The Wrong Type of Redemption

8 Next Day


8: Next Day


Jerry didn’t know when he fell asleep, but when he woke at four the next morning he found the room empty. His father was gone and the television cut off. Jerry got up to get ready for class. After a quick shower he went to the kitchen area and opened the frig to find the leftover pizza inside. On the pizza box in pen was his father’s name and phone number.

He took a slice out of the box and ate it cold before he dressed and went to school.

During afternoon practice, he looked up after finishing his drills and saw a guy standing high up in the bleachers. If he wasn’t mistaken it looked a little like Philip. But it was hard to tell at that distance.

Ignoring the odd twinge of some unknown emotion in his chest at the knowledge his father was there, Jerry went back to his practice.

Drills over, shower done, he worked in the library studying and finishing any assignments he needed to do. It was close to seven that evening when Philip found him. His father didn’t say anything as he sat across from him. It took Jerry twenty minutes longer to finish his work with the awareness of his father’s presence. How did the man find him? Had he been following Jerry?

When he finally looked up at Philip, the man smiled. “Dinner?”

Jerry sighed, not sure he liked how his father was using Jerry’s weakness to get closer.

They walked to a grill in silence where they ordered burgers.

“Don’t you have a job and life?” Jerry finally broke the silence that bled between them the whole evening.

“Yes, I have a job. No, I don’t have a life.” He chuckled. “I drive trucks for a living, so it allows me to travel. I actually have my own truck so I can take the jobs I want when I want. I make pretty good money…” He shrugged. Then he cocked a eyebrow. “It allows me to pay for your dinners.”

Jerry only nodded. He polished off his fries and then watched his father lick the ketchup from his fingers. Jerry sucked on his bottom lip wishing he could lick those fingers. He imagined lapping at the tangy salty sauce before devouring the length until they hit his throat…sucking those rough–

“Where are you sleeping?” Jerry asked interrupting his own horny thoughts.

“In my truck. There is actually a small cabin inside. It’s not too bad once you get used to it.”

“Where are you parked?” Jerry asked.

“There’s a place on the outskirts of town.”


“Where my truck’s parked is a stop where I can rent a shower.”

“You can shower at my place.” Jerry offered so he could catch a glimpse of the guy naked.

There was a paused as Philip just stared at Jerry with hope in his eyes. If only the guy knew…

Getting over the shock, his father said, “Thanks.”

Jerry went back to his place as Philip left to grab some of his things.

He left the door unlocked to allow Philip to come in when he got back. He wasn’t worried about burglars because Jerry didn’t have shit worth stealing. He crawled into bed to get some sleep. He woke later when he noticed a change in the environment. He perceived movement in the room. When he turned he saw his father going into the bathroom.

The bathroom light came on and Jerry wondered how Philip undressed. Laying, watching the door, he imagined the muscular form, rugged skin, and body hair. Even though his father kept his face mostly shaven clean and his hair short, he was all working male, not afraid to get his hands dirty. Jerry found that sexy. His cock heated in response.

Jerry imagined how the man moved around in his cramped little yellow tiled bathroom. Living in an efficiency came with no bells or whistles to brag about.

Imagination spent, Jerry let his curiosity urge him out of bed to take a leak and a peek. He opened the bathroom and walked into steam. Pretending to ignore his father’s wide eyes, Jerry went to the toilet, pulled down his pants, and aimed his half hard cock. It took a moment before he could pee instead of jack off, but once done, he flushed, pulled up his pants and then glanced over at the man who tried to continue washing. The small shower had no curtain because Jerry never bought one. So if Jerry wanted, he could reach out and touch that water drenched body. Hell, he enjoyed watching the lather go over the man’s tan lines. Long chiseled legs met a narrow waist. And that cock was long, thick, and the head plump. How would that cock feel in his hands? His lips? He’d bet the weight was just right. His eyes roved over the man’s juicy skin, streaked with soap lather that tried to hide defined abs, muscular arms, and a broad chest.

When his eyes finally met his father’s, Jerry smiled something he knew was wicked. His father’s lips moved a frown darkening his brow. “This ain’t funny, Glitch.”

There was something oddly sexy about reading the man’s lips without hearing the words. Yeah, he heard sound like it was far away and unintelligible but still sexy.

Jerry’s half hard dick grew by the second until Jerry found himself leaned back against the door, feet apart, pants just below his ass, legs slightly bent at the knees, and hand on his cock. He knew he was a sick bastard, but he couldn’t seemed to stop himself as he slowly stroked.

A curse formed on his father’s lips before he turned his back. Fuck, that ass was perfect. Muscular and yet just fleshy enough. Jerry could have sunk his teeth into it. And that broad strong back…

Jerry groaned while his father washed quickly.

“Don’t drop the soap.” Jerry moaned picking up speed.

His father turned around quickly, face red with…embarrassment? Shock? Anger? Or a mix of the three. That long dick never twitched, but that didn’t stop Jerry from licking his lips as he stared down at it.

Picking up the speed, warm hands kneading and pulling, he fantasized about that cock being hard and hot. Red and angry flesh flashed in his daydream, ready to explode as his father jerked off. His mind wondered to a place where Jerry was on his knees, kissing the limp cock until it twitched just for him. Then it rose, slowly, tempting him to suck on the molten flesh.

He groaned again as his eyes met his father’s. Resignation reflected in the blue depths. Then turning toward the spray, his father began washing his short hair, eyes closed.

Hot friction, the smell of soap and man, along with visual images assaulted his senses. Feeling the urge rise and spark in his balls, he went to the toilet and emptied his seed. Coming down from his high and wiping up, he looked over at the man whose lips were moving.

Unable to make out what else the man was saying, or just not caring, Jerry flushed, washed his hands, and went back to bed without a word. Later, half sleep, the smell of aftershave mixed with his father’s natural scent made Jerry’s cock harden again. Sounds barely met his ears as he drifted back off to sleep…


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