The Wrong Type of Possessive

26 Fried Doughnut


26: Fried Doughnut

Dropped on the bed, Cody bounced once before she spun and kicked Gabe dead in his chest with her high heels.

He growled in pain, but he caught her ankle and pulled her off balance. She fell back and tried to kick with her other foot. He grabbed it, used her momentum against her, and flipped her onto her stomach. One hand held her down.

“Shit, that hurt.” He growled.

“Get the fuck off me!” She screamed.

“Cody, let me handle this.”

“She better not die, you fucker, she better not…” Tears streamed down her cheeks as she struggled to get away from the impossible.

“Settle down.” He ordered.

“I heard gun fire, dammit.” She gritted, bucking to get him off.


“That’s my sister! That’s my only sister!” She screamed.

His weight shifted as he leaned down and kissed her neck before saying in her ear, “And you’re my only. I can’t let you go. I won’t. I don’t care if you hate it. I’d rather you hate me, than to let you run off and get hurt.”

Cody gasped when she felt him enter her in one hard thrust. She’d been so pissed, she didn’t notice him unbuckle his pants or slide her panties to the side.

“Fuck…” she mouthed as he speared her, targeting her most sensitive spots.

Rage, lust, pain, pleasure, love, and hate warred within as she threw her head back and screamed spreading her legs wider. He thrust into her, hips punishing her with such powerful strokes she could barely think let alone breathe. Her clit rubbed against the bed as he pressed her into it over and over, taking her to a level she never knew existed. It was rough, raw, angry, and filled with nothing but animal lust. Her fingers clawed into the bed sheets as she fought to get away or accommodate his speed. Or just stay conscious. She couldn’t pass out…she needed to…

Curses strangled between stuttering breathes as both of them fought, him hammering her into submission and she pushing back, lifting her hips in defiance struggling to her knees. She buried her head in the sheets she fisted and screamed again as her first release had her body and mind trembling violently.

Still he slammed into her, skin slapping skin, as hot angry words started to penetrate the fog of her rage. “You. Will. Not. Leave. Me. You. Will. Not. Leave. Me.” Each word shoved into her mind like each demanding pump. He chanting over and over as he tattooed his claim into her body, her clit, her inner walls. Cody cried out, nodding her head, wanting to beg for mercy.

It felt so good and so harsh, she didn’t know whether she was coming again, or praying for it stop. For a while, she thought she was having a nonstop orgasm as he attacked her g-spot over and over and over…

Cody remembered finally passing out only to wake with him curled around her holding her as if he was a living cage. She struggled to get free. He woke and held her tighter, squeezing her so that she thought she might bruise. Then his dick pulsed inside of her and she realized he hadn’t withdrawn. He began to move inside of her, slow but demanding.

Whimpering was all she had left, she was too drained and sensitive to stop him. She just cuddled close and let him have her as much as he needed to assure him she wasn’t going anywhere.

When she woke again, she wasn’t surrounded in body heat. She looked around the darkened room and found herself in bed. Feeling something on her ankle she looked down the bed and cursed.

“Gabby!” she shouted.

“I’m in here.”

She whirled to stare out the bedroom door where he sat out in the living area on his computer. On the couch facing her, he worked from the coffee table. He lifted his emotionless gaze to stare.

“You chained me?” she snapped lifting the ankle cuff on her leg with a chain attached. “You fucking chained me.”

He nodded, closing his laptop and standing. “I’ll release you once I dispose of Pavel Kozlov. It’s temporary.”

“Fuck that, I thought we had a deal. I’m not your caged-“

He marched into the room and lay on top of her, body pressing her to the well used mattress. “That was before you decided to try and put yourself in danger. What? You thought you could rescue Molly yourself? No. Not happening. Not while I live and breathe. So the terms changed. Until you are out of danger and the danger is dealt with, you are mine to cage and keep contained. If I have to endure your wrath, so be it. But you’re not leaving me. You’re not.”

Fear twisted his face into fury, dropping any mask he might have worn before. It was beautiful, scary, and hers. It hurt her heart to know a man so powerful, strong, and feared, was nearly crippled with the need to keep her. Double M warned her, and now she was seeing how fierce his possessiveness was.

Cody reached up and pinched his cheeks. She pulled him to her and kissed him. Knowing it was impossible to fight him when he was like this, when he refused to see anything put her safety, she said, “Find my sister. Take out Paul. And no, I wasn’t leaving you. I’m not letting you go. Ever. Never.”

“Better not.” He drew her in for another kiss. “I’m tracking them. Marissa made a deal with Kozlov. She drugged my guards’ food and took Molly. The gun shot you heard was one of my guards who hadn’t eaten like the rest. They shot him. I don’t know what her end game is, but it’s not going to work.”

“Would she hurt Molly?”

“No. Molly is the only thing that guarantees she continues getting money. If not for my daughter, I’d have divorced Marissa years ago.” He leaned down and kissed her. “Plus, I think Marissa does care about her.” He kissed her again. “Molly is important to me because she’s important to you.”

Cody blew out a breath almost not surprised to hear him say that thought she ached for her sister. She was so glad her sister had George… “What about her fiancĂ©?”

“I had him moved and he’s being watched. As soon as we find Molly, I’ll move them both to a more secure location.”

“Why is Marissa doing this? I don’t understand.”

“I don’t know, but I plan to find out.” He said through gritted teeth.

“Can you take the ankle wear off? I swear I won’t run.”

“I could.” His hands began to unbutton her shirt.

“Not again.” Cody groaned slapping his hand away. “Gabe, being chained like a damn dog isn’t a kink for me. If anything it’s a turn off after what they did to me on that damn ship.”

“Ignore the chain.” One of his hands slid up her thigh. “Even better, let me help you forget it.”

“Sir.” A knock on the hotel door came before it opened just a crack. “We found them, sir.” Mario’s voice carried. “They should be landing in Paris in five hours.”

Cody gasped when long large fingers slithered into her pussy.

“Paris,” Gabe said sounding all business, even as he languidly pumped two fingers in and out her moist depths. Damn her reaction to him. “Is there enough fuel on the plane to divert it back to the states?”

“Since they aren’t even halfway there yet, I think so. I’ll double check.”

Cody squeaked when he curled his digits just enough to hit the right spot. “Gabe.” She mouthed slapping at his arm to get him to stop.

“Tell the pilot to name his price,” Gabe said before kissing her.

“Yes, sir. Also, your vehicle is here to take you to your ten o’clock.”

Cody pushed at him. “You’re not leaving me here.” She snarled then gasped when that finger curved.

He nodded to her, before he shouted. “I’m on my way down.”

As soon as the door closed, Cody punched him in the arm. “Son of a bitch, you could have waited until he finished talking to mess with me. Plus, I’m still sore from last night and pissed with this damn chain.”

“Yet wet and ready for me.” He pulled his fingers from her making her moan. She didn’t want him to stop.

He reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a key. He unlocked the cuff on her ankle.

“I’m going with you.”

“Remember you said that,” Gabe said, before hoisting her up into his arms, then tossed her over his shoulder like cargo.

“Gabby!” She shouted as he marched to the hotel door.

“Keep it down. Or I’ll have you walked out of here in handcuffs.”

She cursed him up and down in her mind as she seethed that he was handling her like a bag of laundry. When they got to the elevator, she felt his hand on her thigh, creeping suspiciously up closer and closer to her… “Don’t!” She barked a warning as she tried to ignored the guards closing in, surrounding them. The elevator door opened and the heavily armed group let Gabe in first before piling inside.

His hand continued traveling, gliding up her skirt to her ass. She covered her mouth, holding back any sounds including curses as the guards continued to face forward as if nothing was going on.

His fingers drifted between her butt cheeks and squeezed a globe. She so wanted to kick his ass, even as she felt a moan trying to escape.

When the elevator finally opened downstairs, she was rushed to a black SUV. As soon as the door was opened, Gabe put her on her feet and she quickly, entered. Before the guard got the door shut, Gabe was on her, kissing her, unbuttoning his pants. And she was lifting her skirt. Furiously, she reached for his dick and released it from the fabric.

Not caring where they were, he plunged inside her in one stroke, mouth breathing her in.

Cody wrapped her legs around his middle, holding on as her mouth tried to suck in his tongue. All that mattered was that he was hers — hers and no one else’s. Yeah, she wanted Molly safe, but a possessive side of her was happy as hell that he only cared about her sister because Cody demanded it.

She didn’t notice the car moving or bumps in the road when they pulled off. Curled around him, she held on for dear life happy he craved her so much that she ached from his need. Hell, she was sore, but she needed this, wanted him in her.

“You… are killing me,” she finally said into his chest, ripping at it to get it open. When she got it more than half open, she leaned up, kissing the muscles flexing as he worked in and out of her, fucking her desperately.

“You tried to leave me.” He grunted.

“I… love you… too much, Gabe. I’d never leave you.”

He stilled and looked down into her face. They just stared at each other. Cody held her breath as he stared at her with an expression she couldn’t read.

She didn’t need him to say it. He probably didn’t even know what it meant. The man looked so puzzled. That’s the expression!

Instead of opening that can of worms further, she leaned into his chest and flicked his nipple. He groaned. Then she nipped him with her teeth.

“Cody.” He breathed before thrusting into her again, picking up speed.

Cody rocked her hips to meet each thrust. She nipped his chin, then his neck. Her hands slipped into his shirt and around to rake over his back feeling the flex of each of his muscles.

Her teeth scraped against his peck before she bit.

He shuddered and came. She chuckled, licking the spot she marked.

“So,” she whispered into his ear when he dipped his head down toward her to drag in air. “When are you going to teach me to suck you off?”

“Shit.” He groaned as his cock began to throb inside her again.


When they got to his office building, Cody came to two realizations. One, Mario had been the only one in the car driving. And two, there was no partition between the front and the back like a limo. He heard every grunt and moan. Probably saw some things in the rearview mirror…shit.

Mortified, Cody buried her face in her hands and pretended she didn’t notice Mario eyeing her with a mother’s disapproval as they stood in the lobby.

“What am I going to do with the two of you?” He groaned stabbing the elevator button.

“Sorry, Mario.” She kept her head down, embarrassed.

“Don’t apologize.” Gabe grunted looking all kinds of sexy with his disheveled appearance. “This man used to fuck women on the balcony of my hotels just for kicks.”

Mario sighed. “Those were the days.”

Cody’s jaw dropped in shock, eyes shooting up to meet his.

Mario shrugged. “You should try it. My wife loved it until she kept getting pregnant. The best is when you’re in a night club, dark, loud music and you find a nice secluded corner with a girl in a skirt…” Mario licked his pretty lips and shook his head.

Gabe snorted, sliding his hand down her ass to the hem of her skirt.

She slapped it away.

Gabe smirked over at her as if she had just challenged him. She grumbled under her breath.

When the elevator came, they strolled onto it leaving Mario behind.

Cody should have cared what was going to happen now with Marissa and Kozlov. She should have cared. But all she could seem to think about was how much she needed Gabe to make her not think about what would happen to Molly. She needed not to worry or she’d try to escape to go find her sister. He was handling it, she had to trust that. And to do that she needed to occupy her mind. Facing the back elevator door, she bent over, and braced her hands on the door’s paneling.

Gabe didn’t need any more invitation. He had her skirt up over her ass and was inside of her in less than a minute, pushing in and pulling out with a fever that had them both panting, cursing along with the sounds of wet furious slapping.

She smiled throwing back her head in release as his hand reached around and stroked her center.

“Fuck…yes…” She moaned as her sore muscles clinched milking him as she came. He trembled behind her coming soon after.

When the elevator reached his floor, he pulled out. She turned around and licked her lips backing out of the elevator.

“More?” He smiled wickedly, and she found herself ready again.

She just nodded.

Then he was on her. Back against the wall, legs spread and hoisted in the crook of each arm, he held her there, powering into her. She squealed with each punishing thrust, back moving up and down the wall as her hands reached for purchase above her head.

“Oh, oh, oh…” She couldn’t think anymore. She screamed a silent, fuuuuuuuck when she came hard, body shaking, eyes rolling up in her head, and her hands clawed his arms.

Then her body went limp in his hold.

“You still want to suck my cock?” He asked kissing her.

“Later. Sore as hell. Nap.”

He smiled against her lips and continued to kiss her.

Cody woke that night back at their hotel room with Gabe wrapped around her like a blanket and his cock hard and hot against her back. She chuckled understanding why he had so many women he had called on before. The man was insatiable. Thought Cody had an idea it probably had something to do with how he worked out and stayed in shape being the reason for most of his horny state, or that huge cock, she wondered if she would always be able to satisfy him.

She wiggled from his embrace.

“Cody?” He murmured, groggily.

“Bathroom.” She told him, before kissing him. Her father…it didn’t sting like it once did. It still annoyed her, but, it wasn’t nearly the problem it had been. The annoying part? She couldn’t be with him like this in public. She maneuvered around the room with that damn chain on her ankle. At least it had reach.

After relieving herself, she washed her hands and stared at the deliriously happy image staring back at her. Whoever that was in the mirror didn’t deserve to feel so free and crazy in love with a nut job hunting her and while her sister was in danger. Yet she did. Yes, she was still a bit sore after that fuck session from hell last night. Though she had soaked all day after their excessive bout of sex that morning, the ache still persisted.

Damn… She dropped her head as she realized what that ache was. It wasn’t just from the sex, or from horniness. It was from how much she loved him. It hurt her from head to toe with a need that sex couldn’t cure. He was so embedded in her, that just being separated from him for a second caused her distress.

Gabe came into the bathroom sleepy eyed, hair a mess, and chest bare with a bruise from where she kicked him with her heels earlier. And yet he still looked like some sexy magazine model. He leaned against her, arms encircling her.

“I’m not going anywhere.” Cody assured him, not because he had put the cuff back on her ankle after her bath that evening, but because she had no intention of leaving him.

He hummed a sleeping sound as he lay his head on her shoulder like a big kid seeking comfort.

She chuckled and snuggled close to him.

“Let’s go back to bed before you fall asleep and hit the floor.”

He hummed another sounded before he murmured something that suspiciously sounded like, “Need you.”

The feeling was mutual.

Taking his hand, she ushered him back to the bed, making sure he didn’t trip over the chain on the floor.

Cody grinned down at him when he flopped on the bed. Then he tugged their joined hands, taking her with him.

“You’re not going to let me have a moment to myself are you?” She asked against his chest, even knowing she didn’t want a moment to herself. Not yet.

“I can’t.” Then he kissed her, lush lips exploring her. “My feelings for you…too strong… If this is love… It’s powerful.” He kissed her as her mind reeled from his words. She was done for.

He fell asleep in mid-kiss, his lips resting against her cheek.

Cody chuckled. “That’s what happens when you try to fuck me to death and then work all day.” She slipped her hand into his pocket and pulled out the key for her ankle cuff.

She lifted her leg, sliding it up his torso until the chained ankle was in reach. She fit the key into the hole and twisted. Unlocked, the cuff fell away.

Then she put the key back into his pocket, and snuggled in to sleep. She didn’t need to be chained physically. Because she was chained to him in all the ways that mattered.

“And don’t you forget it you controlling ball of sexy insecurity,” she said before kissing his chin.


Cody woke hours later to a sweet soft confection shoved into her mouth.

“I swear I should spank you.” A dark voice rumbled.

Cody took a bite not opening her eyes. “Mmmmmm…” she moaned enjoying the fried dough. She chewed tasting cinnamon and sugar before swallowing. Sitting up, she opened her eyes and found the not so amused eyes of her father staring at her behind the donut he held up.

“What’s wrong?” She asked holding his wrist and taking another bite.

“You.” He grunted. “You unlocked yourself.”

She licked her lips and swallowed before she said, “Next time hide the key.” She took another bite, purposely brushing her lips against his finger.

He watched her intensely as some of the edges of his disapproval melted away with each bite she took. With no more donut to devour, she began licking his fingers one at a time.

She closed her eyes enjoying the strength of his thick finger in her mouth, her tongue circling the digit.

“Fuck. If Molly wasn’t on her way up, I’d-“

“Molly’s here!” Cody jumped up.

“She wanted to see you before I sent her with George.” He lifted off the bed. “I’ll keep her in the living area. You get ready.”

Cody scrambled for the bathroom and washed like her ass was on fire. She cursed realizing she only had business suits that Gabe made her wear. Well, now was as good a time as any to let her sister know she worked for their father.

She was stuffing her dirty clothes in her duffel when the door opened.


Cody stood and turned, grinning. In the door way stood her emerald eyed, beauty of a sister with her shiny chocolate hair up in a bun. Her flawless skin glowed fairer than Cody’s. Long legs accented by cutoff shorts and her ample chest was outlined by a tight baby blue T with PERFECT written in bold letters across the front. Without thinking, Cody rushed and hugged her. “You’re okay.” She sighed relief.

Molly tensed in her arms. “You’re hugging me.”

“Oh, sorry,” Cody said about to pull away, when Molly hugged her back, squeezing her.

“Don’t apologize, it’s about damn time. I’m you’re older sister, dammit, not some stranger.” Molly sniffed. “Oh, Cody thank you, thank you. I was so scared, yet daddy told me that you were ready to raise an army to come get me.”

“Of course. You’re my Molls.”

Molly laughed, then pulled back and stared at Cody with angry eyes. “Don’t ever do that shit again.”

“Well isn’t that ingratitude.”

“Fuck ingratitude, you could’ve gotten yourself killed. They had guns!” Her voice grew shrill.

“Molls, you were in trouble.”

“And what good would it do you to be in trouble with me?”

“But, Molls-“

“No. I’m pulling the big sister card here. Don’t do that shit again. Promise me.”

Cody sighed, and nodded.

“I want to hear the words, Cody.” Those emerald eyes glared at her.

“I promise I won’t do anything to save your ass in the future.”

Molly laughed. “You don’t have to be so mean about it,” she said before hugging Cody again.

“You can get off now.” Cody groaned rolling her eyes.

“Oh, no, I’m getting my fill before you go back to the evil Cody who doesn’t like to be touched.” Molly sighed. “Plus, I need this,” she said growing quiet.

Cody pried her sister off her and took a seat on the couch with Molly following sitting close.

“What happened? Gabe told me some of it, like how the guard was shot and your mom kidnapped you. Why?”

Molly groaned fiddling with her fingers. “I don’t know where she got the information, but the same person who told her about my wedding, told her that I wasn’t inheriting the company. News flash, mom, I don’t want it!” She huffed. “And that same asshole told her that she wasn’t in his will. She found out that other than me, some anonymous mistress was getting the other half of his money.” Molly looked at her pointedly.

Cody swallowed hard at the word… “Mistress?”

“You, sweetie!” Molly snapped. “Daddy doesn’t have you in his will as his daughter, but as an interested party which mom translated into mistress. Eww!”

Cody laughed nervously. “Yeah.”

“Either way, mom went nuts. She said she tried to have the mistress taken care of, but daddy got in the way. Seeing as you’re alive and well, she probably doesn’t even know who you are. Good, she can’t have you. You’re mine.” Molly hugged Cody again.

Cody rolled her eyes. “So she got desperate when she couldn’t eliminate me?

“Yep, hence the kidnapping of yours truly.” Molly leaned back though she kept her arm hooked around Cody’s.

Cody frowned starting to see a pattern. “How long was your mother in league with Kozlov?”

“Not sure. I only learned this much because the witch was ranting the whole time the guards carried me out of the house.”

Remembering how Reggie had done digging on her, asking around about her before he kidnapped her, she wondered how much he learned and how much of it got to Marissa? And who did he talk to in order to get that information?

“Despite that, you’re okay?” Cody looked her over.

“Okay?” Molly shivered. “No. I’m pissed. Mom… Cody, dad’s people… I’ve never seen them in actions before. They were like commandos storming the plane when we landed here. It was like… Scary and unreal. But I’m grateful as hell he’s my dad and on my side, you know?”

“Yeah,” Cody ducked her head to hide any telling expression. “I know.”

Molly pounced on Cody hugging the shit out of her again. “And look at you! You’re so beautiful. More than usual. So give me the scoop. What’s with the clothes?” Cody moaned, hunching her shoulders.


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