The Wrong Type of Redemption

4 Monday, Six PM


4: Monday, Six PM

The next day, after football practice, Jerry made his rounds at the Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. After checking in with one of the social workers, he found his favorite counselor. While most people irritated the hell out of him and he preferred not to deal with anyone, Mia was different.

For someone half his size, she always found a way to get in his face and chastise him without saying a word — mostly because she was deaf.

That afternoon, she sat at a table in the activity room with several of the young elementary kids, showing them how to crochet. At first glance, one would think she was just an average teenager with smooth chocolate skin, dark thick coily hair, and large beautiful brown eyes. Her lips were plump and her smile alluring.

He strolled half way across the room casually before she lifted her gaze from the group of kids to look at him.

*J. You finally show up.* She signed after putting down a wad of yawn. Her hands held the attitude that her face didn’t.

*I’ve been at practice.* He signed back.

An eyebrow lifted.

*And I have school.*

That stare didn’t waiver.

*I’ll try to do better.*

She leaned back in her seat and folded her arms over her chest.

*I’ll volunteer an extra hour this Saturday and help Dale next week at the gym in your place…* He paused, then added, *And I’ll buy you a milkshake to make up for my absence.*

She smiled, nodded, and jumped up from her seat. Quickly, her fingers gestured to the three kids at her table before she walked toward him in her hip hugging jeans and tight blue tee. Even though she looked like a teen, Mia was a fully developed twenty-six-year-old. If he were hetero, the beautiful sexy woman would definitely be his type. He wondered what would bring his grandmother a heart-attack faster, him being gay or him dating a black woman… If he was truly cruel, he’d send grandma a picture of him with the guy he fucked back in July.

Jerry and Mia walked to the ice cream shop half a block from the center. On the way, Mia updated him on all the latest gossip. While Jerry didn’t know half of the people she talked about, he knew one thing, the deaf community enjoyed gossip as much as the small town he grew up in outside Omaha, Nebraska. After buying their shakes, he took both large cups outside to a sidewalk bench where Mia watched the traffic go by.

Half way through his shake, he sat it on the bench between them with one hand, catching her attention with a wave of the other. She looked at him with a frown.

*My father found me.* He signed.

Mia’s brows rose. She was one of the few who knew his past because she was one of the only counselors that Jerry trusted to talk to. Though she liked the local gossip, professionally, Mia never revealed her patients’ private information. She was one of the biggest advocates for patient privacy and accessibility for deaf people in the work place.

She didn’t reply, studying him.

*He wanted to talk…but…* Jerry shook his head.

Mia took a sip of her milkshake tilting her head to the side slightly with curiosity dancing in her eyes.

He didn’t know how to continue. Emotions were not his strong suit. Neither were words. Picking his cup back up, he sipped the thick sweet liquid through the straw.

After finishing up her milkshake and tossing it in the trash bin right next to their bench, Mia’s fingers flew. *Do you want to set up a private session out of prying eyes?*

*No. I want him to go away.*

*No. It’s time to face it.*

Jerry turned his head away, not wanting to read anymore, but she grabbed his cheeks between her hands and turned his head until they were eye to eye. Then she mouthed one soundless word, “Coward.”

She always knew how to push his buttons.

He grumped knowing she was right.

She lifted her eyebrows expectantly. *You need resolution, even if it’s a little one. See where this takes you.*

He signed, *Thinking of him begging me on his knees made me hard.*

Mia’s eyes went wide almost cartoonish. Growing up in a conservative Latin community made Mia have to put her beliefs aside to protect her gay younger brother. Not only did she learn to fight someone twice her size, she learned the most effective way to stand up to people. So even while Mia was open to many ideals, Jerry’s situation always baffled her.

When the shock wore off, hands in the air she signed, *You know as a counselor, I can’t tell you what to do. I can just give suggestions. I advise against that course of actions. Personally, I don’t agree with…* She paused pinching her lips together, *Incest. I can give you many reasons why its frowned upon…*

*Birth deformities. I already know about that.*

*It’s more than that. Many known cases of incest are with parents or a related adult who took advantage of a child…molestation…rape.* She narrowed her eyes in thought pausing for an instance. *But your case has been different from the beginning. With your brother…I kind of understood. You two were identical twins, closer than most siblings would ever be. You shared a bond few will ever understand. Some scientists and psychologist suspect there are some kind of link between identical twins that could possibly be telepathic. But your father? Did you ever feel that way before?*

He shook his head no. *I don’t think it’s because he’s my father… I think it was just a physical response to the fact he was a man and I’m horny.*

*He’s more than a man to you, J.* She signed exaggerating the gestures. *He’s the man who abandoned you. You got hard thinking of him begging for forgiveness. That’s not just because you’re horny.*

He shrugged.


*It doesn’t matter. I’m not dealing with him. I’m done with him. He can get forgiveness elsewhere.*

She blew out a breath. *Talking to you is like talking to a rock.* She reached up and wiped a finger over his lips before sticking the digit into her mouth to lick off the strawberry milkshake. *Chocolate is better.*

*No one asked you.*

She laughed. *Regardless, I’m still right.*

*So you think fucking my father is a bad idea.* He mentioned just to unhinge her.

She shuddered. *Yes. Yes, I do…* She signed with her eyes closed. *I think you need to do what helps you heal. Your wounds have festered too long. You’re too bright and talented to be holding yourself back as you are.* She opened her eyes and continued. *But if you disregard my advice, don’t tell me. Its better, you tell no one. Either way, free yourself. Even if that means facing demons and embracing unconventional thinking. As long as you’re not hurting anyone and the other party is a consenting adult, I won’t confront you about the rest.* She shook as if trying to get something off of her. *Come on, I think we both need to go hit something.*

Jerry followed Mia to the gym down the street. It was a gym for MMA, boxing, kick boxing, and other combat martial arts. Mia had first introduced him to it when she was assigned to him as a counselor six months ago. She had been introduced to the place by one of the owners so that she could fight to defend her brother, until her brother grew strong enough to defend himself. Now that brother was serving in the Army.

*Sometimes it feels good to hit something.* She had told him when she first brought him to the place for a kind of therapy.

And she had been right.

Jerry took to boxing like he took to football. He even liked it better — less people he had to work with. He only started football after Gerald died…wanting to be a little closer to his brother in some way. Gerald and Eric had both been lovers of football.

Dale, the owner and manager of the place stood just inside the front entrance at the counter talking to a pretty blond. The blond guy glanced back at Jerry for a moment, eyeing him in a knowing way before turning his attention back to Dale. Jerry had always wondered what the blond guy’s story was and his name, but the two never talked. Sure they eyed each other knowingly, but it ended there.

Mia waved to Dale who’s dark brown face lit with joy at seeing her.

“Mia!” He lifted his arms in greeting.

She kept walking.

“J! Are you boxing tonight? If so, Alejandro’s here. He wants a rematch. He’s still pissed he lost to a rookie.”

Jerry just shrugged walking behind Mia. He hadn’t come to fight, just to hit a bag or two.

But when Mia saw Alejandro across the room she turned to Jerry and cocked her head to the side pointing her thumb over her shoulder at him.

Jerry groaned and signed telling him what Dale had mentioned.

Not retracting her thumb, she pulled her hand forward and used it to give him the thumbs up.


*It may help you clear your head. Plus, I want to put Alejandro’s light’s out. He pinched me on the ass last week.*

That gave Jerry motivation. Alejandro was the reason some of the female members of the gym didn’t come around anymore. The asshole needed to learn to keep his hands to himself.


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