The Wrong Type of Redemption

23 Tuesday’s Noon


23: Tuesday’s Noon

After the paramedics carried Dave off, the police took Jerry away in handcuffs.

Now, Jerry sat on a bench in a jail cell with his head back and eyes closed, listening to the shouts of a man who claimed he wasn’t drunk.

“I wasn’t driving under any influence,” he shouted. “Where is my lawyer? I’m entitled to a lawyer!”

Rubbing one hand over the knuckles of the opposite hand, he tried to relieve the ache there. He’d really fucked up. How was he getting out of this one?

He turned into his brother, Eric — rage first, ask questions later. Would he be sent to prison, too? The only saving grace was that Bailey and the others pulled him off Dave while that bloody face was still conscious.

“Jerry Mathers?” A police officer called.

Opening his eyes, Jerry lifted his head to look at the man in uniform standing in front of the cell. Another officer stood behind him.

“Where is my lawyer?” Demanded the drunk in a business suit hitting his hand on the bars.

Putting his hand on his taser, the officer said, “Step back, sir.”

The man cursed, stepping back reluctantly.

“Jerry Mathers, you’re free to go.”

The officer at the rear waved to someone further up the hall. There was a slight buzz sound before the cell door slid open.

Jerry stood up, frowning. He was free to go? How? Why?

Silently, he followed the officers to out-processing where they gave him back his belongings. No one said anything to him other than where to sign to say he received all his stuff. Some of the officers kept looking up at him curiously. When he was led to the front waiting area, he found his father and a woman he’d never seen before.

As he approached the woman began to sign. *Hello Mr. Mathers, I’m from the center. They asked that I help you out.*

*Thank you for coming…but why is he here?* He gestured to his father.

*He’s been coming to the center for a few days learning ASL. When he heard you were arrested, he demanded to ride along.*

*Of course he did.* Jerry signed, even as he felt a twinge of respect for him for learning sign language and coming to visit him in jail.

*He said you two were lovers, so I thought it was okay.* She frowned.

Jerry froze. Not what he expected at all. His lover… Waking from the surprise, he shrugged.

*Regardless, I’m grateful to him. I was going to ask you if it was okay to use your PTSD and depression as your defense, but it wasn’t needed. He not only got you freed, but he had all charges dropped without me having to do a thing.*

Say what?

*This means you won’t have to go to court. As far as the authorities are concerned, the incident never happened.*

Jerry’s jaw slacked, astonished, finally looking over at Philip who smiled wearily. He probably wanted to know what they were signing about.

*Thank you for coming regardless.* Jerry let his fingers express his gratitude.

*You’re more than welcome.* She signed then turned to his father. “Mr. Philip,” She finally spoke holding out her hand. “It was a pleasure,” she said sounding like she had something in her mouth.

His father took the woman’s hand. “Pleasure’s mine.”

She nodded her head before turning to Jerry. *Hopefully, you won’t need me anymore.*

*That’s the plan.*

“Well, then, I hope you two have a great day.” She smiled, eyes lighting up before leaving the station.

“So how the hell did you pull that off?” Jerry watched his father who blew out a breath.

“Come on. We’ll talk on the way.” Philip made his way to the door.

Once outside, they walked a few blocks before they got to a Peruvian restaurant.

Without a word, his father turned into the small eatery and they ordered at the counter. Jerry got half a chicken with coleslaw, beans, and fried yucca. His father got almost the same, but instead of the yucca, he ordered regular French fries.

They sat at a table, both stretching out their long legs before his father said, “The reason I never introduced you and your brothers to my family is because I didn’t want you all involved in their business. They’re all tied up in illegal activity. Sometimes it gets very ugly. But it comes in handy when your son gets thrown in jail.” He ran a hand over his head looking tired. “I hate dealing with them sometimes.”

“Wait…even Uncle Allen?”

“He’s a little more clean than the others, but not by much. He still gets his hands dirty.”

“Okay… But if you had these connections, why didn’t you use that to get Eric out?”

“Because at the time, I didn’t have those connections. When I was sixteen I walked away from it all. I told them all to kiss my ass. The only reason I spoke to Allen was because he hunted me down after I got married. If I never married your mother and settled down, he’d have never found me…”

“But you have the connections now. You even talk to your sister that you don’t like. Why? Why now?”

“After I found out Eric died…it woke me up from my own self-loathing and pity party. I realized I still had a son out there. I had no documented work history other than your grandfather so I knew I couldn’t use him as a reference. I was at rock bottom. I needed a little help, so I called my half-brother, Ivan. He’s one of the only siblings I can say I tolerate. He gave me the means to pick myself up and start over.” A bitter expression crossed his face. “Unfortunately, I’m forever in his debt.”

“Forever sounds like a long time. What does he ask you to do?”

“Nothing yet…” He blew out a breath. “But when the time comes, if he asks a favor of me, no matter what it is, I’m sworn to do as he asks until he dies.”


“Or… he’s likely to come take my head himself.”

Jerry fell silent, heart dropping in his stomach just as their food order was called. His father got up and grabbed both trays. He came back, setting Jerry’s in front of him.

“When you say take your head.” Jerry murmured.

“I’m told he has a few heads on display in his home. He has a collection of swords, too. He keeps them sharp. And he’s not afraid to use them. But luckily, Ivan is ridiculously rich, so I doubt I’ll ever have anything he wants that he can’t get with money.”

“How rich are we talking?”

“Russian petroleum.”

“Damn.” That was a billion dollar business.

“When our father died, we all inherited something from him. Aline and Ivan, both inherited petroleum companies. Ivan did better with his investments than Aline, so he’s far richer. Allen inherited a financial company that is based in Europe but had strong US ties. And my sister Sandra inherited an export company that she sold to Ivan after Aline tried to pressure her into signing it over to her greedy paws. I’m told Sandra’s a doctor somewhere in Africa now, trying to make the world a better place.”

“What did you inherit?”

His father grabbed the neck of his beer, eyes dark, and gulped half of it. He clanged the bottle on the table before sitting forward and whispering, “The kind of business you never want to be associated with if you have a soul.” He closed his eyes and said, “It’s the reason I abandoned it all. Women, children…even some men. All sold and bought like cattle, prostitutes, or whatever you fancy.”

“Human trafficking?” Jerry’s skin crawled. “Your father was a-“

“Sadistic son of a bitch. I knew he did some shady stuff, but… And to think he wanted me to have it…” He scoffed. “I’m a lot of things, Glitch, a coward and a recovering control freak, but I’m not a demon. Even I have my standards.”

“Why you? Of all the businesses you all acquired, why did he give you that one?”

“I’m guessing he ran out of somewhat respectable businesses by the time he got to me. I’m the youngest after all. I don’t know what became of it after I abandoned it. I’m told Aline has her hands on it.”


“Aline is the most like our father, greedy and corrupt to the core.”

“But she raised you.”

“Not because she wanted to. My father dictated every aspect of how we were to be raised. So in essence, while he sat on his throne, we were all his subjects.”

“How did he die?” Jerry asked chewing a mouth full of chicken.

“I suspect Ivan killed him. But all I know is he was found dead in his bed.”

“Your brother?” Jerry’s brow rose.

“Just a guess… Autopsy didn’t find anything they could trace to foul play, but there are several chemicals in the world that can’t be traced by normal means if you don’t know what you’re looking for.” He smiled an odd expression as he bent over his plate and began to eat.

They both polished off their food before heading home.

“Did you ever have a dream when you were younger? Did you want to be something or someone?” Jerry asked curiously, pondering his father’s past.

His father laughed. “I wanted the love of my mother and father. That was my dream for a long time. Then after my father died, I realized that dream would never come true. At that point I was old enough for life to crash down hard on me. When I found your mother…it was kind of like a breath of fresh air. I had someone who was there for me and a job working with her father. It was all so much easier for a time. As long as everything stayed calm and under control, I was okay. But the moment everything went to hell, I lost it.”

Just like Gerald.

When they got to his apartment. Jerry sat down on the edge of his mattress and stared down at his bruised knuckles. “I think I’m becoming Eric.”

His father said nothing as he sat beside Jerry. His hand grabbed Jerry by the back of the head and brought it down to where Jerry was leaning against his chest. “You’re nothing like Eric. Not even a little bit. You were protecting yourself.”

“But I could’ve killed Dave if the team hadn’t pulled me off of him.”

“Yeah, maybe. But it didn’t come to that.” Fingers ran through his hair, giving Jerry goose-flesh.

He tried to pull away, feeling his body respond. His father didn’t let go, but instead lifted Jerry’s head and stared at him.

“You’re not Eric. You’re not Gerald. You’re Jerry. You’re the best of us. If you want someone to compare yourself to, it would be your grandfather…on your mother’s side. He was mild mannered. A man of few words. Intimidating as hell. Smart.” A smile crossed his father’s face. “I often wished my own father was more like him.”

“If not for his prejudices he would’ve been nearly perfect.” Jerry agreed. He had admired his grandfather a great deal.

“He wasn’t as bad as your grandmother…but yeah.”

Jerry looked down at his father’s lips. He leaned in to get a taste, but his father grabbed a fist full of Jerry’s hair, keeping him only a breath away from his prize. The hold, the denial, the temptation right before him, and the pain in his scalp, made his dick twitch. His father’s beer and chicken breath touched Jerry’s nose, making him want.

His father didn’t say anything as he just stared at him.

“What are you waiting for?” Jerry asked wondering if the guy would push him away or allow the contact. He tried to move forward, but the pain in his scalp intensified as Philip leaned his head back, a slight amused expression crossed his face.

“If I didn’t already know how old you are, I’d be able to tell you’re young because of your impatience. A patient man knows how to lure his prey in, even if it takes all day.” Hooded eyes watched Jerry, their faces inches apart. “Immaturity wants everything now, unable to wait. And often getting their hand spanked.” He hit Jerry’s wondering hand off his crotch.

Jerry’s other hand slid up his father’s shirt. In a flash, his father grabbed both of his wrists, and had Jerry flat on his back, laying on the mattress. His father’s body sat up and over him, in a position where he was straddling his chest.

Jerry wasn’t sure how but his arms were behind his back, pinned under his own weight against the mattress. His father’s knees were dug into surface, keeping him from pulling his arms out.

Jerry tried to rock, but his father smirked.

“Because of the nature of my father’s business, we all were required to learn several skills to protect ourselves. Self defense and the ability to immobilize an opponent was just one of many skills.”

“Shit.” Jerry stopped struggling when he noticed his father riding him like a bull. No matter which way he tried to twist and turn, his father’s body shifted as if to counter it. The sight was sexy as hell, and yet frustrating.

Then his eyes went down to his father’s crotch.

A smile curled his lips. “Why don’t you go ahead and unzip, let me have what I want,” he said as shock and awe thundered his heart.

His father looked down and then his eyes popped wide. That mouth opened, but no sound escaped. He just stared in confusion and horror.

Jerry laughed enjoying the man’s physical reaction like it was his own personal trophy. “Your body wants me. You might as well give in, even if your head doesn’t. It will catch up eventually.”


“Unzip and move forward. All you have to do is move your hips. Or you can get off me and I can do all the work. Your choice.”

“I’m not going to let you do that, you’re my son-“

“Who you just got hard for.”


“Does being on top do it for you? Pinning me down like this, does it get you off?” Jerry watched red tint that handsome face and neck. And if Jerry didn’t know better, that bulge grew in size. Jerry could smell the musk though the fabric of those jeans. “I bet you taste good.”


“You like to be on top. Use my mouth. Fuck my face.”

“Shit!” His father jumped up and started pacing like a caged predatory animal.


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