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30 Wedding Cake


30: Wedding Cake

Gabe sent Cody back home to be with her brothers and Molly who wanted to visit her in Miami so he could deal with the Kozlov/De La Rosa aftermath. He wanted finish it as fast as possible distraction free otherwise he’s be tempted to screw her instead of get it done. But he promised to come pick her up to go on their trip as soon as he was finished. Which was all fine with her since she needed a moment to clear her head of what her mother had done. Plus, Molly needed her after everything her sister went through.

Having been away from Gabe for three days, Cody missed him terribly. Yeah, she was pulled around by her sister who wanted to visit every place in Miami and showered with love by her brothers almost non-stop, but she ached for Gabe. Just hearing his voice on the phone wasn’t enough.

That day, Molly had dragged her and her brothers to a wedding cake tasting were she reserved the whole shop just for them. She had the chef bake samples of all fifty wedding cakes that was on their catering list. And Cody was too thrilled to help. Of all the wedding crap that Molly threw at her, cake tasting was her area of expertise.

The shop was a cozy little place that looked more like an ice cream parlor with its display cases and baby blue counter tops than a ritzy high end cake shop. But the owner was a five star pastry chef so she knew what she was doing.

“You’ve never told Molly about your past or your mother?” Matt asked looking around to make sure said Molly wasn’t close by. She was on the other side of the shop discussing her cake design with the owner.

“No. I like that Molly doesn’t see the ugly in me. You are the only one I’ve shared it with. And I want it to stay that way.” Cody told him as she munched on the velvety piece she was sampling.

“How do you feel about your mother…you know?” Matt asked shoving an empty dessert plate aside.

Cody shrugged. “It annoys me that I still feel anything.”

Matt laughed. “It will. Even though I don’t care about my dad and only care about my mom like she’s a family friend, I know I’m connected to them through Bailey, that’s all it is to me. So, it’s going to bother you more because you have a big heart. But don’t let it rule your life.”

Cody nodded staring at the counter full of wonderfully yummy victims waiting to be devoured. “I know. But easier said than done. My feelings for him out weighs it all, so I’m good.”

“As it should be. That’s how I feel about you and my brothers. I love you all so much I won’t let anything interfere.” Those words held a darkness Cody knew Matt kept in check. A darkness she knew even Tyler was weary of. Sometimes it was hard to see Matt as just fourteen. “So you’ll be gone for awhile?” Matt asked as he held up a fork full of raspberry lemon cake to Cody. She bit into it nodding.

“Yep. But I have my phone, so you guys can call me as always. Okay, I like this one, put it on the list.”

Matt blew out a breath before he wrote it down. “You’ve said that about the last five we’ve tasted. Molly’s going to be pissed if you pick all of them.”

“She brought me to a cake store and she wants me to choose? They’re all good except that pink paradise crap.”

Matt chuckled, “Yeah, that was pretty bad. How about we narrow it down to one of the chocolate ones, that way we can at least say we weren’t here just to eat cake.”

Cody fist bumped him. “I like how you think.” She cut her fork across the next piece that was called the tuxedo — a white and dark chocolate cake. She held it up.

Matt opened his mouth and took the offering. He nodded putting it down on paper. “That one is awesome!”

“Really!” Cody cut herself a piece and ate it. “Ooooo! Put it at the top of the list.” She hummed enjoying the flavor.

Matt bumped his shoulder against hers. “I miss you, Cody.”

She grinned over at him. “I miss you, too. But I’ll come visit.”

“Who’s going to help me gang up on Tyler?” Matt asked pointing to the salted caramel cake sample.

She pulled it from the counter and placed it in front of them. “Put me on speaker anytime he needs a double dose.”

“Ok, but whose going to keep teaching me martial arts so I can learn to kick his butt like you do since Bailey won’t let me hit him.”

“No hitting! Guard your hands Mister. Plus, I’m not leaving forever.”

“But you’re not coming back to stay either. You’ll visit, often, but he’s home now. Isn’t he?”

Cody paused and smiled before nodding.

“Right answer.” Matt agreed pulling down a blueberry slice. “You’d be miserable like before without him. We’ll miss you, but we like you happy better.”

“Thanks, Matt.” She kissed his cheek getting crumbs on it.

“Don’t let Mr. Walthour catch you in here flirting with my fake girlfriend, Matt. He’ll hand you your ass,” Bailey said sitting beside Cody and taking a piece of cake from the line of samples that seemed never ending.

“Where’s Tyler?” Cody asked knowing that she left the two brothers making out back at the condo.

“Hiding from Walthour. He thinks the man found out.”

“I doubt it. Or Tyler wouldn’t be able to hid.”

“My thinking too, but… Ty has a nose for these things.” Bailey sighed.

“I’ll find out and smooth it over before he kills Tyler.”

“Thanks. Walthour might only be holding back because of you.” Then he chuckled. “I’ve never seen anyone who can make Ty cower. Not even our father. But Cody, Mr. Walthour… is fucking amazing.”

“Shouldn’t you be worried?” Cody asked looking at Bailey who ate one bite of cake and then scrunched up his nose at it.

“Why?” He slide that piece away from him. “I was at first, but your fa- I mean Mr. Walthour doesn’t look like the kind who normally holds back. Yet he is. That’s when I realized, as long as you are alive and well, he won’t kill Ty. So stay alive and well. Please,” Bailey said aiming his fork at her piece.

“That’s the plan,” She said moved her cake away, protecting it from his assault.

“And stop getting so beautiful.” Bailey looked her up and down. “You’re sexier than I remember,” he said to her legs.

This damn skirt…

“I know right!” Matt said grinning at her legs, too. “She’s hot!”

“And you’re both going to die if he hears you talking like that. Behave.” She warned them. “And stop looking.”

“Can’t.” They both said at the same time.

“Pervs…” She grumbled stuffing her face.

They finished going through the cakes that Molly had ordered to sample for her wedding.

“You better be at my first game,” Bailey finally said, sounding sad.

“Definitely! I have to see you wipe the floor with your victims.” She laughed wickedly. Then she whispered in his ear, “I see you’ve let Tyler off punishment.”

“Had too, I was starved.” Bailey chuckled licking his sinful lips of icing.

“Yeah! And I was enjoying the peace and quiet.” Matt pouted. “Now they’re fucking like sluts.”

“Shut up, you,” Bailey said angling around Cody to see Matt. “Or I’ll tell Tyler to hook you up with mom.”

Matt snorted. “It would gross you out more than me, since she’s your mother.”

Cody groaned. “Please guys! Let’s not go there. If there is anymore weirdness… Matt please end up with a nice normal girl or guy. Please!”

“Why not both?” Matt asked, batting his long lashes playfully.

Cody just looked over at Bailey who sighed.

Matt laughed getting up to leave the table. He walked over to where Molly stood talking to the chef.

“So? Wedding?” Bailey asked putting more cake in his mouth.

“Ours or Molly’s?”

“Molly’s. Are you going as my girlfriend or not?”

“I have to go?” Cody whined.

“She’s moving the wedding here just so you can go, since her mother won’t be attending.”

“Her mother wasn’t attending anyway. And I was so hoping not to have to go.”

“That’s your sister.”

“And I love her. But…” Cody groaned. “Dress-up. Make-up. Pretending I like people. Dude…”

Bailey laughed. “Good luck not trying to outdo the bride.”

“Damn, she’d never forgive me. Business suit it is!”

Bailey laughed harder as she continued sampling cakes. When he settled down he asked, “By the way, are we still planning to get married once I graduate?”

“Sure.” She shrugged. “Let’s make a show of it. When you get that NFL first draft pick propose to me in front of everyone.”

“Can you pretend to be surprised? I can’t imagine you trying to act surprised.”

Cody thought for a moment. “I’ll hid my face like I’m embarrassed. I’m sure that won’t be a stretch since everyone will be looking at me.”


They fist bumped. Matt came back and took his seat to finish eating.

Molly bounced over a short time later grinning. “So you like the cakes?” She sat in Bailey’s lap hugging him.

“Yep. Hard to decide.”

“Yeah, I saw that list. Can’t you narrow it down?” Molly frowned.

“Why not ask George to pick?”

Molly laughed. “When I brought George here he just ate cake. He loved them all.” She grinned. “I’m thinking of getting more than one. One for me and George. And then several different kinds for the guests so they have plenty to choose.”

“Like a wedding cake buffet. I like it!” Cody nodded clanking her fork with Matt’s in a mock toast.

“Ms. Walthour, may I ask you something.” The chef called to her.

Molly bounced up giddy and skipped over to the woman.

“She is too happy.” Bailey shook his head.

“I’m glad,” Cody said holding up another forkful of cake for Matt to try.

The boy’s chair slid back as if on autopilot and then a mouth came down taking the cake from the fork.

Cody’s heart stopped at she looked over to where Molly stood with her back to them. “Gabe.” She whispered just before he planted a kiss on her lips. His tongue snaked out and licked frosting from her.

Then he pulled back, licked his lips, and said, “Car’s ready.”

He stood up straight and walked over to where Molly stood chatting away not the least bit aware of what just happened.

“Damn.” Bailey and Matt both said at the same time.

All Cody could do was nod agreement.

“What do you mean you’re taking Cody!” Molly stamped her foot, voice rising. “Everyone’s cutting into my time. First, Bailey, now you!” She huffed. “She was my Cody first!”

“Uh, oh.” Cody stood. “Funs over. I’ll see you guys later.” She hugged Bailey, then Matt.

“Take care.” Matt whispered.

“I will. You too. Tell Tyler I’ll kick his ass when I get back.”

Then she proceeded to defuse the Molly-Gabe bomb about to explode.


One week later…

Cody woke on her stomach, feeling a hand drifting up her inner thigh. She giggled. “You just fucked me silly…” She turned her head and looked over at the clock on the bed side table. “Three hours ago.” She moaned when long fingers slid up her moist slit and back down, caressing her sensitive core. Then she felt kisses on her back that slightly tingled from his stubble. The man hadn’t shaved in days, too busy trying to devour her every chance he could get.

But she had to admit, she like the unkempt look. It was wild, sexy, and utterly masculine in a way that drove her nuts. If she could keep him like that she would. But all good things had to come to an end eventually. While the unhurried quiet undisturbed life on Gabe’s private island was all kinds of sensual. She missed cities, television, and her family. Her phone didn’t work on the island. And Gabe refused to let her use their emergency SAT unless it was an… emergency. He wanted her all to himself. And she felt the same. She liked not having him leave to go to a meeting or fly off to some business somewhere. She enjoyed watching him walk around naked every second of every day. She even adored how he fed her in bed then fucked her in bed, in the shower, on the kitchen table, on the couch, floor, rug, outside, by the pool, and anywhere else.

The only person other than Gabe she saw for the past week was the housekeeper who lived there to keep Gabe’s house in order and cook occasionally. And could she cook! Cody fell in love with her at first bite.

“Mmmmm…” Cody moaned, opening her legs as Gabe lay over her, parting her lower lips. His mouth continued to kiss her back and shoulder, while he slowly penetrated her.

“You sure I can’t hurt him?” Gabe asked again for the seventh or so time on their trip.

Cody lifted her ass slightly as one of his hands slid under her to press against her clit. His other arm braced on the bed holding him up just enough so he could easily bury himself into her while continuing to pepper her skin with kisses.

“No, because if it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t be doing this…” She trialed off bucking her hips against the lurid sensations.

Bailey had been right, Gabe’s people had slowly pieced together what Tyler had done. They didn’t have every detail but enough to know it was Tyler. Gabe was ready to murder her brother. But having learned a thing or two about distraction from the master himself, she fucked Gabe into compliance, telling him she approved of Tyler’s plan. Despite how diabolical it was, it worked. She had Gabe.

“Plus, I still owe him an ass-kicking.”

Gabe picked up speed. “Let me do it.” He turned them over onto their side and lifted one of her legs before sliding every thick inch into her making her moan louder.

“No… You’ll…” She nearly screamed when his fingers pinched her clit at the same time his thick length stroked her most sensitive spot. Fuck!

He continued to destroy her, in and out, slow then fast. Kisses, sucking, teasing, hammering, stroking, until Cody stopped counting the times that she came or he came.

She was on her back, legs wide open and screaming, “Gabe!” as the bed slammed against the wall over and over while he powered into her as if it was the last time they would ever do it. He held her hips in a punishing grip that she knew would leave bruises and the force of his pistoning seemed to attack her spine as she continued screaming, “More!” It wasn’t enough. Just being with him wasn’t enough. When she came the final time she had no voice left. Only air passed through her throat. Gabe collapsed on top of her and kissed her so passionately she felt tears coming down her cheeks.

When she finally found her voice, and her brain she spoke. “No killing or hurting Tyler. He’s mine to deal with. Understood?”

He nodded still kissing her. “Then I get to take it out on you.”

She grinned. “Please do.” Then she sucked on his bottom lip. When the calm surrounded them finally, Gabe wrapped his arms around her in that possessive manner she was beginning to recognize for what it was. When he slept, he didn’t like space between them and he nearly always slept with some part of his body touching hers. The insecurity was kind of cute if not a bit dangerous for anyone else.

She snuggled in close and breathed in the smell of sex that permeated the air. Then her stomach growled.

Gabe rolled over and got up. “I think there is some leftover spaghetti downstairs.”

“What? We didn’t eat it all?”

“Marta knows how we eat so she cooked the rest after we finished last night for a late night snack.”

“I love her!” Cody sang getting up to follow him.

Gabe stopped walking and looked back scowling. He took one step toward her, gripped her chin, and kissed her, claiming her mouth and tongue. Then he drew back. “You love me.”

Cody burst out laughing. “I can’t believe you’re jealous of a woman I’ll never sleep with, let alone kiss.”

“But you hugged her. I don’t like you touching other people.”

Cody wrapped her arms around his sexy sweaty body. “I hugged her once. Once.”

“But you hugged your boys, and Molly.”

“That’s it!” Cody smacked his thigh. “Stop it! I’m supposed to be lovey-dovey with Bailey in public. Or it won’t be convincing, so cut that shit out.”

He grunted.


“I’ll agree if you stop calling me that.” He nearly growled.

She grinned up at him. “I promise I won’t hug anyone else but my family. That includes Mick and Mario. That’s all. And I won’t kiss Bailey unless it’s in public. And I won’t fuck anyone else. Period.”

“Better not.” He kissed her. “Or I’ll kill them and chain you to my bed for a year.” His tongue darted into her mouth.

“Evil…” She breathed into his throat.

All he did was chuckle.

She jumped up into his arms and wrapped her legs around his waist. He palmed her ass, keeping her steady and holding her weight. He started walking toward the kitchen as she kissed his face, licked his lips, and nibbled his ear.

His dick grew hard against her belly. He sat her on the kitchen counter just barely, so that he could easily slip into her.

“More? Don’t you ever get tired?” She groaned.


“You’re a horrible, horrible man,” she said, as she clinched around his cock. “Horrible.” She kissed him, enjoying the fullness.

“You must like horrible.” He thrust into her holding her hips so she didn’t slide back on the counter.

Cody dropped her head on his shoulder hiding her grin. “Nope, nothing good about horrible.”

He chuckled, sliding his hand over her back down to her ass. “When you and Bailey get engaged, I’m buying your ring. You’ll be wearing my ring. Understand?”

Cody stilled. “What?” She looked up at him shocked.

Those pale green eyes held an intense promise. “I’m buying the ring. If you want to help me pick it out, let me know.”

Tears pricked her stupid eyes. “I…I know nothing about jewelry. Anything you pick is fine.” And she meant anything. She hid her face in his bare shoulder. Please don’t cry, please don’t cry… she chanted to herself.

“Cody, do you understand what I’m saying?” His deep dark voice nestled in her ear as he held her close.

“Completely.” Cody began to move, lifting her hips, as a tear leaked from her eye. “I completely understand.”

“And when you get married, the ring he slides on your finger will also me mine.” 

“It better be,” she said and kissed him as more tears began to fall. Their lips tasted each other, promised each other making sacred vows with each slow sensual kiss. Then she pulled back and made a promise of her own. “Or I’ll kick your ass.”

()()() End ()()()



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    this is my fourth times reading this book.. i love love it so muchh <3 im so sad you’re no longer active on wattpad but that doesn’t stop me from reading your amazing books <3 good luck Blu!! <3

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