The Wrong Type of Possessive

19 Chocolate Covered Dried Cherries


19: Chocolate Covered Dried Cherries

After falling asleep, Cody woke to her unbound arms and her bare body covered under the bed sheets. She blinked as memories sunk in arousing her. Ignoring the desire starting to stir, she rolled to the side of the bed to find her shorts where she remembered the horndog tossing them.

“He wants to meet me? After trying to steal from me?”

“He claims it was a misunderstanding. His son just wanted to scare her.”

“Scare? That was beyond scare and he knows it?” A deep threatening menace snaked up Cody’s spine.

Was that Gabe?

She peered over to the half open door that led to his main office. Cody clutched the sheet covering her closer and scooted off the bed before slowly, quietly approaching the door.

For the first time she could ever remember, her father was pacing back and forth looking frustrated and angry. His brow was crinkled in a frown. His hand ran though his normally groomed hair, making it look wild and sexy. By the expensive looking glass liqueur cabinet close to the office entrance, Mario stood a bit pensive as if ready for anything. His tall frame remained at attention while his head swiveled back and forth watching her father pace.

“Ruslan says he didn’t know about it,” Mario said. “Pavel, or Paul as he calls himself, was acting independently.”

“Bullshit. Ruslan knows every aspect of his organization. He’s only claiming innocence because I found out he has a son over here in the States.”

Paul was the son of a Russian gangster? Great…

Mario nodded. “I speculate the same. However, he wants to make it right. He set up a meeting location in Spain. He said just pick a date and time.”

“No way in hell am I leaving her here alone.”

“I’ll stay with her.”

“Let me rephrase. No way in hell am I leaving her here alone without me.”

“Don’t trust me with her?” Mario asked sounding a bit too amused.

“Don’t fuck with me right now, Mario. I’m liable to beat the shit out of you.”

“I didn’t tell her anything that wasn’t true. And you know she’s good at keeping a secret. You need to talk to her more if you plan to…to you know.” Mario rubbed the back of his neck. “Leave her with me. She’ll be fine without you for a little while,” Mario said, looking toward the door.

Cody quickly darted back to the bed to find her shorts. She wanted them to keep talking and she had a feeling they would stop if they believed she could hear them.

“I know. I know,” Gabe said.

“This isn’t about her is it?”

“I don’t trust Kozlov.”

“I’m not talking about the Russian.”

“I’m not going there.” Gabe nearly growled.

“Put aside your bravado, sir. It will help you when dealing with a girl like her.”

“I thought you said my interest in her was unnatural.”

“I’m Catholic. I say shit. But I’ve killed and tortured for you so that makes me a hypocrite. And besides that, who can blame you for falling for her, sir. Even if you ignore her looks, Kickass is still an amazing girl.”

Kickass? Is that what they call her behind her back? She liked it.

Mario continued as Cody found her red shorts and slipped them over her naked butt. “Keep in mind that she’s not like the more experienced women you’ve been with. She’s had to teach herself to be tough even before you came along because she’s been through hell. And that hell taught her not to trust or become attached in order to survive. What you want from her will only break her if you aren’t willing to see that? Her youth requires a guiding hand, not blunt force trauma. Hell, she’s had enough blunt force in her life to make grown men snap. And because of that you have to show patience or be willing to bleed your heart out which I know will never happen. So try talking.”

“I have.” Gabe words were a deep guttural sound.

Something crashed making Cody jump.

Silence followed for a long moment as Cody looked around for her top.

“Let me try this again…” Mario sounded just as calm as ever. “If you went into a meeting with a company that wanted you to pour money into their product and they gave you vague information, would you hand them a check and wish them luck, or would you turn them down because it was risky and you saw no future investment?”

“Fuck…” Gabe’s curse barely carried.

Cody flopped on the bed giving up on finding her bra and shirt.

“You are that uncertain investment that she’s afraid to buy into. Her mother abandoned her, so that left a scar on her. So when you got her, she stayed quiet and out of your hair to keep from upsetting you.”

“Because…she was afraid I’d throw her away…shit.”


“I would rather chain her to that bed than–“

“Right.” Mario groaned. “And I think she knows that, yet that scar won’t go away just like magic. And with everything that she’s been through, you are the one thing she doesn’t want to lose. You are her anchor, even I see that. If she were to cross that line…she’d like to know that you’ll still be there. She needs your selflessness, not your ego.”

“I’m at the edge… I don ‘t know how else to assure…”

“Money and safety you can do. Easy. Now try something different. Time to get outside yourself. A good start would be to spend less time working and more time with her.” Mario sighed.

“I’m… not sure…” There was a long silence. “Call in Barrett’s team I want you and him here to watch her. I won’t meet Kozlov in Spain. Tell him to meet me in Budapest.”

“Oh, shit.”

Okay…what the hell was in Budapest? And what was that curse for? Cody went over in her mind everything she knew about her father’s Turkish and Italian syndicate connections and came up blank in regards to Hungary.

“If you do this, Boss, there could be war.”

“Then get out your rosary and start praying. Or take mine, I’m not using it.”

“And what am I supposed to tell Kickass? Who is going to explain that you could be going to die?”


“Mario, keep your mouth shut.”

“I love you like family, sir, but if you do this-“

Cody was up and off the bed before she could stop herself. She burst into his office and glared at him. “What?”

Mario quickly turned his back on her.

“Cody! Shirt.”

She looked down at her bare breasts and ran back to grab the sheet. She wrapped it around her chest as she marched back into the office. “Where the fuck do you think you’re going? And why the fuck did I hear you might die?” Cody asked seeing Mario escaping out the office exit.

Gabe approached her. “It’s fine.”

“Don’t lie to me! Are you about to start a war over this shit? I’m just one person! You can’t get your people killed over this.” She snapped poking him in his chest. “I haven’t even fucked you yet.” She growled. “You can’t die, bastard.”

“I need to protect you.”

“You need to stay here. With me.” She felt her eyes fill with tears. “You said you would take me with you where ever you are going. Fine. I’m going, too.”

“Hell no.”

“Hell yes.”

“I said no.”

“Fuck you.”

He grabbed her and held her to him even as she slammed her fist against his chest.

“Fuck you.” She hissed and punched, but he held her taking all over her insults. “I just got you. I finally got you, and you’re leaving me. Selfish bitch. You’re nothing but a selfish, conniving asshole.” She cried into his chest as he stroked her back. She didn’t know how they got on the floor, her lying on his chest and making a mess of his dress shirt. “I knew this was going to happen. I knew you’d leave me. Fine. Leave. I’ll have Molly and my brothers. I don’t need you. Son of bitch,” she said even as she clutch to the fabric of his shirt for dear life willing him to stay.

They lay in near silence, except for the hitching of her unsettled breathing. One hand continued to stroke her back as the other played in her hair.

He finally said, “I…I have to protect you, Cody. I have to. You are all I have, all I look forward to.” He paused and took a deep breath. “I work my ass off just to be powerful enough to keep you safe. If I don’t someone could take you from me. Do you know how much just watching you eat makes me feel alive? Stupid right.”


He sighed. “But every little thing you do makes me nuts. At first, it was just to protect you. And provide. My fatherly duties… But the more time I spent with you… The more I watched you, the more you fascinated me. And then you turned sixteen. That was a punch to my groin. You kept…looking at me with those eyes. I swear it hurts just to look at you and not be able to seduce you into my bed.”

“You seem to be doing a pretty good job of it,” Cody said against his tear soaked shirt.

“Every time you give me an inch, I want to take more. I keep telling myself to hold back, to give you space. But it’s becoming harder and harder.”

Cody snorted as she felt his hard hot cock against her crotch. “Literally.”

“I wish you had a father to protect you from guys like me. I wish you had a father who saw you as his daughter and not some lickable treat.”

Cody laughed.

“I wish you never had to live the way you have. But I can’t let you go. I can’t. And if that makes me a villain. So be it. I’ll destroy anything and everything that wants to harm you.”

“Take me with you.” Cody whispered.

“I’m sending you home. With your boys.”

“Gabe. Take me with you. I’ll fuck you on the plane and when we touchdown in Hungary. And when we get back. I’ll fuck the hell out of you, just please.”

“Shit, the things that come out of your mouth… That’s an offer I’m stupid to refuse. But I am. I can’t let you be in danger.” He lifted her and they kissed. It was the saddest kiss she’d ever had from him.

The muthafucker is really leaving like this…

She pushed off his chest and glared. “I hate you.” She growled and punched him, right in his eye. Then she jumped up and marched to the bathroom, furious at how he made her feel.

Stripped, she was stepping into the shower, ready to wash the tears and snot away, when the door burst open. Gabe stood their holding his eye.

“You punched me,” he bellowed.

“I did.” She turned, hands up, boxing ready. Thought she blushed from head to toe being naked in front of him, she refused to back down or hide. “Want more?”

“You punched me,” he said again in disbelief.

“And you’re leaving me,” she said, anger filling her. Her fear that he would toss her aside was coming true. No, he wasn’t leaving for another woman, but he was leaving possibly to die. Worse than if it was another woman. She hated it.


She shook her head stepping into the shower. “Either join me or get out,” she said before her brain caught up with her common sense. What the hell is wrong with me?

But it was too late to take it back, because Gabe was peeling off his clothes.

Another new for her, Cody was showering naked with a man. And not just any man. A nicely muscled, sexy man. The man she loved. Her eyes immediately zeroed in to his cock. Long, thick, hard, and intimidating as hell.

Her breathing kicked up a notch as panic started to set in.

How the hell would that ever fit?

A finger hooked under her chin and lifted her gaze to his. Those mint green eyes seemed to bring her back to earth.

“It’s okay. We’re just washing.” He placed a kiss on her nose. “Just washing.”

She nodded trying not to think about how huge he was down there. Her hand reached for the darkening bruise around his eyes. Her thumb smoothed around the edge. “You should put ice on it.”

He nodded. “After I shower.” He kissed her lips lightly.

Neither of them reached for soap. They just stood under the warm spray kissing. Cody inched her body closer and closer, reigning in her fear. She wanted to know this man, inside and out. She needed to get over her fear, and learn him.

Her hands reached for his cock, but he grabbed both her wrists and pushed her back against the cold tile of the shower wall.

“Don’t.” He warned.

“I want to touch you,” she said staring into his eyes.

“Not good.”

“Let me.” He leaned down to kiss her, but she jerked her head away. “No. No distracting me. Let me touch you.”

“Cody, I’m ready to explode. I don’t want to scare you.”

She thought about what he was saying and she nodded. “Okay. Now let me touch you. Or when you get back I’ll never touch you again.”

He pressed his body flush against hers and she gasped. Pinned between him and the shower wall, nothing separated their wet bodies. Hell, he felt good.

“You’re trying to torture,” he said grinding his cock against her clit.

Exhaling on a sharp breath, Cody squeaked, “Right. Torture.” Wet slick skin slid against her, creating a slippery sensation that made her want to…to… “Gabe,” A high pitch sound leaked from her lips. “Let me jerk you off.”

“Fuck. The shit you say.” He groaned letting her hands go. She dropped her arms and let them fall between them. His head fell onto the tile above her shoulder and his hips slowly, reluctantly moved back slightly.

Tentative, her fingers brushed the head of his cock. She felt thick moisture coating her fingertips. Pre-cum. Right. I can do this. She chanted as she began to slowly move her fingers down the shaft lightly.

“Fuck. Kill me.” Gabe groaned and slammed his fist against the tile behind her.

Cody bit back a smile before she slowly wrapped her fingers around the thick steel of him. Even with her long fingers, she barely got a good grip on it. Slowly, she began to pump. He groaned closed to her ear and panted, “Faster. Hell, faster.”

She began to pick up speed.

His heavy breathing in her ear hypnotized her into a rhythm that had them both panting. His lips began kissing her shoulder, her neck, then her ear. His teeth grazed the sensitive flesh of her earlobe. “Harder.” He growled and Cody tightened her grip just enough that he began pump his hips every time she down stroked.

Just watching him, made her want to join in on more than just a hand-job.

He was sexy as hell working his hips back and forth, abs flexing, and yet she had a hard time imagining that beautiful gold-olive tinted dick moving inside of her.

“Cody, let go. I’m… Let go.”

“No.” She pumped faster and looked between them as his cock started shooting creamy near translucent liquid jets, one after the other his cock twitched and jerked in her hand. Cody’s mind flashed back to that storeroom, surrounded, scared and furious…

A moan in her ear woke her from her memories. This was different. This was a shared moment by two willing participants. He wasn’t forcing this on her. She had control. She could have pushed him away if she didn’t want this. But he gave her control.

And with control she could make demands.

Her grip tightened around his relaxing cock, nails biting into tender flesh. He growled in pain.

Cody slid her fingers through his short chocolate hair before she grabbed strands and yanked. His chin lifted following the path she pulled it, eyes narrowed on her. “Listen, and listen well. I won’t sleep with you, I won’t touch you if you ever sleep with another woman. I don’t want a man-whore. I have no need for liars and cheats. Also…” She squeezed his cock harder.

He winced and grunted.

“I’m not happy about you leaving and going off to die. So when you get back, and you are coming back, we’re going to talk. I’m not your caged bird. I will not be kept under lock and key. Then once we come to an agreement, and I’m satisfied, then you’re going to take my virginity slow and gentle until I’m used to sex. Got it?” She yanked his hair back harder.

“Yes.” He hissed.

“Now kiss the hell out of me until I forget that you’re going to be in danger,” she ordered letting his cock go and pulled his head toward hers.

His hands came up, wrapped around her neck, and he kissed her so passionately she almost forgot she was going to wait until he came back to give herself to him.

His tongue laved inside of her mouth, making her moan. And while she tried to breathe through her nose, tried to keep up with his devouring kiss, she didn’t have the experience. She pulled back on a gasp for air.

He chuckled kissing her cheek, then her chin, nipping the skin there. “Breathe, beautiful.”

Cody groaned. “I am… still learning. And don’t call me that.” She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of his hands massaging her ass. His hard cock rocked against her lower abdomen. Again she had to remind herself they were going to wait until they agreed on some terms before sex. But damn the need to just let him have his way with that devastating cock was making her pussy drip.

“But you are beautiful.” He kissed down her neck, stopping to suck the skin there. The feeling shot straight to her toes.

“I don’t like being reminded of that curse.”

He grunted. “I’m not talking about your physical beauty, Cody. There are a lot of physically beautiful women in the world. I’m talking about your strength, determination, these long legs that kick ass, these kissable breasts…” He placed a kiss on her left breast before licking her nipple. Then sucking.

Her fingers lifted and threaded through his hair as he nursed the left, then the right nipple wetting the dark honey pebbled area.

“And that tender heart of yours is amazing,” he said lowering his head to her stomach, kissing and licking. Before she was aware of it, he was on his knees and face to clit with her clenching core.

“And your laugh.” He placed a kiss on her lower lips making her hiss. “Your smile.” He kissed again making her stomach flip flop with anticipation. “And those eyes that only look at me.” Those deep dark words were quickly muffled by his mouth disappearing in her folds. Cody yelped, bending forward over his head. His tongue, oh fuck his lips!

She huffed, panting air as his lips tugged and suck on her clit in a slow but strong rhythm that had her whining. Her body bucked when his tongue flicked alternating on the sensitive nub. Her fingers dug into his scalp for purchase. She couldn’t utter a word as lights flickered behind her gaze and her mind tried to understand the utter agonizing bliss he was attacking her with.

Lightning flashed and her body shuddered with an organism that snuck up on her. But he wasn’t done. He feasted on her slit, tongue dipping into tender flesh and drinking up her juices before going back to her hypersensitive clit. He began that torturous slow sucking, pulling, licking on her that had her body jerking over and over as she clawed his back trying to crawl away from him. All her muscles clamping up, Cody’s last coherent thought before her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her mind went blank was that if he ever did this to another woman other than her now or in the future, she was going to kill him.

Cody woke that night feeling boneless and comfy. Did she pass out? How did she get in bed? How long had she been out? Did Gabe wash her? Smelling fresh and clean, and soft, he must have. Cody frowned. Soft? She looked down at her naked moisturized skin. He oiled her?

Cody snorted grinning to herself. Okay, she could get used to that. Especially that mouth on her. It was pure sin. Her body heated in a visceral response. She covered her blushing face of absolute embarrassment even though no one could see her. Why the hell did she feel so damn giddy?

Listening to the quiet around her, she sat up carefully, still tender in her lower half. She looked around the dark, knowing he was gone. Taking a deep breath and ignoring the pain in her soul she reached over to the lamp by the bed. She clicked it on and froze. At the base of the lamp on the bedside table was a clear bag of round chocolates. She picked it up and read the tag hanging from a gold thread.

[Save me some.] Was written in a black pen. Cody ran her fingers over his handwriting. She was so far gone. No matter what her common sense said about loving her father this way, her soul screamed she adored the man no matter what.

Cody fumbled to open the bag, grinning like a fool. She popped one in her mouth and moaned. Either her personal stalker had known what her favorite candy was, or Gabe liked chocolate covered dried cherries as much as she did — which was damn likely since they always liked all the same foods. Either way, she wasn’t sharing. Not the chocolate. And not the man.



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