The Wrong Type of Obsession

20 Little Sister

20: Little Sister

Bailey got to the hotel near midnight.

The Hour’s Glass Plaza was named after the uber wealthy Walthours, Molly’s family. The hotel looked like a glass tower from top to bottom with a glass analog clock embedded near the top. Add the light coming from the various lit rooms and it almost looked like a giant chandelier standing in the heart of Ann Arbor showing all who looked upon it the time.

He pulled up to the front of the hotel and a valet with his red jacket and black slacks held out his hand for the keys. Bailey handed them over obediently. He’d been to nice hotels, but this was hella nice. Red carpet rolled out in the middle of the lobby made visitors feel like Hollywood stars.

At the front desk, he gave the too friendly attendant his name and she immediately called for him an escort. An escort…an escort? Bailey didn’t do hotels much. And only when they had out of town games for the nationals. Or those times he followed Matt to one of his playing engagements. Then there were the times he went with Tyler to some of his academic conventions… Okay, so maybe he’d been to more than just a few hotels. Either way, it was never like this. Never so grand. And never had he done valet service or an escort.

The escort looked about his age, maybe older. He beckoned Bailey to follow him and they entered the glass elevators together.

Nice! He saw cars below grow smaller as they road up.

He noticed that the escort kept sneaking glances at him, so when he finally turned to stare, the guy blushed.

The guy was okay looking, but he had nothing on Tyler.

The escort took him to the room, opened the door for him, and waited for him to enter. When he walked into the room he about shitted his pants.

“The hell…” he walked back to the escort. “Is this where I’m supposed to stay?” He asked.

The guy nodded, a smile twitching at the corners of his lips. “Is it not satisfactory?”

“It’s not a room, it’s a damn house.” The “room” was whites, silvers, and chrome finish open to a panoramic view. And that was just the first level where the couch, TV, and dinning area sat. A hallway led around to a bathroom and closet. On the split level was a half-wall that hid the king side bed. Scratch that, a California king sized bed.

“How many people are you all expecting to sleep here?”

The guy laughed. “Is there anything else you may need, Mr. Radford?”


“Dial 0 for room service. The menu is on the coffee table. There is a kitchenette with microwave and refrigerator next to the minibar. Take what you want. If you need anything dial nine for the concierge.”

“Conci-” Bailey groaned. “All I wanted was a place to crash.” He sighed. Leave it to Molly to over do it. “Thanks.”

“Good evening, sir.” The man nodded his head, gave Bailey his key fob and left, closing the door behind him.

For his two AM dinner, Bailey had the best ribs of his life, with roasted corn and garlic mashed potatoes while gloating to Tyler about it. Grinning, with a full belly, he found that such service could easily become addictive. He went to sleep on the bed without a change of clothes or washing. He would worry about that when he went home tomorrow.

Or so he thought. About nine AM the next morning, a knock woke Bailey abruptly. He frowned, trying to remember where he was as he looked around. The knock came again. He groaned and got up to answer the door.

“About time.” A girl he’d never seen before brushed past him and into the room. She held a duffel bag that looked a lot like the one George always carried.

Tall and leggy, the girl had big gorgeous emerald green eyes, short thick dark brown hair that curled around her ears and over her eyes playfully, and full lips that shaped like a heart. Her skin was like warm liquid caramel.

His heart actually skipped staring at her.

The girl looked him over as if surprised. “Holy shit! You’re nothing like what big brother George described. And here I was thinking you were some charity case. Why do you need a pretend girlfriend?” She asked propping a hands on one hip while dropping the bag to the floor with the other. Dressed in baggy jeans and an over-sized brown t-shirt, the clothes looked out of place with the girls obvious beauty.

“Big brother George? Wait… He has a sister?” He’d known George forever. Knew his family. None of which included a sister.

“Oh, damn!” She smacked her forehead. “No, I’m Molly’s halfer. No kin to George yet. I’m sure that’s only a matter of time though. I’m Cody.” She waved.


“Her younger sister, by half…half-sister. Though Molly says I’m her sister sister, I’m kind of a hidden secret. Her mom knows nothing about me. Our dad wants to keep it that way.” She shrugged and waved it away easy enough but her lack of eye contact was telling. “Regardless, she asked me a favor. I’m here to deliver.”

“Just like that? There has to be more.”

“Just like that. She’s my best friend more than she’s my sister. She’s never done me wrong. I’ve got her back, she’s got mine.” The more he stared at Cody the more he saw some of Molly in her. While they were both beautiful, Molly had a superstar beauty about her while Cody’s beauty was more exotic. And yet edgy. Sexy.

“So you’re my girlfriend, huh?”

“For a little while. Or until you start getting serious about me. I don’t do relationships. I don’t do sex. And no cuddling. I really don’t like to be touched.”

His eyebrows lifted and a smile quirked involuntarily. “Then you won’t be very convincing.”

She sighed. “Fine. I’ll hold your hand. But no falling in love. Got it?”

“No worries…I already have… someone I’m interested in.” He thought of Tyler.

“Really? Then why aren’t they here with you?”


Interest lit her gaze. “Oh…” Her lips formed a perfect “o” shape and he found that fascinating. He could see why she had the no falling in love rule. A guy could easily fall victim to her easy mannerisms and knowing charm.

“Well, get washed and dressed, we’re going to breakfast.” She pulled a vibrating phone from her back pocket and put it to her ear. “Yes, Molls, I got this,” she said almost bored before hanging up. Then she glared at Bailey. “Chop, chop, guy, I’m hungry.” She shooed him with her hands.

That’s when Bailey realized, he was staring.


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