The Wrong Type of Redemption

22 Tuesday’s Dawn


22: Tuesday’s Dawn

The next morning during his Advanced Programming Language class, Jerry felt eyes on him. A lot of eyes. Students kept looking back at him, clearly not expecting to see him without his beard. Even the professor kept stumbling over her words.

One person in particular, his neighbor who was also on the football team, a cornerback, kept eyeing him in wide-eyed shock. Trying to concentrate on taking notes on his laptop, Jerry mentally cursed his father for talking him into shaving. And he cursed Mia for thinking he needed to face himself in the mirror. The fucking attention was going to drive him insane.

Though he and the CB took several classes together because they shared the same major, they never really talked unless it was about their studies or practice. Jerry made it his mission not to. Instead, they usually just nodded their heads at each other in passing to acknowledge the other existed. But now that his face looked too smooth and after the Dave incident yesterday, he knew their silent communication wasn’t going to last.

When class was over, Jerry packed up his laptop. Zipping up his bag, he paused noticing the guy turning toward him. Jerry groaned and frowned when the CB’s heavy brow deepened.

“Say it.” Jerry demanded.

“You’re Sixty, right?” The cornerback asked.

Jerry groaned again.

“I feel like I can’t even call you that anymore.”

Jerry stood. “Whatever.”

“I don’t know why you’re hiding that money maker.” The CB followed him out the class. “Anyway… You know Dave is going to try to ruin you, right?”

“Yep.” And he didn’t care.

“But you…goaded him anyway?” The CB asked low.

Jerry shrugged.

“Shit, you have balls.”

“Big ones.” Jerry turned a corner as the guy laughed.

Walking from the building together, all he got were shocked stares. Some of the girls were actually eyeing him like candy. Great…

“Dude, you left your…” Another guy from the team jogged up to speak to the CB, his roommate, when he looked up at Jerry. “Sixty? Seriously?”

“Right!” The CB pointed at up at Jerry. “Who knew he’d be hot… I hate it.”

“Fucking hate it.”

Jerry ignored them and continued to his next class. But who knew more of the football team would gather while they walked to admire his new face and shit talk him for hiding his pretty boy looks from them.

Jerry tried to detour around the growing mob, when he noticed Bailey on the phone walking from another direction. He wanted to avoid anymore conversations but the rookie spotted the team.

Bailey ran over, curls bouncing on his head, still holding up his phone. “Hey, guys.”

“Rookie! Check out the face!” Several hands came up as if to display Jerry like art. He batted one arm away that got too close.

His irritation grew…again. “Chill guys.”

Bailey’s eyes widened. “Nice, Jerry!” He gave a thumbs up and continued talking on the phone. “Yeah?” Those penetrating gold eyes narrowed at Jerry suspiciously. “Really? Jerry, you know Mitchell?”

Shit… He warned Dorian not to tell Bailey they were related because he didn’t want to be friends with the guy or anything. But he never figured his boyfriend would blab. “Yeah.” Was all Jerry said.

“He says hi.” Bailey seemed impressed or shocked.


“He says hi. I will. Later buddy.” Then Bailey hung up. He spoke to the team before he said walking beside Jerry, “Mitchell didn’t tell me, but…how do you two know each other? He even said to watch your back. Sounds pretty close.”

He might as well tell since it got this far. “Dorian’s my cousin.”

Bailey’s eyes widened. Then an amusing expression twisted his lips. “I’d have never guessed. Like night and day.”

Yeah, they were nothing alike. Even in the looks department. “Pretty much.”

“We need a new nickname for Mr. Smooth,” Someone said, and the others agreed, nodding like bobbleheads.

“Whatever,” Jerry pushed through the crowd. “I have another class so-“

“Sixty!” A loud voice called.

What now!

“Shit. Dave.” Someone grumbled.

The preppy guy in his slacks and blue polo stormed up to him in a huff. “You fucking touched my girl.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Jerry’s irritation jumped a few more notches.

“She said you tried to hurt her yesterday after practice.”

Jerry’s forehead wanted to crack open from the new level of aggravation. “Okay, first, if I wanted to hurt her there’d be no trying.”

“Yeah, Jerry’s a giant, it would only take one hit.” Someone behind him commented.

Thank you, peanut gallery. “Second, I was busy having my face removed, so I have an alibi.”

“I’m mean, how could you miss this face? It’s too damn much!” Another guy added.

Jerry shot a shut-the-fuck-up glance over his shoulder before saying, “Third, I don’t want anything to do with your lying, cheating, scheming snake of a-“


The hit came suddenly and directly at his jaw. Memories of Eric beating him flashed and snapped what little composure he had left.

The next thing he remembered were arms and legs restraining him on the ground. Even a butt sat on his chest. He struggled and grunted through the red haze of his vision.

His fists ached.

“Someone call the paramedics!”

“Fucking hell…”

“Jerry, calm down.” Bailey’s voice ordered. “Calm the fuck down.”

“I always thought he was scary but…damn.”

“Remind me never to piss Sixty off…”

“Is it the wrong time to say Dave had it coming?”

A choir of voices answered, “Yes.”


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