The Wrong Type of Redemption

24 Tuesday’s Dusk


24: Tuesday’s Dusk

Nearly giddy with the thought of making Mr. Straight-But-Impotent hard as a hammer, Jerry inwardly cheered. But that humor leeched from him the moment his father turned to the door. Was he going to leave? Was he running away? Jerry said nothing as the man wobbled toward the exit.

Pain stabbed him in the chest, even as he knew it was probably as shocking to Philip as it was to Jerry. Neither of them had expected it to turn into anything like this. Jerry hoped, but now…

Philip’s hand touched the knob, but he didn’t turn the handle. “I need to face this… Don’t I? I don’t know if I can. I know you don’t see me as your father, but I still see you as my son… This isn’t easy for me, okay?”

“Okay,” Jerry said resigned steeling his emotions.

“You don’t get it… I try to pretend. I can put on a convincing face. But every time I leave I find a bar and drink just to reconcile myself with what I’m doing.”

“Because I’m a man and your son.” Jerry’s jaw hardened, letting his mind withdraw to alleviate the ache.

“Yes! But do you really understand? Sometimes I feel like you’re forcing your world on me like I forced mine on you. I accept it because I deserve it. But… I don’t know if I can do this as easily as you and Gerald did. I’m just learning to be open minded and it’s scaring the hell out of me.” He turned back to Jerry and leaned his weight back against the door folding his arms over his chest. “I’m not running. I’m trying…” He looked down at the floor. “I told myself I’d do anything to get you back, but I didn’t know it would be like this — difficult.”

They stood in silence, neither of them ready to break the tension. Jerry wanted his father, but he didn’t want the man to regret it. And he didn’t want the resentment that Jerry had felt.

But how would Jerry know there couldn’t be more if he didn’t pursue it. Did he want his father bad enough that he was willing to put his heart and head on the line? Time to face myself and what I want.

He went to the fridge, opened it, pulled one of his father’s beers from it, popped the top with the edge of the counter, and then approached the man.

Frowning, his father took it.

Then Jerry reached for the button of his pants.

Philip grabbed his wrist, stopping him. “Glitch?”

“If you’re dick’s as fickle as you say, it won’t take long.”


“I want to do this,” Jerry said. “Drink.”

“Fuck.” The man looked in pain as he put the bottle to his lips.

Jerry unbuttoned and unzipped the man’s jeans. The sound of metal on metal of the zipper descending was like a reward in itself. His father’s dick pushed against the fabric of his boxers.


“Drink.” Jerry ordered, before reaching into the fly of the red boxers.

His father began drinking.

Warm and semi-erect, his father’s cock was impressive in size as he pulled the muscle through the opening.

His father nearly choked, drinking faster.

“If you choke, I’ll have to give you mouth to mouth.”

His father wiped his mouth and then chuckled worriedly. “Please tell me this is not happen…” He trailed off when Jerry began pumping.

Feeling every inch of flesh heat up in his hand, Jerry looked his father in the eyes.

The man stared back, pleading.

“Did you finish your beer?” Jerry asked low.

His father held up the bottle to his lips, and began to turn it up, keeping his eyes on Jerry.

Then Jerry got down on his knees.

His father grunted as if to protest, but the words never left his mouth, lips still wrapped around the bottle. Even though his father said Philip Junior didn’t stay up long, that beast wasn’t wavering.

Jerry’s new personal mission? Make sure his father enjoyed the hell out of his first gay blowjob.

Jerry opened wide, guiding the tip to his tongue and he flicked while his hand pumped. The musky smell, the taste, the fully erect length all made Jerry delirious happy. The man’s mind may not have liked his reaction to his son, but Philip Jr. was damn proud to see him.

The skin was a bit salty on his tongue as he lapped at the bobbing head. He licked and suckled taking his time, to gauge how long his father would last.

His father didn’t make a sound so Jerry looked up as he nibbled the underside along the vein.

Those eyes seemed mindless, glassy, as they stared at Jerry half lustful and half disbelieving. Keeping the eye contact, Jerry opened his jaw wide. Slow, inch by slow inch, his mouth descended on the hot rod.

He sucked on the precum, steadily bobbing his head, letting the head pierce his throat. He relaxed his throat, trying not to gag around a mouth full of hot flesh.

Jerry’s tongue massaged the underside as he sucked and bobbed. His hands went to work on the balls, carefully kneading the loose skin.

A deep moan sounded above before his father’s hips began to jerk almost as if he were trying to hold back. The bottle slipped from his fingers, thudding on the carpet.

His jerky movements loosened the more Jerry nursed, sucked, taking his time.

With one hand free, Jerry took one of his father’s wrist and rose it to Jerry’s hair. Once the weight of that hand lay atop his head, Jerry began to move faster.

His father moaned again, longer, deeper. The hand on Jerry’s head slid to the back, combing through the strands sending chill down Jerry’s neck.

Then as Jerry felt his father’s balls shift, Philip pushed Jerry’s head down on his cock, asphyxiating Jerry’s throat.

Nostrils inhaling, he felt hot jets hit his throat causing him to swallow, cough, and heave. Jerry’s dick twitched growing even harder from the grip. Cum leaked from the tip, his own prick begging for attention.

Philip didn’t let go, as he shoved further into Jerry’s mouth. Jerry’s nose crushed against his father’s pelvis causing a struggle for air and to fight the instinct to bite down. His throat retched, yet his father held him with punishing strength.

More liquid coated this throat, hot and thick, trickling down until he swallowed.

When Philip finally let go, Jerry pulled back and coughed. He sucked in air, dropping back on his butt.

Even as he panted, his hands went for his on furious dick. Unzipping, he pulled and jerked at his aching meat. It didn’t take long before he spilled on the carpet. Hell, he needed carpet cleaner.

Philip sunk down onto the floor in front of him, eyes still locked on Jerry, blinking in a daze.

“How guilty do you feel?” Jerry asked genuinely concerned his father might not be able to handle it.

His father remained silent.

“It probably won’t make you feel better, but I enjoyed it.” He was ready to get the man off again, all he needed was the go ahead, though his throat was sore and jaw tense.

Philip just sat there, mummified.

Swallowing his worry and the lingering bitter taste of his father, Jerry stood up when the man refused to speak.

He guessed he should feel guilty for taking advantage of the man’s weakness to get closer. Part of him did. But a bigger part of him didn’t — it wanted more.

After cleaning himself up, Jerry exited the bathroom. He expected Philip to have left, but instead those eyes tracked him, head leaned back against the door, his knees bent, legs open, dick still hanging out…and hard again.

He drank another beer.

Jerry just stared at the view, wishing the man posed bare ass naked it was so sexy.

Philip pulled the bottle from his mouth. That tongue licked around the rim quickly as if to catch a stray drop, and Jerry wanted that bottle to be himself. The man ran a hand through his hair and said, “I’ve been nearly impotent for five years, but with one fucked up blowjob from my…” He took another gulp of alcohol. “I need something stronger.”

“There’s a liquor store around the corner.”

“You really think I can move right now?” His father groaned glaring down at his thick raging boner in disappointment and said to it, “You and me are going to have a long talk later.”

Jerry chuckled.

“This is so fucked up, Glitch, you know that?” His father looked back up, blue eyes blazing with lustful heat. The man licked his lips quickly as if thirsty. Damn, he was sexy.

“Why not just jerk yourself off?” Jerry asked smirking.

“And deprive you of what you enjoy?” His father lifted an eyebrow as if saying, well?

“You could ask nicely.”

“Just like you asked me? I think the only warning I got was a fucking beer.”

Jerry grinned, loving his father’s frustration. That hard jutting dick appeared to grow harder turning an angry red the wider Jerry’s smile grew.

“You’re an asshole.” His father growled.

“Proudly.” Jerry licked his lips and his father followed the motion.

He took another gulp.

“I guess I should take responsibility.” Jerry shrugged.

Those eyes narrowed as if to say, Hell. Yeah.

Jerry went back to the bathroom, grabbed a tube of lube from the medicine cabinet. He squeezed some in his hands and rubbed his palms together as he walked back into the living room. Getting on his knees between his father’s spread legs, he wrapped fingers around that mean pole and began to jerk and twist.

His father grunted, letting his head fall back against the door.

Jerry’s face moved in close. Their foreheads touched while he continued to hand fuck the long throbbing heat. His father’s lips parted, mouth breathing on him, panting softly. Staring at Jerry, those eye became unfocused.

Hot and slippery, Jerry tightened his grip and Philip moaned slightly opening his mouth wider. Jerry took that as an invitation and kissed the man, tongue thrusting easily inside.

Philip’s mouth opened wider, tongue dueled with Jerry’s. Jerry turned his head to the side to get more, deeper, hotter… Tongues swirling around each other, swapping fluid. Philip’s hand came up and grabbed a fist full of Jerry’s hair pushing their faces closer. His body moved. Jerry’s head leaned back as Philip took over, kissing the shit out of him, back hunched, hips jerking. He came in Jerry’s hand. But he never broke the kiss. Jerry umphed, back hitting the floor. His father’s tongue down his throat limited the air Jerry could gulp. His nostrils flared to compensate.

Jerry’s messy hands were gripping the man’s shirt as his father’s fingers threaded though Jerry’s hair. They were locked with lips and tongue, until Jerry was humping against his father’s groin.

Hands fumbling, he pulled down the front of his pants just enough to get his cock out. With both of their dicks in hand he began to buck and pump. His father’s cock which lost its erection since he’d came, started returning to life.

As if shocked, his father broke the kiss and looked at Jerry in shock. But Jerry didn’t stop pumping their combined members. He just stared back up at the man, licking his swollen lips.

His father twisted his head to look between them.

“Don’t…” Jerry breathed. But too late. His father saw. Jerry feared his father would get disgusted from seeing another man’s cock twined with his, and would pull away or just lose his wood. Jerry slowed his pace, waiting.

“Hell…” The man swallowed watching.

When he didn’t pull away and his cock remained hard as a hot rock, Jerry picked up the speed.

Philip eyes never left Jerry’s hands. He watched in part horror and part fascination.

Jerry wanted those lips back on him.

“I can’t believe…” His father’s voice sounded strangled.

Jerry closed his eyes, enjoying the feel and the warmth of his father’s body over him. He wanted those hard muscles pressing into him again, taking control. The idea had him pumping faster. A moan escaped his lips as his back arched. Thoughts of his cock touching his father’s made his release explosive. His jets shot over his shirt before he felt his father’s soon after.

He lay panting, eyes closed, still holding their flagging flesh and waiting for his father’s reaction.

“Glitch,” His father said low.

Jerry didn’t respond, he just lay their fearful.

“Son…” He cursed. “Should I even call you that in this situation?”

Jerry laughed, then opened his eyes.

His father looked down at him with worry in his strong face. They stared at each other for a long time, neither of them knowing what to say.

Finally, his father leaned down and kissed Jerry, gently. He pulled back. “I won’t run away.” He whispered.

Jerry’s heart skipped a beat.

His father kissed him again. Then said, “But I need another beer.”

Jerry laughed.

Leaning on one arm beside Jerry’s head, those fingers combed through Jerry’s hair watching with a tender expression. “I’m glad the facial hair is gone.”

Jerry turned his head away trying to hid the fucking blush. “Don’t get all mushy on me. I’m not a cuddler.”

As if to prove him wrong, his father leaned his face into Jerry’s neck and began kissing along the flesh Jerry knew was bright red. “I.” Kiss. “Believe.” Kiss. “Every.” Kiss. “Word.” Then he sucked on a spot just below Jerry’s ear that had him groaning. The sensation jolted right down to his toes.

Here he was, six feet and eight inches of nothing but muscle and his father was making him feel like a boneless, defenseless, puddle of lust.

“Since you’re not a cuddler…” Lips feathered his flesh, tickling his ear. “I guess I shouldn’t ask to spend the night.” Teeth grazed his ear.

“Fuck, I hate you.”

The chuckle against his neck, shot thrills through his nerves. A moan escaped without his permission.

“You’re skin…is very sensitive.” His father began nibbling.

“Old man…” He damn near whined. “I thought you were having trouble accepting this.” He sucked in a breath when a hand traveled up his abdomen.

“The thing I didn’t tell you-“

Jerry yelped when those big hands pinched his nipple.

“Is that I have trouble accepting it when I’m not watching your honest body contradict you lying lips. Your reactions to me are fascinating…making it far more…”

Jerry gasped, arching his back when the man plucked at him again. He tried to push that hand away.

“Interesting. It’s fun contradicting you.” Heated words slide over his neck. “So, am I spending the night or not?”

“No.” Jerry struggled to get up. But his father’s weight shifted and his lips came down over Jerry’s, claiming a kiss.

One hand lightly massage his scalp as the other slid up his chest until his hand was softly gripping his neck in an oddly dominating hold. “Say yes.” He pulled back and licked at Jerry’s tongue.

“Yes…” Jerry whispered mind numb.

“See. Fun.”

“I hate you, so much.” Jerry growled.


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