But pretending it’s an extremely large clit helped.”

“Fucking A.” Frustrated, Jerry got up to go to the bathroom.

Large arms came around him stopping him. He struggled and those arms held him tighter. “I’m trying to deal, Jerry. Let me deal.” He kissed Jerry’s neck. “Let me do this the way I can.” He began sucking on Jerry’s neck as they walked toward the bathroom. “Get dressed. I’ll make you breakfast. Okay?”

“Mmmhmmm…” Was all Jerry could respond enjoying those arms around him, and those lips sucking his skin. They stopped in the door way of the bathroom, and Jerry felt his father’s cock in the cleft of his ass. He arched his back a little allowing his butt to rub against that hard shaft. A frightening urge rose up in him, wanting that dick to be inside of him while his father held him like he did, restraining him, keeping him from struggling.

With his father sucking on the flesh on his neck, Jerry’s dick pulsed. He moved his forearms, letting his hands cup his cock and massage the flesh as he continued rubbing his ass against his father’s thick cock. He bet that large long spear of a dick would hurt like hell. And yet he wanted it. Needed to feel impaled.

When his breathing picked up, those arms loosened and the man backed up.

“Don’t let go…” Jerry pleaded.

He heard a chuckle.

“Fuuuuuck.” Realizing how he begged and played right into the son of a bitch’s hands, he stepped into the bathroom and slammed the door in his face.

Laughter echoed on the other side of the door.

“Eat shit and die, old man.”

“I prefer eggs with my breakfast.”

“Go to hell.”

“Just when I’m starting to have fun? That would be criminal… No. I can’t go yet.” His rough voice sounded like it was pressing through the wood. “I won’t go. I won’t leave you again. Never again.” The next words chilled him to the bone. “Besides, its too late for either of us to turn back now…”


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