The Wrong Type of Redemption

15 Another week later…Friday


15: Another week later…Friday

After a short practice because of the game tomorrow, Jerry went home only to still find no…no food. I fucking hate this feeling… I wish the asshole never came back into my life… He told himself even as the truth ached in his chest — he longed just to see the man again.

Showered, he grabbed his keys and wallet to go find something to eat since he already devoured everything Philip stocked in his kitchen.

He opened the door and found his father sitting out in the hallway.

Philip looked up at him eyebrows raised. “Hi.”

“Did you knock?”

He shook his head.

“What? You just want to decorate my doorstep?”

The guy chuckled.

Like air finally forced into his lungs, Jerry felt so much relief. And it fucking terrified him.

“I didn’t know how to greet you, since you seemed…” He blew out a breath.

He means, since Jerry threw him out last time. “I’m going to dinner,” he said locking the door.

Philip got up brushing off his pants. “I’ll pay.”

They went to a bar and grill where Jerry ordered a steak. Philip ordered a burger with a beer. They ate silently, watching the games on each television screen.

Jerry tried to ignore how Philip kept looking over at him. He seemed nervous as he ordered another beer.

“So…” His father asked eyes shifting around. Why did he look so uncomfortable? He hunched his shoulders over the table getting closer. “What’s it like being…uh…gay…is that the right term?”

Jerry burst out laughing. Was this why the old dude seemed guarded? “Yes, that’s the right term. And if feels like it feels to be human. Life still sucks when it sucks. And it’s good when its good. Only difference is I want to fuck men instead of women.”

His father nodded before gulping his beer.

“Curious?” Jerry asked wondering where Philip was going with the question.

He shook his head no. Then shrugged before taking another gulp. “I’m…curious about you…” He sighed before rubbing his forehead. “Yeah, when I first learned about you and Gerald I…was too shocked. I didn’t know how to deal with it all…So much was happening. I know I screwed up and was wrong for running away instead of facing it. I get it. I should’ve tried to understand.” He took another drink then he looked at his bottle in the light. “I know curiosity isn’t enough, but I want to get to know you. I want to understand you and Gerald. I want to try.” He took another gulp then sat the bottle down and looked at Jerry with his broad jaw set. “Will you…let me try? Try…try to understand… Try to…uh…”

Those words hinted at something. Jerry watched the man not sure he understood what he was saying until he saw the red slowly creep up his father’s neck. Then Jerry laughed. “Very funny.”

“Shit, I’m trying to be serious.”

Jerry just shook his head standing up. “Pay the people. I’m going home.”

Philip stood, took his wallet from his back pocket, threw money on the table, and followed Jerry. “I knew you were just trying to get rid of me and make my life miserable. I know you were just mad and said…did those things to scare me off-“

Once outside, Jerry turned to face Philip, toe to toe, nose to nose, there was only room to inhale shallow breaths. The scent of alcohol and his father’s natural musk intoxicated Jerry’s senses. Wide eyed, his father didn’t move, didn’t flinch as Jerry expected him to.

That shocked him.

Still, the man held his breath as if waiting, anticipating what Jerry would do next. His body was tense, poised and ready for…for what? Even Jerry wasn’t sure.

For a moment, they stood on the street just staring at each other before Jerry said, “Right now, my dick is hot, hard, and my palms are sweaty, wanting to be inside of a slick, tight space. I like hard muscles to hold onto. I enjoy the feel of rugged skin. Not too soft. I like it hard. I like it sweaty. I like it nasty,” Jerry said each word as his head angled watching. His breaths caressed over the man’s lips, up the path of his chin to his ear.

“Sometimes I like to bite.” He snapped his teeth at the earlobe before him. “Other times I hold down the body under me, and fuck into them until they cum from just their prostate and nothing else. I like to know my dick is what they want. And not my hand.”

When he saw his father’s Adam’s apple bob up and then down, Jerry blew in the guy’s ear. His father finally jerked away, making Jerry smile.

“Are you sure you want to try?” Jerry stepped around him and headed home.

Philip grabbed his arm stopping him. “Fine. Fine,” the guy said unsteady and he huffed. “But I still want to understand. To learn about what you go through and went through over the years.”

Jerry just stared at him. “You’d go this far to be forgiven?” He stared into those earnest eyes.

“If this is the only way we can try to be more than strangers, then yes.”

Jerry frowned jerking his arm away even as his body sparked with excitement from the touch. He wanted the man, but was it revenge or for something more? Jerry though of how Philip would look in pain as he forced his way inside, without lube and his cock throbbed. Jerry got a sick thrill of knowing he could possibly ruin his father. He could ruin Philip in a way that the guy never recovered from.

He looked down at his father’s crotch. Some of the excitement dimmed. No, to be honest, a man who wasn’t turned on, left Jerry feeling cold. And this man wasn’t even hard. But he had been willing to learn which was something.

“What do you want to know?”

“The…sex…how do men…enjoy something like that?” His father asked in a murmur.

“You mean anal.” Where to begin… “I’m sure you’ve heard that the prostate is like the g-spot for men…” Jerry started as they walked to the apartment, educating his father on what turns men on during anal sex. Even Jerry was surprised about what he knew as he talked to his father who walked close beside him nodding like a student hungry for his teacher’s words.

“So…some of you like to dominate and some of you like to be submissive?” His father asked as they entered the apartment building.

“Something like that. Someone’s always in the lead, just like hetero sex. And not all gay men have anal sex. Sometimes it’s between the thighs — intercrural.”

“Ah, men usually only do that when they don’t want to get the woman pregnant.”

“Some gay men do it to simulate sex when anal is too much or not an option,” Jerry nodded. “Sometimes it’s just hand jobs, rubbing cocks together, bodies together, or whatever friction gets us off. Other times its just about being together, preferring a man’s company to a woman. That’s all. We have relationship issues like any other couple and we have personal issues just like everyone else. We’re human. One thing that I’m told, though I’ve never experienced it since I’ve never been with a woman is that there is little need for foreplay like with a woman.”

His father nodded as if intrigued. “I can see that since most men are ready instantly…but you have to lube so there is that.”

“Some hetero couples do, too. Lube makes it more comfortable for both parties when penetrating…” Talking about sex, Jerry spoke more to his father than he’d ever spoke to the man his whole life. Even when he was younger, Jerry barely spoke to anyone.

His mouth began to dry as the night wore on. Jerry sat in the middle of the floor and his father sat on the bed listening.

Tired of talking, Jerry fell silent.

“Uh…So bisexual men are…common?”

Jerry yawned. “Yeah,” he said getting up, stretching. “Some hardcore gay men won’t deal with them. Some take the chance.”

“What do you mean, take the chance?”

“There are still a lot of men who want kids, a family. Some bisexual men prefer women. So gays looking for long term usually avoid bis.”

His father nodded understanding. “What about the lipstick and women’s clothing?”

Jerry chuckled. “What about it?”

“Do you-“

“Hell no. Some men like dressing up in the pretty frills, but I’m not one of them. Rainbows and glitter have never been my thing. And believe it or not, a majority of gay men aren’t flashy. They look just like you or me.” His mind started getting foggy with fatigue, however he needed to make one point before going to bed. “What a lot of people seem to forget or just don’t know, is that in ancient times it was the men who used to wear make-up or face paint depending on the culture. And men were also the ones who wore high-heels before women.”

His father’s face lit up in surprise. “I didn’t know that about high-heels… You were always the smart one of the family.”

Jerry pulled his shirt up and over his head without warning. His father’s brows rose.

Smiling mischievously, he said, “I’m tired, old man. I need my rest. Unless you…want to do something naughty.”

His father cleared his throat. “Like what?”

Pausing at the button on his jeans, Jerry just stared at him. He knew if he did anything drastic the man would probably run for the door. So, Jerry tested him with something small. He unbuttoned his pants. “Want to touch it?”

That thick brow furrowed. “No. I don’t.”

Jerry shrugged, pushing his pants and boxers down in one sweep. He figured the man wouldn’t. When he stood back up to step out of his clothes, he startled to see the man standing right there in his space.

“Can we work toward that?” His father asked. That rough voice seemed to sensitize Jerry’s skin.

Jerry had to swallow just to open his mouth. He was about to ask what the man had in mind, when one of those large rough hands touched one bare bicep. The touch was light, but it felt scorching. He swallowed again as his dick trembled to life.

“Y-you don’t have to…” Jerry’s eyes flutter closed when those hands traveled over his skin, from shoulder to elbow, tracing a line down to his fingertips.

“I want your forgiveness…so yes, I have to…” That raspy voice grew deeper nearly husky making Jerry feel…something akin to vulnerability.

He was about to step back, yield, not liking how he wasn’t in control when another touch caught his attention, sparking his thoughts.

His father’s other hand caressed down Jerry’s neck. He felt the fingertips along his collarbone, slowly sliding down the cleft of his pecs. The sensation traveled along the ripple of his abs.

Jerry sucked in a breath when both hands continued descending along the V of his abdomen toward his… He quickly grabbed both wrists, holding them steady, away from his happy dick as he breathed staring up at the ceiling.

“Glitch… What’s wrong?” His father asked worriedly.

It was too much… Brain. Fucking. Overload.

Jerry continued to breath as his cock leaked, ached, and demanded he let those hands go.


“I have a game tomorrow, so…” Jerry said sounding strangled, finding the excuse he needed to put an end to it. “I need to get plenty of rest.” He finally looked his father in the eyes.

His father just watched him. No emotion reflected back at him. He studied Jerry for a long moment before nodding. “If that’s what you want.”

“Yeah. Goodnight.” Jerry finally let go and walked to the bathroom.


Jerry paused and looked back.

Something odd flickered in his father’s face for a moment. “Goodnight.”

Hell, why did the sound of that word rake down Jerry’s back like fingernails digging into to flesh. As if his father left scars during sex… Dick pulsing, Jerry barely made it to the bathroom.


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