The Wrong Type of Redemption

14 Back To The Past


14: Back To The Past

The Past…

Jerry had tried to ignore the pull — the needs throbbing every time his thoughts wandered to Philip. After a week of no signs of his father, he wondered if the man had abandoned him again. Even thought Jerry kicked him out, the man said he’d be back.

Fuck him! It didn’t matter. He’d done this well without him, he’d survive forever alone.

He just needed to get laid. At least Jerry hoped that would get rid of the itch that begged to be scratched. Maybe by the time his father showed up again, he’d be able to focus on anything but the man’s hard body.

Music pumping, bodies big and small jerking and grinding to the beat, Jerry walking into the club that was for the eighteen and up crowd. He went to the bar and ordered a soda since he was a year and a couple months from twenty.

The bartender, who recognized him, smiled his pretty smile with perfect white teeth and leaned forward. “Hello, Baby Bear.” His glittery pink lips greeted.

“My Queen.” Jerry replied like the man liked.

“Come to play in my palace?” He smacked his lips.

Jerry chuckled. “Only if your majesty allows,” he said following the script. That was the game they had played since the first day Jerry came to the King’s Throne. The King was the owner and the Queen was his bartender and life partner. The stage where the drag shows were held and the bar were known as the Queen’s domain, her parlor. The Queen’s Parlor was even a sign in bright pink neon lights over the stage.

When Jerry had first entered college, after turning eighteen and finally produced the nerve to go to a gay club, he picked the King’s Throne since it allowed eighteen-year-olds. He arrived the minute it opened. The Queen laughed at him for hours. “I can so tell you’re green, no one comes when a club first opens except for the workers. You may be as big as a bear but you’re still a baby,” he had said of Jerry’s inexperience.

That’s when he got his first real taste of that life outside the internet. The Queen had told him everything he needed to know. Even set him up with his first guy. Since then, the Queen looked after him whenever he dropped by.

Sometimes he got a free soda when Jerry wasn’t looking for anything but advice. But if Jerry was looking for someone to fuck, the Queen made him pay for the soda, and then pointed him to a man who was just what Jerry needed. A quick fuck, no names. If Jerry had to pay more than just a drink, he’d have believed the Queen was a pimp.

Though the Queen’s face had masculine angles, his skin and make-up were flawless. “So Bear, what will it be today?” He asked in a husky nearly feminine tone.

“Easy and discreet.”

“Same as always.” The Queen winked and then nodded his head toward the dance floor. “My little Pomeranian is here today. He likes them big and rough. Want to take him for a spin?”

Jerry turned to dance floor to find several bodies jamming to the beats. One in particular, who was bleach blond, scrawny, with wide dark eyes, and looked full of energy as he bounced around off beat.

“I won’t break him?”

The Queen laughed. “No suga’. If his ex couldn’t break him, no one can.” The Queen snapped her perfectly manicured fingers with attitude. “All you have to do is slid up behind the twink and grab those narrow hips in a show of force and he’ll be putty in those big hands.”

Jerry looked back at the Queen who gave him that knowing smirk.

“So, he really likes it rough.”

Letting his tongue peak from his mouth in a seductive manner, he mouthed, “Loves it.”

Jerry sighed nodding, looking down at his drink.

Wiggling those thin fingers to catch Jerry’s attention, he lifted his head. The Queen crocked a finger for him to come closer. Jerry leaned over the counter so his ear was at the Queen’s mouth.

“When are you going to admit you’re a bottom, cub?” He asked, shocking Jerry.

His eyes met the Queen’s green. First, Dorian. Now the Queen… Was there something they saw, Jerry wasn’t seeing? No, he didn’t like to be that rough during sex, but his partners always liked it. That’s what was expected of someone his size and build, right? But even if he wanted to be something other than a top…how? How could he let anyone but Gerald have that spot?

“Ah…I see,” The Queen’s fingers traced along Jerry’s jaw. “Hopeless romantics are usually the ones who experience the most painful heart breaks.”

Those long fingers delicately caressed the side of Jerry’s face. “Such sad pretty eyes. I bet you have a gorgeous face under that mask of hair…” Then he ruffled Jerry’s thick bush of hair. “Go play, Baby Bear, the Queen’s order.” He waved Jerry off to go back to his other clients.

Maybe he was that transparent. Yeah, he brooded, but could everyone tell why? Finishing his soda, he turned to find the “Pomeranian” when what he found was Nick coming up beside him.

Stunned, Jerry just stared at the guy. “Nick?”

“Didn’t expect to see you here.” Nick smirked looking Jerry over like a starved man ready to sink his teeth into a nice juicy steak.

“Likewise. Isn’t it too risky for you to be seen here?”

Nick chuckled moving in closer until their arms touched.

Jerry leaned down to hear him better over the roaring music.

“I’m getting pretty desperate for something carnal. It’s been ages. And a certain someone left me hanging.” He’s lips feathered Jerry’s neck.

Feeling a tongue trace up the side of his flesh, Jerry shivered. His cock began aching and growing harder just from the smell of Nick’s cool cologne. “I hope I don’t regret this.” He groaned taking the man’s wrist in hand.

Walking toward the front entrance, Jerry was pulled to a stop by the arm he held.

“No, this way.” Nick shouted taking the lead.

They headed toward the back of the club, squeezing past sweaty gyrating bodies.

The music died down as they moved past the black bathroom doors that read, “No Sex Allowed,” on the outside. Jerry was about to ask where they were going when they exited out a back entrance where the deliveries were made. The smell of garbage, motor oil, and metal met his nose. Moving further down the loading area into a darker portion of the back street, Nick finally stopped and began unbuttoning his pants.

“Take out that beast. I need to feel it,” Nick said pulling his pants down to his knees. The man went commando. Bending over, Jerry noticed that pink pucker looked nice and squeaky clean. This guy had come for the same thing Jerry had — sex.

And who was Jerry to deny him? Taking the lubed condoms from his pocket, Jerry rolled one on his throbbing cock. Then he took another latex and slipped it onto his long fingers. Using the lube of the condom he circled the entrance.

“You don’t have to prep. I’m so ready for you.”

With two fingers in the condom, he shoved past the ring of muscle making Nick cry out. “Don’t underestimate me.” Jerry ordered.

“Oh, fuck…yes…” Nick’s legs trembled. Someone liked pain…

Feeling for Nick’s prostate, he moved his fingers in the general area until Nick groaned pressing his cheeks down onto Jerry’s hand.

Knowing where his target was, Jerry pulled out and let the condom slip from his fingers to the ground. Then he gripped his gloved meat and nudge the tip forward.

Nick, hands braced against the concrete block wall of the building, let his fingers dig at the surface as Jerry pushed forward.

“Fuck!” Nick beat a fist against the surface as his body quivered. “Oh, fuck!”

“That’s what you get for being impatient.” Jerry chuckled before moving into the tight walls of heat.

“Ah!” Nick nearly shouted when Jerry began to move, giving the guy what he wanted. Jerry held his breath, withholding his own pleasure to make sure he was nice and rough.

And Nick loved it. His dick leaked down onto his pants around his knees as he continued to curse and murmur, “More. Harder.”

Hips pounding forward and jerking back, mind finally giving up to lust, Jerry began drowning in the heat and suction of the narrow passage. Holding on to Nick’s narrow waist, he slammed in, over and over. His thoughts drifted as it always did during sex…

“You want it don’t you?” Gerald asked looking as old and bearded as Jerry. “You want to be completely owned. Dominated…” Lips claimed his mouth.

All Jerry could do was moan as Gerald, who sat beside him, pushed him back onto the bed. His twin gripped Jerry’s wrists and pushed them up above his head, pinning him down onto the bed, holding Jerry down.

“I’ve owned you since birth, Glitch.” A deep rough gravely voice said, “When are you going to realize that?” Blue eyes stared hard into his face, before those lips took a demanding kiss. Hotter than anything Gerald ever took, it seared him, making him want to fight so that he forced the other man to take him harder.

A hand came around his throat, holding his down. “Spread your legs.” Philip demanded. “Spread them or I’ll turn you over and force my way inside.”

“Do it, dad, bend him over and fuck him. Glitch, I want to see him inside you as you suck my cock,” Gerald said running his fingers through Jerry’s hair, massaging his cock the way Jerry loved. “Stop trying to struggle. You know you want it…you need it.” Gerald’s face came down to kiss him as his father’s large rough hands tightened around his throat.

Jerry came, growling deep as he woke from the hottest fantasy he ever had. Even as he felt his semen shot into the hot ass rippling around him, Jerry kept thrusting.

“Oh, fuck…fuck…Jerry, you’re…” Nick sounded strangled as Jerry continued to saw into the guy.

He felt so tight and…Jerry came again, not realizing he had grown hard.

“Shit!” Nick dropped to his knees exhausted.

Jerry frowned looking down at his raging cock. It was still hard. He’d never been so damn horny before.

“I’m not done,” Jerry said and sighed, reaching for Nick’s hair. He grabbed it and pulled it just hard enough so the man was getting up on his knees.

“Shit!” Nick eyed Jerry’s greedy dick in surprise.

“Use that mouth,” Jerry demanded. Lazily, Nick nodded. He pulled Jerry’s condom off and began using those sloppy lips like Jerry liked. Feeling like a fucking bastard, guilt finally descending over him from his fantasies, Jerry came, pulling out. Cum painted over Nick’s lips. Nick leaned forward, licking up the dribble from Jerry’s tip.

“Sorry,” Jerry said reaching down to wipe his fingers over Nick’s lips. But Nick pulled back laughing.

“Why the hell are you apologizing? That was the most intense…” Nick moaned. “Hell, I’ll be satiated for weeks.”

Jerry grunted and zipped up. That’s right, he was an asshole. No need in feeling anything for anyone. It would only hurt him in the end. Without a word, Jerry walked away down the long alley to the main street, not looking back.

When he finally got home, he showered. As the water cascaded over his skin, he wondered… What would his twin truly think of him fantasizing about their father? Gerald had always been selfish and darkly possessive. He’d probably hate it if Jerry tried to move on without him. But just thinking about the daydream, Jerry found his hand on his cock again, pumping.

Even if Gerald didn’t approve, Jerry couldn’t seem to stop the thoughts or his slutty cock.


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