The Wrong Type of Redemption

21 Dinner Time


21: Dinner Time

That evening, Jerry skipped his library studies wanting to get home. Eager for the food he told himself even though he knew better. When he got there, he found his father talking in front of his door with the property manager. She was slightly younger than Philip, nice legs, and perky boobs. Her face wasn’t bad either. And Jerry didn’t like it at all.

“Oh!” She grinned when she saw Jerry approach. “Hello, Jerry, nice to see you.”

Since when? Jerry scowled. He and the property manager rarely exchanged words. He usually dealt with the office staff if there was an issue.

“Yeah.” Jerry went to stick his key in the door.

“I was just telling your father that if he wanted a key, I’d be more than willing to give him one with your signature of course.”

“You want a key?” Jerry asked the man.

Those blue eyes widened. “I said nothing. She offered,” his father defensively, tensing up.

“Well, I don’t mind opening the door for him, but I thought since he was here almost everyday, he might as well have a key.”

“My son likes his privacy. I doubt he wants me barging in whenever.”

“You’re right.” He went inside of his apartment, grabbed Philip’s arm, and pulled him inside. “Now mind your business.” He told the woman, shutting the door.

“That was rude,” his father said amused dropping a large duffel bag.

“So.” Jerry shrugged his own duffel from his shoulder and let it hit the floor.

“Are you…” His father circled Jerry until they were eye to eye. “Annoyed that she’s interested in me?”

“Just fix my meal, old man.” Jerry grumbled.

His father chuckled a deep raspy sound, while running a hand over Jerry’s hair. “Are you jealous because she’s giving me attention? Or because I was give her attention?”

“I’m not jealous.” Jerry sulked pulling away.

But his father’s hand smoothed to Jerry’s neck, holding him, pressing their foreheads together until they were eye to eye. In a low gravely tone that seemed to seduce him, his father asked, “Are you sure?”

Oh. Shit… Those words slid over Jerry, tickling his nerves and sank deep into his balls. “You’re…playing with fire, old man,” Jerry said barely getting out the words.

“I think I know you better than you know yourself.” His father’s lips brushed against Jerry’s. “You bark…but you’ve only bit me once.” Then the man kissed him.

What… Jerry’s witty come back melted way against the heat of his father’s lips.

A hand traveled up under his shirt at his back. His body trembled from the touch of calloused fingers.

Shit! He jerked back out of the man’s grip. “You’re fucking with me.” He panted.

“How does it feel?” His father asked looking smug.

Jerry cursed. And then cursed more. “It feels like my balls are about to explode.”

His father looked down as if surprised. “When was the last time you…hooked up with…someone.”

“Last week.”

Philip’s head shot up to look at Jerry as if not expecting that answer.

He shouldn’t feel guilty or anything, but for some reason that very feeling was making him uneasy. He cleared his throat. “I have some work to do so…”

“I brought my shaving kit whenever you’re ready,” His father said, each word clipped. His hard body looked on edge and if Jerry wasn’t mistaken, the man seemed a bit…irritated.

“Wait…are you jealous?” Jerry asked.

“Why would I be, you’re my son?” The man answered but didn’t meet Jerry’s eyes. He squatted to open his bag.

“I can smell the bullshit,” Jerry said giddy, watching that strong back carefully.

“I just thought I was the one who… I’m being conceited, that’s all.” His father grumped. “Come on, let’s get the shave out of the way so I can feed you.”

He waved to the bathroom carrying a small pouch in his hand. “Have a seat,” his father instructed, closing the toilet lid. “And sit sideways so that your legs are in the shower and you’re leaned back against the sink.

Jerry did as he was told, shoulders rested on the sink basin.

“I wish we had a bigger bathroom.”

“Complaining, old man?”

“Two big guys trying to cramp into a small space isn’t worth a complaint?”


“No, I’ve been in tighter spots.”

Jerry chuckled. “Oh, have you now… How tight?” he asked suggestively.

His father grunted. “A real man doesn’t give up his secrets.”

“Oh? What kind of secrets? Like how you seduced my property manager?” Jerry asked losing some of his humor.

Working behind him, his father turned on the sink. “Who knows?” The man appeared in Jerry’s view with a burgundy towel. He put it around Jerry’s neck like a bib.

“What do you say to women to get them interested in you?” Jerry asked curiously.

“You make it sound like I’m some lady’s man.”

“Did you forget that I remember growing up in the house with you? Mom was always pissed when some chick called the house looking for you.”

“I never cheated on your mother. Not our fault my number was publicly listed.”

“Didn’t stop you from flirting.”

“Harmless fun.”

“Until they take you seriously and start leaving their phone numbers in your pockets.”

His father just laughed.

“So, if I was a woman, how would you seduce me?”

“Nothing to answer there since you’re already seduced and I didn’t have to do anything.”

Jerry snorted, not liking how right his father was. “My body maybe, but my mind still hasn’t decided if it wants to keep you. Do you think you can seduce that?”

Looking up, Jerry stared into the rugged face that looked down at him. The fire of challenge lit the man’s eyes. “For starters, I couldn’t seduce you like I’ve seduced women…” He took a wet wash cloth and placed it on Jerry’s face. Jerry tensed from the heat, but it wasn’t so hot that it burned. He breathed in the steam before he flinched when words breathed into his ear. “With you…” He felt something touch his thigh and Jerry nearly jumped.

And hand pushed his head back down. “Keep the cloth on you face. I’m priming you for…the razor.” His low raspy tone slid over his nerves even as that hand smoothed to his inner thigh.

“Son of a bitch.” Jerry’s crotch throbbed against his jeans.

“I would start with what I already have control over.” That motherfucking hand continued to slowly, torturously travel up his inner thigh getting ever so close to his waking dick. The sensation sent a thrill through his leg in all directions.

“You don’t have control-” Then Jerry yelped when that hand grabbed his inner thigh so hard that Jerry knew he’d have a bruise. Yet his cock wept.

“Don’t I?”

Jerry cursed when fingers brushed lightly enough against his balls. He wanted to cry from the pleasure.

“Tell me I’m not the one who’s got you hard and leaking and I’ll stop.”

Jerry opened his mouth to speak, but when the pressure built and those fingers trailed up his groin, he swore instead.

“I would use the one thing I have control over to conquer the rest of you by slowly getting into your head, making you want me… and if I’m patient, you’ll grow to crave me.”

Jerry sucked in a breath when that touch disappeared. “Cocktease.”

“If I was trying to seduce your mind, I’d say something like… you want me to continue? Tell me what you want. I want to hear it from you so I know there is no misunderstanding. Of course, that means you’ll be thinking about it, wanting me to squelch the pain with pleasure.”

Jerry cursed again, because the motherfucker was right, he thought of telling Philip to finish what he started. His cock pushed painfully against the zipper.

The cloth on his face was lifted and Jerry blinked against the light. Then he stared up at an emotionless expression. But there was a glint in the man’s eye.

Philip didn’t say anything as he went back to the sink. Jerry heard a spraying sound before his father came back with a hand full of creamy foam. He smoothed the cool shave crème over Jerry’s face, which helped only a tiny bit to douse the heat in Jerry’s nuts. Their eyes met and his father didn’t drop the connection even as he continued to coat Jerry’s facial hair.

“If done right, with patience and persistence,” Philip continued, “a person can seduce even the hardest opponent.”

“Like me? First you conquer my stomach, now my cock…so you think with time you can have my mind as well?” Jerry asked realizing how he’d given his father his weaknesses and the man was using them to get closer.

“Whatever it takes. I won’t leave you again, Glitch. So even if you hate me or get a restraining order, I’ll be there watching your back without your knowledge.”

“You’re a prowler now?”

“Whatever it takes.”

“That’s diabolical.”

“Determined. I won’t do anything to hurt you again, so if I need to back off I will. But I won’t run away again. Even though what you want from me…makes me…uncomfortable. I’ll face it. Head on.” His father brought a straight edge razor into Jerry’s view. “Now hold still.”

Eyebrows raised, Jerry looked at that ominously sharp blade.

“That includes your eyebrows, Glitch. No moving.”

“If you cut me will you lick it and make it better?”

His father smirked. “Even better, I’ve got antiseptic that burns like hell waiting just for you.”

“What kind of seduction is that?”

“Stop. Moving.” His father ordered looking all too serious.

Jerry clamped his mouth shut.

Then the metal came down and began to scrape away a beard he had since he was a junior in high school. Jerry kept it neat and trim, but he never fully cut it off.

With the patience of a man who was in no hurry to go anywhere anytime soon, his father took his time, careful and precise until Jerry’s face felt unusually light. He finished at Jerry’s neck. Afterward, he wiped away all the excess cream and lingering traces of hair. With another cloth he washed Jerry’s face carefully, tenderly. Then he rubbed aftershave on it.

Finished, his father looked at his face with a proud expression. “There’s my son.”

Blushing, Jerry wished like hell he still had his facial hair.

He moved to get up. His father quickly took the hair covered towel from his chest, folding it carefully not to get any on the floor. On his feet, Jerry looked in the mirror and frowned.

He wasn’t sure what to expect, but the sight staring back at him wasn’t it. He still had the gray eyes and the roman nose, but his lips, free of hair looked fuller. And his right jaw, close to his ear held a scar from when Eric pounded his face in. He didn’t look like how he’d imagined.

“That man in the mirror looks good doesn’t he?” His father patted him on the back.

“I guess.” Jerry frowned. “He looks…too young.”

“Because he is. He still has plenty of years left.”

Jerry’s eyes shifted to the image next to him in the mirror.

“Thank you,” Philip said, eyes locked with his in the reflection. “Thank you for letting me see you finally.”

Jerry just shrugged.

“That scar kind of makes you look badass.”

Jerry barked a laugh, not expecting that. “It’s the one scar they couldn’t make go away because it was too deep. But it looks better than it was. So do I get a prize for allowing you to butcher my face?”

His father groaned. “Do I get to pick the prize?”

“No.” Jerry leaned in and kissed him. Philip’s lips were a bit dry, but still tempting as hell. Kiss lingering, Jerry tentatively opened his mouth. Then his eyes. Philip had his eyes closed, but his lips were opening to meet Jerry’s. Jerry licked along the guy’s lips, tasting him. His body demanded he press closer to take more.

“Tell me.” His father breathed, lips feathering against Jerry’s. “Where do you want my hands?”

Remembering how those hands felt on his skin, he opened his mouth wider to respond, when he recalled something else — his father’s art of seduction. Then cursed. “Nice try, old man.”

His father laughed. “At least I know you were paying attention. Was that enough prize for you?”

No. Hell no. His cock demanded more. But he didn’t want to give the man anymore control than he already had. Jerry pulled back. “Prize paid,” he said on a breath. He stayed in the guy’s face. “And the next time you touch my cock, finish what you start.”

His father held up his hand in surrender. “Yes, sir,” Philip said but he didn’t look the least bit threatened as he stood his ground. “I’m glad the hair is gone. It felt better this time.”

Shit… Jerry grappled with pushing the guy down on the floor or just taking his own cock in hand right there. “I’m horny and hungry.” He pushed past the guy, into the bathroom to finally jerk off.

“Dinner coming up!” His father announced. 

The rest of the night was tame as they ate and watched television. On the News, a couple was found in their home on the outskirts of downtown, face down in a pool of their own blood. Police say they were killed execution style, bullet to the back of the head — possibly gang related. The investigation was still on-going… 


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