The Wrong Type of Possessive

7 Hash Brown Omelet


7: Hash Brown Omelet

Cody got back to her condo that night to find Gabe gone. She was hella grateful for that. Unfortunately, the next morning, he was back like a bad rash. In all his powerful handsome doom, the man was sitting at the steel kitchen table working on his laptop.

What woke her that morning was the utter heavenly smell of food. In the kitchen, she didn’t find styrofoam cartons. Oh, no. The shock came when she found the guy had cooked. An omelet sat warming on low heat in a pan.

“You cook!” She gasped.

He didn’t answer as he continued working.

“Is it edible?” She asked pulling a fork from the draw beside her to poke at the omelet’s yellow flesh. “Wait, let me guess, you had a chef come in and cook for you.”

She leaned forward to take a closer look at the yummy looking dish. She carefully unfolded one end to examine it from the bacon to the cheese to the hash browns. “I even recognize all the stuff you put in it.” She gawked. “How the hell-“

She jumped when the fork was snatched from her. He used his elbow to slightly bump her out of the way before cutting a piece and scooping it up on the fork. He held it out to her lifting an eyebrow.

“What?” She glowered. “You are not feeding me.”

“All my hard work never goes to waste. It’s not going to start now.” He narrowed his gaze, daring her.

She groaned and proceeded to take the fork from him, but his hand moved fast dodging her. The fork swerved back around parking the food at her lips.

“Open, or I shove. And it will hurt.”

Her face flushed at his words even as she opened her mouth. There were so many ways she could take his command it was scary. Or was it scarier that her mind went straight to the gutter?

Amusement lit his eyes and that damn eyebrow raised again. Did he realize what she was thinking?

Oh shit… Her focus darted upward to ignore his gaze and hopefully cool down her cheeks.

The fork slid between her lips slowly. She closed them around the utensil never taking her eyes off the ceiling. Her heart thundered in her ear as the stainless steel slowly pulled back to leave the fluffy offering. Tasty…warm…lightly seasoned…yet comforting.

“It’s good isn’t it…once it’s inside.” His dark tone held a silk that made her turn from him, cheeks flushing even hotter and her core clutching in response.

“You’re sick,” she said fumbling around the kitchen drawer for another fork. “Do you tease your other daughter like this?”

“No. Because I try to consider her my daughter.”

Cody paused. She shouldn’t be shocked. It wasn’t the first time he had said it. Clearing her throat she grabbed a fork and turned to the pan. Slowly, to keep her hand steady, she proceeded to feed herself without shaking from the emotions she felt. Even though he stood watching her eat, she didn’t look up at him. She couldn’t. She refused to show him her pain.

Her taste buds barely registered the food in her mouth as she bit, chewed, and swallowed like a machine. When she finished eating she cleaned up the kitchen, never looking back up at him, never acknowledged him as she worked. Too much pain threatened to assault her. Why was he still standing there anyway? Did he like seeing her like a wounded animal?


She swallowed the lump in her throat urging her to cry. But she wouldn’t.


Why? Why do I want him even when I should be running?

When his dark voice called her name again, she broke. “Is this what my fucking life is going to be like from now on? Is this what you want, someone you can torture at will? Fuck, just kill me!” She growled facing the stove, body shaking.

She was spun around, to face his hard gaze.

“Oh, right, I’m being disrespectful,” she said breathlessly in his face.

She tried to backup but his hand came around and gripped the back of her neck, holding her, pressing her closer. His other hand came up to cup her jaw. She wanted to object. She was about to when suddenly her brain short circuited. Not because of his nearness. No, the reason for her mind and body’s total disconnect was because his thumb smoothed over her bottom lip.

His touch was light and gentle, making her body come alive.

She trembled in his hold, at least that’s what if felt like. Her brain was still in la-la land.

“Killing you…” He leaned forward, nose touching hers. “Was never an option.” His breath whispered over her lips. She moaned, betraying her earlier fight. Even as she struggled to gain control, her body melted against him. “I warn you, not to fight me. When you fight…it stirs something I need to avoid. Do you understand? If you continue arguing…continue to go against me…” His lashes seemed to reach out toward her, hiding the green of his irises as he stared at their lips, nearly so close they teased at a kiss. “You need to fear the consequences.”

This wasn’t happening. She should be fighting him. And yet all she could think is if she moved just a fraction, not even an inch, they would be kissing. She would be kissing him… and that’s when she freaked. Images of the past assaulted her. That man… he forced his lips… stop!

“No.” She demanded, arms flailing.

He stepped back just in time to avoid her assault. She pulled herself together moaning and wanting to cry. Gabriel wasn’t any of those men…she knew that. She knew that… She closed her eyes letting the revulsion of her memories remind her why she kept her distance from people. Yet, she felt a different ache in her core she refused to name. No, he wasn’t those men, but he was still her father.

“What are you doing?” Her question came out husky and wanting.

“Showing you the line. Don’t cross it.”

“You… You’re the one crossing…the line,” she said catching her breath, trying to edge around him. His hand gripped her chin to look up at him.

“You don’t think I know when a woman wants me. I see how you try not to stare, how you get nervous around me. Do you think I don’t feel your eyes on me when I’m not looking? And when I wasn’t wearing my shirt?”

Shit, shit, shit! She swallowed before saying, “It’s not right.”

“You still don’t get why I won’t acknowledge you as my daughter… You need more? Do I need to spell it out for you?” His thumb moved from her jaw to stroke her bottom lip lightly again.

Her eyes widened as the realization made her giddy and horrified. “No.”


Yes…Oh yes. Her bottom lip quivered at his touch. “You can’t.”

“I could.” His dark words, promised things that were too seductive for her limited mind. “No one would ever know.”

She let those words play over her, caress her but even as her body reveled in it, her brain rejected it. “I won’t let you. You’ll have to rape me.”

He laughed for the first time in a long time that she could remember. It was dark, wicked, and made her center clinch with excitement and dread. “I’ve never had to take a woman by force. They come willing and in so many positions.” He spoke breath ghosting over her face. “If I wanted to, you’d be begging me, like all the others.”

Cody ripped her head away, punching out at him, and scrambling out of the kitchen area. “I’m not one of your many whores. I’m not one of your affairs or side chicks. I am your blood daughter, whether you like it or not. Stay away from me!” She stormed off creating distance. But when she felt him at her back she found herself running for her life. She never made it behind the safety of the first door she could get to before she was grabbed, hauled up into the air, and pushed against the wall at eye level with the man of her dreams and nightmares. His body pressed against hers and one of his large hands held her neck in place, not hard, but secure. She tried to fight. She did, but he had her pinned thoroughly. When his crotch ground into her, she stilled. He’s hard!

He chuckled and her face reddened.

“I hate you.” She whimpered.

“I know. That’s what makes this even more interesting.”

“Interesting! I’m just a toy to you?”

“Toy. Possession. Take your pick. But you belong to me. Try to run away if you wish, but that will make it all the harder for you.” He ground into her making her gasp. “As long as you don’t fight, I’ll leave you alone. I’ll let you have your space. I won’t seduce you.” He dipped and bent her over his shoulder carrying her effortlessly.

“I will not let you…” She slammed her fists into his back hoping she left bruises.

“Behave.” His hand came down on her ass with a smack.

She stilled. “I’m your daughter you sick fuck.”

“You don’t have a problem with Bailey and Tyler screwing each other, but you have a problem with the possibility of us?” He snorted a disbelieving sound. “The only reason you accepted both of them was because of your infatuation with me. So don’t kid yourself.”

She wanted to scream, because he was right. She’d been in some stupid crush with her father for two agonizing years. And when she met Bailey and Tyler, it foolishly gave her hope. But now that it could possibly happening, fear was a live and dangerous thing wanting to choke her.

She didn’t want it. Not because it was her father. Yes, that was part of the reason. But a small part because honestly he never acted like a father to her. The biggest part was that she wasn’t ready for anything like sex, kisses, and touches so intimate and claiming. And most of all she didn’t want him to see her as just another one of his play things he could easily throw away.

“Please don’t,” she said, voice quivering.

“You have nothing to worry about if you behave,” he said tossing her on her bed.

She bounced with an umph.

“I have to be in San Francisco in six hours. And I will be buried in work for days. That gives you time to think and get your senses back. Stop acting out.” He ordered as if she had lost her mind.

She swallowed back the bile rising. “Do I mean nothing to you?” She closed her eyes hating the feelings warring inside of her — the excitement, fear, loathing, wanting, pain… The bed dipped and her eyes flew open. He was there in front of her, sitting on the side of the bed face inches from her.

“If you meant nothing, you would never have lived on my properties for ten years. I would have ignored you and let you continue sleeping on the streets.” His hand reached out and took a lock of her hair, showing a gentleness contradictory to his tone. “Or would you rather I have left you there where those men would have finally found you and dragged you back to their shack?”

Her body tensed wanting to strike out in rage, but she kept it bottled, not moving an inch. “Asshole.” She gritted out. Damn, she wanted to cry. No. Not in front of him. He wouldn’t care anyway.

He nodded in agreement. “I hold few emotions, Cody. You know it. What is it that you called me once… Oh yes. A sub-clinical psychopath. So as heartless as I am, be glad I see you as the toy that you are and don’t push your luck. Because as easily as I claimed you, I can make your life hell. Or run, escape. I’m sure some poor lovesick fool will take you into their home and shower you with…love?”

Her body trembled with hated memory of a man’s sperm shooting into her face.

When his cold green eyes finally found her, she had no response to give. Her heart had broken all over again. She always knew that one day he might destroy her. She always suspected her life was nothing more to him than an amusement. But it hurt to hear. No. No it didn’t hurt. Nothing hurt. There was nothing but numb. Finding that place from long ago, Cody’s mind parked there in the dark cocoon of safety away from emotion.

He let go of the lock of her hair and smoothed his thumb over her bottom lip slowly. But she felt nothing. All she saw were memories of a past she could never forget.

As they stared at each other, she swore she saw a flicker of something in his eyes that resembled emotion, but it was gone before she could guess which one. Probably humor.

“Consider yourself warned,” he said before getting up to leave.

Cody just sat there, staring at his back as he left.

Her position in his life was solidified in that moment. She was no more than one of his expensive cars, luxury yachts, or private jets depreciating with time – a liability. At what age would he throw her away? Thirty? Forty? When would he get tired of keeping her as his dirty little secret?

She curled under the covers and hugged her knees to get warm. The condo was too cold. All the way to her bones, she felt a chill.

She didn’t know what time she fell asleep or woke up, but she didn’t get out of bed until lunch the next day when her stomach growled a hateful sound. She made her way to the kitchen and grabbed a box of cheese crackers. Taking her position on the couch, she stared at the blank TV screen and just began to eat.

When she heard her phone ring, she got up to answer it. “Hello?”

“What do you want from Barbados? We got you a t-shirt from Jamaica so pick something different.”

Hearing Matt’s voice, Cody broke down and began to cry.

“Oh, shit. Cody? Bailey!”

She tried to stop. Tried to control the rage and sorrow, but there was too much to stop. Didn’t she bottle these emotions or discard them? Why were they coming out? She should feel nothing. She’d never cried like this before.

“Do I have to kill him?” She heard Tyler’s unnaturally calm voice in the phone and it sobered her.

“D-don’t. Please.” She whimpered, sounding more pitiful than she ever remembered sounding. “I’m okay.”

“No the fuck you’re not. Talk.”

Normally, she would never spill her soul to the evil brother, but for some reason, maybe vulnerability, she started talking.

When she finished, she expected some hateful remark or something about her being weak, but what she didn’t expect was what he said next, “Do you want to leave?”

“I can’t.”

“Do you trust me?”

“No,” she said honestly.

“Cody, you know I can get you away. I can cover your tracks. Just say the word.”

And he could. Tyler was a bastard, but a brilliant one. “What’s the price?”

“You can no longer be in contact with us. Or your sister. You’ll have to live a very low key life away from everything you know. Can you do that?”

Rip what little love she had from her heart? The knowledge that she had her brothers and sister was the only thing that kept her from doing something stupid. “I love you guys too much. Even your evil ass… Is there an option B?” She asked on a groan.

He laughed and the husky sound grounded her. “That was option B. Option A would be seducing him. There is an option C, but you won’t like it.”

“Tell me.” She sounded too desperate.

“That’s the thing. I can’t. You have to be ignorant and accept whatever comes.”

She didn’t like that unknown. There was too much riding on Tyler’s sadistic mind and she refused to play his game.

“I can’t even get a hint?”

“Okay. One hint: you’ll learn the truth.”

“What truth?”

“That’s all you get.”


“Bailey just ran up. He’s winded but he wants to talk to you. Think about it and give me an answer.”

Before she could ask anything else she was talking to Bailey.

After a long soul healing conversation Bailey sighed. “Do you feel better?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“I’m sorry. I wish I could kick his ass for you, but we both know he’d end up kicking mine. I could get Tyler to go after him-“

“No! Are you nuts? And though I don’t doubt Tyler would do it, my father is a lot more sadistic than Tyler. And he’s got highly trained assassins that would put Tyler down. Plus, you can’t risk losing all the financial support he’s given you.”

“Fuck the support, Cody. He’s hurting you,” Bailey said in outrage. “I’m cutting our trip short and coming home.”

Though the thought thrilled her to see them again, she ignored her own wishes. “Hell no. I don’t want to see you guys right now. I’d only cry harder. I already feel like a complete fool. Give me a couple of days to myself please. Plus, you’re supposed to be bonding with your mother. I’ll be here when you get back.”


“No buts, or I swear I’ll kick all of your asses.” And she would too after she hugged the shit out of them.

“Fine. But call me if you need me.” He demanded.

“Yes, sir.” She grinned grateful she had a friend like him.

Knowing she had at least three allies in her world, Cody felt a sense of self again. Though the dread and pain still filled her, the knowledge that she wasn’t alone, gave her hope.



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