The Wrong Type of Possessive

13 Chocolate Ice Cream


13: Chocolate Ice Cream

Fourteen and allowed a little more freedom by her father, she walked up the street to cool down from her afternoon run. Laughing on the phone with her sister, she didn’t notice the guys coming up behind her. Not until she was hauled into an alley, shut inside a storeroom. She fought and cursed as they ripped her clothes and threatened her with knives. She was on her knees, shirt and bra in tatters, one guy having shot his load in her face by the time Michel found her and beat the hell out of her attackers. Mario made sure none of them escaped as he kept her from trying to help Michel fuck them up.

Cody jerked awake from a dream of sour memories she always tried to keep at bay. Memories that hadn’t leaked into her sleep in years. She remembered that sacred promise she made to herself that nothing like that would happen again. A promise she broke. She’d become a victim again.

Again! Dammit!

Loathing herself she looked down to find her wrists bound together and attached by a rope to the wall. Naked and shivering, she curled her legs into herself as best as she could with her ankles tied together. Mouth gagged, she looked around frantic to find the covers she remembered seeing, but they were on the far edge of the bed, out of reach, taunting her. She heard a chuckle and whirled around to her side of the room where that disgusting son of a bitch was sitting, lounging in an arm chair next to the camera standing in the middle of the floor…pointed at her. Two guards stood at the door while two different guards stood at the foot of her bed, their back facing her.

She looked down at her body feeling the uncomfortable throb between her legs. What did they do? She looked back up at Reggie who smiled a hooded expression that nauseated her.

“No worries my darling lottery ticket. No one here will hurt you. The doctor just had to get a quick look to make sure everything was in order. And was it ever. Yes, I was thinking of taking a test drive of that sinful body of yours, but after what the doctor said… ” He held up his SAT phone. “I had to make a phone call. Who would have guessed that Gabriel Walthour had a virgin? He’s been saving you for something special hasn’t he? Hell, his lost. Our beautiful, beautiful gain. Mr. Kozlov wants you bandaged, healed, and perfect before you arrive. So our trip might take a bit longer, but your price just tripled, making you even more expensive than we were originally going for.” He grinned an even brighter expression as he leaned forward. “You’ve made me a very, very happy man.” He stood up clapping his hands then rubbing them together. “Here I was, worried you weren’t worth the chaos you caused, but I was dead wrong.”

Cody cried inwardly, hating that the last thing she wanted to happen to her was happening. She closed her eyes hoping her father found her soon. He said he was looking so she just had to trust him.

To think, she had railed against her father for seeing her as some expensive trinket he kept around for his amusement, but this… There was something very different about this. It felt impersonal and clinical in a way she’d never known. It truly felt cold and alone. A small part of her had always hoped and believed her father cared about her, and now, feeling the approaching hell closing in on her, she knew he did, in his own way. He could’ve done this very thing to her, or thrown her away, or even locked her into some dark room with nothing. Instead he provided for her, gave her an education, made sure she wanted for nothing. He trained her to defend herself and hired others to train her. He offered protection that she had turned her nose up at and now she ached for like it was water and she was parched.

She wanted Gabe. The longing in her was so strong, it brought tears to her stupid eyes. So she just buried her head into the bed and let them fall quietly.

“We’re live streaming everything to your new owner so that he is assured of your treatment. So put on a good show.”

Reggie’s voice carried to her, but she tuned it out as she thought of Gabe, her brothers, and her sister. She missed them so much. It had only been a day, maybe two, but she wanted to hear their voice. She knew Bailey, Matt, and Tyler would be trying their hardest to help her father. But with all her father’s resources, he didn’t need help. So what was taking so long?

Curled up in the corner of the bed, huddled for warmth and to hide as much of her nudity as possible, Cody didn’t lift her head and fell asleep thinking about Gabe, wishing to see his handsome face and hear his dark voice.

When she had to pee, and couldn’t hold it any longer, she lifted her head and tried to say bathroom though it sounded funny against the gag. After nearly screaming what she needed, they brought her a bedpan. She closed her eyes shutting out the audience that refused to leave the room. It was almost as bad as when she was a child.

They even cleaned her up afterward, making her want to crawl into a bottomless hole. And just when she thought her humiliation couldn’t get any lower, they fondled her as they cleaned her. Not again!

She didn’t even scream or cringe as her past collided with her present. Eyes closed, head turned away, she went back to that place she always went to when she was a child. Those men who were allowed to fondle her, making her pet them. Her mind always went faraway, where they couldn’t reach her.

But this time something was different. The place her mind went to was not calm and quiet like she remembered. No it was more alive and angry. In that place, she found instructors telling her to fight, showing her how to take down a man twice her size and strength. There, in that place, she was no longer allowed to hide.

Because that place had grown with her and it was furious.

Her thoughts shifted to ways to kill them if she could get loose. She never considered herself a murderer. Shooting a gun bothered her, but she found the necessity of it when she was in danger. Now, she found a comforting pleasure in wanting a gun to blow them all to hell. She’d shot enough people since her capture to know she was good at it. She initially flinched at the sight of blood and feared that she might have killed someone she had shot, but now… Now she hoped she had kill at least one of them. She wanted to kill them all, starting with Mr. Disgusting Reggie. Then again, death was too easy for him, she wanted him to suffer.

Her eyes opened and slowly scanned the room to find him sitting in his chair with a beer in one hand as he enjoyed the show, rubbing his cock through his pants with the other hand. He raised the beer in a mock toast to her. She could just picture taking that bottle and breaking it over his head before jabbing the remaining jagged edge into his neck. All she needed to do was shred a major artery.

The fucker’s eyes narrowed on her as she continued to stare ignoring the hands rubbing her breasts. He lifted the bottle to his lips but paused as he continued to watch her, the hand on his nuts halted. Could he feel the hate she emanated? Could he sense how much she wanted him dead by her hands?

He lowered the bottle. “That’s enough guys. Mr. Kozlov wouldn’t want his prized possession handled too much. If we spoil the goods he might start deducting money again.” He winked at her.

But she didn’t let her stare waver as she imagined stabbing him over and over with that broken beer bottle.

Once they let go of her and she was alone on the bed again, she lay her head back and let her body relax only slightly. She was wound so tight, she could snap like a rubber band. Or like a really pissed off bitch wanting some serious revenge a la fucking grenade. Just blow the whole damn ship to the bottom of the sea. And for some reason the fact that she was on said ship didn’t bother her one bit. She’d happily go down with the fucker if it meant not a damn one of them would live. The idea appealed to her so much she began tugging at the ropes. At first it was an unconscious tug, but in grew until she was pulling at the metal anchor in the wall with her sitting sideways on the bed.

“Do I need to sedate you?” Reggie’s voice called.

Go for it, she thought, wishing her mouth was free. She began pulling with both hands wrapped around the rough rope. If she could reach around her head, she’d untie the uncomfortable knot gagging her. She knew if she tried to pull it down it wouldn’t go anywhere, it was too tight against the corners of her mouth and between her teeth. Wait, maybe she could reach them… And her legs!

“Get the doctor in here. I won’t have her hurting herself until we get paid. “

She proceeded to bend her knees and reach for her ankles to release the ropes binding her legs when Reggie shouted for the guards to restrain her. As the first guard reached for her, she used her already bent knees to spring up and onto the bed. She quickly took the rope tethered between her and the wall and looped it around the guards neck. With her back against the wall and the guard struggling at her front for air, she pulled the rope as hard as she could, all while staring at Reggie wishing it was him.

“Shit, get her! Get him from her! Shoot- No don’t shoot her! Shit!” He growled when several men approached the bed.

She hadn’t noticed the hallway door was now open and several of the guards from outside had entered. Two of the men grabbed her hostage while one tried to get to her barricaded form between the wall and the struggling man choking on her makeshift noose.

“You can have me… “ She said through gritted gagged teeth, “As soon as I take one of you fuckers out.” The guards tried to pry her hands off the rope, but all of her concentration and strength cemented her hold. She wasn’t letting go until someone died.

She felt the man struggling as the strangling sounds echoed though her mind. As horrifying as the noise was, she didn’t care. No. She cared, but not enough to let him go. Even as the body lay against her in a heavy weight, she didn’t let go, wanting to make sure he was gone and there was one less guard to hold her or grope her. One less asshole in the world to ruin another girl’s life. If she had to take them down one by one…

Tears ran down her cheeks from the pain in her hands and her arms straining for so long. Or was it because she killed a man in such a way she felt like a monster. She cried, even as they pried the dead, finally, from her hateful grasp. She screamed in triumph and in bitter agony at what she had done… Become… And yet, she’d rather be a monster than a helpless child again. She didn’t want to go back to that. She refused to go back to that. No more!

When the doctor finally came around, it took four guards to restrain her. She snarled at the woman before she felt the pinch of pain.

The last thing she thought about before she drifted off was that she had killed a man. And that she was more like her father than she ever imagined.


The next time Cody woke in a groggy state, it was to a war. She heard shooting, loud shouts, and breaking glass. The sounds were frightening at first, until she realized she was alone in the room with the door wide open. She saw a body fall backward across the doorway before a black masked guy walked inside and took the camera from the tripod. Several other black covered agents entered the room and surrounded the bed.

She snarled sounds of warning against her gag curling up trying to wake her mind and body from the drugs.

“Ms. Delarosa, with a greeting like that, people will think you were raised by wolves.” Another big black clad figure entered the room and Cody grinned knowing that slight Italian accent.

Mario? Sitting up, forgetting all modesty, she raised her wrists and tugged at her binds. “Please, untie me. Please!” She pleaded even if he couldn’t understand her.

“At least you haven’t forgotten me.” Mask still covering his face, he pulled a large pocket knife from his belt, flipped if open with the flick of his wrist and cut through the ropes like butter not nicking her the slightest. Before she even noticed the binds on her mouth were gone, Mario grabbed the blanket that was handed to him by one of his associates and wrapped her like an egg-roll before hoisting her over his shoulder. “Ready to go, my lady?”

“Please!” She shouted.

“I bet you’re real sorry now for trying to shoot me.”

“Are you really going to hold onto that forever?” She asked feeling giddy with relief even while she prayed it wasn’t a dream.

“I’m petty like that. And when we get out of this, I’m going to remind you of who saved you’re naked butt.”

“Mr. Gabriel Walthour?”


She laughed while she cried grateful for this man who held her and even more grateful for Gabe. If she hadn’t been totally in love with him before, this would have cemented it. Yeah, it was probably some psychological hero worship type complex, but she no longer cared. Because not only was she even more in love with him, she was hopelessly, unavoidably stupid in love with him.

When she was sat down, it was on a weirdly shaped surface. She pushed and peeled until her head was free of the blanket and she was face to face with said love of her life.

“Mr. Walthour.” Her heart pitter-pattered, unashamedly.

“Ms. Delarosa.” He lifted that damn eyebrow and she couldn’t help but smile.

“I lied,” she said.

“About what?”

“I missed you.” Freeing her arms completely from the blankets, she wrapped them around his neck. He stiffened in her arms.

“Where the hell are your clothes?” His voice was a deep threatening thing that could have killed her if they were directed her way.

“We found her naked and tied to a bed. There was also a camera set up in the room.”

Cody ignored them as she held onto the man and buried her head into his neck to inhale his fragrance. The dark masculine musk that she never knew she would miss, filled her nostrils. She felt a hand at her back rubbing and she didn’t care that his large hands stroked her bare skin or that the only thing concealing her body from his full view was a thin blanket. All that mattered was that he was here and he had her.

“Thank you,” she whispered as tears leaked from her eyes.

“What… ” His voice sounded choked. He coughed, clearing it before asking, “What did they do to you?”

“Later.” She sighed enjoying the warmth of his body. He continued to hold her and didn’t object when she fell asleep in his arms. Later, she could blame it on the sedatives her captors gave her, but at that moment she did give a shit.

When Cody had woken, they were landing on the top of a hospital. She had been so relieved she didn’t know she had been rescued via airlift.

“Why are we at a hospital?” She asked moving to get off his lap, but he held her close.

“Mario showed me the footage of the video. Even though they only roughed you up on film, I didn’t see what they did to you before.” He sounded cold and deadly.

“I’m fine. Just a bump on the back of my head.” She explained.

When his fingers slid through her curls, she shivered at his touch, until the contact collided with her bruise, then she winced and whined.

“What the hell did they hit you with?”

She didn’t know but the pain radiated from that spot all the way down her spine.

“You still have dried blood in your hair. They didn’t get it all. Mario, did you kill them?”

“Kept a few for questioning and sank the boat as ordered.”

“What about the blond, the ringleader?” Cody wanting to kill him herself.

“He tried to get away in a speeder. We got him locked up. We plan to question him.”

“Can I do it?” Cody asked.

“No.” Mario and Gabe said at the same time, shocking her.


Gabe’s finger came down on her lips silencing her. “You’re safe now. Anymore than this may push you over an edge you can’t come back from.”

She frowned until she realized they knew. They saw the video and knew she had strangled a man and enjoyed it.

Feeling panicked all of a sudden, she struggled to get out of his hold, but found him hugging her.

The door to the helicopter opened but they didn’t move. Gabe looked her in her face but she couldn’t meet his eyes.

“Look at me.” He ordered.

She did after a moment of hesitation.

“You did good. You fought back despite the odds. You survived. Have no regrets.”

She shivered as the wind from the hospital’s roof swept into the helicopter cabin.

“No regrets, understood?”

“Yes.” She nodded watching his gaze.

“Good.” Then he exited the helicopter with her still in his arms. She didn’t know why he insisted on carrying her, but like a big baby he bundled her in his arms, making sure she was covered.

“Aren’t I heavy? And won’t people see me with you. The media could-“

“I ensured we would have privacy, so I’m not concerned. Now stop. Wiggling.”

“Of course you did.” She leaned against him feeling awkward and yet safe. “I’m too big to be carried you know.”

“You’re not that big. “

“Hello! Six feet!”

“I know.”

“You’re struggling.”

“Because you keep moving.”

“I’m not going to win am I?”

“No, but I admire your persistence.”

“I want to kiss you.” When his footsteps faltered, nearly tripping, Cody smirked.

“You shouldn’t do that.”

“Why? Because you might actually let me kiss you or you might drop me?”


“Why? Because it’s wrong?”

She heard a deep chuckle come from his throat but his mouth didn’t move. She leaned back to get a good look of his face that held the same emotionless expression she was used to. Though it didn’t show, he just laughed at her.

“I do enough wrong to not give a damn about it. I’m warning you not to cross that line unless you are prepared for what comes next.”

She nodded understanding. But she still craved his kisses. And his touch. She wanted to know he was there with her and would never leave.

“And you need to be prepared,” she whispered nose to nose with him. “For the fact that I won’t be happy to be just another mistress.”

“I can’t believe they are having this conversation.” Mario murmured as he crossed himself reminding her that he was Catholic. “I’m so glad the hallway’s clear.” Her cheeks burned hot at the realization that he heard everything.

“We’ll talk about this later.” Her father kissed her on her cheek, making her face burn even hotter.

They entered a medical room. The doctor and nurses performed several exams. Even thought she hated the invasive procedures, she did it to give Gabe piece of mind. He looked ready to kill.

Mild concussion. That was her diagnosis. And the doctor recommended no unnecessary pressure as well as plenty of rest, no unnecessary exertion for several days.

“See. I’m not going to die. Can I go home now?” She asked the handsome man that hovered over her where she sat on the exam table.

“No,” he said before he kissed her on the temple. She gasped. That was the second time his lips touched her today. Though she liked it, she still wasn’t used to the attention. “I have business in Houston, you’re coming with me.”


“No buts. Until I eliminate the asshole who scared the shit out of you and tried to take you from me, I’m keeping you with me.”

Laughter bubbled up inside of her. “Seriously? You sound like a possessive caveman.”

Her laughter died when he got in her face displaying a deadly expression that frightened her. “When are you going to admit, you belong to me? And no one is taking you. I’ll be damned if you’re allowed to leave.” His nose touched hers as a fierceness claimed his green eyes.

She shivered. “I hate that you make me sound like furniture.”

“I don’t give a shit about furniture, cars, jets, boats, wives, or daughters. I only want one thing and one thing only. You. And you are the only thing I will never ever let go of, again.”

Then he picked her up and all she could do was hold on as she buried her face into his shirt wanting to hid from the joy and embarrassment of his words.

He took her to a hospital room where he let her shower. The spray of the warm water felt good against her skin. But it didn’t feel like enough. She wanted a bath. And a loofah to scrub her memories clean. Dammit! Finally alone with her thoughts and she couldn’t help but berate herself for getting caught again. She had promised herself… She slammed her hand into the tile wishing she had been tougher.

She knew she shouldn’t want to be with Gabe. Knew she shouldn’t want such forbidden things, but right that moment all she wanted was to be held in his arms, wrapped in his protection.

No matter how much she cared about him, she couldn’t depend on her father for everything. She’d never truly be strong until she stood on her own two feet. She needed to be independent. She needed to create more space. But that meant leaving…leaving… No…

Panic flooded her. She lifted her chin to get more air into her lungs as the thought of leaving him created a new terror. Her chest rose and fell as a wave of fear and anxiety bombarded her.

“Cody?” The door cracked open slightly as Gabe’s deep voice called. “Everything alright in there?”

Swallowing the lump in her throat and the grief of even considering leaving him, she wheezed out, “Yes.”

How was she supposed to separate from him if just the idea had her hyperventilating?

“Cody? Cody, breathe!”

She felt his arms around her, found his strength and Cody knew she was hopeless. She sunk into his embrace and buried herself in his scent.

“Panic attack, probably from the trauma…” She barely heard someone say.

“She’s finally letting it sink in…” Another voice.

Cody calmed slowly, clinging to the one lifeline she would allow herself. He held her tight on the shower floor.

“Sorry.” She murmured against his chest. “I tried to be strong.”

“Tried to be? You took down ten men and two women even before you got on that ship. And then you took out more,” Gabe said caressing her back. “I don’t think there are many half as strong as you. But I think you need a therapist.”

Cody snorted. “It’s called PTSD. I’ve had it and dealt with it on my own for years. I’m good.”

He pulled back and looked down at her. “How often do you have these episodes?” A frown marred his strong face.

“Not often. This was the worse one in years. Usually I can control it. I get somewhere quiet and calm. Being alone, away from people keeps it at bay. But when it flares, if I can punch something, I’m good.”

His lips quirked. “Fine, I’ll let get you a punching bag. But I still think you need to talk to someone.”

“Maybe later. I kind of know what works. I studied it and while I’m no psychologist, I know enough to say I don’t want drugs. I really don’t want drugs.”

He nodded as he rubbed her back. “Does my touch still bother you? If so I’ll stop.”

She chuckled. Did he not notice how calm she felt in his arms? How she clung to him like her life depended on it? Instead of answering, she wrapped her arms around his neck and drew him tighter to her hoping he got the message. “Yes.” She looked into his handsome face. Nose to nose she said, “You’re very…very bad for me.”

A smile lit up his eyes. “Mario will be back soon.” His breath feathered her lips. “The doctor prescribed you something to help you relax and heal so Mario went to get you some food before you take the medication on an empty stomach.”

She nodded and remembered she was showering when she had her attack. She looked down to see a towel draped around her. She secured it, tucking it in. “Can I get some clothes, too?”

“I think you look fine.” He smirked, and Cody turned away from him, coming back to her senses and getting off of him to hid some of herself.

After he changed into a spare suit — the man really didn’t leave home without one — Cody dressed in a loose fitting shirt that was probably her fathers and some sweatpants that were most definitely too big. She had to tie the draw string and double knot it to keep it on her hips.

When she noticed that only guards, her doctor, and nurse prowled in the area, she realized Gabe took over a whole section of the hospital corridor making Cody hostile. “Dude, there are patients in more need than I. Seriously.” But her father didn’t care. He sat her on his lap and watched her grumble and eat the meatloaf, rice with gravy, carrots, and chocolate ice cream that Mario brought her. He kept rubbing her arms every time she shivered. The hospital was too damn cold but Gabe didn’t have a problem warming her up with his touch until she snapped. “Would someone get me a coat before he wears himself and me out.”

Mario, who continually stared up at the ceiling as if trying not to notice anything odd, brought her a blanket which Gabe quickly wrapped her in…Like I can’t do it my damn self!

That all happened before the medicine kicked in and knocked Cody out.


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