The Wrong Type of Obsession

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“It’s just an exhibition game.” Mitchell mentioned leaning forward to touch his toes with his legs outstretched as Bailey pushed on his back for support.

“Yes, but it allows us and them to gauge the other team.” Bailey mentioned. He glanced up to look at the other guys performing drills on the field before returning his attention to Mitchell. “We might have to face them in the championship again.”

Mitchell nodded.

“Not excited?”

Mitchell laughed. “Man, I’m scared as hell. I’m just a junior. This would be my first time playing in the championship. Last year I was just watching from the bench. I don’t even know if I can live up to the two guys that graduated before me. I mean they were-“

“Mitch.” Bailey let go of the guys back and took a seat beside him on the field. “You’re faster than me. I can’t say that about many guys. And you catch good. And if you work with me, you’ll catch better. Do you trust me?”

“Hell yeah. I wouldn’t catch half as good if that ball didn’t seem to land in my hand.” Mitchell laughed dropping his head to stare at the space of grass between his legs.

“Are we going to do this?” Bailey asked.

Mitchell’s head shot up wide-eyed, staring at Bailey with shock.

At first Bailey didn’t understand Mitchell’s reaction, until he thought about it again and realized it sounded like he just propositioned the guy.

Bailey held back a curse, cleared his throat, and slowly said, “Are we going to work together to make you better?”

Mitchell blinked and closed his eyes, scrunching his face. “I just gave too much away didn’t I?”

Bailey sighed. “It’s cool, Mitch. You’re a good guy. You need to focus more. Hell, you might be able to steal MVP from me if you focused more.”

“Always football?”

“For me.”

Mitchell nodded. “So…you’d never…with a guy?”

Oh hell… Not only had he with a guy… “Mitchell, this is what I’m talking about. Where is your focus?”

Mitchell laughed wiping his hands over his face. “Right.”

“Am I asking too much?”

“No… MVP huh? Me?” Mitchell shrugged.

“Yeah. You.”

“Wouldn’t you be pissed if I stole it?” Mitchell asked.

“Hell, no. All I want to do is play football. Good football. Why? You think you can really take it?”

Mitchell looked at Bailey with a sexy curve to his lips and said low and seductively, “Oh, I can take it. You know I can take it.”

Bailey’s jaw slacked and eyes bulged. Mitchell laughed.

“Okay, captain, I accept your challenge.” Mitchell held out his fist.

Bailey bumped it. “I noticed you didn’t call me MVP.”

Mitchell cocked an eyebrow. “Because that will be my name.”

After practice, Bailey was walking and talking with the guys heading to the locker room when he heard his name. He turned to see Tyler running up to him.

Bailey told his team to go on without him as he waited for Tyler.

Tyler had a panicked look on his face.

“Come with me,” Tyler grabbed Bailey’s arm when he approached and kept walking. Past the lockers, out the sports complex to the main building.

“What’s going on, Ty?” He asked in the deserted and dark building. Everyone had already vacated the building so no one should be inside. And the doors should have already been locked.

“It’s bad,” Tyler said, pulling him into the library.

“What-” As soon as they got down a few allies of bookshelves, Tyler turned around and slammed Bailey against a shelf of books. The shelf creaked and some books slide off the shelf. Tyler’s lips crushed against Bailey’s like a starving man. Bailey gripped Tyler’s arms but didn’t try to push his brother off. Tyler shoved Bailey, breaking the contact. “You fucking left me this morning, and then you flirt with Mitchell in front of everyone.” Tyler grabbed Bailey’s bulge and squeezed.

Bailey cried out at the pain.

Tyler lifted Bailey’s shirt over his head and tossed it to the ground. His head dipped and then his lips circled Bailey’s left nipple. He flicked his tongue. And then bit.

Bailey jerked in pain. “Shit, Ty-“

“Shut the fuck up.” That husky voice demanded. Tyler’s hands pushing his pants and football cup down. One of Tyler’s hands stroked his aching cock roughly. “And you try to play house with some tomboy supermodel. Fuck that. You’re mine. You can’t leave me. You can’t flirt.”

“I’ll do what I damn well please.” Bailey breathed.

Tyler jerked his hand and Bailey held back a yelp.

“This.” He squeezed Bailey’s cock. “Mine. This.” He pointed to Bailey’s heart. “Mine.”

“And this,” Bailey charged Tyler slamming his back against the bookshelf behind him, rocking it. “You already have.” Bailey ground his cock into Tyler’s who moaned, lips parting slightly. “And don’t you fucking forget it. No one can take me away from you.”


“And no one,” Bailey kissed Tyler’s mouth slowly, allowing his tongue to explore his brother’s mouth. Tyler moaned, grabbing on to Bailey’s arms to hold on. “No one can take you away from me. They’ll have to kill me first. Now drop. And bend.”

Tyler smiled while loosening his pants. Bailey’s hands stroked his own cock as he watched Tyler push down his pants. When the guy turned around and bent over to show a light blue substance oozing from his ass, Bailey gawked.


“Fuck me, Bay…” Tyler sang and he swung his ass in the air, gripping the bookshelf. And wasn’t that sexy as well.

Bailey stepped forward and lined his cock with Tyler’s hole. But instead of pushing forward, he rubbed his cocked against Tyler’s crack.

“What the-” Tyler balked. “Bay?”

“What?” Bailey panted, ignoring the hole weeping in front of him begging for him to enter. He sawed his dick against the crease over and over.

“Don’t do this…” Tyler pleaded.

Bailey moaned at the friction against Tyler’s ass cheeks sandwiching him.

“Please.” Tyler begged.

“Will you wake up when I tell you?”

“Oh, shit, yes.” Tyler wiggled his ass. When Tyler reached between his legs to grab his own cock, Bailey gripped both of Tyler’s wrists and held onto them like motorcycle handles not allowing Tyler to touch himself.

“No…” Tyler whimpered pitifully which made Bailey harder.

“And will you stop overreacting to every person who approaches me?”

“So hard…” Tyler moaned. “I…Bay…”

Bailey continued to rock his hips, sliding the cock over Tyler’s ass watching Tyler twitch in anticipation. “Will you?”

“I’ll try. No promises.”

“Try real…hard.” Bailey pulled back and let the head of his cock slide down until the tip rested at Tyler’s entrance.

“Okay.” Tyler whimpered. His body rocked back letting his hole kiss Bailey’s tip. “I’ll try…real…real…”

Bailey nudged forward.


Bailey let go of one of Tyler’s wrists, gripped his leaking dick, and held it steady before plowing forward. Tyler cursed hand pushing at the bookshelf to keep from running headlong into it.

Bailey groaned satisfaction as he enjoyed the hot tight fit. He leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Tyler nuzzling the guy’s back. “You feel so good,” Bailey said just enjoying the closeness. “I love you, Ty. I love you so much. Never forget how much I love you. Never doubt it.”

“Oh, shit…I think…” Tyler spilled out onto the floor and some of the books.

“Crap, the books.” Bailey chuckled.

“Fuck the books…” Tyler breathed as he moved his hips, grinding against Bailey. “You love me.”

Yes, Bailey did. He moved, pumping. He was moving so fast and hard, Tyler only whimpered, holding onto the bookshelf as it shook and swayed.

Bailey couldn’t seem to get enough of his brother as he came and continued hammering even after his release was spent. He showered Tyler’s neck with kisses as he sat, taking Tyler with him onto the floor. He held his brother, wanting to be completely naked and alone where no one could ever find them.



“Am much as I want to fuck you again, our time is almost up.”

“What do you mean?”

“The guard on duty always comes to work late. He’ll be coming in soon. We’ve got to hurry up.”

Bailey chuckled. “Ever the cunning asshole.”

“Yeah, but you like this asshole.”

He couldn’t deny that as he reluctantly pulled out of said hole.

“When we get home, after dinner…”Tyler looked over at him mischievously as he pulled on his pants.

“You have homework.”

“Please I did all my homework forever ago. The other stuff I do is for the classes I take online.”

Bailey stilled as he picked up his groin cup. “What classes?”

“The classes dad said I could take for college credits.”

Bailey just stared at Tyler who finished straightening up and began collecting the books they soiled.

“Tyler? Was Matt right? Are you planning to quit school when I graduate?”

“Quit isn’t the right word. Graduate with you is more like the word.” Tyler looked back with a sinful grin. “You think I’d let you go alone to college with all that prime ass and pussy waving around. No way am I going to lose you to anyone.” Tyler’s voice cracked. “No one.”

Bailey was about to reach out and hug Tyler to reassure him, when they heard the door to the library open.

Bailey and Tyler scrambled, both grabbing their belongings and moving around the library until they were hidden behind bookshelves. A flashlight shown into the room. They both ducked down when the light flickered overhead and swept across tables and chairs.

Once the light left and the door closed, Tyler and Bailey waited a few heartbeats.

“Are we locked in?” Bailey asked.

“No, the doors lock on the outside not allowing anyone in, but we can get out,” Tyler said.

Bailey didn’t even want to know how Tyler knew that or how he knew the guard’s schedule.

After a few moments, Tyler went for the door and Bailey followed. Once they reached the hall, they took off in a dead sprint, both using all the skill they possessed to make it back to the V and drive home.


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