The Wrong Type of Possessive

1 Ginger Beer


**Warning Before You Continue: The story contains sex, graphic language, violence, and content which can be considered controversial (e.g., incestuous relations, dubious consent, etc). If any of the aforementioned bothers you, don’t read and don’t comment.**

1: Ginger Beer

Cody groaned as she stared at the forty-two inch screen over the bar. Her team had just dinged the puck against the goal post and missed. It was their last attempt to score, tie, and, “They fucking blew it!” She barked slamming down a twenty dollar bill on the counter.

Ada, the midday bartender, snorted scooping up the twenty before tucking it into her ample cleavage. “Sorry, love, but I think that makes us even now.”

Cody shook her head in disgust, ponytail swishing against her neck. “You used your voodoo, didn’t you? You jinxed my team!”

Ada giggled, fluttering flirtatious mascara slicked lashes as she leaned forward to show off her assets that nearly spilled from her too tight white blouse conveniently “missing” two buttons at the neck. “If I knew Voodoo, love,” she licked her lush pink bottom lip gazing into Cody’s eyes, “I’d have cast a spell on you long ago.”

Cody sipped her ginger beer as she rolled her eyes. The sting of the ginger attacked her throat keeping her from making a sarcastic come back. While Ada was gorgeous enough to get any woman who swung that way, Cody didn’t swing.

However, that didn’t stop Cody from visiting The Cranky Drunk, a twenty-four hour sports bar and grill. Despite the name, it was a classy modern looking establishment of steel and glass that often brought in corporate customers. The bar was mostly barren during the day when Cody visited. She never stayed beyond lunch, leaving before the rush came from the local clientele for happy hour. Ada and Greg “The Gremlin” usually served and entertained the morning and lunch customers.

The Gremlin, a man of average height, maybe five-ten, with beautiful brown eyes and thick lashes was the owner of the bar. His nickname, The Gremlin, came from his employees, who said he was a penny pinching, highway robbing gremlin. The attractive middle-aged man served drinks, laughed with clients, and often told Cody she was too young to sit at the bar yet never banned her from sitting there. He always made sure the staff knew she was to be treated kindly and given what she wanted minus alcohol since she was only seventeen. He only doted on her because she was one of the best paying customers and a regular. He always kept a supply of non-alcoholic ginger beer that he overpriced just for her.

“Cody, you’re in my bar again sucking up my products.” The guy came up to the counter shaking his neatly cut hair. “Ada, you charged her extra for sitting at the bar didn’t you?”

“Unfortunately.” The woman propped a hand on her hip. “How am I supposed to seduce my girl if I have to continually rob her of her hard earned money?”

The Gremlin snorted, but said nothing while eyeing Cody. Cody had an odd suspicion that the guy knew who Cody’s “benefactor” was. He braced his hands on the bar’s surface and lifted an eyebrow as if expecting something from her.

“Grem, you know you love me.” Cody grinned leaning back slightly on the stool she hogged.

A blush bloomed over the guy’s white cheeks. He quickly looked away. “I love your money, Missy. I only let you stay because you come fully loaded and don’t you forget it,” he said walking way, cheeks getting even redder.

She chuckled before going back to the television. She’d hate to admit that she had an effect on the man, so she ignored his blush.

“And Ada, I want half of the profit you got from your wager.” The Gremlin announced.

Ada growled, “You stingy bastard, you never pay up half when she wins off me!”

Cody just laughed as she reached for a bowl of pretzels on the bar. She had placed her brunch order ten minutes ago and was still waiting for her cheese fries.

Her hand collided with warm skin and she looked over at the hand that had joined hers in the container. She followed the long arm to a guy that looked like he might be in college. Warm deep brown eyes, chiseled chin, and sandy blond locks framed a handsome face.

“Oh, sorry.” The guy grinned and Cody sighed.

He did that shit deliberately, because of all the bowls of pretzels placed on the bar not being used, he just happened to stick his hand in the same bowl as her? Yeah… Hell no.

She snatched her hand back on reflex and leaned away from the guy. He was very attractive in a frat boy kind of way but he oozed creep.

“Can I get you something, precious?” Ada asked the guy as Cody shoved her hands into her jean pockets. The contact from him instinctively made her skin crawl.

“Heineken,” he said taking out his ID. “My name is Paul.” He stretched out a hand, wanting to…shake?

Cody groaned inwardly, not touching him. “Nice to meet you,” she only said out of politeness.

The guy lowered his hand frowning slightly. “I go to Miami, too. I’ve seen you on campus haven’t I?”

“Maybe. I don’t attend Miami, but my boyfriend practices with the football team there.”

A green glass bottle was sat before the guy. “How is that hunk of a Bailey doing anyway? I haven’t seen him with you lately,” Ada asked letting the guy get a good view of her cleavage. And the creep took full advantage of the view as he swigged his beer.

“He’s practicing with the team to prepare himself for his first year. I usually go watch him practice, but decided to hang out without him.” She took another sip of her soda.

“If I was him, I wouldn’t leave a beautiful girl like you alone.” Paul tore his eyes from the Ada’s boobs long enough to reply.

“He knows better than to smother me. I’d kick his ass.” Cody lifted an eyebrow at the guy who immediately tensed on his stool. She looked past the guy and noticed a group of young men watching from the other side of the room. They looked like frat boys too, probably Paul’s friends. One of them was holding up a phone, maybe taking video, or pictures. She immediately turned away hoping they didn’t get a good shot.

“Would you like to join me and my friends for drinks?” He asked nodding his head in their direction.

” ‘friad not. Groups of guys make me nervous,” Cody said, shutting that door. The worse situation for her was being in a group of men she didn’t know and trust. And the look about them screamed trouble plus some.

“We wouldn’t bite such a pretty girl as you.” Paul leaned toward her.

She leaned back scowling.

The Gremlin came out with a serving tray topped with a plate of cheese fries. A whiff of smoke rose from the dish while he sat it down in front of Cody. Then the serving tray slammed between her and Paul like a wall separating them. The loud thwap against the bar’s glossy counter made Cody, Ada, and Paul jump.

“Please tell me you’re not hitting on my regular. I’d hate to have to kick you out of my bar.” The Gremlin declared as he always did when someone other than Ada hit on her.

“No, sir, I was just inviting her to hang out with me and my friends.”

“Well don’t. Last time some fool came onto her, he tried to grab her ass and got a glass smashed in his face and I had to explain to the police why she decided to feed the man his beer through his nose. It was not fun and I had to call her boyfriend to get him to pay for the damages and keep her from going to jail. I don’t like dealing with that guy’s father. He’s all sorts of rich and powerful-“

“And evil. Don’t forget evil.” She added thinking of her father while she picked up her fork. Everyone believed the man who handled that incident was Bailey’s father instead of her own, but Cody wasn’t ever going to correct them.

“He’s not that bad,” The Gremlin said nervously looking around as if he might be there, listening. Which was likely, her father had spies everywhere.

“So how much is he paying you to keep an eye on me?” she asked knowing her suspicions were confirmed that he knew her father, informally. The Gremlin thought the man was Bailey’s father instead of her own because her father, Mr. Walthour, refused to acknowledge or even admit that they were related. No one in the world was supposed to know Gabriel Walthour had an illegitimate spawn and yet the few who did were one too many as far as her father was concerned.

“Not much.” The man didn’t look her in the eye, which meant the Gremlin was lying and her father was paying handsomely. “If you guys leave my regular alone, the next round is on the house.”

“What?” Ada and Cody gasped at the same time shocked.

“You never let me have anything free!” Cody cried in outrage sitting up straight.

“You have deep pockets.” He shrugged.

“Who the hell is Bailey’s father that Grem is scared shitless of him?” Ada nearly yelled at Cody.

“Ada! You’re language!” The Gremlin snapped looking around frantically, probably worried one of his customers was spying for her father.

Instead of answering Ada, Cody just stuffed her mouth full of fries ignoring the stares from some of the people in the bar. She would have to stay away from the bar for awhile. She didn’t like drawing a lot of attention to herself and now it looked like she got just that. When her phone rang, she pulled it out of her pocket and looked at the caller ID. Her sister. She sighed sitting it on the bar.

“Not going to answer it? It could be important.”

“Nope. I try not to eat and talk on the phone at the same time,” she lied with a mouth full of food.

Ada chuckled and nodded. “Avoiding someone?”

Instead of answering, Cody got up, “Watch my food. Bathroom break.” Cody jogged to quickly relieve herself, and to shut out the call from her sister. While she loved Molly and was glad for her, the girl was driving her nuts lately with her recent happiness. Before they used to call each other maybe once every other day. Now Molly calls her at least twice daily.

After washing her hands, Cody went back to the bar and dropped down at her place before her plate. That damn Paul still sat there beside her and smiled when she eyed him suspiciously. Then he pointedly went back to admiring Ada’s breasts.

Ada who stood waiting with a grin, leaned in close. “So who is Bailey’s father?”

Cody thought of her boyfriend’s real father and shook her head forking more cheesiness into her mouth. “A real evil bastard. You don’t want to know. Best you don’t.” Because the fucker disowned Bailey and wasn’t worth talking about.

“But he bailed you out of trouble so he can’t be all bad.”

Cody just shrugged finishing up her fries while keeping her head down hoping that the natural copper tone of her skin hid the blush from the thought of her own father. How many times had her father bailed her out? Too many to count.

“Hey trouble maker,” The Gremlin yelled at her while busting a table, “When you finish, leave. It’s getting late and I don’t need your criminal behavior destroying my establishment.”

Cody and Ada both gave him the finger making him hoot with laughter.

“You know, Ada, if you were a dude,” Cody wiped her mouth with a napkin and stood. “I’d totally do you.”

Ada grinned a dazzling smile. “That gorgeous mouth of yours utters such sweet and charming lies. Makes a girl gush.”

Paul’s jaw slacked as he looked between them, connecting the Ada-is-a-lesbian dots.

Cody winked before peeling off an extra fifty for a tip and left.

“Give that handsome Bailey my love,” Ada shouted.

“Will do.” Cody waved leaving out into the humid heat of the Miami afternoon.

Cody walked down the street listening to the sounds of the city. Samba music could be heard from a nearby shop that brought memories of Brazil to the forefront of her mind. The memory always reminded her of De La Rosa and her birthplace. Or at least she thought that was her birthplace, but her mother moved around so much there was no telling where Cody originated from. Brazil was the earliest memory for her though. And those early memories always soured her stomach.

“Excuse me!” She heard once getting to a street corner.

She turned slightly at the voice she barely registered. Paul ran up to her holding her phone. Silently, she cursed herself not liking that she made such a stupid mistake. She had just wanted to escape her sister for a minute.

“You left this,” Paul said smiling a sickeningly charming expression making himself look even more good looking.

“Thanks.” She reached to take it.

He pulled his arm back. “Won’t you give me your number as payment?”

“No. My phone.” She held out her hand as her leg itched to kick the frat boy creep.

“Please?” He asked trying to look boyishly cute. If she was a normal girl, that expression might actually make her giggle and swoon. But she was so not interested in anything that flirted, period.


He sighed. “I just want to be friends.”

“Of course you do. And you’ll also try to tell me why my boyfriend is a loser and how I should date someone like you. Or, you’ll just try to get in my pants while I’m still dating him. News flash I don’t want you.”

His face reddened a bit, nose flaring. “How do you know if you don’t get to know me?” His voice held an edge that put her on alert.

“Because I love him.” Which was true, just not the way anyone would guess. “Now. Phone.” Or she was kicking his ass right there on the street, consequences be damned. “Then you can go back to admiring Ada’s boobs.”

When the device rang, he quickly handed it over. She took it and saw the number. She cursed. “Is this the first time it rang?” She asked.

“No, it rang before.”

She groaned, pushed the lit green icon, and held the phone to her ear. “Yes.”

“Where are you?” Her father’s dark deep voice demanded sending comfort yet unease through her.

“Headed home,” she said dropping her head so that Paul didn’t catch the conflicting emotions that might show on her face.

“Are you walking?”

He knew where she had come from if he was asking. The Gremlin probably called to warn him. She turned her back on Paul who watched her too intently.

“Yes.” She answered waiting for the crossing light.

“Stay where you are.”

“It’s not that far.” She was about to cross when the light changed. A big black SUV drove up to the curb and stopped. “I’m guessing this is for me?”

“Get in and call me when you get home.” He hung up not letting her reply. She sighed, climbed in, and greeted the driver. “Mick.”

Michel, her father’s bodyguard, glared at her with his heavy brow. “For someone who’s often a target, you sure make it easy for attack.” His odd accent rolled of his tongue. It wasn’t French or German in nature, but a mixture that she couldn’t quite peg. Austrian maybe? Michel was so tight lipped about himself, no one knew where he was from. “Easy targets die first.”

She sighed knowing he was going to start his lecture. If he hadn’t been one of the guys who trained her to protect herself, she would tell him to screw himself. However, Michel saved her bacon more then once and trained her to shoot so she respected him for that. “You’re not even armed are you?” He asked and then sighed when she didn’t answer. “You’re smarter than this, Ms. Delarosa.”

“Clearly I’m not,” she said while the car entered the underground parking garage of the condo complex where she lived.

“I know you want to live a normal life, but you aren’t the average girl. You don’t have that luxury. So either protect yourself properly or ask for guards.”

“No guards.” She refused to be guarded like a prisoner all the time. She wanted the illusion of freedom, even if just a little bit.

“Then do better.”

She nodded.

He pulled the car to a full stop. She was about to hop out when he said, “People will not be happy if something happens to you.”

“People… Right.” She closed her door and wondered, among those people would her father be one of them. She got onto the elevator that led to her floor. As soon as it opened and she was back inside of her condo she called her father. “I’m home.”

“Good.” Then he hung up.

“Really? If that’s all you wanted I could’ve sent you a text.” She continued to talk into the receiver. “And while we’re at it, why don’t you tell me why you’re such a bastard lately? More than usual?” Of course, the only response she got was a dead phone line. She lowered the device looking down at her sneakers. It had been such a good day. But just hearing his voice threw everything into chaos. “And also tell me why the hell I even care about you? Oh and don’t forget my birthday is in three days…”

Staring around the silence, Cody frowned not wanting to be home so soon. She still wanted to be out wandering about Miami. Or maybe go visit Bailey. Not here, remembering the silence and loneliness of her past.

To tune out the awful quiet, she went to an app on her phone and pushed the TV icon. The television in the living room came on. She walked to the comfy couch to curl up and find a game or sports newscast to occupy her thoughts.


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