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28 Green Beans & Cauliflower


28: Green Beans & Cauliflower

After landing in Michigan, home sweet old home, Cody was taken to his office in Detroit where she showered in her old bathroom in the apartment right above his executive suite. She tied her wet hair up in a towel and walked the apartment, not finding too many memories that didn’t sadden her.

She had moved away to Miami with every attempts to leave her affection for Gabe behind. And yet, here she was back in a cold impersonal space she never tried to decorate. Just a couch, computer, her bed in the back room. The television they always watched the game on still sat in the living room. The cold steel kitchen looked untouched. Never even a poster adorned the walls because she though he didn’t want her or any day he’d dispose of her. How wrong she was…

“I’ll be lucky to get out of this with my life.” She grinned loving the fact she had been so wrong.

She dressed and went to the living room where Gabe was ordering people around from his phone.

She took her old place on the plum colored couch, remembering where she used to always sit on the far left end. Then she turned on the television to find that Cubs game she knew was supposed to be coming on that night.

“Fuck the press and fuck the investors.” Gabe’s voice roared from behind her as he paced. “Yes, I hate there was gun fire on my property, but I hate it more that they tried to come after Cody again. No more! Let’s end this. Kill them all.”

Cody cringed inwardly. She didn’t want any more bloodshed because of her, but what could she do?

Instead of fretting, she phoned Mario and told him she wanted food, enough for her and Gabe. Anything was fine.

Why the hell did she do that? The mother hen brought them vegetables. Lots and lots of vegetables. “Green beans, cauliflower, carrots, beets, and squash. You got every color you could find didn’t you?” Cody groaned looking over the platters.

“Yes.” Mario nodded his cute head. “You need your vitamins and minerals to keep up with…”

Michel, who stood by the door with a cast on his arm, grinned before looking down at his feet.

“Get out!” She ordered.

They both left with wicked gleams in their eyes.

Sitting at the little kitchen table, Gabe didn’t complain as he ate silently, clearly upset. He was brooding, a dark smoldering expression that would’ve been sexy if murder wasn’t on his mind. Cody kept the quiet atmosphere even as her foot snaked up his pants leg. A smirk tilted his sexy lips, lifting the mood.

By the time the game started, Cody sat slouched watching the pitcher wind up. Gabe lay stretched out on the couch with his head on her abs. He fell asleep before the first inning ended, arms wrapped around her middle. She felt like his safety blanket. She ran her fingers through his hair as she cringed when another foul ball flew off into never never.

She couldn’t wait until the two of them being together without worry of death was her new normal. She ached for him to no longer fuss over her. And she really missed fresh air without the wall of heavily armed guards surrounding her.

When her phone chimed, she picked it up from the side table and looked at the message from Tyler.

[Got an idea on how to lessen the ass kicking I’m due. Answer your phone.]

Then it rang from an unknown number. “Hello?”

“Hello, beautiful, did you miss me?” Paul. Son of a bitch.

“Oh, you have no idea.” She purred into phone.

Gabe’s head turned to look up at her with a sleepy scowl.

“Tell me, beautiful, what do I have to do to get you to leave your fortress and come be with me. I may not be able to give you all the money Walthour can, but I’m sure I can make you queen of my world. I’ve gathered enough support and ammunition to start a war if need be.”

“Why would you start a war over someone like me?” Cody sighed. “I’m not worth it.”

Gabe sat up and began to open his mouth, when Cody lifted her finger to place on his lips, silencing him.

“You’re perfect. At first, it annoyed me that you thought you were too good for me. Then I learned the truth. You are a Rose. The Rosa. You are too good for everyone. A queen that nations will follow. A queen that can acquire me an empire.”

Cody burst out laughing at his cheesy monologue. “Dude, I am no Rosa.”

“Oh, yes you are. And they agree.”

“They?” She asked then kissed the frown scrunching Gabe’s forehead.

“De La Rosa. They will follow me if I have you. Their empire will rise again if they have a true Rosa.”

Cody rolled her eyes. “They already have a Rosa.”

“But not a true heir.”

Well now… So that’s what this was about. Her mother never produced another heir. A beep in her ear signaled she got another text. It was Tyler again.

[You can hang up on the asshole, now.]

“Well, it was shitty talking to you douche bag,” she said kissing Gabe’s lips, “But I have to go now. I’ve got to feed an angry bear.”

As soon as she hung up, Gabe roared. “Was that Paul Kozlov?”

“Yep. I think Tyler’s tracking him. No worries.”

“You could be tracked here.”

She nodded. “True. So does that mean you get to move me again? Can we do it in the airplane? I want to join the mile high club.” She kissed him as he grumbled curses. She kissed him to distraction, climbing on top of him. She loosened his pants and slid down onto his ever ready cock.

“Why aren’t you wearing underwear again?” He asked with less anger, hands palming her ass.

“Why bother? We’ll just end up removing them. So I just skipped a step.”

He chuckled low and deep, making her clench around his cock. He moaned. Cody sat up slightly, bent arms leaned against his chest as she began to lift her ass and lower it on his shaft. She closed her eyes enjoying a slow rhythm that allowed her to savor and study every inch of him.

When there was a crack and a shout of cheers, Cody’s head jerked back to the screen to see she missed the batter hit the ball out of the park. “Damn!” She frowned.

“Hey! You’re busy here, remember?” Gabe started thrusting up into her, taking her hips in hand and slamming her down on his cock.

“Shit…” Her head fell back as she just rode him, nails digging into his shirt.

“I wish…I could tell the world… you’re mine. Damn, you’re beautiful,” he said.

“Shut up and cum, I’m missing the game.”

He chuckled. “You first.” His cock hammered up into her meeting each of her descents with a force that bounced her on him.

She felt like a cowgirl riding a bucking bronco. She couldn’t help but giggle. “Giddy up!”

He smacked her ass and Cody yelped. Then she came, grinding and panting. “Oh, yeah, that was awesome.” She leaned onto him and snuggled as she listened to the commentator catch her up on what she missed.

“When this mess with Kozlov is done, where would you like to go? Just the two of us.”

Cody lifted her head and looked at him. His hands traveled over her ass lazily.

“Somewhere I can fuck you on a balcony. Or a dark night club with heavy pulsing bass.”

A sexy smile curved his lips as his eyes hooded. “I know the perfect place.” He leaned up and kissed her. “Does this mean I can fuck you in the back of my limo again?”

Cody blushed. “Definitely.”

“Now, who’s the exhibitionist?”

“Your fault. You tainted me.”


It was the following afternoon when Gabe slammed his hand into the wall, punching a hole in it. Cody’s stomach tightened to see him agonizing over everything that was happening. The media was everywhere, asking questions. And he was there with her letting his executives handle the fallout. Gabe’s hair, wild from running his hands over it constantly, had Cody wanting to smooth it down just so he wouldn’t look so stressed.

Michel stood by the door waiting for his boss to settle down, not moving a muscle.

No matter how many times Cody tried to lighten the mood or fuck him senseless, it wasn’t long before he was ready to flip out and kill someone.

“I’m not backing down.” Gabe declared finally.

Michel nodded somberly. “It doesn’t change the fact that we could be chasing ghosts. De La Rosa is good at going to ground. They will feed you Kozlov just to get away. You’ll get them, but the cost might be higher than even you can afford.”

Cody rotated her shoulders trying to ignore the hurt of knowing her mother was the cause of this.

“I tried to avoid war,” Gabe said for the tenth or so time that day.

“Everyone knows it, sir. Kozlov is to blame.”

And Tyler but she wasn’t going to say that out loud.

“Fuck.” He slammed his fist into the wall again.

The door opened and Mario walked in. “I have an Ada here to see you, sir,” the guy said to Gabe even as those eyes looked at Cody suspiciously.

All three men turned their focused on her.

“She’s cool,” Cody said getting up from her seat on the floor where Gabe had flipped her after their judo workout.

“Bring her up.” Gabe ordered.

Cody went to the kitchen and poured a glass of OJ. She began chugging it hoping Ada didn’t waste Gabe’s time. He might just kill her.

When the door opened again, Ada walked in with several guards surrounding her. Her hands were cuffed behind her back. Blue eyes wide and weary, she looked scared as hell. Cody opened her mouth to object, when Gabe shot her a deadly warning glare.

Cody clamped her mouth shut.

“Talk.” Gabe ordered the girl.

“I…” Ada swallowed looking so much younger and smaller than Cody remembered. “I can get you De La Rosa.”

Cody gaped — Ada had a British accent. Since when?

“How?” Gabe asked in a deep dark threatening voice that screamed, don’t fucking waste my time.

“I used to work for her. The Rose. Directly.”

“And now you don’t?”

“They…they killed my girlfriend. Though I doubt they knew we were lovers. They think I still work for them. I can’t say directly to their face I quit because I could get killed otherwise. At my level, you don’t just walk away. Instead, I went into deep cover. Stayed. Waited. Formed my own sleeper.”

“What does she want from Cody?”

“De La Rosa has no heir. Rosalinda has tried and failed after her. Nothing compares to their success of Cody. So they want her. And they are using Kozlov’s obsession with her to make it possible.”

“They went against our agreement?” Gabe nearly snarled.

“Agreement?” Ada looked confused.

Ignoring her question, Gabe said, “That is why you followed, Cody. Because she is the new Rosa?”

“No. I followed her because I wanted to recruit her. Beyond beautiful, compassionate, yet strong. I did not know until later that she was the heir. I came to you because you are the only one willing to bring De La Rosa down. They have fallen to places I refuse to go. They are not even a shadow of what they stood for. I am one of many who are done playing their devious games. But few have the power to bring them down. I’m told you will?” She asked hopeful.

“Yes.” He narrowed his eyes to deadly slits.

Ada shivered visibly. “They don’t want Cody for Cody. They would break her, remake her, or worse, force her to…breed. I like Cody. She’s good people. May we help you?”

“Deliver all the inner circle to me, and you can name your price minus Cody.”

She nodded. “Is she okay? Cody that is.”

“I’m fine.”

Ada whirled around and sighed relief. “You look well.”

Cody just smiled not able to return the sentiment because Ada’s pale complexion made her look like she would pass out any moment.

“Ada.” Gabe’s voice ripped the woman’s focus away from Cody in a panic, blonde hair whipping around.


“Don’t betray me.”

“Yes, sir.” She nodded, swallowing. “As…as an offering of goodwill. The one who is leaking information in your company is a woman named Beverly Calhoun. She recently married-“

“Marvin, my lawyer’s new young wife.” Gabe’s jaw was so tight, Cody nearly heard his teeth grind as he talked. “And I thought she was just after him for his money… Escort her out. Get her contact information. And be gentle.”

The room cleared and Gabe stood their looking up at the ceiling somewhat relieved.

Cody grabbed an apple from the fruit basket and bit into it. She leaned back against the kitchen counter as she watched him and wondered what would happen next.

“What do you want for lunch?” Cody asked instead ignoring the butterflies of worry in her stomach.


She grinned. “Bake potato?”

He nodded before looking over at her.

“Baked apples and fluffy rolls.” Cody reached into her pocket and texted the order to Mario. “Pink lemonade.”

“Don’t forget dessert.”

“Chocolate cake!” She grinned adding that in. “Food! Food!” She sang over and over as she slipped her phone back into her pocket. “Have we ever disagreed on food?”

“No. We’ve always liked the same things. Always.”

“Oh. We’re cool like that, huh?”

“We both like food.” Gabe walked over to her lazily. “And I love to watch you eat.”


“Because that’s when you look the happiest.” He didn’t stop walking until he was standing over her, hands on both sides of the counter.

Cody finished her apple and licked her lips.

“I wanted to do that.” He pouted.

“Too slow.” She shrugged.

He dropped his head until his forehead was touching hers. “Will you hate me if I kill her?”

“No.” She could never hate him. “It’s weird, the feeling I have for her. It’s not love. But it’s a knowing. I know who and what she is to me. I know…that killing her is wrong, just like loving you, but-“

He cut her off with a kiss. Lips fused with hers, melting her into the counter. He pulled back. “I’m sorry.” He whispered.

“For what?” She asked breathless shocked he was apologizing for anything.

“For being your-“

She kissed him back interrupting him. “You’re mine, Gabe. Mine.” She grabbed his shirt and pulled him to her. “Mine.” She bit his bottom lip. “Fuck the rest. She’s a threat to us… Do what you have to. I’ll deal with my shit, just like I always have,” she said realizing she just signed her mother’s death warrant. And that scared her how easily it came. She now understood how Tyler felt when it came to Bailey. She was ready to kill for Gabe and everything else be damned.

He nodded. “I want you.” He whispered.

“After lunch.”

“No.” He got on his knees, tugged her sweatpants down, and buried his head in her pussy.

His nose touched her clit and Cody moaned, “Are you that’s hungry that you can’t-” She lost her voice when his tongue dove deep. Then those lips… Cody put her hand on his head to steady herself and press him harder against her. She closed her eyes and lost herself in him, shutting out the world, the worries, and the wrongs they were going to commit as long as they were together. And she was okay with it…as long as they were together.


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