The Wrong Type of Redemption

10 Hump Day


10: Hump Day

After football practice, Jerry strolled up the sidewalk toward home as streetlights came on in the city. His mind barely registered the evening traffic or the people passing by, his brain too focused on what his father might cook for dinner and why the hell he even cared.

His hip vibrating brought him out of his thoughts. He pulled his phone from his pocket and looked down at the screen to find his cousin calling. “What?” He answered.

Haaaappy! Hump daaaaay!!!!” the jolly voice screamed.

Jerry pulled his ear from the receiver to keep the feedback from making his hearing aid screech. “What the fuck, Dorian?”

“Ouch! What’s got you so pissy, Missy?”

“You’re calling.”

Dorian just laughed. “Because I haven’t heard from you, Shrek. So, you know the routine, if you don’t call me within a month, I call to harass your grumpy ass. And I’m fully prepared this round with all new mushy Mitchell material.”

Jerry groaned. “I don’t want to hear about you and your boyfriend’s sexcapades, Dorian.”

“Tough titty, my kitty. Love should be shared. And sharing is what I do best…” Dorian began his Mitchell monologue making Jerry grunt and groan as he walked several blocks.

His cousin was the only one in his life he allowed to annoy him because when Jerry woke from the hospital, Dorian had been the only one on his father’s side of the family that had been there for him. Grant it, his father’s side of the family only consisted of Dorian and Dorian’s father for all Jerry and Dorian knew, but Jerry’s own father should have been there.

After Eric had beat him to near death, Jerry woke in the hospital confused and partially deaf. The beating had screwed up his inner ear and crossed some wires in his head making his hearing nearly useless. The shock of that and learning that his family no longer existed as he remembered, threw Jerry into a depression that nearly crippled him further.

His grandmother and grandfather had been there for him, but they were homophobes so they’d never understand. Dorian came with his father, Jerry’s Uncle Allen, to check up on him when they never heard from Philip — Allen’s younger brother. No one knew where his asshole father disappeared to.

That’s when he learned what happened after he was hospitalized. Philip and Gerald had to pull Eric off of Jerry to keep him alive. Jerry was barely breathing with tons of blood loss.

His mother was panicked. Gerald was in a kind of shock. Even Eric couldn’t believe what he had done, and yet he was ready to turn on Gerald, blaming him for everything. The cops finally showed up, carting Eric away despite their mother’s tears. And the paramedics took Jerry away. The doctors gave his family a dire picture of Jerry’s survival. It didn’t look good. If Jerry did happen to survive, severe brain damage was in his future. They believed at most, Jerry would be a vegetable.

They had to take their mother home she was in such hysterics. That night, Gerald decided to beat Jerry to heaven…or hell. His mother had found him the next morning in the stable, swinging from the ceiling beams. That was when the doctors believed she lost her mind and went catatonic – unresponsive. A severe withdrawal from the waking world. The last any one saw of his father, was after they took Gerald’s body away and put their mother in a nursing home. Then he disappeared, never to be seen for five long years.

Jerry woke eleven days later in such confusion, he didn’t know up from down. Memories slowly clawed back to him in echoes… And the ache of loss was…debilitating. He went from a family of five to…nearly nothing.

His hearing sucked, his motor functions sketchy, and his memories were patchy for months.

Dorian showed up the day he began his rehab. And the guy stayed for weeks. He came back often to check on him despite his grandmother’s spiteful tongue. The woman hated anything related to his father, minus Jerry. She only allowed Dorian around because Jerry made positive progress when his fool cousin showed up. Dorian’s father wasn’t allowed to visit because he looked too much like Jerry’s father. But that didn’t stop his uncle from looking, searching everywhere for the man that was his brother.

Dorian had learned sign language along with Jerry and had encouraged Jerry to get the hearing aids when Jerry had refused multiple times. “I know you don’t want to hear the world, cous. It’s too damn noisy, but just think of all the juicy gossip you’ll miss. And the secrets when people believe you can’t hear.” Dorian had said wigging his eyebrows.

The two kept in touch, mostly Dorian who visited as often as his father allowed. A little over a year after the incident, Jerry slowly got better, until his brother Eric got released from prison. That incident threw Jerry back into depression.

He felt anger for not being able to kick his brother’s ass for what he did. And sorrow for never being able to talk to him again. Before that night, when Eric went mad, he had been Gerald’s and Jerry’s idol — their big brother.

The pain of loss hit Jerry all over again. But Dorian never let him go through it alone, making stupid jokes and just being…stupid.

His cousin was the first one he ever confided in about everything that had happened. And not only had his cousin been supportive, he checked up on Jerry at least once a month. Though his cousin was a major goofball, Jerry was forever grateful to the guy.

“I’m telling you, J-dizzle, Mitchell is going to go all the way to the nationals this year.” Dorian continued to brag. “My snookums is a football god. You should see his ass move…a mighty fine ass at that.”

“Dorian. Don’t want to hear about Mitchell’s ass anymore.”

“But it’s such a cute-“




“Hater! Anyway, anything new in the heat?” Dorian asked. The guy lived up in Michigan where heat wasn’t heat. In Miami, heat could down right blister.

“Dad showed up,” Jerry said, waiting at the crosswalk for the traffic light to change.

“Dad? My dad?”

“No, my dad. Your uncle.”

There was a long pause then, “What. The. Actual… You’re shitting me aren’t you, Hagrid?”


“Really? I mean, what… You two besties now, knittin’ scarves and shit together? Scrap-bookin’ and daydreamin’ about the good ole days?” He asked sounding like some backwoods hick.

“No, I’m fucking with him. Making his life miserable.”

“Now we’re talking my lingua. Tell mama everything!”

So, Jerry did.

When he finished, Dorian laughed maniacally. “Oh shit! Classic! I love you, man. Only you could go straight perv on your ex-daddy.”

“What are you trying to say?” Jerry asked defensively.

“I mean, you and Gerald…so…I’ll just shut up now.”

“Say it.”

“Okay, but don’t get mad and moody. And no punching my face in next time we meet. I was just thinking you’re taking your love for Gerald and transferring it to the deserter… Am I wrong?”

“Very. I still love Gerald. I still see him in my dreams. Philip is nothing like Gerald.”

“True, but why get horny over that old fart. He’s a damn loser. He’s worse than my dad, and my dad’s a womanizing, cheating, gay hating ass-hat,” Dorian said bitterly.

Jerry sighed, knowing Dorian was still pissed about his father cheating on his mother and not accepting his relationship with his boyfriend, Mitchell. “I don’t know. Maybe I’m a sadist who likes torture and to see people be miserable. Or maybe the brain damage did more than affect my hearing. Who knows.”

“Or maybe…”


“Well…do you want him like that? Would you actually fuck the guy?”

Jerry didn’t know. He honestly never considered his father giving in or even sticking around. He liked the thrill of harassing him, but actually going through with it… Would he? Could he?

“Your silence says a lot.” Dorian cut into his thoughts. “As big and bad as you are, sasquatch, you’re still the quiet nerd I remember. I’m not saying you’re a push over, but you aren’t Gerald. Stop trying to be.”

“What makes you think I’m trying to be Gerald?” Jerry asked getting irritated.

“Simmer down. We’ve had this chit chat before. Football isn’t you, its Gerald. The asshole aggressiveness you try to play up is all Gerald. And don’t get all huffy because I said something bad about your twin. You know he was an evil overlord to everyone else but you. Even your own mother was scared of him.”

Jerry wouldn’t acknowledge it, but Dorian was right.

“You’re the sensitive one. Still are. Hell, you were a crybaby until you were ten. You were the cool balm to G-dawg’s rage. You are Mr. Steady even under pressure. Stop trying to be him.”

Jerry didn’t say anything as he stopped walking. Was he really trying to be Gerald?

“Cous, I know you don’t want to forget him. And you never will. But don’t lose yourself trying to remember him.”

“So… are you saying I should stop tormenting dad…just forgive him.”

“If you were the old Jerry, you would’ve already shrugged it off and let the invisible man have peace. You can’t even hate your wicked witchy grandmother, and that shriveled lump of bitterness is worth hating. The new Jerry…has probably already forgiven him deep down, but the scars… That shield you built around you to keep everyone away won’t even let my happy ass in and I’m lovable as fuck.”

“Really, Dorian?” Jerry said even as a smile crept across his face. He began walking again.

“Yes! Lovable! But seriously, I think…maybe…”

“Uh oh…”

“Okay, so my crazy mind thinks you should…consider.”

“Consider what?” Jerry asked even though he shouldn’t.

“Letting the nasty stuff happen. I mean, sex is beautiful. It brings people together, like it brought me and Mitch together.”

“But it also tears people apart.”

“I do believe you two already have that covered.”


“That’s why this time it could help, my bigfoot. Think of it…nasty, hot, sweaty goodness bringing you two together in a glorious collage of bodily fluids, moaning orgasms, and the addictive urge to need more fucking.”

“Dude, are you seriously encouraging me to fuck the bastard?”

“No! Dude, I’m saying let him fuck you.”

“The. Hell?”

“Come on, Bigfoot, you know you want it up the ass. You only became a top because you refuse to let anyone but Gerald be your first. But you’ve always been a true bottom. Tell me you don’t fantasize about being held down and dominated.”

Grinding his teeth, Jerry refused to reply.

“Because Uncle Loser is straight, it might encourage him to release his inner gay.”

“Dorian, the man was a homophobe-“

“Exact! The ones who deny it the hardest are usually the ones most curious about it — freaks in the sheets!”

“Asshole, I’m not going to bottom…” The thought made him feel too vulnerable. He didn’t think he could take letting someone that close to him. Especially someone who already abandoned him once.

“News flash!” Dorian sang, “Its hot as fuck. My Mitchy takes such good care of me. It’s like taking the best shi-.”

“Stop! Dammit, Dorian, do you have a filter?”

“You’d know I’m right if you’d just spread those ass cheeks! Your prostate will thank you,” Dorian sang. “Trust me, when daddy deadbeat gets into that tight slicked hole and starts cumming, he’ll be addicted. I guarantee it! And give him head like you love it and he’ll never, ever leave you. Mitch’s technique is a winner…”

Jerry groaned as his idiot cousin began to describe just how good Mitchell took care of him. Dorian’s boyfriend had to be an angel to put up with him.

“Dorian! I can’t with you. I’ll call you another day,” Jerry said just as he was walking by the martial arts gym.

“Don’t want to accept the truth yet, huh? Fine, Shrek. Call me soon. Keep me posted. And tell Uncle Fuck Face I said, suck a dick.”

Jerry laughed hanging up just as the door to the gym opened and Nick stepped out. Their eyes met and Jerry’s humor faded.



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