The Wrong Type of Obsession

9 Twisted


9: Twisted

After calling for a pizza, Bailey called George.

“What’s up?” He asked after George answered.

“When you get back to school, talk to Mitchell.”

“Pep talk?” Bailey asked knowing the guy was probably bummed or worse after being caught by his crush.

“Something like it. He sucked at practice today. Really sucked. More than usual. For the kid to be so damn fast, he really needs to focus, he could be a star, a fucking legend, a-“

“Got it. I’ll talk to him.”

“If we lose Friday, can I blame your brother?”

“Go for it.”

“Oh, and Felicia asked about you. Avoiding your girl, man?”

“No. I’ll call her.”

“Cool. Later.”

He hung up and dialed Felicia as Matt plopped beside him on the couch with a book.


He smiled at hearing her voice. “Sorry I haven’t called, Beautiful.”

“Bailey,” she sounded relieved. “How are you feeling? George told me you weren’t feeling good. Better?”

“Getting there.”

“Need anything, like…I don’t know. I could come over.”

He chuckled low. “Tempting but, not a good idea. I’ll definitely take you up on that offer when I get better.”


“How was school?”

She began to talk filling his mind with her instead of that other person. She talked for about ten minutes before he found himself staring at Tyler who was sitting on the steps watching him. The look in his eyes were distant, like the school junkie who just got his fix. When he felt Matt shift next to him uncomfortably, he knew he needed to hang up.

“Felicia, I don’t mean to cut you off, but I got to go.”

“Oh, okay. Well text me later.”

“Fine,” he said then pushed the button to end the call. He slowly put the phone back in its cradle never taking his eyes off Tyler.

“How’s Felicia?” Tyler asked dreamily, looking lost.

Bailey didn’t answer as he just watched the too laid back manner of his brother. Like a coiled snake about to strike.

“Are you guys going to…fight?” Matt whispered.

“Hopefully it won’t come to that,” Bailey answered quietly.

“He doesn’t look right.”

“I know.”

“Just…just you know…and ya’ll…you know. Do what you need…do that…that…to make him…right.”

“I have a sick feeling I know what you’re saying and how is that okay with you? Why is that okay with you? Matt, that is not okay. Not okay, Matt, not okay.” He looked over at the younger brother who shrugged but worry and fear showed on that handsome honey colored face.

“So old fashion.” Matt murmured.

“What?” Both brothers were nuts. It was official.

“Matt, can I speak to Bay alone?” Tyler asked wistfully.

Matt looked up at Bailey. “Be gentle.” He whispered before getting up.

“Shit, kid…” Bailey covered his eyes trying to understand what Matt was thinking.

Matt ran up the steps nearly hopping over Tyler without looking back. Once gone, Tyler didn’t say anything, he just stared into oblivion. For a long time, Bailey stared at that beautiful face, a small bruise on his forehead. Full lips. High cheekbones. Thick eyebrows. Sensual eyes staring at him and yet not. His brother was truly beautiful, brilliant, and flawed.

When Tyler spoke, the sound was chilling. “Want her gone.” His eyes focused on Bailey finally. In the depths, was a determination and cunning that tripped alarms off in Bailey’s head. The memory of Laura came crashing back.

Bailey got up and marched across the room and up the steps to meet his brother. He grabbed the boy’s around the neck. Before Bailey could threaten or speak, Tyler’s full lips closed over his, freezing him in place.

His mind blanked at the soft warmth touching him. What the fuck? His brother? He loosened his grip to step back, but Tyler grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer.

Bailey didn’t protest, too stunned. Nibbling, sucking, Tyler kissed him even while Bailey stood blinking and mortified.

When his brain finally kicked in, he pushed Tyler. But those big hands held on to his shirt tight, refusing to let go.

“Ty-” He jerked his head away, walking backward down the stairs as Tyler kissed his lips, his chin, his neck, his ear. “Shit!” He snapped trying to get him off.

“She doesn’t deserve you,” Tyler cried desperately.

“Tyler!” He roared as they both fell. Bailey’s back hit the wood floor and he grunted in pain. Tyler didn’t seem phased in the least. He straddled Bailey’s thighs and began kissing him desperately. When Bailey opened his mouth to protest, Tyler slipped his tongue in and…

Holy shit, it was good. Tyler cupped his face and nearly inhaled all of Bailey’s air. Instinctively, Bailey’s lips moved, tongue battling with Tyler’s which seemed to fuck his mouth. Tongues slid together, mixing like warm liquid. The heat between them increased. They breathed for each other. Tyler’s tongue did things to Bailey’s mouth that was all moist slick sin. Bailey tried not to want…to feel…to take…

Tyler moved his pelvis. His groin rubbed against Bailey’s creating a delicious friction that made Bailey panic. Anger surged at the realization of what he was doing. He reach up and grabbed Tyler by the neck, pushing him back.

“Dammit-” He was about to punch the bastard, but the look of sex on his brother’s face was too much to resist. The wanting lips and blissed out eyes called to him. Bailey’s hand slid up Tyler’s neck, caressing the smooth skin until he found his fingers cradling his brother’s nape. Unable to resist further, Bailey took Tyler’s mouth, bruising their lips together. The groan that entered his throat was not his own and it sent shockwaves straight to his dick. He bucked, allowing their cocks to punish each other.

And fuck!

The grinding rhythm that Tyler used, as he arched and circled his hips had Bailey pulling back to catch his breath. “Wait…no…Tyler…” His eyes rolled in tandem with the humping. His poor cock screamed to be released in so many ways. And just when he didn’t think he could take anymore, it happened. He let go of Tyler’s neck as he slammed his hand on the floor in horror and in ecstasy.

“Fuck!” He huffed. He thought that morning was powerful. It had nothing on the here and now. Bailey stared up at the ceiling, mind flowing from one emotion to another as he felt kisses on his face and neck. When his thoughts finally began to catch up with him, he pushed Tyler off of him, succeeding this time.

He couldn’t even look at him. How could I do that…to my own brother?

Slowly, he sat up and ran his hands over his head. “Fuck…Fuck!” He groaned.

“Bay?” Tyler sounded so wounded.

You’ll only make him worse… Matt’s words ran through his head reminding him of what was at stake. But how did he stop the train that was Tyler? He always admired Tyler for his mental determination — able to achieve anything he put his mind too. But why did he have to put his mind on Bailey?

He pulled himself off the floor.


“Tyler,” He said taking a deep breath. He had to focus, center himself. “Never again. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Tyler barely whispered.

“Give me a couple of weeks. I’ll find an excuse to break up with Felicia, but you and I won’t do this again.”

“Ok.” He barely heard.

“Do you hear me, Tyler? Never again.” He finally looked down at his brother’s kiss swollen lips before he closed his eyes. So sexy… “Say it.” He demanded.

“Never again,” Tyler said.

Bailey walked up to his room, closed the door and locked it. There was no sick feeling this time. But the regret, the shame, the horror, racked his body until Bailey found himself curled into a ball on the floor.



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