The Wrong Type of Redemption

1 Present Day

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and purely for your reading enjoyment. Any similarities to your own experiences is coincidental. I don’t recommend trying anything illegal, dangerous, or culturally unexceptionable in this story, but what you do in your private life is your business (just be prepared for the consequences).

The Wrong Type of Redemption

At fourteen, Jerry found love only to lose it in an act of unexpected violence. That incident not only took away the love of his life but it also destroyed his family.

Five years later, Jerry’s now in college trying to live some semblance of a life. He plays football on scholarship and his grades are near perfect, yet it all feel meaningless… Until one day, when his father who abandoned everything, shows up wanting redemption. But Jerry isn’t about to grant forgiveness when his emotions demand something much darker…

**Warning: This story contains sex, graphic language, violence, and content which can be considered controversial (e.g., incestuous relations, dubious consent, same sex relations, etc.). If any of the aforementioned bothers you, don’t read and don’t comment.**


1: Present Day

Present Day…

After entering the final code of the new security software updates, Jerry leaned back to stretch. His chair nearly bent in a ninety-degree angle from his weight as he enjoyed the moment to collect his thoughts and rest his eyes.

He sniffed the cold dry air and frowned when he smelled nacho-cheese, seasoned beef, and…guac? He opened his eyes to find the room upside down. And on the opposite side of the computer room, past rows of mainframes and electronic equipment that was his office, just inside the fingerprint entry security door, was a large white bag sitting innocently on the floor.

Jerry sat up immediately and spun the chair to stare at the bag. When had someone entered without his computer alerting him? Even the guards didn’t have that kind of access. Several layers of protection barred the way of just getting to the building. And even more safeguards to get to him. Jerry’s boss made sure that the office was one of the most secure sites in the world, and yet…

Alarms went off in Jerry’s head. Who would have deliberately left the bag behind? Was it a bomb or some EM weapon? He quickly got up and approached the bag carefully. He was about to open the door to alert the guards when he saw an envelope taped to the side of the white bag. And in bold print written on the envelope was the name Gerald Mathers — his deceased twin brother’s name.

Jerry frowned, warring between letting the guards know or picking up the envelope.

Curiosity won. 

He picked up the envelope and opened it:

Dear Mr. Mathers,

I would like to offer you a deal of a lifetime. Meet me at eight pm at the gym. You know the one. I would hate for that little thing you “delivered” two days ago at four AM your timezone to become a problem for you.

And enjoy lunch on me. I am told these are the best ultimate nachos in the city.


Jerry’s pulse quickened as he read the letter again. Four AM… It was too specific to be a guess. How could someone know? No one had ever tracked him in over four years. No one.

Picking up the bag, he opened it to find nachos. A bag full of tasty smelling, saliva inducing nachos. He went back to his computer and pulled up building security. Using the triple monitor setup, he checked and double checked the footage. At first glance, nothing  unusual came up on any of the screens. Then he ran his video continuity software and found a millisecond of grainy footage. Someone had tapped into security just long enough to replace the video and cut out the original feed.

Someone was good.

Looking into the bag, he pulled out the nachos to look for any more clues. He found the receipt. It had the timestamp on it. But it also showed that whoever paid for the meal, received change back. In other words, they paid in cash. Smart.

Checking the timestamp, he went on the internet to find the restaurant with the so called “best nachos” in town. He hacked into their computer system which was just a simple credit card transmission and order delivery system. He tried to find a security system, but no luck. The restaurant was low tech without any security system, or it wasn’t hooked to a computer system.

He checked to see if any city cameras pointed in the restaurants direction. But during that time, not one person entered or exited the restaurant. Bull. Shit. The timestamp said twelve-thirty noon, lunch time. The best nachos in town would be packed with customers at that time. In other words, the video was useless to him because someone altered it.

He checked the time, considering his options. He could hack into satellite feeds, find out if there were any satellite images of the restaurant at that time, but it would take several hours to fly to Miami to get to the gym in question on time.

Damn dead end.

He got on the phone with his boss to make travel arrangements. 

Someone out there knew him too well. And if he didn’t want the world to know him that well, he’d have to meet them that night at eight PM.


Eight PM on the dot, Jerry strolled into the gym waving to the owner who folded towels at the front counter.

“Hey, J!” The short black man grinned, putting his towels to the side, and waving him over. “It’s so good to see you! You see the fight? You see my son?”

Jerry nodded. “Yeah, Dale. He’s good.”

“Good? My boy’s great. He’s going to be better than me one day. You wait.”

“He’s already better than you.” Jerry pointed out.

Dale laughed, nodding in agreement.

“Is Derrick here? I want to say hi.”

“Yep, in the back watching the rounds with the heavy weights. You came to spar or-“

“Meeting someone.”

Dale gave him a thumbs up. “You’re his favorite trainer, you know.”

Jerry snorted at that. Dale could charm anyone into working for him for free. And his son Derrick, the mix martial arts prodigy, had multiple trainers who trained him for free. When Jerry visited on his time off, he often helped as well. 

The scent of old and new sweat mingled up his nostrils as he strolled past punching bags and weight benches. He walked through the building nodding at some of the familiar faces before he dropped down on the bleachers close to where little Derrick sat staring at the ring. On the raised platform, two large hard bodies clad in protective gear punched it out, sweat and spit flying.

Derrick reminded Jerry a lot of himself when he was younger — smart, reserved, and quiet. There was also something else in Derrick he recognized, a darker nature that few could identify with. He wasn’t sure what happened in the kid’s life, but he knew this kid was just getting started.

Large brown eyes turned to look at Jerry, quietly. Jerry just stared back.

Time passed between them as a silent understanding formed inside Jerry. Because he had been where those dark, round eyes had been, Jerry knew soul deep that for this boy it was not a good day.

“Want to do a couple of reps?” Jerry asked.

Derrick glanced down for a moment then nodded.

Whoever wanted Jerry’s attention, would have to wait until Derrick’s day got better. Yeah the kid was a phenom with a life full of possibilities stretched before him, but that didn’t mean life was all candy and giggles. And when life hit hard, it helped sometimes to know someone close gives a damn. If only Jerry himself had someone to help make his days better when he was that young…



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    Blu!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭 I almost cried!!! I was looking for your books on my library just now but they were gone😭 i went to twitter, ig google but all lead to nothing. And then i went to wattpad, went to the bxb recommendation books and saw the ‘TWTOO’. Finally, the people in the comments told us where to find you.. im so happy rn!!! Did you completely removed your account?

    • Blu

      I’m so glad you found me!! Unfortunately, Wattpad deleted my account. But I’m grateful to those who led you here!! 💙💙

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    OMG!! Finally my jerry. Thank you… thank you so much Blu…you are the you and take care.

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