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18 After Party

18: After Party


Bailey drove home alone not joining in on the rest of the party and crawled into his empty bed. He went to sleep hating the lonely feeling. However, when he woke late the next morning he found Tyler laying on top of him like a heavy body pillow.

Bailey smiled, kissed Tyler’s temple, and rolled the weight off of himself. He got up to go for his run, but when he looked back at Tyler’s nakedness his dick had other ideas. He tried to talk himself out of stripping and mounting that round ass because he knew Tyler needed his sleep, but his cock won. He went to Tyler’s room and fished around to find some lube. He didn’t have to look far, the guy kept it everywhere. All he had to do was choose. He couldn’t stand the idea that the guy had used one of those unopened bottles on another, so he picked an unopened bottle.

He jobbed back to his room, closed the door, and locked it to keep Matt out. Or anyone who decided to come home. Then he shed his pants. He slicked his cock with the slippery liquid quickly not wanting to get too excited. Next he crawled onto the bed and reached for the crack of Tyler’s ass. Slowly, his slicked fingers parted the lovely firm mounds to reveal a golden ring that beckoned him. He circled the outer ring with his middle finger before slowly pushing past the first muscle. His dick twitched painfully wishing to be the one inside instead of his damn finger.

“Bay?” Tyler whimpered.

“Yeah?” He pushed inside further and wiggled his finger slightly.

“Oh…” Tyler’s back arched and his butt pushed back onto his finger. Bailey pulled out and then pushed two fingers in, making sure plenty of lube coated the inside. He spread his fingers slightly and Tyler moaned. “Bay, oh yes…” When he found Tyler’s spot, his brother’s leg jerked. “Shityeah…”

“Yeah?” Bailey smiled. He pulled his fingers out. Then he grabbed his weeping cock and slowly entered Tyler’s hole, both of them laying on their side. Tyler lifted his leg giving Bailey better access. Bailey pushed home and Tyler cursed.

“You feel so good.” Bailey pushed Tyler’s shoulder, making him roll onto his stomach. Bailey followed, laying on top of him, pushing up with his hands on both sides of Tyler’s head so not to smother his brother. With his spread and legs straddling his brother, Bailey began a slow rhythm, thrusting in and out making Tyler grip the sheets. “So good.” Bailey chanted. His slow pace picked up until he was hammering into a hole that could still be sore but he couldn’t help himself. It was heaven. His cocked loved it. He loved it. He loved Tyler. Hell, he loved him.

“Oh, Ty!” He panted. “My Ty…it feels.”

Tyler grunted his hips rising to meet each thrust.

Their hips rocked, colliding, Bailey tried to stop the wave, wanting to prolong the feeling, but the flex of Tyler’s ass drove him to empty inside the willing body.

He moaned low with Tyler joining him, shaking.

Bailey pulled out and collapsed beside his brother.

“I feel like I’m starving and I’m not even hungry.” Bailey laughed covering his face with his arm.

“Yeah, I know, been there. Still there.” Tyler muttered.

Bailey looked over at his brother.

Tyler was looking at him with so much emotion, Bailey found his heart squeezing.

Rolling to his back, Tyler ran a hand through his hair. With the other free hand he reached down and laced his hands with Bailey’s. They lay together. The morning light peaked through the corners of the curtains.

Bailey studied Tyler’s side profile as if seeing his brother for the first time. “Is…what can I do for you?”

Tyler looked over at him, with wide hopeful eyes. “You’re doing it. I don’t need more.”

Bailey felt compelled to give more. He rolled over on top of Tyler who grinned.

“If you want anything, tell me,” Bailey said.

With their hands still laced Tyler brought them to his lips and kissed Bailey’s knuckles.

“Okay?” Then Tyler slowly spread his legs. “I want more.”

Bailey’s dick rose to life immediately. How? How did Tyler make him so hard with just a few words?

With his free hand he lined his cock up at Tyler’s entrance and slowly penetrated. Tyler closed his eyes and smiled as if it was the best feeling in the world. For long moments, they lay together like that, neither moving, fingers intertwined. He just studied that perfect profile until he got his fill.

“I’m going to move, Ty,” He whispered.

And Tyler smirked that wicked expression. “About time.”

Bailey began to thrust. They grunted softly, Bailey diving deep, wanting to be one with his beautiful brother.

They came together, kissing, tongues melding. Hands linked.

Noon came before they finally took a break and separated, hunger for food the great motivator. They both got dressed before meeting downstairs. Matt never came looking for them, but when he found the teen, he was in the kitchen wearing a big grin.

“I made sandwiches for break- I mean lunch,” Matt said before giggling a nearly evil sound.

How was the kid okay with this? Bailey inwardly shuddered at the idea he was corrupting the youngest. He ruffled Matt’s hair before going to the counter and picking up his turkey and provolone on wheat.

Tyler gave an equally cheesy grin that made Bailey want to punch them both.

“I’m going to do my run tonight since I missed out this morning, so you two play nice.”

“How nice?” They both said at the same time.

Bailey snorted. “I don’t want to have to kick your asses when I get back.”

They shrugged not the least bit concerned.

Later that night,  while studying at his desk the phone rang. It was George.

“Problem!” George announced before Bailey could say hello.


“Seems like people are talking about Felicia. It doesn’t look good.”

Bailey closed his eyes and hunched into his desk chair.

He started, when a pair of hands came from behind and smoothed down his chest. Bailey stiffened when the hands kept traveling until they reached his crotch. “Shit!”

“Yep, that’s what I say.” George agreed but for the wrong reasons. Bailey tried to knock his brother away, but those large hands were persistent. “Do you think Tyler can ease the landslide of fuckery?”

“He might,” Bailey said gritting his teeth when Tyler’s hand slipped under the elastic waste band to fondle his balls. Lips nibbled at his free ear. “I’ll…” He cleared his throat. “I’ll talk to him.”

“Cool and-“

Bailey gasped when one of Tyler’s hand reached under his shirt and pinched a nipple. At the same time a tongue darted into this ear.

“You alright?” George asked.

“Let me call you back.” Bailey couldn’t hang up fast enough. “Dammit, Ty.” He panted with the rhythm of Tyler stroking and pumping his dick painfully slow.

“What was that about?” Tyler whispered in his ear before caressing the outer edge with one lethargic lick.

“F-Felicia,” Bailey said breathlessly.

When Tyler’s grip tightened painfully, Bailey yelped.

“Rumors!” He tried to correct. “Rumors about Felicia. George… called to warn me.”

“Uh, huh,” That grip ease slightly before Ty started nibbling Bailey’s ear playfully with his teeth. “No need to worry, Bay, I’ll handle it.”

“Right…Oh! Oooooh…” Bailey’s head rocked back when Tyler picked up the rhythm.

“Tell me what you want, Bay,” Tyler crooned.


“MaiTai? A drink?” Tyler laughed slowing his speed.

Bailey shook his head trying to clear the lust. “No… You…. I want you.” When he felt the hardness of Tyler’s nails slightly bite into his sensitive flesh, Bailey shot his load onto the desk.

“But you already have me, Bay. And I’ll never,” He leaned over and kissed Bailey, “Ever,” He kissed him again. “Let go.”

And Bailey didn’t want him to.


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