The Wrong Type of Possessive

27 Pancakes with Maple Syrup


27: Pancakes with Maple Syrup

“You work for daddy now? What? Did daddy do this to make you earn your keep or something? Was this his sick idea?” Molly gaped standing up outraged.

“No!” Cody grabbed her sister’s arm and pulled her back down to the couch. “I asked to work. And after a lot of convincing, he finally let me work with him.”

“Huh? Like business meetings and stuff?” Molly asked tilting her head in confusion.

“No. More like security surveillance.”

“Yeah, that sounds like you, but why? Cody, if he’s not making you earn money, why? You have money.”

“Well…it’s his money. And unlike a certain princess I know, I’m not content just spending his money and not doing anything.”

Molly scowled, propping a hand on her hip. “I take issue with the princess part.”

“But not the other part?”

“Nope. If he wanted me to work, he’d say, Molly Walthour get to work,” She said in a deep imitation of their father’s voice. “But since he prefers me out of the way, I spend his money freely.”

Of course she did.

“And by the by, it is your money. Our money. The will says so.”

“After he dies.”

“Details.” Molly waved her hand dismissively. “Oh! Do you think he’ll let me start my own company? I mean like clothes and fashion. My friend Becca’s father gave her money for her twentieth birthday to start her own fashion line. I don’t want that, but I wouldn’t mind like maybe a department store. Like a Barney’s or Neiman. No, no something more exclusive like a boutique.” She glowed as she continued talking.

Cody wondered how best to tell Molly that it wouldn’t work. “Yo, Molls?”

She squealed and hugged Cody again, “I’d call it Molly’s Sister. That would be awesome. Though your name isn’t in it-“

“Molls. Gabe will shoot it down. DOA.”

“What? No, he won’t. He lets me have anything.”

“He will on this. You know how he is about business.”

Molly nodded snuggling Cody like she was a plushie. “That’s why I don’t understand why you would work for him. He’s a workaholic ogre. Mean. Scary. And- Oh! Why don’t we own the boutique together? Co-owners. Molly and Cody or M&C.”

“When did I like fashion all of a sudden? I hate wearing this damn skirt and heels!”

“Really? I thought this was like the new Cody who does hugs and stuff! So if you don’t like it why wear it? You could do flats and pants instead.”

Cody could have kicked herself. Then she mentally kissed her fake boyfriend. “Bailey said if I go to work, then I have to wear more skirts since I won’t be around so much. Easy access.”

Molly’s face screwed up. “That damn Bailey again. I’ve been trying for years to get you in skirts and all he has to do it say one word and here you are all beautiful and shit. It’s irritating. You’re my Cody.” She hugged Cody tighter.

“Oh for the love of-“

Gabe opened the front door just then and walking in with plastic bags. When he saw Molly bear hugging Cody that damn eyebrow went into action and those eyes seemed to darken.

“Molly, you ready to go?” Even his voice sounded darker. He couldn’t be jealous of her sister… What was she thinking, of course he could.

Molly sighed. “Fine.” But she didn’t budge. “Oh, daddy, what do you think about me starting a business?”

Keeping that eyebrow up, Gabe tilted his head to the side in a move that had oh, hell no, written all over it. “You don’t even care to inherit my company but you want to start a business.”

“A small boutique. Nothing this big,” Molly said lifting her chin arrogantly.

“Give me your pitch.”


“Pitch the business, Molly,” he ordered walking to the table and setting down the bags.


“Do you even have a business plan?” He asked rotating his head as if his collar were irritating him.

“No, I just thought of it.”

“Then come speak to me about it when you’ve done your research. Otherwise, you can continue spending my money the way you have.”

Molly’s cheeks puffed out as she held her breath. Cody felt a tantrum coming. She looked over at Gabe who turned to her and stood with his arms folded over his chest ready for her outburst. To defuse the impending war, Cody kissed Molly on the cheek. “I’m going to miss you Molls, please call me when you get where ever you are so I know you’re safe.”

Molly grinned the most heart stopping expression. “I knew you loved me.” She squeezed Cody again before popping up onto her feet. “Daddy you better protect my Cody. And none of that she’s not my daughter crap.” Molly grumbled in her best Gabe voice.

“I never said she wasn’t my daughter,” Gabe said going to the door and opening it.

“You know what I mean,” Molly said walking through it.

“We’re not discussing it.” Was the last thing she heard before Gabe followed her out the door, closing it behind them.

As soon as they were gone, Cody moved to the bedroom to find her phone on the nightstand.

Then she called Tyler.

“Hello, boss, what can I do for you? Or when can I do you?”

“Two things,” She flopped down on the bed. “First, let Bailey know he’s forcing me to wear skirts and heels.”

“What the fuck? You’re wearing a skirt? And heels? Oh shit…” Tyler groaned. “I can’t believe you just made me hard and Bailey won’t let me fuck him.” Tyler whimpered. “You’re so cruel.”

“Suck it up. Second thing, someone in the company leaked information to Marissa Walthour. I think that Reggie person who helped abduct me had something to do with it. Either way, all the information she acquired seems to be in some way confidential, like not just anyone would have it.”

“It wasn’t me,” Tyler announced.

“I know that, you’re not that stupid.”

“Did you just call me-“

“Focus. I’m thinking its someone high up on Gabe’s food chain?”

“What information was given to Marissa?”

Cody told him everything she knew.

“That sounds like maybe one of his lawyers. Legally, no one should know about his will but him and the lawyers. Even I don’t have the full information other than his liquid assets will split between you and Molly, and his company goes to me on behalf of you.”

“What?” Cody perked up. “On behalf of me?”

“Don’t repeat it because I’m not supposed to tell you. But when he decides to give the company up, he will transfer all his shares into your name giving you majority rule over his company. And by doing so giving you an option of who you want to run it. Of course he’s making it even easier by training me to be your footstool.”

“So when you said I own you and I was your boss…”

“I meant literally.”

Cody’s back hit the bed. She stared at the ceiling in disbelief. “Holy…”

“Anyway, he pretty much took the worry away from you. So you don’t have to think about it and I get to be powerful enough to protect my relationship with Bailey. I guess Matt benefits, the loser. It works for me.”

Cody just lay silently, shocked by the idea he was giving her more than she knew what to do with.

“Cody, I’m sure it’s a lot to absorb, and I know you don’t want the responsibility.” His husky voice smoothed over her nerves. “But in a way, you don’t have it. I do. So let me worry about the corporate stuff and the…more unsavory elements. Speaking of unsavory, I’m thinking one of his horde of lawyers most definite is the leak. Probably one that’s the closest to him. Since you are helping with security stuff, I’ll send you what I can find so you can go through it as well.”

“Yeah, okay,” Cody said coming out of her stupor.

“Cody, he cares. More than a little bit. Accept it.”

She dropped her head. “Yeah.”

“And the sex?”

“None of your damned business.”

“I have to know, his cock? Bigger than mine?”

And unfortunately she’d seen Tyler’s the many times he walked through their condo naked to warn her and Matt that he was about to seduce Bailey.

“It is isn’t it?” Tyler moaned.

That suspiciously sounded like… “You better not be jerking off?”

“If I can’t have Bailey, at least let me have my fantasies.”

“Gabe is not allowed in your fantasies, bitch!”

“He’s bigger than Bailey, isn’t he?” Tyler moaned lower.

Hell, yeah he was. And regrettably, she’d seen Bailey’s as well when she walked in on them a time or two screwing in the living room. “None of your damn business. I’m hanging up.”

“Oh, wait!” Tyler sounded breathy when he said, “I got in touch with A.D.A. it’s an organization that works solo. They work independently but sells information to the right people. They used to work for De La Rosa. They’re sleeper agents. According to the Ada you know, she wanted to reach out to you, since you are the…new Rosa?” Tyler moaned.

“Tyler, if you don’t behave I’m going to tell Bailey you were jacking off to the sound of my voice.”

“Shit.” Tyler whined. “You’re such a ball buster. Speaking of which, how large are Gabe’s-“

“I swear I’m going to physically bust yours if you don’t focus and tell me why they think I’m the new Rosa?”

“You would know more than me, but I did ask them to help you look into why De La Rosa was helping Kozlov. I’ll let you know what I hear.”

“Fine, but when you talk to them again, tell them I’m no Rosa. If they want to help anyone they should help Gabe.”

“So about Gabe’s-“

Cody hung up then grinned as she sent the perv a text [Bigger. HUGE.]

She got a picture back of a large cucumber as she walked to the living area and started going through the plastic bags that Gabe brought earlier.

[Too green.] She texted back.

Cody found food! Lots and lots of yummy food. He knew her so well it was frightening. She opened the cartons of Canadian style bacon, pancakes, butter, and maple syrup.

Tyler’s reply came quickly. [Word of advice: don’t trying to put the whole thing in your mouth, you’ll probably lock your jaw.]

Cody gawked at the message then quickly recovered and asked, [What do you suggest?]

[That’s my girl…] And he proceeded to go into detail about specific techniques she could use. Cody blushed as she read and ate breakfast, trying to still the heat building up inside from his graphic detail. Hell he could write erotica…


It was past lunch when Gabe returned looking frustrated. He ran his hands through his hair as he marched past her to the bedroom.

“I apologize, Cody, I know I said I would take the day off, but the issue with Kozlov has created ripples.”

Lounging on the sofa, Cody nodded not looking up from the computer as she went through surveillance footage. “What are you going to do about Marissa?” As she heard him moving around in the room.

“If it wasn’t for Molly, I’d have her killed. Instead, I’ll have her declared insane and hire… home nurses to watch over her.”

“Nurses…” Cody snorted knowing they’d be his guards. “When will you be back?”

“Sometime tonight. Maybe late.”

“And here I was all worked up to pour the chocolate flavored lube I begged Mario to buy on your cock and lick it off.” She pointed to the bottle on the table she ate at earlier in the dining area.

Gabe got on his phone and said, “Michel, you and Mario start the meeting without me. I’ll be an hour late.” Then he hung up, stormed out the bedroom showing every inch of his olive-gold skin, and grabbed the bottle of lube.

Cody held up her hand to stop him. “Mick is well enough to be working?”

“He says he is.” He continue forward. “I’m not going to argue with him.”

She sighed. “Another thing, me and Tyler think one of your lawyers are the leak. The trick is to find out which one. Which one handles your will and who knows your more intimate details?”

He began pouring the lube on his cock. He slowly stroked it up and down, long and slick. It hypnotized her. “I’ve investigated them, but I’ll send you their information and everything I have on them.”

“Especially this woman here.” Cody turned her laptop around and sat it on the coffee table. The screen showed a picture of a man who looked suspiciously like Reggie from several weeks ago talking to a woman that Cody couldn’t see’s face, just the back of her head. The scene seemed to be right outside of one of his office buildings that held a sidewalk cafe. Maybe California or Florida. Or one of his Mediterranean office branches.

Gabe stilled, massive cock in one hand, bottle of lube in the other. Cody took the bottle from him and set it to the side. As he continued to study the laptop, Cody leaned forward on the couch and kissed the tip.

His hand began to pump again and he turned his attention to her.

“Chocolate mint,” Cody said before licking the tip. A pearl of precum beaded for her. She kissed it then licked it from her lips. “I was going to use this morning’s syrup but I used it all eating your portion of pancakes for lunch. Then I learned sticky stuff like that isn’t the best if you plan to fuck me right after. Plus it’s harder to pump a sticky cock. So let’s see if all my studying pays off,” She wrapped her lips around the cock and did as Tyler instructed. She nursed him, sucking on his tip as if he were a bottle of milk.

“Fuck, where did you learn that?”

She leaned back and smiled. “Move your hand.”

“I don’t think-“

“I won’t be stupid Gabe and try to fit your monster down my throat. But I want to taste all of you.”

More precum leaked as he let go and Gabe’s little brother stood at attention. “It won’t take much.” He stepped forward.

Cody’s tongue snaked out and licked, kissed, and suckled the skin of his cock, from the underside to the sack and back up.

“Fuck.” He groaned rocking his hips slightly when she gave a long leisure lick up the underside of his cock to the head and then began to suckle it again. She wrapped her fingers around his shaft and pumped him in time with sucking the mushroom head. Her tongue swirled around licking up the chocolaty goodness. Her free hand went for his balls and began messaging the loose skin.

“Oh, shit, Cody. Good…” More of his natural flavor leaked into her mouth as she suckled, pumped, fondled, and licked. When she felt it twitch in her mouth, Gabe pulled back.

He turned away from her as he began shooting jets of his seed into the carpet. “Oh, damn.” He huffed, leg’s quivering.

“I’ll need to practice more, if I want to perfect my technique,” She said licking her lips clean.

Then she squealed when he flipped her onto her back onto the couch, and buried himself into her hot and ready center.

“You weren’t wearing panties! Oh shit!” He laughed as he pumped into her.

“Research said…” she panted. “I should be ready…”

He picked up speed, nearly ramming her head into the sofa’s back. Her lower half was lifted in the air, body turned at an odd angle as he held her up by her hips. He fucked into her like a wild animal.

She laughed and moaned as she realized Tyler was spot on about her after-blowjob-reward if she did a good enough job.

Coming down from an awesome orgasm, Cody held onto Gabe as he picked her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist. His cock harden with each step toward the bedroom while his big hands continuously groped her ass.

“I might be two hours late for my meeting.” He murmured against her chin.

Cody laughed. “No more blowjobs before a meeting.”

“Hell, you can suck me off anytime you want. During the meeting if you’d like.”

“No way!”

“Under the table of a fancy restaurant?”


He smacked her ass before laying her on the bed. “What if I beg?”

“What are you, an exhibitionist?”

“With you, I could do it anywhere, anytime, any position. Just say the word. I finally understand why men take vows…” He murmured as she slithered down the bed until her lips were aligned with his pecks. “I want to promise you everything.”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” Cody licked his nipple.

“I know. But I want to.”

She nipped him and he groaned. “As long as you live, stay with me. That’s all the promise I need.” She licked again. “Since I can’t keep you hard and inside me twenty-four seven, I’ll just take you staying with me. Now fuck me!” She sang opening her legs wide, digging the heels of her feet into the mattress, and raising her hips rotating them rhythmically. “You have a meeting to go to.”

“Sexy.” He rumbled in a low guttural sound, rocking his hips with hers.

Cody was screaming his name, when windows shattered in the living room.

“What the fuck!” Gabe roared pulling from Cody.

Shocked and still reeling from her near orgasm, she barely felt it when she hit the floor, rolling in Gabe’s arms. “Stay down.” He mouthed in her ear.

Cody only nodded as she sucked in air.

They were on the top floor? Who the hell broke windows on the twenty-something floor? That’s when she noticed the faint sound of helicopter blades.

She heard movement. And then felt movement as Gabe crawled toward the door. Cody grabbed his shoulder shaking her head no. He was not going out there. Not if they had guns.

“Stay here,” He mouthed.

“Fuck you.” She grabbed his wrist and mouthed back, “Stay with me.”

He tried to shake his head, but she grabbed his head trying to stop him.

“I will kick you in the nuts if you go out there.” Cody nearly growled.

His eyebrows rose.

“Check the other rooms,” Someone out in the living room said.

Gabe slipped away from her then. She was definitely kicking his nuts. He quickly crawled ass naked around the bed until he was behind the door. He motioned for her to get down.

Fuck that. Cody crawled under the bed as far as she could on her back and reached for her gun on the other side. It was a stretch, but she reached the hilt just when she saw Gabe’s feet move. She heard a grunt, groan, and thud. Two bodies hit the floor. She picked the gun up and saw straight into the living area. She aimed and shot at a pair of knee caps. More shots followed.

After the ringing in her ear cleared, she felt the bed lift off her.

“I told you to stay down!” He roared holding a gun.

“I did. I was even under the bed. Put some pants on. I can’t take you seriously with you dick hanging out,” she said getting off the floor.

“Cody,” he warned.

She aimed her foot for his balls. He blocked with his free hand and stepped back.

“Clothes.” She ordered.

He growled going to his closet.

The door burst open in the living room. Cody aimed her gun.


Gabe grabbed Cody’s gun then threw a blanket over her making her curse. “What the hell is going on?” Gabe shouted viciously.

“Pavel’s people have air support. They are also coming up the stairs. I think they were going to use the meeting you had planned as a chance to go after Cody.”

Cody struggled to get free of the blanket before she was lifted off her feet and thrown over a shoulder. “Gabby!”

“How the hell did they find out?” Gabe ignored her.

“Probably De La Rosa.” She heard Michel’s voice. “They may have downgraded, but they have agents everywhere.”


Cody felt herself being moved, though she couldn’t see anything because of the blanket she was wrapped in.

Movement and sounds caught her attention. She was placed on something. More movement. Gun fire.

“Gabe!” she shouted.

“I’m fine.”

“Mario and Mick?”

“Here,” they both said at the same time.

“We’re taking you to the roof, sir,” Mario said.

They were moving again.

“Gabe, you better be coming with me.”

“I am.”

Cody sighed relief as the guys chatted among themselves. Echoes bounced around her as she imagined they were in a stairwell. She heard gun fire below.

“Oh, crap.” Michel’s voice carried.

“I’m going to kill that shit, anyone who allied with him, and De La Rosa.” Gabe declared.

Cody said nothing, because what could she say? If her mother was behind this… Nothing would stop Gabe from protecting her even if that meant killing her mother. And for some reason that twinge of pain annoyed her. She shouldn’t care about the woman, and yet she did.

She heard the open air and wind of the roof top before the sound of the chopper blades grabbed her attention. She was sat down before she saw light. Gabe was peeling back the sheets.

He wore an undershirt and probably some sweats. Worry etched his hard, handsome face. Anger tightened his jaw. “You okay?”

She kissed him. “No. Get your cock out so we can finish what we started and see if we can make Mario blush.” And then he laughed, deep, rich, sinful, and sexy showing her the most beautiful man in the world. His smile was amazing, lifting his face into an almost angelic beauty. Hell, she loved him.


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