The Wrong Type of Redemption

11 Hump Night


11: Hump Night

Jerry’s steps slowed the closer he got to Nick’s pretty blue eyes…but they weren’t as clear and captivating as his father’s blue. He quickly shook his head of that thought. 

Nick tilted his head curiously at Jerry’s actions, then he cocked an eyebrow. Blond hair still looking wet from a shower was slicked back off Nick’s face as he eyed Jerry cautiously.

“Hi.” Jerry spoke and kept walking.

“Hey… Your friend Mia gave me your phone number.”

Jerry nearly forgot about that. He stumbled to a stop, turned to Nick, and scowled. “I’m not interested in anything complicated.”

“It doesn’t have to be complicated.”

Jerry just stared down at the guy, considering the offer.

When a guy brushed past Jerry to enter the gym, both of them moved to the side. “Come on,” Nick said. “I know a place we can talk without being disturbed.”

“Nah. See ya.”

“It’s just a talk, Jerry,” Nick said following him.

They walked a few blocks before Jerry slipped down an alley and pulled Nick with him. He slammed Nick back against the wall and blocked the hand that shot out to grab him by the shirt.

“I’m not interested. I know too much about you. That’s complicated,” Jerry said threateningly, hoping the guy got the message.

“So you’re into nameless faceless fucks.” Nick nodded understanding even as his other hand came up and slide around Jerry’s neck sensually.

Jerry slapped the hand away narrowing his eyes. “Why so eager all of a sudden?”

“I’ve always been interested, grey eyes. But now, I’ve got you alone.” His hand cupped Jerry’s cock, kneading the sensitive flesh through the pant’s material.

Jerry grunted, trying to hold back a moan.

“You should’ve run, grey eyes,” Nick whispered heated words into his ear. “Because now I’m going to savor you.”

Jerry did moan then when Nick’s hand squirmed down his pants. Those slightly warm hands wrapped around his heating cock, then squeezed gently making Jerry bite his bottom lip.

Nick tried to kiss him, but Jerry turned his head away, slamming his hand on the brick wall behind Nick’s head. Desperately, Jerry fought not to cum as the other man pumped his cock up and down.

“Mmmm, I want to taste you…feel you inside of me.” Those words licked up his skin, to tickle his ear.

If Jerry hadn’t been so turned on recently thinking about his father, not being satisfied with just his hand jobs, he would’ve pushed Nick off by now.

But Jerry loved those rough fingers on his cock. Would his father’s fingers feel like that? His body shivered.

Heat breathed on his neck before Nick nipped at his jaw.

“I promise it will be good, grey eyes. Let me ride you.”

He knew too much about Nick. It was too close to home. Home… Thoughts of his father waiting with dinner popped into his head. He cursed when those thoughts made him harder.

“That’s it baby, let go.”

Jerry’s hips began to rock, but Nick released his hold.

Jerry nearly cursed. “Tease.”

“No…” Nick moved further down the side street, into the shadows of the building and the night. “I want you in my mouth.”

It wouldn’t be the first time Jerry had a back-alley fuck. They found the alcove of a shut door where Nick squatted, perfectly balanced on the balls of his feet, and immediately began slobbering on Jerry’s cock.

The slurping sounds and the wet heat nearly undid him. His length slipped in and slid out, fucking into that mouth, flexing his ass to get deeper and feel it to his balls.

“Mmmm…” Nick’s moans made Jerry eager to test how much that throat could take. He grabbed the guy by the head and fucked that hot sloppy mouth all the while keeping his eyes on the main street for cops.

He saw people walking by, but none of them saw him even though if they looked hard enough through the night darken scene, they were visible.

Nick choked a few times, gagging when Jerry went too deep. And the feel of that throat squeezing his tip…Fuck! Feeling his balls drawing, building, pleasure surging down his thighs and up his abdomen… Jerry was on the verge when he saw a man walking by carrying a grocery bag. At first his mind didn’t register it, so lost in the hot sensation of Nick’s juicy mouth. But when the man backed up curiously and their eyes met, Jerry’s dick exploded, making him moan.

His father’s wide eyes jerked away, before he rushed off.

The shock he saw shook the shock Jerry felt. Then he smiled, amused at the discomfort he might have caused. He looked down at Nick emptying the rest of his seed on the guy’s tongue. “Thank you,” he said, glad the man was useful for more than a blowjob.

“We can go back to my place and…” Nick, still in a squat, continued to lick at Jerry’s flagging cock, as if waiting for it to wake again. And if Jerry kept standing there, enjoying the man’s lapping tongue, his dick would demand round two.

“Nick. No.” Jerry pulled back and zipped himself up. “I would’ve never guessed you were…so willing.”

“Was that your nice way of saying slutty?” Nick smirked standing to his feet. He wiped his mouth and sighed. “I like it when I can get it. I’m not ashamed of enjoying it. I just wish I knew what it would take to get you to enjoy it as well.”

“Why me?”

Nick licked his lips staring at Jerry’s chest then up into his eyes. His fingers came up to ruffle under Jerry’s beard.

“Just say, you’re my type, grey eyes.” Nick’s low voice tried to lure him.

“Big and scary?”

“No. Tough. Hard to crack. Intense. I like a challenge.” His hand smoothed over Jerry’s chest.

“Night, Nick.” Jerry walked pass the guy toward the open street not interested in being Nick’s conquest.

“You have my number if you change your mind.”

Jerry’s body felt energized after that blowjob. He hadn’t had one that good in…months. He jogged to his apartment and found his father by his unit with the grocery bag in hand. His father never looked him in the eyes, just stared down at his boots.

Opening the door, Jerry remained quiet. Inside, he shrugged his laptop bag off his shoulders, letting it thunk to the ground. His eyes followed his father’s stiff movements. Those wide shoulders seemed to shut him out, not looking back or speaking. The guy began pulling food out of the plastic bags to prepare dinner.

Jerry went to the bathroom to shower. Afterward, he exited the bathroom naked to find something to put on. I need to do the laundry, he thought as he pulled his pajama pants over his hips. When he turned, he found his father looking at him frowning with a plate of food in hand. He approached holding it out.

The man said nothing even though all kinds of questions seem to hang in the air.

As they ate in silence, Jerry focused on his laptop homework and his father watched the news.

But just as he suspected, his father couldn’t stay quiet long.

“Jerry…I have no right to tell you how to live your life…” he said carefully, pausing as if waiting for Jerry to respond or lash out, but when Jerry kept typing with one hand and shoveling garlic bread in his mouth with the other the man continued. “Please…please be careful doing that kind of thing out in public. The police could catch you. Or a child could see… Just be careful.”

Jerry knew better and usually he wasn’t that reckless. Yet, his damn horny dick wasn’t behaving at all since Philip showed up. Remembering Dorian’s words, irritated him, making him want to lash out. His father’s concern added to it, pissing him off, and yet…it made him feel something else. Almost remorseful, slightly touched, and…no! I’m not getting attached to him. I refuse. He’ll just fucking abandon me again…

His mind was so out of sync he had to redo several lines of code multiple times that night.

The rest of the night remained quiet with his father cleaning the kitchen and Jerry finishing up his work. All the while a war of pain and peace, waged inside as Dorian’s words echoed in his head… “Cous, I know you don’t want to forget him. And you never will. But don’t lose yourself trying to remember him.” 

Was he really trying to be his brother, instead of just remembering him? Was he trying to live as Gerald since his brother couldn’t live for himself? The thought made him sick and yet, he wasn’t sure how else to live.


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